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Southern Campaigns Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters

Transcribers of these pension applications donate their contributions without compensation. They retain all rights under copyright laws. Permission is hereby granted to republish a reasonable number of transcriptions, with citation of the source, consistent with the fair use provision of copyright law.

Unfortunately, we have recently discovered that FreeFind no longer provides complete results. Consequently, there is not a fully functioning search engine on our site and it is not currently fully searchable. We are aware of the problem and are working on solutions to restore full searchability to our site ASAP. Thanks for your patience. You need to use the Search feature to access the power of this database, even in cases where an application is not provided for your soldier of interest. Almost all users have to learn by trial and error (instructions provided), and no one sees your efforts. Your searches simultaneously access all the applications and rosters. Some useful searches: names, known captains, battles, relatives, locales, streams. It never hurts to try spelling variations. Site last updated 7/11/2024. Indexed by the FreeFind search engine for which we are very grateful for its wonderful service.

Currently 425 Roster Transcriptions and 29,668 Pension Applications, Bounty Land Claims and related publicly available records have been posted in this database including 5114 transcripts (designated using VAS file numbers) made from the online collection of the Library of Virginia and 5586 transcripts made from the online collection of the South Carolina Department of Archives & History.    
Note: As of June 5, 2020, the Library of Virginia changed the methodology for accessing its online databases. Unfortunately, these changes render inoperative all links to its databases contained in our transcriptions made prior to that date. If you wish to access the images of original documents as posted online by the Library, please click here and follow the instructions contained in it.

Adobe Reader® (free) must be installed on your computer in order to read pension transcriptions. If you experience difficulty accessing any of the transcriptions, please make sure you have downloaded and installed the most current version of Adobe Reader®.

This site is dedicated to celebrating the lives and contributions made by the brave men and women who fought or lived in the South during the American Revolution and making their eye-witness accounts freely available in this searchable database. In addition, C. Leon Harris also has included other veterans whose applications were investigated by Special Agent W. G. Singleton as possibly involving fraud. See the file of David W. Sleeth S6111 for Leon's excellent research covering Singleton's investigations. If interested in sharing your transcriptions of applications and calling errors in existing transcriptions to our attention, please feel free to send them to the current administrator of this site Will Graves at revwarapps followed by

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Southern Campaigns Revolutionary War Pension Statements

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William Aaron W10287     Abraham Aarons S30813     Roger Abbett VAS1192     Edward Abbey S34621     Elijah Abbot S35167     John Abbot S39925     John Abbott S32089     Mathew Abbott SC83     Solomon Abbott S17806     William Abbott S30239     William Abbott Sr. & Jr. VAS2178     William Abbott W5616     James Abernatha (Abernathy, Abernathey) SC84     David Abernathy S1609     Robert Abernathy S8006     John Abernethie R10     Thomas Able (Abel) W4109     Simon Abner VAS2179     George Abney S16591     John Abney SC85     Michael Abney SC86     Nathaniel Abney SC87     Nathaniel Abney SC88     Paul Abney SC89     Paul Abney (Abner) W23390     Samuel Abney, Sr. SC90     Samuel Abney, Jr. SC91     William Abney SC92     William Abney W1202     William Abrahams SC93     Abram of Read S7364     Edmund Absalom VAS788     Edward Absalom (Absolam) BLWt2357-100     William Absalom VAS2180     Abraham Abshire S6459     John Abston R14    James Abram (Abrahams) SC94    Robert Acock S35168     William Ackor (Acker) SC95    Jacob Acor (Acre, Ackor) S39144     Philip Acre W9690     William Acre (Acree, Acrea) W25334     James Acree W694     John Acree R21     John Adair S1158     Alexander Adair SC96    Isaac Adair SC97    James Adair SC98    John Adair SC99    John Adair W2895     Joseph Adair SC100    William Adair SC101    William Adair W9691     Adam Adams (Addams) S34623     Andrew Adams (Addams) SC102    Bartholomew Adams S35761     Benjamin Adams BLReg176257-1855     Benjamin Adams S35169     Bryant Adams S6468     David Adams S34622     Drury Adams SC103    Elisha Adams S12903     Ellison E. Adams S37649     Francis Adams W5198     Francis Adams W8313     Gavin Adams (Addams) R31     George Adams S16594     George Adams SC104    George Adams W8393     Godfrey Adams SC105    Henry Adams R48     Henry Adams W5595     Howel (Howell) Adams SC106    James Adams R31.5     James Adams S8007     James Adams S16306     James Adams SC107    James Adams SC108    James Adams SC109    James Adams SC110    James Adams SC111    Jeremiah Adams R34     Jeremiah Adams W8093     Jesse Adams W66     Joel Adams SC112    John Adams R30     John Adams R41     John Adams S35763     John Adams SC113    John Adams SC114    John Adams SC115    John Adams W881     John Carroll Adams W8312     Jonathan Adams W5596     Littleberry Adams SC116     Littleton Adams W5597     Micajah Adams S1783     Peter Adams BLWt372-450     Peter BF Adams S30814     Philip Adams S8008     Richard Adams SC117     Robert Adams S45175     Robert Adams SC118     Robert Adams VAS2181     Samuel Adams SC119     Sylvester Adams S30243     Thomas Adams SC120     Thomas Adams SC121     Thomas Adams SC2192     Thomas Adams VAS2544     Thomas Adams VAS2545     Thomas Adams W4111     Walter Adams S30242     William Adams BLReg254310-1855     William Adams BLWt373-200     William Adams R43     William Adams R53     William Adams S17812     William Adams SC122     William Adams SC123     William Adams SC124     William Adams SC125     William Adams VAS1     James Adare (Adair) S9264     John Adcock S39146     John A. Adcock S21036     Joshua Adcock S6467     Thomas Adcock S1612     William Adcock S37648     William Addington W5598     Richard Addis S21594     Christopher Addison SC126     Elisha Addison VAS1875     John Addison SC127     John Addison VAS2187     Joseph Addison SC128     Richard Addison S37651     William Addison W5599     Morres Ader S44289     Alexander Adkins (Atkins) S35175     Bartlett (Bartley) Adkins (Atkins) SC129     Henry Adkins (Akins) R69     Hezekiah Adkins R290     James Adkins R56     James Adkins S1157     Thomas Adkins R58     William Adkins S6469     David Adkinson S35762     James Adkinson S41366     Thomas Adkison VAS2189     Ellis Adkisson S12904     Coonrod Aeisla (Issley, Iseley) R61     Jacob Agee S6470     Joshua Agee R63     Robert Ager VAS1909     Philip Agle S41402     George Agnew (Egnew) S10315     John Agnew S37653     John Agnew VAS2190     Jacob Ahart S6471     John Peter Ahl (Venall) S5234     David Aiken VAS2191     George Aiken VAS2192     William Aiken (Akin) W8314     James Aikens (Aikin) W26780     Henry Ailshite VAS1828     Absalom Ailstock S6475     Charles Ailstock VAS1056     James Ailstock VAS1056     William Ailstock VAS1060     George Ailsworth (Ailesworth) W37     Henry Aimes VAS357     Francis Airs VAS2193     William Ake W2898     John Akely (Akaley S39927     James Akens W4625     Andrew Akerd S19178     Abel Akeridge SC131     John Akers S6474     Simon Akers VAS2194     Archibald Akin SC132     Ezekiel Akin SC133     James Akin S31513     Joel Akin VAS2195     John Akin VAS1055     Joseph Akin SC136     Peter Akin SC137     Ezekiel Akins SC134     John Akins SC135     Samuel Akins SC138     William Akins W5600     George Alban S8019     Frederick Albarty (Alberty) W3749     William Albert X7     Early Albertson W32     Henry Albright S6485     Ludwick Albright W5609     Simon Albright SC139     William Albright S6492     Mathew Albritton R72     Thomas Alcock S15731     George Alcorn S31516     James Alcorn (Allcorn) SC140     Seth P. Alday R73     Daniel Alderman W9696     Jeremiah Alderson VAS2196     Simon Alderson BLWT192-100     Thomas Alderson S8020     James Aldin VAS2197     Henry Aldred S44291     John Aldred R79     William Aldredge S16308     Elisha Aldrich (Aldrick) W20811     Francis Aldridge S35170     James Aldridge VAS2199     John Aldridge VAS2200     John Simpson Aldridge W9698     Peter Aldridge BLReg308762-1855     Richard Aldridge VAS2201     William Aldridge S12921     Henry Aleshidt (Aleshite) S29579     John C. Aleshite S17816     Aaron Alexander SC141     Abram (Abraham) Alexander S8013     Abraham (Abram) Alexander SC142     Andrew Alexander SC143     Asa Alexander S32092     Asaph Alexander SC144     Benjamin Alexander S10320     Charles Alexander S6488     Charles Alexander S21599     Dan Alexander R88     Dan Alexander S2905     David Alexander SC145     Elijah Alexander W5201     George Alexander W8324     George Dent Alexander VAS2202     Isaac Alexander R86     Isaac Alexander S6487     Isaac Alexander W2899     James Alexander S8014     James Alexander S37660     James Alexander W8322     James Alexander W9327     James Alexander W12190     James R. Alexander W2901     Jeremiah Alexander S31515     John Alexander R89     John Alexander SC146     John Alexander SC147     John Alexander SC148     John Alexander W20586     John Alexander X9     Joseph Alexander R87     Joseph Alexander S15355     Joseph Alexander W5613     Mathew Alexander W324     Morgan Alexander VAS2203     Nathaniel Alexander SC149     Peter Alexander W8323     Rayne Alexander SC150     Samuel Alexander W1530     Solomon Alexander S46420     Stephen Alexander W20583     Thomas Alexander S6495     William Alexander BLWt64-200     William Alexander S361     William Alexander S1785     William Alexander S1893     William Alexander S2344     William Alexander S6496     William Alexander S36398     William Alexander SC151     William Alexander VAS1061     William Alexander W4623     Thomas Alfred R93     William Alfin (Oflin, Alphin, Olphin) S8018     Jacob Alford W386     John Alford S1744     John Alford VAS2210     William Algood S41408     John Alinton VAS2205     James Allan (Allen, Allin) SC154     John Allan (Allen) S45196     Moses Allan (Allen) S2487     Robert Allan SC158     Samuel Allay S2903     John Allbritton (Albritton) S31517     David Allee S16596     William Allegree VAS2206     Ananias Allen R100     Archibald Allen R102     Arthur Allen R103     Bartlett Allen S8012     Benjamin Allen R106     Benjamin Allen S41407     Benjamin Allen SC152     Charles Allen S2900     Charles Allen S16597     Charles Allen (Allin) S17819     Charles Allen S36399     Daniel Allen S32093     Daniel Allen S37657     Daniel Allen W325     David Allen BLWt153-200     David Allen S16601     David Allen S35172     David Allen VAS2207     David Allen VAS2208     Edward Allen VAS2209     Francis Allen VAS2211     George Allen S2345     Henry Allen W20579     Isaac Allen S37654     Isham Allen W2900     Jacob Allen R111     Jacob Allen S34624     James Allen SC155     Joel Allen SC153     John Allen R113     John Allen R12048     John Allen S4259     John Allen S6481     John Allen S17820     John Allen S30818     John Allen S39147     John Allen SC156     John Allen SC1723     John Allen VA12     John Allen VAS1470     John Allen VAS2212     John Allen W5603     John Allen W8316     John Allen W8319     John Allen X878     Joshua Allen R126     Josiah Allen (Allin) SC157     Joseph Allen VAS2213     Moses Allen S37658     Nathan Allen R101     Paul Allen S8010     Richard Allen R138     Richard Allen S1784     Richard Allen S6490     Robert Allen S37661     Robert Allen SC159     Robert Allen VAS2214     Samuel Allen S6480     Samuel Allen S6484     Thomas Allen R105     Thomas Allen R144     Thomas Allen VAS1953     Thomas Allen VAS2215     Thomas Allen VAS2219     Thomas Allen VAS2220     Thomas Allen VAS2221     Vincent Allen W9692     William Allen BLWt1356-100     William Allen S6486     William Allen S30822     William Allen S37655     William Allen SC160     William Allen SC161     William Allen VAS2216     William Allen VAS2222     William Allen W8318     William Allen W10288     William Allen W20593     William Allen W25344     Conrad Aller S22080     Joseph Allery VAS2223     Abram Alley S11955     David Alley VAS1969     Isaiah Alley S1939     James Alley W256     John Alley R152     Samuel Alley W9694     Shadrick Alley S6499     John Allgood (Algood) R153     John Allgood S15357     John Allgood W1350     Bastin Allice (Allin, Allen) R154     Champion Allin (Allen) R129     Isaac Allin R116     John Allin (Allen) R135     Phillip Allin S31514     Samuel Allin S2343     Thomas Allin S12923     William Allin (Allen) SC162     John Alling VAS2224     Jacob Allington VAS1910     Alexander Allison SC163     David Allison [Ellison] R155     Gauyn Allison R156     Hugh Allison R157     James Allison S6491     James Allison SC164     James Hugh Allison SC165     John Allison BLWt86789-160-55     John Allison (Alison) S16309     John Allison S32090     John Allison S39931     John Allison W8     John Allison W4112     Robert Allison SC166     Robert Allison W3207     William Allison SC167     Thomas Allman (Almond) R164     William Allman VAS2225     Thomas Allmand S46540     Ransom Allphin S36402     Zebulon Allphin R162     Elias Allred S16307     Joseph Allsop W3129     William Allston (Alston) SC169     James Alltman (Altman) SC170     Peter Allumbaugh S36401     John Almand VAS2226     Willis Almon (Allman) R166     Edward Almond (Allman) S6489     John Almond W12193     Nathan Almond (Allman) W5610     William Almond S2031     John Almy W1531     Thomas Alsbury VAS1985     Jesse Alsobrook S16600     Benjamin Alsop S9269     James Alsop S12916     John Alston (Allston) SC168     Joseph John Alston S6498     Emery Altizer W4720     Thomas Altop VAS2227     James Altorn (Alton, Altom) W21611     Robert Alva VAS2228     Elijah Alverson W10365     James Alverson W8326     John Alverson S5236     John Alverson S39148     John S. Alverson S30819     Teliff Alverson VAS2229     John Alvey W8320     Robert Alvey W8321     Elijah Alvis W5608     Henry H. Alvis R168     Jesse Alvis S35765     John Alvis (Allvis) W1203     Zachariah Alvis S8015     John Amacker S9270     David Ambrose S37667     John Amburgey (Burgey) R174     John Amminet S16602     Thomas Ammen SC172     Christopher Ammon S8025     Peter Ammond VAS2230     Thomas Ammonds SC173     Charles Ammonette W3492     Joshua Ammons S21045     Thomas Ammons R179     Daniel Amonite VAS2231     Amos of Read R8628     James Amos (Ames) S12924     John Amos S41414     Martin Amoss S8024     Henry Anders VAS2232     James Anders S6516     Aaron Anderson SC174     Abel Anderson SC175     Abraham Anderson R202     Alexander Anderson S2340     Archibald Anderson BLWt390-400     Armstead Anderson S30825     Bailey Anderson S30826     Charles Anderson R183     Charles Anderson VAS1852     Charles Anderson VAS2233     Daniel Anderson S37677     David Anderson S6515     David Anderson SC176     David Anderson SC177     David Anderson VAS2234     David Anderson VAS2235     David Anderson W5625     Denney Anderson W9700     Gabriel Anderson SC180     George Anderson S2914     George Anderson S46684     George Anderson SC181     George Anderson W5627     Henry Anderson S44301     Henry Anderson SC182     Henry Anderson, Jr. SC184     Henry Anderson, Sr. SC183     Henry Anderson VAS2236     Henry Anderson VAS2237     Isaac Anderson VAS2238     Isaac Anderson W4628     Jacob Anderson R184     Jacob Anderson S37675     Jacob Anderson SC185     Jacob Anderson W2048     Jacob Anderson W2428     James Anderson S1786     James Anderson S2915     James Anderson S12930     James Anderson S30827     James Anderson S32096     James Anderson SC186     James Anderson SC187     James Anderson SC188     James Anderson SC189     James Anderson VAS1931     James Anderson VAS1963     James Anderson VAS2239     James Anderson VAS2240     James Anderson W9232     James Anderson W9699     John Anderson BLWt54-300     John Anderson S6511     John Anderson S16310     John Anderson S44299     John Anderson SC190     John Anderson SC191     John Anderson SC192     John Anderson SC193     John Anderson SC194     John Anderson SC195     John Anderson SC196     John Anderson SC197     John Anderson SC198     John Anderson VAS45     John Anderson VAS1481     John Anderson W884     John Anderson W9329     Jordan Anderson S6504     Joseph Anderson R193     Joseph Anderson S37676     Joseph Anderson SC199     Joshua Anderson SC200     Kellis Anderson SC201     Leonard Anderson W8329     Levy (Levi) Anderson SC202     Matthew L. Anderson VAS1995     Nathan Anderson W5626     Nathaniel Anderson W9701     Peter Anderson R199     Peter Anderson S2912     Philip Anderson SC203     Richard Anderson S10059     Richard Anderson SC204     Richard Anderson W23448     Richard Clough Anderson W1356     Robert Anderson SC205     Robert Anderson SC206     Robert Anderson SC207     Robert Anderson VAS2241     Robert Anderson W28     Robert Anderson W276     Robert Anderson W2579     Samuel Anderson SC208     Scarlet Anderson SC209     Spencer Anderson S37672     Stephen Anderson SC210     Thomas Anderson S21603     Thomas Anderson S39941     Thomas Anderson SC211     William Anderson R197     William Anderson R203     William Anderson R204     William Anderson R206     William Anderson S6512     William Anderson S30828     William Anderson S36403     William Anderson VAS2242     William Anderson VAS2243     William Anderson VAS2244     William Anderson W512     William Anderson W5204     Isaac Anderton VAS2245     John Anderton VAS2246     Ralph Anderton VAS2247     George Andoley SC212     Jean Andree VAS2248     Drury Andres (Andrews) SC217     David Andress (Andrew) R219     Evin Andress S45832     John Andrew (Andrews) W5623     Adam Andrews S37674     Benjamin Andrews VAS2250     Benjamin Andrews W4627     Clabourn Andrews VAS2251     Daniel Andrews SC213     David Andrews SC214     Edward Andrews SC216     Elkanah Andrews S6507     Ephraim Andrews BLWt415-100     Grief Andrews VAS2252     Hugh Andrews S6514     Isaac Andrews S33964     Isham Andrews W5620     Ishmail [Ishmael] Andrews VAS491     Israel Andrews SC215     Jane Andrews SC218     Jesse Andrews VAS2253     Jesse Andrews VAS2254     John Andrews S2908     John Andrews SC219     John Andrews VAS1985     John Andrews W9702     Moses Andrews VAS2255     Owen Andrews S16311     Samuel Andrews SC220     Robert Andrews R12123     Robert Andrews VAS2256     Thomas Andrews S6506     Thomas Andrews W2985     Varney Andrews S11992     William Andrews VAS402     William Andrews VAS1911     William Andrews VAS2258     William Andrews X879     Baker Angel VAS2259     James Angel VAS2262     John Angel VAS1071     John Angel VAS1072     John Angel W20622     William Angel (Angell) VAS2263     Laurence (Lawrence) Angell (Angel) S31519     Robert Angle VAS2264     William Anglea S8028     Isaac Anglen VAS2265     Henry Anglin S31521     Philip Anglin R225     John Angling W696     Nicholas Angst S39947     Levi Annis W5624     Micajah Annis S34627     James Anthony W3914     John Anthony VAS2266     John Anthony W21614     Nathan Anthony VAS2267     Peter Anthony SC221     Philip Anthony S21046     Jacob Antill VAS2268     Jacob Antill W8328     Francis Antrican (Anderson, Andriken, Endrekin) S4261     George Antse SC222     John Apperson (Epperson) W24128     Peter Apperson S37680     Peter Apperson VAS1062     Richard Apperson BLWt386-300     William Apperson (Epperson) W3915     Daniel Apple S6520     Samuel Applebee VAS2269     Garrett Applegate S32098     Robert Applegate S32097     John Applewhaite R12129     Benjamin Arandall (Arnold) SC243     Nathan Arandall (Arendell, Arrandell) R243     Adam Arbogast S8037     James Arbuckle S37683     Matthew Arbuckle VAS2270     Thomas Arbuckle S16609     William Arbuckle R241     William Arbuckle R242     Benjamin Archer VAS2271     Edmund Archer S12936     Evans Archer S41415     Isaac Archer S39151     Isaac Archer VAS2272     Jeremiah Archer VAS2273     John Archer W5348     Joseph Archer BLWt2120-200     Peter Field Archer BLWt300-200     Richard Archer VAS2157     Robert Archer VAS2274     Stephen Archer W11133     Isaac Ardis (Ardist) SC223     Anthony Argo SC224     Levin Argoe (Argor) S17825     George Argubright W25357     Jacob Argubright (Argubrite) S12907     Thomas Arman W8332     Charles Armand BLWt2291-850     Charles Armentrout W5641     James Armer SC2452     Richard Armistead W20633     Robert Armistead VAS2275     Thaddeus Armistead (Armstead) R244     Thomas Armistead R12157     Westwood Armistead W8100     William Armistead R12155     William Armistead S10326     William Armistead VAS1894     William Armistead VAS2276     John Armor SC4218     Frederick Arms VAS2277     William Armsted S12001     Abel Armstrong S2039     Adam Armstrong VAS2278     Adam Armstrong VAS2279     Alexander Armstrong R248     Alexander Armstrong S31525     Ambrose Armstrong S14921     Ambrose Armstrong VAS2280     Archibald Armstrong VAS2281     Arthur Armstrong SC225     Edward Armstrong SC226     Edward Armstrong VAS2282     Henry Armstrong S30248     Isaac Armstrong S16312     James Armstrong BLWt45-300     James Armstrong BLWt594-500     James Armstrong R258     James Armstrong S2926     James Armstrong SC227     James Armstrong SC228     James Armstrong SC229     James Armstrong SC230     James Armstrong SC231     James Armstrong VAS1180     James Armstrong VAS1181     James Armstrong VAS1765     James Armstrong VAS2283     Jesse Armstrong BLWt2000-100     John Armstrong BLWt60-450     John Armstrong S6529     John Armstrong SC232     John Armstrong SC233     John Armstrong SC234     John Armstrong SC235     John Armstrong SC236     John Armstrong SC237     John Armstrong VAS2284     John Armstrong W8229     Joseph Armstrong R255     Joshua Armstrong W23461     Lodwick [Ludwick] Armstrong SC238     Martin Armstrong R256     Martin Armstrong SC239     Martin Armstrong SC240     Matthew Armstrong S8035     Robert Armstrong R259     Thomas Armstrong BLWt62-300     Thomas Armstrong R252     Thomas Armstrong S2925     Tobias Armstrong VAS2285     William Armstrong BLWT61-300     William Armstrong S6534     William Armstrong S8032     William Armstrong S30831     William Armstrong SC241     Joshua Arnall (Arnald) SC244     Ambrose Arnando VAS1102     David Arnett S14924     John Arnett S31527     Samual Arnett R262     Christian Arney S8023     Jacob Arney SC242     Aaron Arnold S21051     Benjamin Arnold S2920     Charles Arnold VAS2286     David Arnold VAS2287     Elijah Arnold VAS2288     Elisha Arnold S6523     Francis Arnold W106     Hezekiah Arnold S8034     James Arnold S30830     John Arnold S37682     John Arnold VAS2289     John Arnold VAS2290     Josiah Arnold S35768     Lewis Arnold VAS2291     Lindsey Arnold W3750     Reddick (Reddock) Arnold (Arnauld) SC245     Richard Arnold VAS2292    < Samuel Arnold VAS722     Solomon Arnold W12208     Thomas Arnold W5640     William Arnold R272     William Arnold S37684     William Arnold VAS2293     William Arnold VAS2294     William Arnold VAS2295     David Arnot (Arnold, Arnott) S41417     Henry Arnot (Arnott) S8030     James Arrance BLWt11861     Peter Arrant S17824     Massey Arrasmith S46321     Adler Arrington S6505     John Arrington W5653     Samuel Arrington S8033     Thomas Arrington R269     James Arrowsmith W5643     James Arther (Arthur) S6527     Stephen Arther (Arthur) R271     Barnabas Arthur VAS2963     James Arthur S2922     James Arthur SC246     James Arthur W5634     Joel Arthur S16034     John Arthur S39944     John Arthur VAS1179     John Arthur W5635     Richard Arthur W1122     Thomas Arthur W5636     William Arthur S6528     Isaac Artis S39943     John Artis (Artiss) S39150     John Artis S41416     Dohickey Arundel VAS2967     James Arvin SC247     John Arwood S6535     William Asberry W2988     George Asbury W5644     Benjamin Ash VAS2296     Francis Ash R274     James Ash VAS1967     Robert Ash SC248     William Ash SC249     William Ash W5645     James Ashberry [Ashbury, Ashbery] SC250     George Ashbrook R277     Thomas Ashbrook S31528     Lott Ashburn VAS2297     Luke Ashburn W5649     Benjamin Ashby BLWt55-200     Daniel Ashby S14927     David Ashby VAS2298     Fielding Ashby S30249     George Ashby VAS2300     James Ashby VAS2299     John Ashby R12159     John Ashby VAS1184     John Ashby VAS2301     John Ashby VAS2302     John Ashby VAS2303     Joseph Ashby S8039     Nathaniel Ashby VAS2304     Peter Ashby R285     Stephen Ashby BLWt2420-300     Warren Ashby VAS2305     Amos Ashcraft S16610     Daniel Ashcraft W23466     John Ashcraft (Ashcroft) S6537     Uriah Ashcraft R278     John Baptiste Ashe BLWt2247-450     Samuel Ashe W514     Bartlett Asher W23465     Charles Asher S30833     David Asher R279     John Asher VAS2092     William Asher VAS2306     William Asherst W25361     George Ashford SC251     Michael Ashford SC252     John Ashley R281     John Ashley SC253     Robert Ashley R282     Robert Ashley W4874     Thomas Ashley S35173     William Ashley SC254     William Ashley W9708     James Ashlock W886     Jesse Ashlock S1160     Richard Ashlock VAS2307     William Ashlock S1161     John Ashton S37686     John Ashur R280     Benjamin Ashworth SC255     Harrison Ashworth W5648     Joel Ashworth W10290     John Askew [Erskine] SC256     James Askew VAS1185     William Askew S8038     George Askins W9334     John Askins (Arkins) VAS2049     Thomas Aslin (Asselin) S39152     John Aspenwald VAS2308     John Aspley W2903     Jonathan Asre R276     Alexander Aston R286     Alexander Aston S2927     James Aston R287     David Atcheson VAS2309     Benjamin Atchison VAS2311     Abraham Atchley R68     Thomas Atchley W257     Benjamin Athey VAS2310     James Athey R289     William Athey S34629     Thomas Athey (Athy) S37689     Ambrose Atkins S6543     Bartlet Atkins VAS2188     Charles Atkins (or Adkins) S31511     Edward Atkins S35174     Edward Atkins VAS2312     Elisha Atkins SC257     Elisha Atkins VAS134     Jehu Atkins S21613     John Atkins R291     John Atkins S37690     Joseph Atkins SC258     Lewis Atkins BLWt11866     Lewis Atkins S2929     Lewis Atkins VAS2313     Lewis Atkins VAS2314     Moses Atkins VAS134     Richard Atkins SC259     Samuel Atkins SC260     Adwell Atkinson SC261     Amos Atkinson W5651     Daniel Atkinson S10065     Elisha Atkinson S30834     Frederick Atkinson SC262     Isaac Atkinson W3494     James Atkinson S15352     John Atkinson BLr338228-55     John Atkinson S37688     John Atkinson VAS2315     John Atkinson W5650     John Atkinson W10358     Joseph Atkinson R292     Joshua Atkinson S30835     Major Atkinson VAS2316     Marmaduke Atkinson SC263     Reuben Atkinson S6544     Richard Thomas Atkinson S37691     Thomas Atkinson S5253     Timothy Atkinson SC264     William Atkinson R296     William Atkinson VAS1186     William Atkinson VAS1187     Henry Atkison S31529     Charles B. Atwell (Attwell) S10064     William Atwood SC265     Thomas Aubany VAS2317     Peter Auber VAS2318     Chandler Aubrey (Awbrey) SC266     George Aubrey SC267     Jesse Aubrey SC268     Phillip (Philip) Aubrey (Aubery, Auberry, Awbrey) SC269     Samuel Aubrey SC270     John Audebert SC271     Jesse Ausley W27520     Alexander Austin R314     Benjamin Austin S6548     Francis Austin SC272     Isaiah Austin S5259     Jesse Austin SC273     Joel Austin W3375     John Austin R318     John Austin R325     John Austin S39154     John Austin SC274     John Edward Austin SC275     John Wilson Austin VAS2319     Nathaniel Austin SC276     Stephen Austin S2040     Thompson (Tompson) Austin SC277     Walter Austin S37693     William Austin VAS2321     Samuel Auxer W8516     Elijah Averet SC278     George Avery W8335     John Avery W4119     Robert Avery R309     William Haley Avery VAS2322     Robert Avis S38509     Michael Awalt (Await) W326     Samuel Awbrey VAS2323     Samuel Awbry S30837     Absalom Awtry R531     Samuel J. Axson BLWt1250-300     William Axson SC279     Abner Aycock W9710     Elihu Ayers (Ayres) R335     Francis Ayers (Ayres) R26086     Henry Ayers W445     Nathaniel Ayers R336     William Aylett VAS2324     Jacob Aylor S8040     Daniel Ayres SC280     James Ayres R334     John Ayres VAS2325     John Ayres W4120     Richard Azelip S34630    

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Christopher Babb S6685     Seth Babb W327     James Babcock SC281     Edward Baber VAS2326     James Baber W3754     Obadiah Baber (Beaver) R347     William Baber (Babor) S10333     Jean Babtiste VAS2327     William Bacchus (Bachus) W67     Cornelius Bachelor VAS2329     John Back S32103     George Backus VAS2330     Burwell Bacon VAS2331     Ludwell Bacon VAS2332     Lyddall Bacon VAS2333     Nathaniel Bacon SC282     Richard Bacon S16625     Peter Bacot S39166     John Baddeley SC283     Charles Badger S34632     Thomas Badget S6593     John Badgett (Badget) VAS1932     Peter Badgett (Badget) S6559     William Badgett (Badget) S6552     John Bagby S31532     John Bagby W2997     John Bagent S37747     David Baggarly W8120     James Baggett S39159     John Baggs SC284     James Bagley SC285     John Bagnal R367     Isaac Bagnall SC286     Low (Loe) Bagnall VAS2335     Frederick Bagwell W10386     Isaiah Bagwell S6550     John Bagwell S6571     William Bagwell S21057     James Baidson (Baisdon) SC297     John Baidson (Baisdon) SC298     Elridge Bailes (Bailis) W6099     Abraham Bailey (Baley) S16319     Alexander Bailey S32101     Ansolem Bailey S37702     Benjamin Bailey BLWt295-300     Daniel Bailey (Baley) R369     Edward Bailey VAS2336     Elisha Bailey W8344     George Bailey SC287     Henry Bailey S8053     Isham Bailey S12965     Ishmael Bailey W5779     Ishman (Ishmael) Bailey VAS2337     James Bailey S2945     James Bailey S6577     James Bailey VAS2338     James Bailey VAS2348     James Bailey W5214     James Bailey W9342     Jesse Bailey VAS2339     John Bailey R377     John Bailey SC288     John Bailey VAS2340     John Bailey W18562     John Bailey X28     Josephus Bailey S34633     Manoah Bailey R381     Martin Bailey R394     Mathias Bailey R383     Moses Bailey S16626     Moses Bailey SC289     Nathaniel Bailey SC290     Noah Bailey S6556     Noah Bailey VAS2341     Peirce Bailey VAS2345     Peter Bailey S21618     Phillip Bailey S5266     Reuben Bailey S37716     Richard Bailey R387     Richard Bailey S30841     Robert Bailey S32108     Simon Bailey VAS2342     Southey Bailey VAS932     Southey Bailey VAS933     Southy Bailey BLWt1253-100     Thomas Bailey S6578     Thomas Bailey S10334     Thomas Bailey W2991     William Bailey R372     William Bailey R373     William Bailey R396     William Bailey R8348     William Bailey S2053     William Bailey VAS2344     William Bailey W5777     William Bailey W5778     William Bailey X30     Zachariah Bailey SC291     Zadock Bailey VAS931     Robert Carnibe Baillie SC292     Callam Baily S12947     David Baily S16616     Stephen Baily (Bailey) S41420     Thomas Baily S21627     William C. Baily S44342     John Bain S22110     Ezekiel Bainbrook R397     James Baird (Beard) SC293     John Baird SC294     Simon Baird SC295     Thomas Baird W9712     William Baird (Beard) SC296     George Baith R572     Isaiah Baize SC299     Absalom Baker S35181     Alexander Baker SC300     Anthony Baker S12957     Barnebas (Barnabas) Baker SC301     Beal Baker W5212     Benjamin Baker SC3357     Bolin (Bowling) Baker S12950     Caleb Baker SC303     Charles Baker S31536     Charles Baker W9337     David Baker W1802     Dempsey Baker R408     Elias Baker W5773     Elijah Baker S17830     Elisha Baker R411     George Baker S17249     Glover Baker S10351     Henry B. Baker S39171     Isaac Baker R435     James Baker R436     James Baker VAS2350     James Baker VAS2351     James Baker W9338     Jehu Baker SC304     Jesse Baker BLWt304-300     John Baker R406     John Baker R421     John Baker S8047     John Baker S30843     John Baker S39179     John Baker SC305     John Baker SC306     John Baker VAS2352     Joseph Baker W8339     Joseph Baker W9713     Moses Baker SC307     Nicholas Baker SC308     Nicholas Baker SC309     Nicholas Baker W27812     Peter Baker W277     Philip Peter Baker W5772     Richard Baker R412     Richard Bohun Baker R12281     Robert Baker S16628     Samuel Baker S10354     Samuel Baker S39169     Solomon Baker R438     Sylvester Baker S16618     Thomas Baker R430     Thomas Baker S15299     Thomas Baker VAS1188     Thomas Baker VAS2353     William Baker R405     William Baker SC310     William Baker S12967     Leven (Levin) Balance (Ballance) S6563     Amos Balch S2943     Richard Baldock R442     John Baldridge W5789     Isaac K. Baldry (Balderee, Bauldree, Baldree) W27543     Benjamin Baldwin R19355     Cornelius Baldwin BLWt255-400     Isaac Baldwin SC311     James Baldwin VAS2354     James Baldwin VAS2355     John Baldwin S6565     John Baldwin S37733     John Baldwin W1800     Samuel Baldwin S8044     Thomas Baldwin VAS2356     William Baldwin S16313     Ansalum Baley VAS2346     John Baley (Baily) R19354     John Baley VAS1435     Joseph Baley S17833     Michel Baley VAS384     Samuel Baley S30258     Simon Baley VAS2343     Stephen Baley (Bailey) R393     George Balizts (Balitz) S44349     Aaron Ball S37697     Ambrose Ball SC312     Burgess [Burges, Burgis] Ball BLWt252-500     Daniel Ball BLWt271-200     Daniel Ball VAS2158     Daniel Ball W5768     David Ball S37730     Edmund Ball W390     Hosea Ball S2365     Isaac Ball SC313     James Ball BLWt1464-200     James Ball W8336     John Ball SC314     John Ball VAS1841     Joshua Ball S6554     Mark Ball SC315     Osborne Ball R459     Richard Ball SC316     Sampson Ball SC317     Stephen Ball S17834     Valentine Ball S16317     William Ball W3376     Henry Ballance VAS2357     Leven Ballance S6563     Willis Ballance VAS2358     William Ballanger S35179     Bland W. Ballard W20655     Devereux Ballard R462     Dudley Ballard VAS2359     Edward Ballard VAS2360     Francis Ballard S6553     James Ballard R463     James Ballard S6584     James Ballard S30260     John Ballard R464     John Ballard S37721     Jonathan Ballard S34639     Kedar (Cader) Ballard BLWt292-300     Micajah Ballard S44326     Philip Ballard S9094     Proctor Ballard VAS2362     Robert Ballard VAS2363     Stephen Ballard S39956     Thomas Ballard S20283     William Ballard VAS2177     William Ballard W25220     Wyatt Ballard S44327     Edward Ballenger W9720     John Ballenger S31543     William Ballenger VAS2364     Joseph Ballew S31541     Richard Ballew S15305     Robert Ballew S10350     Stephen Ballew S16835     Charles Ballow W2905     Alexander Balmain W8116     John Balmer R466     Augustine (Augustin) Balthrop (Baltrip) W8113     Francis Baltrip SC2025     Elijah Banckston (Bankston) R478     Thomas Bandy W5782     Humphrey Bane VAS2365     John Banes (Bane, Bains, Baynes) R644     Thomas Banister S21060     William George Banister SC319     James Bankhead SC318     John Bankhead SC320     Drury Banks R475     Jacob Banks S8056     James Banks SC321     James Banks W5762     John Banks W5763     Joseph Banks S41426     Josiah Banks VAS2366     Peter Banks S6557     Vincent Banks SC322     William Banks VAS2367     William Banks W10376     John Bankson W25210     Andrew Bankston W8746     Thomas Bankston R477     Benjamin Banner S6562     Ephraim Banner W3923     James Banner SC1723     Joseph Banner W9716     George Bannerman S8055     Henry Banta R480     John Bantham S44344     John Christopher Bar SC328     Benjamin Barbee VAS1189     Daniel Barbee S12951     Elias Barbee S12972     Francis Barbee VAS2369     John Barbee VAS2370     John Barbee W24626     Joseph Barbee W23522     Joshua Barbee S12952     Thomas Barbee BLWt258-300     Charles Barber SC323     David Barber SC324     James Barber S16042     James Barber SC325     Jesse Barber SC326     John Barber SC327     John Barber VAS2371     John Barber VAS2372     William Barber S6572     Elijah Barbey S35180     Mordecai Barbour S8043     Stansell Barbre R20207     John Barclay VAS2373     John Barco S34640     Thomas Barco S33253     James Baren SC329     John Bareth (Barrett) W5213     Benjamin Barham S37720     Hartwell Barham S41418     James Barham S16614     Moody Barham VAS2374     Benjamin Barker SC302     Charles Barker S45234     David Barker S6560     Edward Barker R496     George Barker S2953     George Barker S37710     Jacob Barker R497     John Barker VAS2375     John Barker W8340     Nathaniel Barker W5774     William Barker R506     William Barker VAS2376     William Barker VAS2377     James Barkley W44     John Barkley S2960     John Barkley, Jr. SC331     John Barkley, Sr. SC330     Robert Barkley SC332     Robert Barkley W17252     Samuel Barkley SC333     William Barkley S16314     Daniel Barksdale VAS1970     Henry Hickerson Barksdale R4636     Hickison Barksdale SC334     John Barksdale VAS2378     Richard Barksdale SC335     Samuel Barksdale W18568     Thomas Barksdale SC336     William Barler W17232     ___ (no name, wife, Kitty) Barlow VAS1193     Christopher Barlow W8341     Joseph Barlow S35773     Lewis Barlow S16619     Thomas Barlow VAS2379     John Barmer (Balmer) S8042     Benjamin Barnard S9096     Isaac Barnard SC338     Michael Barnat VAS2380     Andrew Barnes VAS2381     Anthony Barnes VAS2382     Armistead Barnes S37700     Armistead Barnes VAS2383     Barnet Barnes R557     Burrell (Burwell) Barnes (Barns) S6549     Charles Barnes BLWt11982-100     Chesley Barnes W4877     Frederick Barnes VAS2384     George Barnes S16316     George Barnes VAS2391     Isaak Barnes VAS2392     Isaiah Barnes VAS1850     James Barnes S1746     James Barnes S39173     James Barnes (Barns) SC339     John Barnes S44313     John Barnes VAS2393     John Barnes VAS2394     John Barnes VAS2395     John Barnes W8338     Solomon Barnes S6569     Theophilus Barnes SC340     Thomas Barnes VAS2973     William Barnes S44315     William Barnes VAS2396     William Barnes W2585     Joseph Barnet (Barnett) SC350     Joseph Barnet (Barnett) SC351     Michael Barnet SC353     Robert Barnet SC354     Robert Barnet SC355     Thomas Barnet S12971     Thomas Barnet SC357     Thomas Barnet SC358     William Barnet [Barnett] S30846     Alexander Barnett SC341     Ambrose Barnett W2989     Andrew Barnett S1165     Carter Barnett (Barnatt) R530     Carter Barnett W5784     Charles Barnett S8048     Daniel Barnett S35777     Daniel Barnett VAS2398     David Barnett S17826     David Barnett SC342     Humphrey Barnett SC343     Isaac Barnett R532     Jacob Barnett SC344     James Barnett W391     James P. Barnett S12963     Jesse Barnett R533     Joel Barnett R534     John Barnett (Barnet) SC345     John Barnett (Barnet) SC346     John Barnett (Barnet) SC347     John Barnett (Barnet) SC348     John Barnett W9718     Jorial Barnett SC349     Lance James Barnett S39174     Micajah Barnett SC352     Michael Barnett W2051     Robert Barnett R538     Samuel Barnett SC356     Sion Barnett R531     Thomas Barnett S8041     Thomas Barnett VAS768     William Barnett SC359     William Barnett SC360     William Barnett SC361     William Barnett W1532     George Barnhardt R544     David Barnhill SC362     Henry Barnhill S6579     James Barnhill W3751     John Barnhill S16318     Robert Barnhill SC363     Bingamond Barns (Barnes) S12970     James Barns S1894     Richard Barns (Barnes) R526     Robert Barns VAS2399     Shadrach Barns [Barnes] S30840     Thomas Barns Ga17     William Barns SC364     William Barns SC365     Edward Barnwell W8352     James Barnwell S37727     John Barnwell SC366     Robert Barnwell S31540     Hugh Barr (O'Barr) S32110     Isaac Barr S41419     Isaac Barr [Borr] SC367     Jacob Barr SC368     James Barr S31537     John Barr BLWt284-100     John Barr W11217     Joseph Barr SC369     Nathan Barr SC370     Philip Barr S37725     Thomas Barr SC371     William Barr SC372     William Barr W2743     Fielding Barram S36407     Philip Barrand VAS2400     James Barratine [Barrentine] SC373     Thomas Barren (Barron) Sc382     Chisholm Barret VAS1780     Chiswell Barret VAS2401     Francis Barret S12961     John Barret VAS2402     Richard Barret [Franks] S2223     William Barret BLWt270-300     William Barret [Barrett] SC377     William Barret VAS1197     William Barret VAS1781     Beatty Barrett VAS1195     Henry Barrett S8057     John Barrett R558     Jonathan Barrett R3     Joseph Barrett BLWt91059-160-55     Lewis Barrett S31533     Mathew [Matthew] Barrett [Barret] SC374     Nathaniel Barrett [Barret] SC375     Reuben Barrett W2583     Richard Barrett SC376     Robert Barrett VAS2403     Samuel Barrett S6590     William Barrett S8046     Paul Barringer R564     Alexander Barron SC378     Barnaba Barron W3917     James Barron SC379     James Barron SC380     James Barron VAS1949     James Barron W12264     John Barron SC381     John Barron W2987     Richard Barron R5     Samuel Barron R6     Thomas Barron R565     William Barron S1788     William Barron VAS2404     Luke Barrot SC383     Peter Barrott S41427     Solomon Barrott W703     Daniel Barrow S32104     John Barrow R566     Peter Barrow VAS2405     William Barrow W1533     Andrew Barry R569     Andrew Barry SC384     John Barry (Berry) S39163     John Barry SC385     Richard Barry SC386     Roger Barry SC387     Simon Barry VAS2406     William Barry SC388     George Barsh SC389     Samuel Barshear SC390     Babister Bartain SC337     David Bartee S6586     James Bartee VAS1881     John Bartee BLReg330162-1855     Samuel Bartee VAS1881     Stephen Barth (Baird) S39959     John Bartholomew W4880     Andrew Bartlett W4883     Benjamin Bartlett VAS2407     Edmund Bartlett S17247     John Bartlett BLWt520-100     John Bartlett S35183     John Bartlett S39158     John Bartlett VAS2408     Jonathan Bartlett SC391     Nicholas Bartlett S33986     Philip Bartlett R7     Alexander Bartley VAS2409     John Bartley S39949     Joshua Bartley VAS2410     Robert Bartley S31535     Thomas Bartley S18708     William Bartley R590     William Bartley VAS2411     Benjamin Barton W20683     Elisha Barton S19198     Henry Barton VAS2412     James Barton VAS2413     John Barton R12277     Thomas Barton SC392     William Barton SC393     William Barton SC394     William Barton VAS2414     William Barvent VAS2415     James Basco VAS2416     William Basey VAS2417     Obediah Basham S35185     John Bashaw S37706     Peter Bashaw S2962     John Baskerville W3753     Samuel Baskerville S45238     Martin Baskett W2990     Andrew Baskin SC395     Hugh Baskin SC396     James Baskin SC397     William Baskin SC398     William Basquen SC399     Edward Bass R599     Edward Bass S6595     Elijah Bass W4061     James Bass S1745     John Bass S6592     Joseph Bass W5765     Joshua Bass R600     Philip Bass W23482     Richard Bass (Boss) R20324     Right Bass SC400     Thomas Bass VAS2418     William Bass W5766     Jacob Bassel (Paitsell) W3858     James Bassett VAS2419     Nathaniel Bassett S1895     William Bassett W9739     Jeremiah Bassham VAS2420     Benjamin Basye VAS2421     Jesse Basye VAS2422     William Basy (Basye, Basey) BLWt1650-100     Richard Basye w8755     William Batchelder VAS2328     Henry Batcheldor VAS2968     Peter Batchelor S37704     Thomas Bateman R606     William Bateman S32099     Daniel Bates SC401     Dennis Bates SC402     Ephraim Bates S2051     Humphrey Bates W25204     Isaac Bates S328     James Bates S2938     James Bates S30850     James Bates SC403     James Bates VAS2423     James Bates W5787     John Bates SC404     John Bates SC405     John Bates SC406     John Bates VAS1198     John Bates VAS1199     Robert Bates SC407     Thomas Bates S35186     Thomas Bates SC408     Thomas Bates VAS2426     William Bates R623 1/2     William Bates S32105     William Bates S35176     Mordecai Batson S35184     Thomas Batson VAS2427     John Battecast VAS2428     Freeman Battershell W2913     Samuel Batterton S35803     John Battin W4413     Noel Battles S12960     Shadrach Battles S37713     Simon Baty [Beaty, Batie] SC411     Ulrick Bauckman SC412     Henry Baugh W8337     Jacob Baugh R627     Joseph Baugh R21837     Aris Baughan VAS2429     Richard Baughan S37724     Edward Bauldwin (Baldwin) R445     Joseph De La Baume R2856     Henry Baumgartner (Baumgarten) S45246     Leonard Baumgartner (Baumgartel) BLWt1305-100     Louis (Louis Baury de Bellerive) Baury W28025     William Bauswell VAS2430     William Bawcutt W3498     John Bawdy SC413     Andrew Baxter (Beaxter) W4635     Israel Baxter R21696     James Baxter VAS2431     John Baxter S24898     John Baxter SC414     Theophilus Baxter SC415     William Baxter S6591     Andrew Bay S2940     David Bay S45237     Jacob Baylard SC417     Francis Bayle SC416     David Bayles R641     Elijah Bayles S1940     Hezekiah Bayles S16624     Jesse Bayles W8345     James Bayley VAS2347     Robert Bayley R384     Zadock Bayley S37696     Peter Baylie VAS2261     Hodijah Baylies BLWt96-400     Henry Baylis BLWt491-150     William Baylis S12953     John Bayliss S39175     George Baylor W5966     John Baylor VAS2432     Walker Baylor X53     Laban Bayly R1     Sacker Bayly VAS2349     John Bayne W9336     John Baynes VAS2433     David Bays VAS2434     James Baytop S37701     John Baytop R19357     Francis Bazle (Basel) SC419     David Bazwell (Bazzell) R645     John Bazzill S37805     Thomas Beadsman SC418     James Beaham BLWt11895-100     Lodowick B. Beach (Beech) R706     Michael Beackman S35190     Edmund Beadles S17842     Joel Beadles S17841     James Beal SC420     John Beal W4893     Shadrach Beal S6610     Shadrach Beal (of Benjamin Cooper) S6596     William Beal VAS2435     Richard E. Beale W1128     Robert Beale BLWt263-300     Thomas Beale VAS2436     William Beale S37758     William Beale SC421     Archibald Beall W8353     Isaac Beall VAS2437     Nathaniel Beall BLWt493-100     Ning (Ninian) Beall (Bell) W9722     Robert Beall BLWt431-300     Samuel B.Beall (Bell) S37740     George Bealor (Beeler) S22640     Michael Beam S2986     James Bean S30264     Jesse Bean S8067     John Bean X54     Leonard Bean S35189     Nicholas Bean S32112     Richard Bean (Bane) S14938     Richard Bean W5813     Thomas Bean SC423     William Bean SC424     David Beard SC425     David Beard SC426     Francis Beard S2978     Jacob Beard W25224     James Beard R669     James Beard SC427     James Beard SC428     John Beard R670     John Beard SC429     Moses Beard W5818     Robert Beard S1789     Robert Beard W5217     Samuel Beard S2980     Samuel Beard W4131     Thomas Beard VAS2438     Ulrick Beard SC430     William Beard S2370     William Beard S2981     William Beard SC431     William Beard SC432     Absolam [Absalom] Bearden SC433     Edmund Bearden [Beardon] SC434     Edmund Bearden SC435     John Bearden S2991     John Bearden SC436     Thomas Bearden SC437     Richard Beardon (Bearden) R672     William Beasely S41432     Abraham Beasent SC438     George Beasley SC439     Henry Beasley SC440     Jacob Beasley R680     John Beasley S37748     Larkin Beasley VAS1073     Richard Beasley VAS2439     Smith Beasley S38567     William Beasley W9352     Benjamin Beasly (Beasley) W3757     Isham Beasly S1943     John Beason SC441     Ralph [Rafe] Beatley VAS2440     William Beatley (Beetley) VAS2441     David Beatty (Baty, Beaty) W4894     George Beatty (Baty, Beaty) W2909     Henry Beatty S19203     John Beatty W2909     John Beatty X56     William Beatty BLWt644-300     Andrew Beaty S2989     James Beaty (Beatty) S2988     James Beaty (Beatty) S2990     James Beaty SC442     John Beaty SC443     Walter Beaty (Beatty) W5804     William Beaty S10357     Joseph Beaudrot SC445     Louis de Beaulieu BLWt640-200     Daniel Beaver SC446     Jeremiah Beaver S6603     Samuel Beaver VAS2442     Benjamin Beavers VAS2443     John Beavers S30853     John Beavers VAS2444     Samuel Beavers W4887     William Beavers VAS2320     John Beavett (Beavert) R688     Len (Leonard) Beazle S9276     Cornelius Beazley R678     Cornelius Beazley S34648     Ephraim Beazley S6597     James Beazley W5044     Philip Becannon R690     Andrew Beck S14936     Charles Beck SC447     James Beck VAS1200     Jeffrey Beck S21067     Jesse Beck W5805     John Beck R692     John Beck S8060     John Beck VAS2445     John Beck W3755     William Beck S2376     Humphrey Becket S2066     Humphrey Beckett W9726     James Beckham S37746     Robert Beckham VAS452     Thomas Beckham SC452     William Beckham S37738     William Beckam VAS1858     James Becknall VAS2450     Thomas Becknel S12985     George Becktel S39979     Reuben Beckum (Beckham, Beccum, Beckom etc.) SC448     Russell Beckum (Beckham, Beccum, Beckom etc.) SC449     Thomas Beckum, Jr. (Beckham, Beccum, Beckom etc.) SC450     Thomas Beckum, Sr. (Beckham, Beccum, Beckom etc.) SC451     Lawrence Beddoe VAS2451     David Bedell S17839     James Bedford VAS2454     Daniel Bedinger W8138     George Michael Bedinger W2992     Henry Bedinger S8059     Francis Bedle S2375     Jasper Bedolph VAS1201     Robert Bedwell S16321     William Bedworth VAS2455     Benjamin Beech VAS2456     John Beech VAS2459     Richard Bayse Beech (Beach) R652     Samuel Beekes SC453     Bernard Beekman BLWt301-500     Samuel Beekman W10410     William Beekman W24644     Charles Beeler VAS2460     James Beeles SC454     Jacob Beelor (Beeler or Bealer) S5277     Daniel Beem R709     Jesse Beem SC455     William Beemer SC422     John Been VAS2461     James Beers VAS2462     Josiah Beesely SC457     Daniel Beesley SC456     William Beesley SC458     Isaac Beesly R710     Edward Beeson S12984     Edward Beeson VAS2463     Mercer Beeson VAS2464     Adam Beetem S30270     William Begeant S9098     John Begent VAS2465     Alexander Beggs S32114     Henry Begly R711     John Begly SC459     Robert Bekam VAS2466     Bartlet Belcher W2054     Dennis Belcher SC460     George Belcher VAS2467     John Belcher VAS1206     Robert Belcher S39186     Robert Belcher VAS2468     William Belcher (Balchen?) VAS1981     Solomon Belew W8358     John Belfield BLWt254-400     David Beliew [Belue] SC492     Benjamin Bell W3925     Caleb Bell NC47     Daniel Bell S30271     Frederick Bell SC462     George Bell SC463     Harrison (Harison) Bell SC464     Henry Bell BLWt623-200     James Bell S2971     James Bell SC465     James Bell SC466     James Bell SC467     James Bell SC468     James Bell VAS2469     John Bell S12986     John Bell S16640     John Bell S21068     John Bell S22116     John Bell S30272     John Bell SC470     John Bell SC471     John Bell SC472     John Nicholas Bell SC477     John Bell X943     Joseph Bell S6608     Josiah Bell S41433     Nathaniel Bell S32113     Richard Bell S8064     Richard Bell W25231     Robert Bell BLWt300-200d     Robert Bell S8065     Robert Bell SC478     Robert Bell VAS2470     Samuel Bell S6598     Samuel Bell SC479     Samuel Bell VAS2471     Samuel Bell VAS2472     Samuel Bell W4892     Samuel Bell W12267     Thomas Bell R720     Thomas Bell R726     Thomas Bell S2972     Thomas Bell S2973     Thomas Bell S30859     Thomas Bell SC480     Thomas Bell SC481     Thomas Bell VAS2473     William Bell BLReg59185-1855     William Bell R727     William Bell S30855     William Bell S42617     William Bell SC482     William Bell SC483     William Bell VAS2474     William Bell VAS2475     William Bell W446     Zachariah Bell SC484     Abraham Bellemee [Bellamy] SC485     Nicholas Belleville R728     William Bellinger SC486     Pierre Bellot [Belot] SC488     William Bellune SC490     Elias Belot SC487     John Belott [Belot] SC489     Jonas Belote S21066     Noah Belote VAS2476     William Belote VAS2477     Christian Belser W21651     John Belt SC491     John Sprigg Belt S34644     Renney Belue SC493     Reuben Belue SC494     Zachariah Belue SC495     Aaron Belvin S37759     George Belvin VAS2478     Lewis Belvin VAS1208     Robert Belvin VAS2479     Thomas Belvin VAS2480     William Belvin VAS2481     Edward Benbow SC496     Daniel Bender W889     David Benge S38530     Obadiah M. Benge R743     George Beniger R744     Henry Beningfield S36413     George Benison SC497     William Benison SC498     William Benison SC499     Joseph Benjamin S34643     Richard Bennatt (Bennett) S6632     Alexander Bennet SC500     Arthur Bennet (Bennett) SC502     Benjamin Bennet S39969     Daniel Bennet R752     James Bennet (Bennett) SC505     James Bennet (Bennett) SC507     John Bennet (Bennett) VAS1324     Richard Bennet (Bennett) W9350     William Bennet VAS2482     Artexrs (Artaxerxes) Bennett VAS2483     Artexrs (Artaxerxes) Bennett VAS2484     Arthur Bennett (Bennet) SC503     Caleb P. Bennett S35779     Charles Bennett S21641     Daniel Bennett S37752     Daniel Bennett SC504     Elisha Bennett VAS2485     George Bennett R755     George Bennett SC506     John Bennett R760     John Bennett SC508     John Bennett VAS579     Jordan Bennett W2713     Joseph Bennett S1495     Peter Bennett R754     Reuben Bennett S18714     Richard Bennett S36412     Samuel Bennett (Bennet) SC509     Solomon Bennett R771     William Bennett R8     William Bennett R768     William Bennett R772     William Bennett VAS2486     William Bennett VAS2487     William Bennett VAS2488     Abraham Benninger SC510     Daniel Benoist SC511     Francis Benoist R773     Peter Benoist SC512     Andrew Benson SC513     Benjamin Benson SC514     Enoch Benson S31549     Henry Benson R779     James Benson SC515     John Benson S8061     John Benson W18584     Levin Benson R777     Perry Benson S10087     Thomas Benson S8066     William Benson SC516     William Benson VAS2001     William Benson W5218     William O. Benson VAS2489     John Benston VAS2490     Prince Bent S38541     James Bentham SC3787     Efford Bentley S16637     Jeremiah Bentley S39192     John Bentley R784     William Bentley S37745     Thomas Bently (Bentley) S8063     David Benton S39195     Elkanah Benton S41429     Lazarus Benton SC517     James Benton R786     Job Benton S6613     John Benton X64     Joseph Benton S31551     Samuel Benton SC518     Francis Benty R789     Mathew Beraud SC520     Richard Berdin SC521     William Berdin SC522     Alexander Berkley VAS2446     George Berkley (Berkely) W8130     James Berkley VAS2447     John Berkley S12990     William Berkley (Bartlett) S12964     William Berkley VAS2448     John Bernard VAS2491     Peter Bernard (Barnard, Barnett) R19356     Richard Bernard VAS2492     Thomas Bernard VAS2493     Thomas Bernard W5815     Walter Bernard S6634     William Bernard VAS2494     Martin Bernau SC4250     John Berro VAS2495     Benjamin Berry S6627     Benjamin Berry S30857     Bradley Berry VAS1895     David Berry VAS2496     Enoch Berry W8128     Francis Berry R795     George Berry S36411     Hugh Berry SC4249     Herbert Berry SC4251     James Berry R799     James Berry S37756     James Berry S39984     James Berry VAS2497     Joel Berry S30265     John Berry [John B. Hickman] S18445     John Berry S41428     John Berry SC4247     John Berry SC4248     John Berry SC5493     John Berry VAS1727     John Berry W5219     John Berry X65     Lydford Berry S39193     Perry Berry BLWt1422-100     Richard Berry SC4252     Richard Berry SC4253     Robert Berry W5795     Sanford (Sandford) Berry S1638     Thomas Berry R24643     Thomas Berry S2070     Thomas Berry S14941     Thomas Berry SC523     Thomas Berry VAS2498     William Berry S2371     William Berry S17266     William Berry SC546     William Berry SC547     William Berry (Barry) S39187     William Berry W5794     William Berry VAS2499     William Berry VAS2500     Alexander Berryhill S16639     John Bertie W8126     Joseph Bertoulin R802     Peter Bertrug S18309     James Berwick VAS1840     White Berwick SC519     John Bessent S45834     Absalom Best SC548     Benedict Best SC549     James Best R804     John Best S6614     John Best VAS2501     Tucker Best VAS2502     Jacob Bethany SC550     John Bethany SC551     Elisha Bethea S17840     Goodman Bethea SC552     John Bethea SC553     James Bethel VAS2503     John Isham Bethell W8131     Valentine Bethell VAS2504     Peter Beto (Betto) S36409     John Betsill (Bedsell) S39194     Joshua Betterton S6612     John Bettis (Bettes) SC554     Charles Bettisworth (Bettsworth) S32117     Richard Bettisworth S36410     John Betty SC444     William Bevan S6600     William Bevin SC556     James Bevins SC555     Charles Bevely VAS2505     John Beverly R815     James Bevers S37739     Edward Bevill S16638     Robert Bevill (Bevel) W2586     John Bevin VAS2506     Benjamin Bibb W5821     Henry Bibb S6651     James Bibb S30865     Thomas Bibb S9100     Solomon Bibbie (Bibby) S6644     Thomas Bibee S3002     Adam Bible W18596     Nicholas Bickers S18178     Abner Bickham S30274     George Bickle (Bickel) R821     Charles Bickley S10091     William Bickley S30864     Hollis Biddie SC558     John Biddie S10374     John Biddie SC559     Peter Biddie (Biddy) SC560     Thomas Biddie (Biddy) SC561     Elijah Biddle R824     Thomas Biecknell (Beicknell, Bicknell) R12399     Jacob Biffel (Biffle, Baffle) S3003     John Bigbea SC562     William Bigbie S46368     John Bigem SC563     James Bigger SC564     Robert Bigger W9734     Robert Biggert (Biggard) SC572     Benjamin Biggs W1366     Elija Biggs R829     John Biggs BLWt1421-100     John Biggs S37775     John Biggs W8364     Joseph Biggs R831     Randolph (Randall) Biggs R832     Stephen Biggs R833     Thomas Biggs VAS2513     William Biggs R19360     Andrew Bigham S1639     Hugh Bigham SC573     James Bigham SC574     Joseph Bigham S6638     Samuel Bigham SC575     William Bigham S1497     Nathaniel Bilbry (Bilbory) S6645     Thomas Biles W3928     Dewalt Bilman (Belman) S39993     Jasper Billing (Billings) SC576     Abraham Billings R836     Jasper Billings R839     Jasper Billings VAS2514     Jasper Billings W10295     John Billingsly S30862     John Billings VAS2515     Walter Billingsly (Billingsley) R840     Ezekiel Billington W8365     Stephen Billiu (Billue, Bellaw) W2745     John E. Bills W25243     William Bills S39992     Thomas Billups W3927     George Biner S4266     Benjamin Bingham S2377     Robert Bingham R843     Lewis Bingley W24325     Abraham Bininger SC577     Fridrik Binkey (Binkley) W4898     Adam Binkley S1890     John Birch (Burch) W8363     William Birchmore SC590     Andrew Bird S39994     Bonner Bird S8070     Daniel Bird SC591     Hardy Bird W18597     Isaac Bird W1806     John Bird S10372     John Bird S39196     John Bird SC524     Joshua Bird S36416     Levin Bird R9     Reuben Bird S37776     Samuel Bird SC592     Thomas Bird BLWt61001-160-55     William Bird SC593     William Bird SC594     John Birdsong R855     William Birdsong R856     Benjamin Birdwell W218     James Birmingham SC595     Patrick Birmingham VAS1207     Henry Biron VAS2961     James Biscoe W8230     Frederick Bish S8071     Abraham Bishop [Bushop] SC596     Bowling [Bolin] Bishop SC597     Edmond [Edmund] Bishop [Bushop] SC598     Elisha Bishop S30867     George Bishop [Bushop] SC599     George Bishop SC600     Golden Bishop S37763     Henry Bishop [Bushop] SC601     Henry Bishop W5823     James Bishop S6637     James Bishop SC2057     Jeremiah Bishop S6636     John Bishop S9279     John Bishop SC603     Nicholas Bishop S17847     Nicholas Bishop SC602     Richard Bishop S36192     Richard Bishop W18598     Robert Bishop SC604     Samuel Bishop SC606     Solomon Bishop S30863     Stephen Bishop S37770     Thomas Bishop SC607     William Bishop R869     William Bishop S30275     William Bishop W4897     William Bishop W9356     Wyatt Bishop S14958     John Biswell S35191     John Bitticks (Bittick) R874     William Bivins R876     Adam Black SC608     Alexander Black R881     David Black S10393     Ezekiel Black W8144     Gavin Black SC609     George Black S6659     George Black SC610     Jacob Black S9281     James Black R886     James Black S31557     James Black SC611     James Black VAS1761     James Black W20733     John Black R887     John Black R891     John Black S9280     John Black S37783     John Black W9359     Joseph Black S21646     Martin Black S41441     Robert Black S1167     Robert Black SC612     Samuel Black R892     Thomas Black SC613     Thomas Black SC614     Thomas Black SC615     William Black S32122     William Black SC616     William Black SC617     William Black SC618     William Black SC619     William Black W9730     Willoughby Blackard S29638     Clement Blackbourn S10388     Benjamin Blackburn VAS1209     Christopher Blackburn VAS2529     James Blackburn S39197     James Blackburn S42619     Julius Blackburn VAS2508     Nathan Blackburn S6654     William Blackburn S14967     Thomas Blackemore VAS2530     Nathaniel Blackerby VAS1211     Jacob Blackford W2058     Richard Blackley VAS2531     Thomas Blackley (Blakely, Bleakley) (or Blakely) S21650     David Blackman R898     Edward Blackmore (Blakemore) VAS2532     George Blackmore BLWt11978-100     George Blackmore SC620     George Blackmore VAS2510     George Blackmore (Blakemore) W2558     Thomas Blacknall S46023     Ebenezer Blackshire S45995     Pridax Blackson VAS2511     James Blackstock SC621     John Blackstock SC622     William Blackstock SC623     Charles Blackwelder S6658     Isaac Blackwelder S6660     Abraham Blackwell S18328     Charles Blackwell SC624     David Blackwell S3014     David Blackwell S6666     David Blackwell W9358     Hugh Blackwell [alias Black] R893     James Blackwell W18613     John Blackwell BLWt264-300     John Blackwell S2083     John Blackwell S30873     Joseph Blackwell S37781     Joseph Blackwell W1191     Robert Blackwell BLWt38822-160-55     Samuel Blackwell VAS2173     Thomas Blackwell S35193     William Blackwell BLWt1861-300     Robert Blackwill (Blackwell) S34653     William Bladon (Bleadon) SC625     James Bladwell NC30     William Blaikley S46753     Alam Blain W5834     James Blain S35780     Michael Blain SC626     George Blaine (Blane) R929     Adam Blair SC627     Allen Blair W5833     Daniel Blair VAS2516     Edward Blair SC628     George Blair SC629     James Blair S22125     James Blair SC630     John Blair SC631     John Blair VAS2517     John Blair VAS2518     John Neal Blair S37779     Samuel Blair R910     Samuel Blair S3009     Samuel Blair VAS1212     Samuel Blair VAS2533     Thomas Blair SC632     Thomas Blair W891     William Blair SC633     William Blair VAS1215     Benajmin Blake SC634     Charles Blake VAS336     George Blake R911     Jacob Blake S34654     James Blake VAS2523     James Blake W17318     John Blake R913     John Blake SC635     Joshua Blake S8074     Richard Blake SC636     Thomas Blake S6657     Thomas Blake S6662     John Blakely SC637     William Blakely S21649     George Blakemore S6665     John Blakemore S30871     Thomas Blakemore BLWt591-100     John Blakeney [Bleakney] SC646     John Blakeney W2716     George Blakey (Blackey) W8367     John Blakey VAS2526     William Blakey R918     William Blakey VAS1217     Aquila Blakley (Blakely) S31558     Charles Blalock (Blalack) S3013     David Blalock (Blalack) R919     David Blalock S3011     George Henry Blalock R20206     Jeremiah Blalock W8368     John Blalock SC638     John Blalock W1807     Thomas Blalock W18615     Jesse Blan S8073     Richard Blanchard SC639     Thomas Blanchet (Blancet, Blancit) W20395     James Blanchfield SC640     Joel Blancit (Blancet, Blancett) S29640     Christopher Bland VAS2528     James Bland VAS2534     James Bland W5837     John Bland SC641     John Bland VAS2535     John Bland VAS2536     Theodrick [Theodoric] Bland VAS1859     Samuel Bland SC642     Nicholas Blankenbaker S30872     Abel Blankenship R931     Abraham Blankenship W10425     Benjamin Blankenship S30870     Daniel Blankenship (Blankinship) S10390     Henry Blankenship S6668     John Blankenship S6667     Josiah Blankenship S8072     Reuben Blankenship S32120     William Blankenship R932     Wommack Blankenship (Blankinship) S34652     Daniel Blandinship VAS2537     David Blanks VAS1216     James Blasingame SC643     John Blasingame SC644     Thomas Blasingame [Blesingham] SC645     Burwell (Burrell) Blanton BLWt59093-160-55     James Blanton S6653     Thomas Blanton S330     William Blanton R933     James Bleakely (Blakely R917     Robert Bleakley (Blakeley) W279     William Bleakley R937     Robert Bleakney SC647     Thomas Bleakney SC648     Charles Blechynden S6656     Bartlet [Bartelet, Bartlett] Bledsoe SC649     Benjamin Bledsoe R938     Berryman Bledsoe SC650     George Bledsoe (Bledso) S14962     Jacob Bledsoe S3012     James Bledsoe R3672     John Bledsoe R939     Lewis Bledsoe W17315     Miller Bledsoe S31556     Peachy Bledsoe VAS1766     Thomas Bledsoe W68     George Blessett [Blissett] SC651     Jacob Bletcher S39198     William Bleuford (Bluford) W25252     Daniel Blevens (Blevins) S31555     James Blevens (Blevins) S32121     Abraham Blevins R941     Henry Blevins (Blevens) W1703     James Blevins W5221     John Blevins R943     Nathan Blevins W25253     William Blevins R945     William Blewford VAS2538     James Blick S6664     John Blick S30868     John Blizard SC653     Burton Blizzard W20720     Henry Block VAS2540     Mathew Block VAS2539     Thomas Block VAS2541     Abisha Blodgett S15752     Valentine Bloss S9102     Benjamin Blount SC652     Charles Blount SC654     James Blount SC655     Reading (Redding) Blount BLWt289-400     Stephen Blount SC656     Arthur Bloxom VAS2542     Charles (Stewart) Bloxom VAS1218     Stephen Bloxom VAS2543     Scearbrough (Scarborough) Bloxsom W5842     David Blue R964     John Blue S6655     Peter Blue R965     Samuel Blundel VAS2546     Elijah Blundon S37778     Swan Blundon VAS2547     William Blundon VAS2548     Nathaniel Blunt S49296     William Blunt S42088     William Blunt W23633     Edward Blurton W5223     Jacob Bly W18618     John Bly S37780     William Blyes VAS2549     Joseph Blyth BLWt290-400     Robert Blyth (Blythe) SC657     Samuel Blyth (Blythe) SC658     John Boadley (Bowdley) R970     George Boaler (Bowler) SC659     George Boan (Bone) S18326     Lewis Boan (Bone) R971     Patrick Board W5854     William Boatman S8085     Daniel Boatwright SC660     John Boatwright S5290     James Boaz S6694     Meshack Boaz S39205     William Bobbit R979     Isham Bobbitt (Bobbett) W24709     William Bobbitt (Bobbit) W9740     Absalom Bobo R980     Joseph Bobo R981     Sampson Bobo (Bowbo) SC661     Solomon Bobo SC662     Michael Bock S6679     Peter Bodenhamer R982     John Bodine S42624     John Bodine S42628     Charles Bodkin (Botkin) VAS2509     John Bodly (Bodley) S32128     Isaac Bogan SC663     James Bogan SC664     Aaron Boggs SC665     Abel Boggs VAS2550     Francis Boggs R985     John Boggs W18627     Joseph Boggs SC666     Thomas Boggs SC667     Thomas Boggs W27895     Jeremiah Boggus R986     Andrew Bogle R1107     Archibald Bogle NC26     Joseph Bogle W69     Ambross Bohannon BLWt280-200     John Bohannon R989     Benjamin Bohon W8375     John Bohon S14975     Abraham Boice (Boyce) W3213     John Boisseau S3040     [Marcial, Marshall] Boitar [Boitard, Boitap] SC2664     John Boles SC668     John Bolden S37597     John Bolen S1790     Adam Bolener S12267     Samuel Boler (Boulware) VAS2551     Peter Boley VAS2552     Prestley Boley S39204     Casper (Caspar) Bolich (Bolch) W18566     Thomas Bolin S32126     Edmond Boling S39206     Jarret Boling (Bowling) S18324     Jesse Boling (Bowling) S14974     Jesse Boling VAS1880     Thornberry Boling (Bowling) VAS1878     William Boling VAS1879     Robert Bolling R19363     Robert Bolling S6689     Abraham Bolt S9282     Spencer Bolten [Bolton] SC672     Benjamin Bolton S37795     Bolling Bolton VAS3233     Daniel Bolton SC669     James Bolton R994     James Bolton SC670     John Bolton SC671     Richard Bolton VAS1221     John Bomar S2383     Lewis Bona SC673     Benjamin Bond R1000     Hance Bond NC41     John Bond SC674     John Bond W5225     Joseph Bond W23657     Moses Bond SC676     Richard Bond S5847     Robert Bond SC675     Stephen Bond SC2904     William Bond S3027     William Bond SC677     William Bond SC678     William Bond W5848     Wright Bond S3028     Wright Bond W3382     Dudley Bonds SC679     Noah Bonds SC682     William Bonds [Bond] SC683     Archibald Bone S41456     James Bone SC525     John Bone S14980     John Bone S14981     William Bone R1003     Daniel Boney S6672     Jacob Boney [Bony] SC687     William Boniface VAS2527     John Bonner S2382     John Bonner S6681     Richard Bonner VAS1414     Thomas Bonner SC684     William Bonner W8376     Jacob Bonnett S8080     Lewis Bonnett S5294     Peter Bonnett S5293     Thomas Bonnewell R10     Edward Bonney VAS2385     Thomas Bonney S6688     John Bonnia SC685     Samuel Bonnifield R1007     John Bonniott SC686     Alexander Bonny (Bonnell) VAS1222     James Bonwell S42626     John [sic, James] Bonwell VAS690     George Booker S16054     Lewis Booker BLWt8-200     Richard Booker VAS1223     Richard Booker VAS2198     Richeson Booker VAS2554     Samuel Booker BLWt315-300     Samuel Booker VAS2555     Samuel Booker W521     Jacob Bookter SC688     Elisha Boon (Boone) S35196     Jesse Boon S31562     John Boon W10446     Lewis Boon S6683     Raiford (Raeford) Boon W4900     Thomas Boon W23656     Willis Boon S41455     John Boone (Boon) R1017     Frederick Boone SC689     John Boone S8076     Samuel Boone S1168     Squire Boone W8372     William Boone SC690     Henry Booser SC698     Benjamin Booth SC691     Beverly Booth W25267     Edward Booth R1021     George Booth S1791     James Booth (Boothe) R1018     James Booth S30880     James Booth SC692     James Booth VAS1757     James Booth VAS2512     John Booth R1020     John Booth SC693     John Booth SC694     John Booth SC695     John Booth W25258     Joseph Booth SC696     Mathew Booth SC3364     Micha [Michael] Booth SC697     Michael Booth VAS2556     Thomas Booth S10383     William Booth R11     Thomas Bootle W16507     Travis Booton W9382     William Booton W8377     Samuel Bootwright S6684     John Booz S35198     Richard Booz R1026     Jesse Boozman S41447     Elias Bordeau SC699     Christopher Borders S9104     Peter Borders R1029     Peter Borders W2914     Thomas Boreland S40010     William Boren S16652     Charles Borer S8082     Isaac Boring R1031     Jesse Born (Boarn) VAS2507     James Borrough [Burrough, Burrow] SC1036     Mordica [Mordecai] Boseman SC701     Rudolph Boshart R1036     Nicolas Boshat (Bochet) SC703     George Bost (Bast) R1038     Adam Bosteyon (Boston) W18622     Andrew Bostian (Bostain, Boston) S6680     Absalom Bostick R1039     Ezra Bostick w23653     John Bostick R1040     John Bostick SC704     Andrew Boston S8078     Christopher Boston W12323     Elijah Boston VAS2557     Jacob Boston (Bostian) S6675     Reuben Boston S16330     Jesse Boswell W705     Machen Boswell R19364     Robert Boswell SC705     Robert Boswell VAS2558     William Boswell R1045     William Boswell W18639     William Boswood SC706     Barnhard Bothman W5861     Thomas Botkin W5860     Frederick Bott W5855     (unknown) Bott VAS1770     Miles Bottom s21651     Leonard Botts VAS2559     Moses Botts S16329     Seth Botts S35195     John Bouch (Bushey) VAS2560     Richard Boucher S36421     Joseph Bouchillon SC707     John Boudy (Bondy, Bodray) W5858     Joseph Boughman SC708     William Boughn VAS2561     Thomas Boughton VAS2562     William Boughton VAS2563     Burton Boughtwell SC712     Wood Bouldin W18637     William Boull SC709     Spencer Boulton (Bolton) R995     Joseph Bouney S35782     Peter Bourdeshaw SC710     John Bourland SC711     Ebenezer Bourn S32129     Francis Bourn VAS2564     James Bourn S30877     John Bourn S39200     John Bourn VAS2565     John Bourne VAS2566     John Bourne W5856     Charles S. Boush R12     Goodrich Boush R19365     Robert Boush R19366     Wilson Boush VAS2568     John Boutin R1012     Stephen Boutwell R1061     Elias Bowden W331     Jesse Bowden VAS134     John Bowden SC714     John Bowden VAS134     Thomas Bowden VAS134     William Bowden S2388     William Bowden VAS2569     Lewis Bowdire VAS2570     William Bowe VAS2571     Thomas Bowell SC715     Benjamin Bowen W20743     Bracy Bowen S6693     Charles Bowen S16055     Elijah Bowen W25259     Henry Bowen VAS2572     James Bowen VAS2573     John Bowen BLWt540-200     John Bowen S32124     John Bowen VAS2574     John Bowen W5851     John P. Bowen S6761     Joseph Bowen (Bowren) VAS2575     Micajah Bowen S29643     Rees Bowen VAS2576     Reuben Bowen W5852     Ruben Bowen VAS2577     Samuel Bowen W12321     Stephen Bowen W5853     Stephen Lewis Bowen S34661     Sterling Bowen SC716     Thomas Bowen SC717     William Bowen R1067     William Bowen S8081     Andrew Bower (Bowen) S16324     George Bower SC718     George Bower VAS2578     Jacob Bower SC719     Jacob Bower W3212     Patrick Bower SC720     Robert Bower VAS2579     Balaam Bowers S10096     Benjamin Bowers SC721     David Bowers SC722     George Bowers S40017     George Bowers S40018     Jacob Bowers VAS2580     John Bowers SC723     John Brittain Bowers S6674     Leonard Bowers W49     Morris Bowers VAS2581     Philip Bowers VAS2582     Thomas Bowers VAS2583     John Bowie SC12     William Bowler SC724     Benjamin Bowles S41448     George Bowles W5046     John Bowles VAS1224     Martin Bowles BLWt2249-100     Matthew Bowles W25270     Peter Bowles VAS2584     Thomas Bowles S8079     Thomas Bowles (Bowls) W5857     William Bowles (Booles, Bools, Bowls) R1076     Zachariah Bowles S39201     Zachariah Bowles (Boles) S39201z     Charles Bowling S16041     Edward Bowling S31561     James Bowling W5863     Joseph Bowling W25257     Thomas Bowling BLReg264321-1855     Thomas Bowling R1078     William Bowling S16040     Abraham Bowman W396     Daniel Bowman S3036     Isaac Bowman R19362     James Bowman VAS2585     John Bowman S18323     John Bowman SC725     John Bowman VAS2586     John Bowman W21     John Bowman W397     Mackness Bowman S6691     Marshall Bowman S16651     Samuel Bowman R1118     Samuel Bowman W27663     Shearwood Bowman S6678     William Bowman R1080     William Bowman S1640     William Bowman S16328     Thomas Bowne BLWt259-300     Giels Bowry VAS2587     James Bowser BLWt2001-100     Henry Bowyer W5859     Michael Bowyer BLWt288-300     Philip Bowyer S39202     Thomas Bowyer BLWt268-300     Thomas Bowyer R1083     William Bowyer VAS1811     Edward Box W25268     Samuel Box S3015     Joseph Boxwell S34659     Robert Boxwell S34658     Henry Boy VAS2588     Jacob Boy W8146     Thomas Boyce SC726     William Boyce BLWt82-200     William Boyce SC727     William Boyce VAS417     William Boyce W9361     Benjamin Boyd S6690     Daniel Boyd S41454     David Boyd R1085     David Boyd SC728     David Boyd SC729     Francis Boyd S42627     Hardy Boyd SC730     Henry Boyd S2089     Henry Boyd S30884     Hugh Boyd SC731     James Boyd S12269     James Boyd S32127     James Boyd SC732     James Boyd VAS2589     John Boyd R1088     John Boyd R1089     John Boyd S41446     John Boyd SC733     John Boyd SC734     John Boyd SC735     John Boyd SC736     John Boyd SC737     John Boyd SC738     John Boyd VAS2590     John Boyd W24708     Richard Boyd SC4274     Robert Boyd R1092     Robert Boyd SC739     Robert Boyd SC740     Patrick Boyd W5846     Samuel Boyd W9737     Thomas Boyd BLWt218-200     Thomas Boyd S17286     William Boyd R1094     William Boyd S8084     William Boyd S30881     William Boyd S35197     William Boyd S45878     William Boyd SC741     William Boyd SC742     William Boyd SC743     William Boyd SC744     William Boyd SC745     William Boyd W5845     Samuel Boydstun (Boydston) R1096     William Boydstun S3041     John Boyer S32125     Lewis Boyer (Boyers) S46370     Peter Boyer SC746     John Godlieb Boyer W8378     Jonathan Boyer R20194     Jacob Boyers W24703     Michael Boyers S3022     Charles Boyes SC747     George Boyes VAS2591     John Boyes SC748     Stephen Boyet (Bayt) SC749     Burwell Boykin SC750     Francis Boykin SC751     Francis Boykin SC752     Francis Boykin VAS2592     John Boykin S6551     Charles Boyle VAS1825     Robert Boyle S15755     Walter Boyle VAS2593     Charles Boyles R1110     Charles Boyles (Boyll) S35784     John Boyles SC755     David Boylls (Boyles) W12322     Michael Boyls (Boyle) R1108     Aaron Boynton SC756     Alexander Boyse (Boyes) SC757     Arthur Boyse (Boyes) SC758     David Boyse (Boyes) SC759     Jacob B. Boyt S6686     William Boyt (Boyette) R1115     William Boyt W5844     William Boyte R1109     John Bozeman [Boseman] SC700     Peter Bozeman R20332     Ralph Bozeman R1116     Philemon Bozman SC702     Reuben Bozzell (Boswell) S8077     George Bozzle VAS2594     William Brabston W960     Alexander Brackenridge BLWt287-300     William Bracker (Bratcher) SC760     Hawkins Bracket R1121     William Brackin (Bracken) R1119     Jacob Bradaway SC761     John Bradaway SC762     John Bradberry R1122     James Braden (Brady) R1124     John Braden S1643     __ (unknown) Bradford VAS1232     Abel Bradford VAS2596     Charles Bradford BLWt2055-200     Charles Darnell Bradford SC763     Enoch Bradford R1126     Henry Bradford R1125     Henry Bradford VAS459     Henry Bradford VAS2597     James Bradford S6716     John Bradford SC764     John Bradford SC766     John Angel Bradford R1127     John LemonBradford SC765     Jonathan Bradford SC767     Samuel K. Bradford W4608     William Bradford S39240     William Bradford SC768     Arthur Bradley SC769     Austin (Augustine) Bradley W5867     Burrel (Burwell) Bradley S6747     Daniel Bradley S6766     David Bradley R1132     Francis Bradley S6740     Gee Bradley BLWt293-300     George Walton Bradley W48     James Bradley S6736     James Bradley S44665     James Bradley SC770     James Bradley VAS1889     James Bradley W70     John Bradley S1792     John Bradley S3081     John Bradley S31575     John Bradley VAS2603     Joseph Bradley SC771     Leonard Bradley R12679     Richard Bradley W896     Roger Bradley SC772     Samuel Bradley SC773     William Bradley R1135     William Bradley S6734     William Bradley W8399     William Bradley X88     Benjamin Bradshaw W894     William Bradshaw SC774     Claibourn (Claburn) Bradshaw W8394     John Bradshaw S6738     John Bradshaw S15760     Jonas Bradshaw W3932     Larner Bradshaw S35200     Robert Bradshaw S6708     William Bradshaw R1142     Leonard Bradway VAS775     Nanthaniel (Nathan) Bradwell BLWt1211-200     Benjamin Brady S8107     Christopher Brady VAS2602     James Brady S8090     John Brady R8353     John Brady W8392     Joseph Brady S32143     Joseph Brady (Braday) VAS2595     Michael Brady VAS2604     Thomas Brady S4271     Thomas Brady VAS3929     William Brady S8103     William Brady S34671     William Brady VAS2605     John Brafford VAS2606     John Braford SC776     Benjamin Bragg VAS2608     David Bragg R1144     Joel Bragg VAS2609     Joseph Bragg NC47     William Bragg S1500     William Bragg W2517     William Bragg W3764     John Braidfoote VAS2610     William Braithwaite (Braithwait) W5934     Abraham Brake R1147     John Brake S15762     John Braly R1149     Hacket Bramble R1151     Reuben Bramblet R1152     Reuben Bramblet S30896     James Bramblett S14996     Burrell Branch S6698     John Branch W5925     Olive Branch S8101     Thomas Branch R1154     William Brand S31577     Anthony Brandenburgh S8095     Lewis Brandom VAS2611     Thomas Brandom W4643     Benjamin Brandon (Brendon) W4901     Charles Brandon S3086     Charles Brandon SC777     Christopher Brandon S9288     Edward Brandon SC778     Francis Brandon R1156     John Brandon SC779     John Brandon SC780     John Brandon SC781     Josiah Brandon W335     Matthew Brandon SC782     Peter Brandon S35201     Richard Brandon W21714     Thomas Brandon SC528     William Brandon S3082     William Brandon W71     Ebin Branham VAS2612     John Branham VAS2613     John Branham VAS2614     William Branham VAS2615     William B. Branham W5939     Robert Brank S30893     Andrew Brann BLWt207-100     Jeremiah Brann W5933     Joseph Brann BLWt208-100     William Brann, Sr. S17864     James Brannam SC792     John Brannam VAS2616     John Brannan SC793     Thomas Brannan (Brannon, Brandon) S39211     Thomas Brannan VAS2617     William Brannan SC794     John Brannon BLWt11924-100     John Brannon S46480     Daniel Branon SC791     William Bransford BLWt11907-100     John Bransom (Branson) VAS2619     Benjamin Branson VAS2618     John Branson S34662     Amos Brantley S38569     Britain Brantley VAS2620     Timothy Brantum VAS2621     John Brasfield W5941     Richard Brashears R12756     Samuel Brashears (Brasher, Brashear) W9370     John Brasher R1162     Richard Brasher R1163     Henry Brasswell [Braswell] S17851     Isaac Braswell R1165     Jacob Braswell W3933     Richard Braswell W4888     Sampson Braswell W3930     Charles Bratcher S1501     Samuel Bratcher (Bradshaw) S39227     William Bratcher S39223     Hugh Bratton SC539     Robert Bratton SC540     Thomas Bratton SC541     William Bratton SC542     William Bratton SC543     William Braughton VAS2622     Malfus [Mathias] Braun [Brown] SC900     Joshua Braveboy SC795     Alexander Brawdy VAS1321     William Brawley (Braley, Brawly) s4961     James Braxton R1169     David Bray S8106     Elisha C. Bray VA17     James Bray VAS2623     John Bray W4145     Robert Brayson VAS2624     Wood Braziel SC796     Byrd Brazil S31571     William Breadlove VAS2625     Luke Bready VAS2626     William Bready SC797     Williss Breazeale (Braziel) SC798     William Brechen (Brecheen, Brecken) R1170     George Breck (Bright) VAS2627     Robert Breckenridge VAS2628     Robert Breckinridge (Brackenridge) S46371     Andrew Breden (Braden) W779     Charles Breden (Bredeen) W334     James Bredon (Braidan, Braidon) SC801     Joseph Breed SC799     Nathan Breed (Beard) SC800     Enoch Breeden S1747     John Breeding S17862     Spencer Breeding Va4     John Breedlove S2102     William Breedlove S2392     Amos Breeland SC802     Abraham Breler (Brealow) SC803     Absalom Breler (Brealow) SC804     Amos Breler (Breter) SC805     Francis Bremar W1708     George Brent VAS2629     John Brent R1176     John Brent VAS2630     William Brent R20335     William Brent VAS2639     David Brenter SC806     James Brenter SC807     Adam Brenton R1178     James Brenton W2518     John Brenton S16059     Robert Brenton S16062     William Brenton S16061     Richard Bressie VAS2631     Thomas Bressie R12763     William Bressie VAS2632     John Brest S10420     Edward Breston R1180     Thomas Brett (Britt) SC808     Alexander Brevard BLWt294-300     Benjamin Brevard S3068     Joseph Brevard BLWt299-200     Robert Brevard R1181     Ambrose Brewer R1182     Barrett Brewer S32131     Edward Brewer R1183     Erasmus Brewer SC809     Henry Brewer S39213     Henry Brewer S42093     Henry Brewer VAS2633     Isaac Brewer R1185     James Brewer SC810     James Brewer SC811     James Brewer, Jr. SC813     James Brewer, Sr. SC812     Jesse Brewer W5872     John Brewer VAS2634     John Brewer W3652     William Brewer S3085     William Brewer S30885     William Brewer S41458     William Brewer SC815     William Brewer SC816     William Brewer SC817     Joshua Brewington S8091     Hugh Brewster (Bruster) S31578     Sheriff Brewster (Bruster) S31570     William Brewster S9287     George Brewton SC814     Hardy Brian [Bryant] SC818     Henry Brian (Bryant) VAS2635     William Brian VAS2636     John Brians SC819     Henry Briance [Brian, Bryan] S32133     Frances [Francis] Briant [Brian] SC821     John Briant (Bryant) VAS2738     Thomas Briant VAS2637     William Briant SC820     William Briant VAS2638     Zachariah Briant S16326     Daniel Brice SC822     James Brice SC823     Samuel Brice SC824     Peter Brickey R1192     William Brickey S6751     John Brickford (Bickford, Beckford) SC557     Thomas Bride SC825     William Bridge SC826     Thomas Bridgeman R12791     Thomas Bridgeman VAS22     Allen Bridges W8159     Benjamin Bridges R1193     Benjamin Bridges S35199     Edward Bridges SC827     George Bridges S32139     James Bridges SC828     John Bridges S47819     John Bridges SC829     John Bridges SC830     John Bridges VAS2640     John Bridges W4904     Joseph Bridges W4646     Ransone Bridges (Morgan) S39245     James Bridget S39208     Samuel Bridgewater W9371     Boswell Bridgman VAS2641     Ezikah Bridgman VAS2642     Franklin Bridgman VAS2643     Levi Bridgwater (Bridgewater) W9752     Samuel Bridgwater R1195     William Bridgwater S6737     Simon Bridwell S10417     John Brien (Bryan) W9747     Benjamin Briggs S30889     David Briggs W2994     Frederick Briggs SC831     James Briggs S15344     John Briggs SC832     Nathan Briggs R1204     Richard Briggs W10458     William Briggs SC833     Francis Bright R16     Hopkins Bright SC834     Simon Bright S6725     Simon Bright S9293     Tobias Bright SC835     Willis Bright (Brite) S41459     Windel (Wyndle) Bright W27861     Anderson Brightwell W18643     Charles Brightwell S6767     Jesse Brightwell VAS2644     John Brightwell VAS2645     Leonard Brightwell VAS2646     Joseph Brigman VAS2647     John Briley (Brily) S42631     William Briley SC836     Michael Brill R1212     Josiah Brim VAS2648     William Brimer W336     John Brimmage S38568     Isaac Brimmer S6762     Henry Brink W1375     Henry Brinker S5305     Aaron Brinkley R1214     William Brinkley R1215     Hilary Brinson W5231     Henry Briscoe S30888     Philip Briscoe S6723     Reuben Briscoe BLWt81-300     Alexis Brisson VAS817     Aaron Brister W17341     Sandras Bristor VAS2649     Alexander Bristow VAS2650     William Bristow VAS1992     John Britain (Britton) R13     Joseph Britain (Britton) VAS2651     John Britnom VAS2653     Michael Briton W4905     Charles Britt S17850     Obed Britt S1499     Richard Britt (Brett) S39226     John Brittain R1220     John Britt VAS2654     John Brittain VAS2655     Philip Brittain S39243     Samuel Brittain VAS2656     William Brittain S8100     John Britten S44662     Solomon Brittingham (Brittinghan) W9754     Thomas Brittle VAS2657     Bennit Britton VAS2658     Henry Britton SC837     John Britton S46496     Joseph Britton S8087     Bartlett Brizendine R1225     Leroy Brizendine S1941     Reubin Brizendine S6754     William Brizendine S6752     Benoni Broach W18646     Charles Broach W5921     John Broadaway S39218     John Broaddus R1227     Pryor Broaddus S8109     Reuben Broaddus R1228     Robert Broaddus VAS1235     Charles Broadfield VAS2660     Edward Broadus VAS2664     James Broadus VAS2659     Richard Broadus VAS2665     William Broadus W8396     Charles Lewis Broadwater S8096     Covington Broadwater (Brodwater) VAS668     James Broadwater VAS2666     Samuel Broadway S8086     William Broadway (Broadaway) W8398     Bezzant Brock S6722     Elias Brock VAS2667     George Brock R1231     Henry Brock S36431     Henry Brock VAS2668     Isaac Brock R1230     James Brock SC838     Jesse Brock S30887     Patrick Brock SC839     Reuben Brock S9285     Uriah Brock S34670     William Brockett (Brocket, Brackett) W24665     John Brockinton (Brockington) S9286     John Brockinton SC840     Joseph Brockman S40031     Thomas Brockman R1233     John Brockus S39224     John Brockus VAS2669     Daniel Brodhead VAS1812     Lodowick Brodie VAS2670     Jarvis Bromagen S30895     John Bromley Va19     Philip Bromley (Brownley, Brumley) VAS2671     William Bromly (Browley, Brumley) VAS2672     William Bronan VAS1816     William Broocks W5908     George Brook S39247     James Brook VAS2673     Dudley Brooke S3055     Edmund Brooke S46423     Francis Brooke S8093     George Brooke VAS2674     Humphrey Brooke S6763     John Brooke VAS2146     John T. Brooke VAS2675     Richard Brooke VAS1998     Thomas Brooke VAS2676     Walter Brooke R14     William Brooke VAS2677     Joseph Brooker SC841     Bartlett Brookes SC842     David Brookes VAS2678     Jonathan Brookes S6721     Samuel Brooking VAS2679     John Brookover S5300     Charles Brooks R1256     Charles Brooks SC843     David Brooks S1641     Dudley Brooks SC844     Edward Brooks SC845     Elias Brooks S6768     Elisha Brooks SC846     Elisha Brooks W9741     George Brooks S31574     George Brooks W18665     Henry Brooks S16655     Isham Brooks SC847     James Brooks R1258     James Brooks S10418     James Brooks S36430     James Brooks SC848     James Brooks VAS2680     Jesse Brooks SC849     John Brooks S2398     John Brooks S3056     John Brooks S6732     John Brooks S30897     John Brooks SC850     John Brooks VAS2681     John Brooks VAS2682     John Brooks VAS2755     Littleton Brooks S1503     Micajah Brooks W27694     Middleton Brooks S31572     Nathaniel Brooks VAS2683     Nelson Brooks W5912     Peter Brooks SC851     Robert Brooks S10422     Robert Brooks W5913     Smith Brooks SC852     Thomas Brooks R1243     Thomas Brooks R1257     Thomas Brooks S1795     Thomas Brooks S5296     Thomas Brooks VAS1226     William Brooks R1259     William Brooks R1262     William Brooks R1264     William Brooks S6705     William Brooks S6717     William Brooks SC853     Zachariah Smith Brooks S9294     John Brookshier S6726     Manning (Manering) Brookshire S6707     William Brookshire S6706     James Broom SC854     John Broom S21664     John Broom SC855     Mason Broom S41457     Thomas Broom SC856     Thomas Broom SC857     Thomas Broom VAS2684     John Broome S42095     Michael Brooner SC858     Pierre Brossard VAS2685     Thomas Brothertin (Brotherton) S6696     William Brotherton (Brothertin) S1793     Thomas Brough SC859     William Brough R1267     Alexander Broughton SC860     Job Broughton W8395     John Broughton SC861     Joseph Broughton W5929     Thomas Broughton (Braughton) W897     William Broughton VAS24     Isham Browder W1133     John Brower VAS2686     Aaron Brown R1332     Alexander Brown SC862     Alexander Brown SC863     Alexander Brown SC864     Alexander Brown SC865     Alpheus Brown SC866     Alphis Brown SC867     Amos Brown W5869     Andrew Brown SC868     Andrew Brown SC869     Arabia Brown W8384     Archibald Brown S39249     Archibald Brown SC784     Aris Brown W8386     Arthur Brown R1322     Arthur Brown S39222     Archibald Brown W21704     Bartlett Brown, Sr. SC870     Bartlett Brown, Jr. SC871     Basil Brown S9713     Benjamin Brown R1281     Benjamin Brown S3061     Benjamin Brown S16327     Benjamin Brown S31564     Benjamin Brown SC872     Benjamin Brown SC873     Benjamin Brown SC874     Benjamin Brown SC875     Bernis Brown R1301     Berryman Brown VAS2687     Brightberry Brown R1282     Burrell Brown SC876     Charles Brown S35794     Charles Brown S35797     Charles Brown W21708     Claiborn Brown R1284     Daniel Brown S32132     Daniel Brown W5907     David Brown R15     David Brown SC877     David Brown VAS2688     David E. Brown S39239     Dennis Brown SC878     Duncan Brown VAS2689     Edmund Brown VAS2690     Edward Brown R1292     Edward Brown SC879     Elijah Brown S2403     Elijah Brown SC880     Francis Brown VAS2691     Frederick Brown S31576     Gabriel Brown SC881     George Brown S32134     George Brown SC882     George Brown VAS2692     George Brown VAS2693     George Brown W25274     Hamilton Brown W1707     Henry Brown S8098     Henry Brown S35787     Henry Brown SC883     Henry Brown VAS2694     Henry Brown W8380     Henry Brown W9365     Howel Brown SC884     Hubbard Brown S21666     Hugh Brown SC885     Isaac Brown S39214     Isaac Brown SC886     Isaac Brown SC887     Isaac Brown W4415     Isaiah Brown W72     Isham Brown S39210     Jacob Brown W333     Jacob Brown W2062     Jacob Roberts Brown BLWt2389-200     James Brown R1309     James Brown S3066     James Brown S6702     James Brown S6718     James Brown S15347     James Brown S36929     James Brown S39217     James Brown S40753     James Brown SC532     James Brown SC533     James Brown SC534     James Brown SC535     James Brown SC536     James Brown SC537     James Brown SC538     James Brown VAS2695     James Brown VAS2696     James Brown VAS2697     James Brown W403     James Brown W3760     James Brown W25294     Jeremiah Brown S6764     Jeremiah Brown W27542     Jesse Brown S6719     Jesse Brown S8099     Jesse Brown SC888     Jesse Brown SC889     John Brown BLWt1367-100     John Brown R1277     John Brown R1315     John Brown R1333     John Brown S1748     John Brown S2393     John Brown S6720     John Brown S6735     John Brown S6753     John Brown S17848     John Brown S30282     John Brown S34667     John Brown S39219     John Brown S39229     John Brown S39242     John Brown S45835     John Brown SC891     John Brown SC892     John Brown SC893     John Brown SC894     John Brown SC895     John Brown SC896     John Brown SC897     John Brown SC898     John Brown VAS1787     John Brown VAS2388     John Brown VAS2698     John Brown VAS2699     John Brown VAS2700     John Brown VAS2701     John Brown VAS2702     John Brown VAS2703     John Brown VAS2704     John Brown VAS2705     John Brown W2579     John Brown W5906     John Brown W9746     John Brown W18651     John Brown W24663     John G. Brown W25276     Jonathan Brown VAS2706     Joseph Brown R1319     Joseph Brown S12305     Joseph Brown S17291     Joseph Brown S39225     Joseph Brown SC899     Joseph Brown SC900     Joseph Brown VAS2707     Joseph Brown VAS2708     Joseph Brown W3931     Joseph Brown W5744     Josiah Brown S2101     Lewis Brown W399     Loami Brown SC901     Low Brown S5299     Matthew Brown S32135     Matthew Brown SC902     Mathias [Malfus] Brown [Braun] SC903     Morgan Brown S3063     Moses Brown S1942     Neal Brown W4645     Patrick Brown S16325     Paten Brown W707     Pollard Brown S21656     Richard Brown R1320     Richard Brown W1545     Richard Brown W5873     Robert Brown R1337     Robert Brown R12652     Robert Brown S3057     Robert Brown S6714     Robert Brown S31569     Robert Brown SC904     Robert Brown SC905     Robert Brown SC906     Robert Brown SC907     Robert Brown VAS2709     Robert Brown VAS2710     Robert Brown VAS2711     Robert Brown VAS2712     Robert Brown VAS2713     Robert Brown VAS2714     Robert Brown VAS2715     Robert Brown VAS2716     Robert Brown W219     Robison [Robinson] Brown SC908     Roger Brown SC909     Roger Brown SC910     Roger Brown SC911     Samuel Brown S32138     Samuel Brown SC912     Samuel Brown VAS2717     Sims Brown SC913     Stark Brown S31566     Stephen Brown S1749     Stephen Brown VAS2718     Tarlton Brown S21665     Thomas Brown R1329     Thomas Brown S3059     Thomas Brown S3060     Thomas Brown S6750     Thomas Brown S6769     Thomas Brown S30890     Thomas Brown S35790     Thomas Brown SC914     Thomas Brown SC915     Thomas Brown VAS28     Thomas Brown VAS2719     Thomas Brown VAS2720     Thomas Brown W8381     Thomas Brown W9745     Thomas C. Brown W9364     Uriah Brown S32140     Waller Brown S31573     William Brown BLWt230-400     William Brown BLWt1881-100     William Brown R1348     William Brown R1349     William Brown S2400     William Brown S6697     William Brown S8092     William Brown S14995     William Brown S14998     William Brown S16664     William Brown S23551     William Brown S31563     William Brown S35788     William Brown S39228     William Brown S39237     William Brown SC916     William Brown SC917     William Brown SC918     William Brown SC919     William Brown, Sr. SC920     William Brown, Jr. SC921     William Brown SC922     William Brown, Jr. SC923     William Brown SC924     William Brown SC925     William Brown SC926     William Brown SC927     William Brown SC928     William Brown SC929     William Brown SC930     William Brown SC1723     William Brown VAS2721     William Brown VAS2722     William Brown VAS2723     William Brown W5878     William Brown W5879     William Brown W17354     William Ambrose Brown R1330     William R. Brown S15764     Willis Brown S6728     Windsor Brown BLWt1816-300     Robert Brownfield BLWt306-300     William Brownfield [Brumfield] SC931     Gasper Brownguard SC932     Enos Browning W9753     Francis Browning S6731     Isaac Browning R12796     Levi Browning S2406     Robert Browning R1355     William Browning R1357     William Browning VAS2724     Alexander Brownlee BLWt2353-150     George Brownlee SC933     John Brownlee S35799     Thomas Brownlee VAS2725     William Brownlee VAS2726     William Brownlee VAS2727     John Brownley VAS2728     John Brownlow R1358     Nathan Brownson BLWt2154-400     Jesse Browder R8100     James Broyhill (Brayhill, Bray) S32136     Daniel Broyles S1502     Michael Broyles S3052     Benjamin Bruce R1362     Charles Bruce SC934     David Bruce SC2525     George Bruce S35791     George Bruce S39212     George Bruce VAS2729     James Bruce [Bruice] SC935     John Bruce VAS2730     William Bruce S3053     William Bruce S30287     William Bruce S34668     William Bruce SC936     William Bruce VAS2731     Lewis Bruch R1440     James Bruff BLWt235-300     Peter Bryan Bruin S42092     Patrick Brumagen VAS1225     Peter Brumback W8400     Daniel Brumbly VAS2732     Humphrey Brumfield S8105     John Brumfield S30894     Robert Brumfield R1365     William Brumfield VAS2733     Robert Brumly VAS2734     Benjamin Brummal S14984     Thomas Brummet (Brummett, Brummit) R1368     George Bruner S8097     Reinhart Brunnir [Brunner] SC937     Daniel Brunson SC938     James Brunson SC939     Josiah Brunson SC940     Moses Brunson SC941     William Brunson R1373     William Brunson SC942     William Brunson SC943     William R. Brunson S21655     Edward Brus (Banks) S39172     Charles Brusely VAS2735     James Bruster S38571     John Bruster SC944     Benjamin Bruton S16665     George Bruton S30891     Asa Bryan W23666     Barrick Bryan W2993     Charles Bryan W2750     Daniel Bryan S1172     George Bryan S32142     Hardy Bryan S6756     Hezekiah Bryan W895     John Bryan W3759     John Bryan W5914     John Bryan W8388     Joseph Bryan SC945     Lewis Bryan SC946     Luke Bryan R1380     Mathew Bryan SC947     Reuben Bryan S41462     Robert Bryan (Bryant) SC948     Samuel Bryan W9366     Simon Bryan SC949     Simon Bryan SC950     Thomas Bryan W5918     William Bryan S6699     William Bryan S6760     William Bryan S8089     William Bryan SC951     William Bryan SC952     William Bryan SC953     Zephaniah (Seth) Bryan W2061     James Bryans S39244     Anderson Bryant VAS2736     Anglis Bryant SC954     Benjamin Bryant W8389     Bertrand Bryant VAS2737     Charles Bryant S39216     Cyrus Bryant SC955     Gray Bryant SC956     James Bryant S3051     James Bryant S14993     James Bryant S31568     James Bryant VAS2748     Jesse Bryant S6695     Jesse Bryant S39241     John Bryant S12299     John Bryant S35796     John Bryant S38570     John Bryant VAS2740     John Bryant VAS2741     John Bryant W8390     John Bryant W8391     Jonathan Bryant S34075     Joseph Bryant VAS2749     Parmenas Bryant R1385     Peter Bryant S30290     Robert Bryant S6700     Robert Bryant SC957     Thomas Bryant S16657     Thomas Bryant S30288     Thomas Bryant W3503     William Bryant S16660     William Bryant S39215     William Bryant S39220     William Bryant SC958     William Bryant VAS2742     William Bryant VAS2750     William Bryant VAS2752     William Bryant W5915     William Bryant W5916     William Bryant W18663     William G. Bryant S3049     John Bryen VAS1513     Joseph Brymer (Brimmer) W5947     Andrew Bryson R1389     Daniel Bryson W5940     Samuel Bryson S1644     George Buchanan S32147     Henry Buchanan S37807     James Buchanan S37812     James Buchanan SC959     James Buchanan SC960     James Buchanan SC961     James Buchanan SC962     John Buchanan BLWt271-300     John Buchanan BLWt1959-200     John Buchanan SC963     John Buchanan SC964     John Buchanan SC965     Robert Buchanan R12819     Robert Buchanan SC966     Thomas Buchanan SC967     William Willis Buchanan R1401     William Buchanan S21675     William Buchanan SC968     Thomas Buchannan (Buchanan) S2105     William Buchannan VAS2743     John Buchanon (Buchannon) BLWt1495-100     John Buchanon S40762     Benjamin Buche SC969     Abraham Bucher (Boocher, Booker) W3651     Philip Peter Bucher S8128     Charles Buck R1392     Isaac Buck S9113     Thomas Buck S16672     William Buck W25411     John Buckaloe R1391     William Buckalow SC970     David Buckhalter SC4090     Peter Buckholts R1465     James Buckles (Buckels) VAS2036     William Buckles (Buckels) VAS2035     Abraham Buckley R1406     James Buckley VAS2744     James Buckley W339     Job Buckley R5042     Joshua Buckley S42104     Michael Buckley BLWt176-100     Bernard Buckner SC971     Samuel Buckner VAS2751     Thomas Buckner BLWt269-300     William Buckner R17     William Buckner S37804     William Buckner VAS2746     Daniel Buckstaner SC972     Babel Budd VAS2747     John Budd SC973     John Shivers Budd BLWt2271-200     Major Budd VAS2753     Samuel Budd BLWt296-300     Samuel Budd R20171     Thomas Budd VAS2754     Conrad (Conradt) Buding BLWt1268-100     John Buffin VAS2756     David Buffington W4906     Joseph Buffington SC974     Thomas Buffinton [Buffington] SC984     Abraham Buford S46372     John Buford S30301     John Buford SC985     John Buford VAS2745     John Buford W5967     Simeon Buford S1180     William Buford SC986     Edmund Bugg SC987     William Bugg W898     John Buie R1417     Abram Buis SC988     William Buis (Buise) SC990     John Buise SC989     William Buise (Buis) SC991     George Buley (Bewley) W27576     Samuel Bulfinch SC992     Aaron Bull VAS2757     Ambrose Bull R1418     Custis (Curtis) Bull S18338     Daniel Bull S18337     Henry Bull SC993     Thomas Bull S32153     Toby Bull VAS2758     James Bullard W18678     John Bullard S3103     Thomas Bullard S6770     Luke Bullen VAS2759     John Bulley VAS2761     John Bullian SC994     Charles Bullifant VAS1884     Francis Bullifant VAS2762     James Bullifant (Bullefant) S39236     Isaac Bullin W5962     George Bullitt VAS2009     Thomas Bullitt VAS2760     Charles Bullock S9108     Dan Bullock W8403     Daniel Bullock R1424     David Bullock R1422     David Bullock S8124     David Bullock W1816     Hawkins Bullock S31586     James Bullock S8121     John Bullock SC995     Joseph Bullock R1423     Rice Bullock R12822     Rice Bullock VAS2763     Edward Bully VAS2764     John Bully VAS2766     Thomas Bully VAS2767     Peter Bumback VAS2768     Daniel Bumgardner S32150     George Bumgardner S40022     David Bumgarner (Bumgardner) W5968     Samuel Bumpass R20337     William Bumpass W2718     William Bunberry VAS2769     Henry Bunch SC996     Jeremiah Bunch S17867     Richard Bunch S16334     Winslow Bunch VAS2770     Charles Bunderick SC997     Francis Bundron S21098     Christopher Bundy S17309     Francis Bundy S37799     Francis Bundy VAS1074     Daniel Bunn VAS2771     John Bunnell W6222     Charles Bunstrick [Bundrick] SC998     Alexander Buntain VAS34     William Buntin (Bunton) W34773     John Bunting SC999     Sacker Bunting VAS2772     Solomon Bunting S37800     Solomon Bunting VAS2773     William Bunting S37808     William B. Bunting VAS2774     Robert Buoy R1523     Thomas Burbage S17868     George Burbridge S30906     John Burbridge SC1000     Jonathan Burbridge SC1001     Lincefield Burbridge S30907     Thomas Burbridge SC1002     William Burbridge SC1003     Benjamin Burch W23743     George Burch R1442     John Burch W5238     Joseph Burch W12388     Samuel Burch VAS2775     Thomas Burch W6218     William Burch R788     William Burch W26976     William Burch W27940     Zachariah Burch W9759     Daniel Burchel S39261     James Burchett VAS2776     Robert Burchett S10394     William Burchett S1179     Adam Burchfield SC1004     James Burchfield SC1005     John Burchfield W8175     Meshack Burchfield S16668     Robert Burchfield R1444     John Burchitt (Burchett) S30300     James Burchnell R1445     David Burckhalter [Burkhalter] SC1007     William Burckhalter [Burkhalter] SC1008     Benjamin Burd (Bird) R21880     John Burdell SC1009     Robert Burdell SC1010     William Burdet [Burdett] SC1011     Jarvis Burdett S16680     John Burdin (Verdin) S12369     Frederick Burdit SC1012     John Burdoin VAS2777     Thomas Burfoot VAS2778     William Burfoot VAS2779     John Burford S15259     Philip T. Burford S1646     John Burelle R1494     Thomas Burgain VAS37     William Burge VAS2780     Wooden Burge VAS4077     Michael Burger SC33     Nicholas Burger S30905     Richard Burges [Burgess] SC1016     William Burges [Burgess] SC1017     Dawson Burgess VAS2784     Edward Burgess S35806     Henry Burgess VAS2781     Joel Burgess SC1013     John Burgess S8113     John Burgess S9295     Joseph Burgess SC1014     Joseph Burgess SC1015     Josias Burgess S31589     Thomas Burgess VAS2782     William Burgess S37797     William Burgess VAS2783     Daniel Burgsteiner [Burgstiner] SC1018     Charles Burk W18474     Elihu Burk (Burke) W8233     George Burk (Burke) S32152     James Burk S6649     John Burk S16332     John Burk (Burke) VAS38     John Burk VAS2785     John Burk VAS2786     John Burk VAS2787     Joseph Burk S3095     Martin Burk S30298     Matthew Burk VAS39     Matthew Burk VAS2788     Michael Burk S1174     Michael Burk X111     Robert Burk S3094     Samuel Burk (Burks) VAS2789     Samuel Burk W2912     William Burk VAS2790     William Burk VAS2791     William Burk VAS2792     William Burk W5951     Adanus Burke SC1019     Isham (Isam) Burke (Burks) S3093     John Burke R1458     John Burke VAS2793     Michael Burke SC1021     Richard Burke R1461     Robert Burke SC1022     Robert Burke W9373     William Burke S37801     William Burke (Burk) S37802     Samuel Burkes (Burks) S16670     Isham Burks W9758     Eprhraim Burkett SC1023     Frederick Burkett S3102     John Burkett [Burkitt] SC1024     John Burkett [Burkitt] SC1025     Samuel Burkett VAS2794     Thomas Burkett SC1027     Uriah Burkett R20316     Henry Burkhart S8129     Lamuel [Lemuel] Burkitt [Burkett] SC1026     David Burks [Burke] SC1020     Nicholas Burks VAS2795     Jacob Burly VAS2796     David Burn S9299     Joseph Burn VAS40     Martin Burnaw SC1028     Abraham Burner W24693     Daniel Burner R1471     Jeremiah Burnes VAS2797     James Burnet R1472     William Burnett SC1029     John Burnett R1473     John Burnett R1475     Joseph Burnett W4644     Joshua Burnett S32154     Millington Burnett VAS2798     Richard Burnett R1474     Thomas Burnett BLWt211-100     William Burnett R540     William Burnett VAS2799     Williamson Burnett W3383     Samuel Burney W9374     Isaac Burnham S9122     Ivey Burnham R1478     John Burnham VAS2800     Thomas Burnham SC1030     William Burnitt S1645     Garland Burnley BLWt1885-300     Henry Burnley S31582     James Burnley (Brownlee, Burley) W12385     Reuben Burnly VAS2801     Andrew Burns S30296     George Burns R1483     James Burns S4979     James Burns SC1031     Jeremiah Burns W2063     John Burns R1501     John Burns R6770     John Burns S1944     John Burns S9118     John Burns SC1032     John Burns VAS2802     John Burns W9372     Laird Burns S3091     Peter Burns R20205     Phillip Burns S20909     Robert Burns SC1033     Samuel Burns W9757     Thomas Burns VAS2803     William Burns S16669     John Burnside S16333     Jonathan Burnside S42112     Robert Burnside S17304     William Burnside SC1034     Andrew Burnsides (Burnside) S9300     Charles Burradge VAS2804     Charles Burrage (Burge) W8342     Francis Burrell R1492     Frederick Burris VAS2805     John Burris R11656     John Burris VAS2806     Martin Burris S32151     Nathaniel Burris S15026     Samuel Burris SC1035     Solomon Burris (Burriss, Burrus) S3936     Elisha Burroughs (Burrows, Burris) R1503     George Burroughs R1499     Dobson Burrow S9117     Willey (Willie) Burrow S41466     George Burrows SC1037     Michael Burrows R1504     William Burrows SC1038     William Burrows [Burras] SC1039     Jacob Burrus W340     Charles Burruss VAS2807     George Burruss VAS2808     Michael Burruss S8111     Isaac Burson SC1040     Edward Burt R1508     Moody Burt R1511     William Burt SC1042     Absalom Burton R1515     Charles Burton SC1041     Henry Burton S39262     Hutchens Burton R1516     Hutchens Burton VAS2809     James Burton S48412     James Burton VAS2810     Jarrett Burton R1517     John Burton R1518     John Burton S32146     John Burton S46831     John Burton VAS2811     John Burton W4140     Joshua Burton S42111     Marshall Burton S37251     May Burton W4141     Richard Burton S8114     Richard Burton S40761     Richard Burton VAS2812     Robert Burton S6609     Robert Burton SC1045     Samuel Burton S39254     Thomas Burton W5236     William Burton SC1043     William Burton W9760     William H. Burton (Halliburton) S9121     Michael Burtz SC1044     Nathaniel Burwell W18681     John Bury SC1046     Thomas Bury SC1047     Isaac Busby R1524     James Busby W2995     Jeremiah Busby R1566     John Busby SC1     Miles Busby SC1048     Needham Busby S9114     Robert Busby S30904     William Busby R1526     Abraham Bush SC1049     Adam Bush W5960     Charles Bush W2911     Daniel Bush SC1050     Dennis Bush S39253     Drury Bush W8170     Enoch Bush S3089     Isaac Bush, Jr. SC1052     Jacob Bush W24685     James Bush S1176     Jasper Bush SC1051     John Bush BLWt247-200     John Bush SC1053     John Bush SC1054     John Bush SC1055     John Bush W4626     Prescott Bush SC1056     Thomas Bush (Boush) VAS2567     William Bush BLwt298-200     Moses Busher R1534     John Bushell VAS2813     John Bushill VAS2814     Jacob Bushong S9297     Thomas Bushop VAS2815     Issac Van Buskirk S17165     John Bushkirk S32148     Francis Busky dit Lafiade VAS2816     Charles Bussell VAS2817     Matthew Bussell W899     Vincent Bussell VAS2818     William Bussell VAS2819     William Bussell W337     Zadok Bussey SC1067     Benjamin Bussy SC1057     Thomas Bussy (Bussey) SC1058     Claudius Buster W25310     Michael Buster S1178     Vincent Bustle (Bussle) W5963     Gasper Butcher VAS2820     Paulser Butcher VAS1756     Samuel Butcher R1540     Charles Buteau VAS2821     Benjamin Butler S3096     Charles Butler S41464     Daniel Butler GA2     Edward Butler VAS2822     Jacob Butler W5954     James Butler S16674     James Butler SC1068     James Butler SC1069     James Butler VAS43     James Butler W338     Jethro Butler S30908     Jethro Butler S41465     John Butler S8115     John Butler S21674     John Butler S30295     John Butler S39263     John Butler S41463     John Butler SC1070     John Butler VAS2823     John Butler W5948     John Butler W5953     Joseph Butler VAS2824     Joseph Butler W3384     Lawrence Butler VAS2166     Patrick Butler S31587     Peter Butler S20890     Reuben Butler W4909     Richard Butler S39264     Samuel Butler VAS2825     Solomon Butler R1550     Thomas Butler S3098     Thomas Butler S15029     Thomas Butler SC1071     Thomas Butler VAS2826     William Butler R1556     William Butler S3097     William Butler S15024     William Butler S16671     William Butler S30306     William Butler S49198     William Butler VAS2828     William Butler VAS2829     William Butler W20803     Zachariah Butler Ctf.No.13697     Zachariah Butler W341     William Butram S3100     Archibald Butt S39252     Barruck Butt S39258     Edward Butt BLWt1072-100     Jacob Butt S39250     Simon Butt VAS2830     Zachariah Butt BLWt1073-100     Zachariah Butt VAS2831     Pierre Butteau VAS2832     William Buttery VAS2848     Harmon Button VAS2834     Seth Butts R1564     William Butts VAS1916     Benjamin Buxton SC1072     Jacob Buxton SC1073     James Buxton X117     Samuel Buxton SC1074     John Buzan S35800     Philip Buzan S30304     Sherod (Sherrod) Buzbe [Bussy, Buzby] R1416     Jacob Buzbee S32149     Jeremiah Buzby R1566     John Buzby R1525     James Byars (Byers) W8407     Nathan Byars (Byers) W6223     Edward Bybby VAS2835     Neilly Bybee W8184     Joseph Bybee VAS2002     Pleasant Bybee W18687     Adam Byerley [Byerly] SC1075     Jacob Byerly S22672     Michael Byerly S16065     James Byers (Byars) R1569     Samuel Byers SC1076     William Byers S3112     William Byers S8130     William Byers SC1077     Samuel Byland W6221     Charles Byles (Biles) S3113     Drury Bynum S37815     John Bynum S3111     Tapley Bynum S15031     John Byras (Byars, Byers?) VAS1933     Andrew Byrd S5311     Baylor Byrd R853     Francis Byrd R1573     Francis Otway Byrd W6219     Henry Byrd (Bird) S30307     Jesse Byrd R1574     John Byrd S35807     John Byrd VAS2837     Thomas Byrd W8183     William Byrd S12403     William Byrd S39266     Laurence Byrn (Byrne) R1576     John Byrne S35808     John Byrne S42108     James Byrnes S39267     John Byrnes W6224     Thomas Byrnes VAS2838     John Byron (Byrum, Byram, Byrom) S30910     Jacob Byrum S4983     James Byrum S8132     Lawrence Byrum S9125     Benjamin J. Byrun R10027    

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B. Cabassie VAS2839     Adam Cabbage S2111     Conrad Cabbage VAS2840     John Cabbage S3134     Nicholas Cabell R1577     Samuel Jordan Cabell VAS753     Thomas Cadle R1579     Henry Caesmould (Cassmould) SC1078     Charles Caffrey VAS2841     Jacob Cagle R1581     Elisha Cahill R1582     Thomas Cahoe (Kahoe) S34681     William Caile W5241     John Cailes S8165     Abednego Cain VAS2842     Abner Cain SC1079     George Cain Va26     James Cain R1586     James Cain SC1080     James Cain W5891     John Cain R1587     John Cain S9307     John Cain S17873     John Cain SC1081     John Cain SC1082     John Cain W3510     Matthias Cain VAS2843     Michael Cain W7665     Patrick Cain S1185     Richard Cain SC585     William Cain S39286     William Cain SC1083     Richard Cains S35822     Jeremiah Cake VAS2844     Lewis Cake (Clark) S39324     John Calahan SC1723     John Calbert VAS2845     John Calcot (Calcote) SC1084     Robert Calder SC1085     James Calderwood VAS2846     Alexander Caldwell R1589     David Caldwell S21104     David Caldwell SC1086     George Caldwell S3141     James Caldwell S8163     James Caldwell SC1087     James Caldwell SC1088     James Caldwell W4150     James Caldwell W9770     John Caldwell S9146     John Caldwell S16344     John Caldwell S20328     John Caldwell SC1089     John Caldwell SC1090     John Caldwell W8580     Joseph Caldwell (Coldwell) R1595     Joseph Caldwell, Jr. SC1092     Joseph Caldwell, Sr. SC1091     Robert Caldwell R1593     Samuel Caldwell S32168     Samuel Caldwell W528     William Caldwell S1648     William Caldwell S2116     William Caldwell S35823     William Caldwell SC1093     William Caldwell SC1094     William Caldwell SC1095     William Caldwell SC1096     William Caldwell SC1097     William Caldwell VAS2056     William Caldwell W345     William Caldwell W22727     George Calhoon S30914     John Calhoon (Calhoun) W8579     Joseph Calhoon R1599     Alexander Calhoun SC1098     Henry Calhoun SC1099     John Calhoun SC1101     John Calhoun SC1102     John Calhoun SC1103     John Calhoun SC1104     John Calhoun SC1105     John Calhoun W9777     Joseph Calhoun SC1106     Patrick Calhoun SC1107     Thomas Calhoun SC1108     William Calhoun S2113     William Calhoun SC1109     Hugh Call R1602     Richard Call VAS2165     William Call R1603     John Callaghan SC1110     David Callaham S16695     John Callaham (Calliham) SC1111     Daniel Callahan S40815     Joel Callahan S21110     John Callahan R1604     John Callahan S2417     Josias Callahan S31600     Volentine (Valentine) Callahan R20338     John Callakam (Callakom) SC1112     Eliezer Callander VAS230     Chesley Callaway S30917     Dudley Callaway S39282     James Callaway W9771     Lowder Callaway S35810     Micajah Callaway W6646     Peter Callaway W10564     Samuel Callender S40814     Thomas Callender BLWt482-300     William Callender VAS2847     Major Callihan VAS2849     Morris Callihan SC1113     George Callis W14444     William Callis S16683     William Callis (Challis) VAS2850     William Overton Callis W6645     Samuel Calloway (Callaway) S35813     George Calmes S8172     Marquis Calmes S12674     William Calmes S9303     Christopher Calvert VAS2852     James Calvert SC1114     John Calvert VAS2853     Jonathan Calvert R18     Spencer Calvert S30312     Joseph Calvit (Calvert) R12980     Louis Antoine Jean Baptiste, Comte de Cambray BLWt2270-450     Thomas Camel (Campbell) R1609     Allen Cameron R1610     Charles Cameron W6624     Hugh Cameron VAS2854     James Cameron SC1116     James Cameron W3767     John Cameron GA1     John Cameron W1711     Aaron Camfield VAS358     John Cammack (Cammoch) R1612     William Cammack S24944     John Cammel [Campbell] SC1139     John Cammeron SC1119     John Cammock SC1120     Casper Camp W3220     Edward Camp R1614     James Camp VAS2855     John Camp R1617     John Camp S40041     John Camp SC1121     John Camp VAS2856     John H.Camp R13000     Lawrence D. Camp VAS2857     Marshall Camp VAS2858     Thomas Camp VAS2859     Thomas Camp VAS2860     Thomas Camp W3938     William Camp R13001     Abraham Campbell S21108     Alexander Campbell W4648     Andrew Campbell SC1122     Angus Campbell SC1123     Anthony Campbell S9138     Archibald Campbell BLWt421-100     Archibald Campbell R1622     Archibald Campbell VAS2148     Archibald Campbell W4647     Archibald Campbell W10572     Charles Campbell S9136     Charles Campbell S12686     Daniel Campbell R1624     David Campbell R1637     David Campbell S1504     David Campbell VAS2424     David Campbell VAS2861     Dennis Campbell BLWt66-100     Duncan Campbell R1625     Duncan Campbell R1626     Duncan Campbell SC1124     George Campbell S8166     George Campbell S10436     George Campbell S31590     George Campbell VAS2862     George Campbell VAS2863     Gilbert Campbell SC1125     Henry Campbell SC1126     Henry Campbell SC1127     Henry Campbell W6615     Isaac Campbell SC1128     Isaac Campbell VAS1901     Isam Campbell SC1129     James Campbell BLWt405-200     James Campbell NC19     James Campbell R1644     James Campbell S1647     James Campbell S30310     James Campbell SC1130     James Campbell SC1131     James Campbell SC1132     James Campbell SC1133     James Campbell SC1134     James Campbell SC1135     James Campbell VAS60     James Campbell VAS2864     James Campbell VAS2868     James Campbell W344     James Campbell W6619     James Campbell W25384     Jeremiah Campbell S3131     John Campbell BLWt487-200     John Campbell R1634     John Campbell S3128     John Campbell S9160     John Campbell S35820     John Campbell S35824     John Campbell S42640     John Campbell SC1136     John Campbell SC1137     John Campbell SC1138     John Campbell VAS2866     John Campbell VAS2869     John Campbell VAS2870     John Campbell W1713     John Campbell W6616     John Campbell W10579     John Campbell W18860     John Campbell W18869     Joseph Campbell S2414     Joseph Campbell VAS2865     Lawrence Campbell S30912     Mason Campbell VAS2871     Owen Campbell W6620     Patrick Campbell SC1140     Philip Campbell SC1141     Richard Campbell BLWt347-450     Richard Campbell W343     Robert Campbell S3129     Robert Campbell SC1142     Robert Campbell SC1143     Robert Campbell SC1144     Robert Campbell SC1145     Robert Campbell W6621     Samuel Campbell VAS2872     Solomon Campbell S39287     Thomas Campbell R1647     Thomas Campbell S8169     Thomas Campbell S39294     Thomas Campbell SC1149     Thomas Campbell SC1150     Thomas Campbell SC1151     Thomas Campbell SC1152     Thomas Campbell VAS2873     Walter Campbell R1649     William Campbell R1632     William Campbell R1652     William Campbell S32162     William Campbell S34675     William Campbell S35826     William Campbell SC1146     William Campbell SC1147     William Campbell SC1148     William Campbell VAS1805     William Campbell VAS2368     William Campbell VAS2874     William Campbell W3770     William Campbell W4149     William Campbell W6617     William Campbell W9774     James Campen BLWt485-300     Joseph Campen S8171     John Camper S9142     Tilman Camper W8573     Andrew Camron (Cameron) SC1115     John Camron (Cameron) VAS63     Joseph Camron (Cameron) SC1117     Joseph Camron (Cameron) SC1118     William Camron S8188     Leroy Canaday S9156     Merriday (Merideth) Canaday R1655     Thomas Canaday (Kennedy, Kennaday, Kennady) W3561     David Canady VAS2875     John Canady BLWt2091-100     William Canafax S19233     William Canary VAS2876     John Candle VAS190     William Candler S9159     Michael Cane (Cain) SC1153     Richard Cane (Cain) SC1154     Hugh Cane S34676     William Cann R1660     John Cannaday R1654     William Cannady (Canady) S39272     Edward Cannafax VAS2877     John Cannday (Canady) S9161     Daniel Cannon SC1155     David Cannon SC1156     Ellis Cannon S39284     Furna (Furnefold) Cannon R1663     George Cannon SC1157     Henry Cannon S8187     Henry Cannon SC1158     Isaac Cannon SC1159     James Cannon S16684     James Cannon S32166     James Cannon SC1160     Jesse Cannon R19     John Cannon S30309     John Cannon SC1161     John Cannon SC1162     John Ashton Cannon VAS2878     Luke Cannon S46373     Nathaniel Cannon S31594     Pugh Cannon S3139     Robert Cannon SC1163     William Cannon R1664     William Cannon R1665     William Cannon S2114     William Cannon SC1164     William Cannon SC1165     William Cannon SC1166     William Cannon VAS2879     William Cannon (Kennon) W5897     John Canter S42642     Joseph Canterberry (Canterbury) VAS1997     John Canterbury R1667     Jid Canterbury (a/k/a James M. Franklin) S31040     James Cantey SC1167     James Cantey SC1168     Josiah Cantey SC1169     Philip Cantey SC1170     Samuel Cantey SC1171     Samuel Cantey SC1172     Zachariah Cantey SC1173     John Cantley SC1174     Roger Cantley SC1175     John Cantwell R1668     John Cape S30916     William Capes S42136     Jim Capers R1669     William Capers SC1176     Greene Capron W639     Dempsey Capps W22735     Obediah Capps VAS2880     William Capps S6772     William Capps S8133     Greenbery (Greenberry) Caps (Capps) S21105     John Caps SC1177     Henry Carbine VAS2882     Mielte Baptis Cardinal VAS2881     Thomas Caradine W20836     Youen (Edwin) Carden S8178     Sanford Carder W9377     William Carder S17872     Miles Cardiff VAS65     Larkin Cardin (Carden) SC1178     David N. Cardozo (Cardoza) R20830     James Cardwell W2998     John Cardwell VAS2883     Perrin Cardwell W346     Robert Cardwell S8179     William Cardwell W8590     Wiltshire Cardwell W6632     Robert Carence [Carnes] SC1184     John Carey S40793     Michael Carey S40039     Samuel Carey R13010     William Cargile (Carguile) R1686     Cornelius Cargill SC1179     Thomas Cargill (Cargile) W6896     John Cargle R1687     Adam Carick S18341     Mathew Carithers SC1180     Robert Carithers W23779     William Carithers (Caruthers) W6628     Basil Carlile VAS581     Francis Carlile (Carlisle) SC1181     Francis Carlile (Carlisle) W10576     James Carlile (Carlisle) W8583     James P. Carlile S30320     John Carlile (Carlisle) SC1182     Daniel Carlin VAS1764     Hosea Carlisle R1697     William Carlisle R1698     Ambrose Carlton S32160     Benoni Carlton S8154     Christopher Carlton W6638     David Carlton S8170     George Carlton (Charlton) VAS2884     Humphrey Carlton S9308     Lewis Carlton R1692     William Carlton VAS2885     Cornelius Carmack S2420     John Carmack R21699     John Carmack (Carmac) W3772     William Carmack S9139     John Carman R1703     Duncan Carmichael (Carmical) S41467     Jeremiah Carmine VAS2886     Daniel Carn S21682     Frederick Carn SC1183     Lewis Carn S21681     Andrew Carnahan W8577     John Carnahan VAS2887     William Carnal VAS2888     Patrick Carnall S8156     John Carne SC46     Anthony Carner W2753     Daniel Carnes VAS2889     Joshua Carnes R1709     Joshua Carnes VAS64     Patrick Carnes BLWt2266-300     Philip Carnes S3117     Anthony Carney VAS2890     James Carney VAS2891     John Carney R1710     Martin Carney VAS2892     Patrick Carney VAS2893     Richard Carney VAS2894     Thomas Carney R1711     Thomas Carney (Kerney) S35203     William Carney W18874     David Caroll (Carroll) S9144     James Carothers S10428     John Carothers S8182     Robert Carothers (Carrothers) S2416     Thomas Carothers S35809     Amos Carpenter W5239     Benjamin Carpenter S32156     Benjamin Carpenter W5242     Christopher Carpenter VAS1743     David Carpenter R1712     George Carpenter VAS2895     Isaac Carpenter S8168     James Carpenter R1717     Jesse Carpenter S9309     John Carpenter S8160     John Carpenter S35812     John Carpenter VAS2897     Samuel Carpenter W6631     William Carpenter R1714     John Carper s37825     Andrew Carr SC1186     Edmond Carr SC1187     George Carr S16693     Gideon Carr S3119     Hezekiah Carr W3509     James Carr S32157     James Carr S32159     John Carr S35204     John Carr S39274     John Carr SC1188     John F. Carr S3118     Joseph Carr SC1189     Joseph Carr VAS66     Joseph Carr VAS637     Joseph Carr VAS2898     Meekins Carr S8137     Moses Carr S8141     Richard Carr VAS68     Robert Carr (Kerr) S8778     Robert Carr S16071     Robert Carr SC1190     Samuel Carr VAS2899     Solomon Carr W5893     Stephen Carr W9379     Thomas Carr R12966     Thomas Carr VAS2900     William Carr R1719     William Carr S1896     William Carr S8138     William Carr S39288     William Carr VAS2901     William Carraway (Caraway) R1725     Daniel Carrel (Carril, Carroll) SC1191     Daniel Carrell R1726     Hardy Carrell S41469     Jacob Carrell SC1193     James Carrell W6899     John Carrell NC32     John Carrell VAS2902     Samuel Carrell SC1196     Thomas Carrell SC1197     William Carrell SC1198     Patrick Carrick S35825     James Carrigan R1728     William Carrigan S8177     Clement Carrington S46427     Edward Carrington W6635     George Carrington S8185     George Carrington VAS2147     Mayo Carrington VAS596     Timothy Carrington R1730     William Carrithers SC1942     Bartholomew Carrol S35827     Dempsey Carrol (Carroll) S32161     John Carrol SC1194     William Carrol (Carroll) W6640     Benjamin Carroll W10587     Berry Carroll S39270     Daniel Carroll S3132     Dennis Carroll R1724     Edmund Carroll (Carrell) SC1192     Edward Carroll VAS2903     John Carroll R1731     John Carroll R1733     John Carroll VAS2904     John Carroll VAS2905     Joseph Carroll SC1195     Joseph Carroll VAS2906     Joseph Carroll W9778     Malachi Carroll S8180     Thomas Carroll VAS2907     Thomas C.Carroll VAS2908     William Carroll NC5     John Carruth S3140     John Carruth SC1199     Samuel Carsen [Carson] SC1213     John Carsey R1736     Adam Carson SC1200     Alexander Carson R1737     Andrew Carson S8173     Andrew Carson SC1201     David Carson [Carsan] SC1202     David Carson [Carsan] SC1203     Henry Carson S1506     James Carson S1183     James Carson SC1204     James Carson SC1205     James Carson SC1206     John Carson BLWt366-200     John Carson S9132     John Carson S32167     John Carson S35819     John Carson SC1207     John Carson SC1209     John Carson SC1207     John Carson W18862     John Carson, Jr. SC1208     Joseph Carson SC1210     Robert Carson S3207     Samuel Carson SC1211     Samuel Carson SC1212     Samuel Carson SC1214     Thomas Carson S31596     Thomas Carson SC1215     Thomas Carson SC1216     Thomas Carson SC1217     Thomas Carson (a/k/a John Perksins) W2640     Walter Carson R1738     Walter Carson S32165     Walter Carson SC1218     Walter Carson SC1219     William Carson S9305     William Carson S17877     William Carson S30319     William Carson SC1220     George Carswell (Creswell) SC1221     Joseph Carswell SC1222     John Cart S8139     Abraham Carter R1739     Arnold Carter S2118     Barnabas Carter W713     Benjamin Carter R1740     Benjamin Carter S46541     Benjamin Carter SC1224     Charles Carter R1752     Charles Carter S1649     Charles Carter S3125     Charles Carter S10435     Charles Carter S31593     Charles Carter VAS69     Churchwell Carter SC1225     Dale Carter VAS2909     Daniel Carter S3126     David Carter S16335     Dudley Carter SC1226     Ephraim Carter S8152     George Carter SC1227     George Carter VAS2910     Giles Landon Carter R1756     Henry Carter R1744     Henry Carter S12684     Henry Carter VAS2911     Henry Carter W3940     Henry Carter W8586     Hugh Carter R1745     Hulsey Carter S8151     Isaac Carter S8147     Isaac Carter W4912     Isham Carter S39293     Jacob Carter R1746     James Carter R1743     James Carter R1747     James Carter S8145     James Carter S8146     James Carter S9162     James Carter S21109     James Carter SC1228     Jesse Carter VAS1834     John Carter BLReg272650-55     John Carter R1749     John Carter S9131     John Carter S16336     John Carter S39285     John Carter SC1229     John Carter SC1230     John Carter SC1231     John Carter SC4270     John Carter VAS77     John Carter VAS2912     John Carter VAS2913     John Carter VAS2914     John Carter W8587     John Carter W10590     John Carter W22721     John B. Carter W8588     John Champ Carter BLWt468-300     Joseph Carter S30321     Joseph Carter W6893     Josiah Carter W8187     Lamuel Carter VAS2915     Landon Carter S41471     Landon Carter W900     Martin Carter S30911     Matthew (Mathew) Carter SC1232     Moses Carter S41470     Nicholas Carter S46431     Obadiah Carter W8585     Philip Carter S1184     Philip Carter W5895     Povall Carter S8149     Randolph Carter (Crell) SC1223     Robert Carter S31598     Robert Carter SC1233     Robert Carter VAS2917     Robert Carter VAS2918     Robert William Carter SC1235     Samuel Carter S1505     Samuel Carter VAS2919     Silas Carter R1758     Thomas Carter R1751     Thomas Carter R12974     Thomas Carter S8150     Thomas Carter S40038     Thomas Carter SC1234     Thomas Carter VAS2916     Thomas Carter W342     William Carter S3127     William Carter S9133     William Carter SC1236     William Carter VAS1763     William Carter VAS2015     William Carter VAS2016     William Carter W3385     William Carter W3773     William Carter W25391     James Cartledge S8167     Joseph Cartledge SC1238     Samuel Cartledge R1790     Edmond Cartlidge SC1237     Henry Cartmill S29692     Joseph Cartright (Cartwright) S8161     Jesse Cartwright VAS2920     Justinian (Jesse) Cartwright S30316     Lemuel Cartwright R1760     Peter Cartwright R1759     Robert Cartwright R1761     David Carty Va20     Alexander Caruth (Carruth) W9767     Hugh Caruthers S16697     James Caruthers W1224     John Caruthers S32163     Samuel Caruthers W5244     Christian Carver W27516     Henry Carver VAS112     James Carver S1186     Laurence Carver VAS2923     Richard Carver S21679     William Carver S8158     Jacob Carwile (Carwyle, Corneyle) S12709     Zachariah Carwile (Carwill, Carver) S9310     Alexander Cary R1679     James Cary VAS2924     Thomas Cary SC1239     Thomas Cary SC1240     William Cary S10424     James Casady VAS2925     Jonathan Casber S9163     Isaiah Case S16692     John Case VAS2926     Joseph Case S41472     William Case BLWt1826-100     William Case VAS2927     William Case W1819     Aaron Casey SC1242     Abner Casey SC1243     Archibald Casey S39292     Benjamin Casey VAS2928     Christopher Casey S16685     Edward Casey S39291     Henry Casey VAS2929     Jacob Casey S42114     James Casey S9158     John Casey S3123     John Casey S30308     John Casey SC1244     John Casey SC1245     John Casey VAS123     John Casey W29604     Levi Casey R1777     Levi Casey SC1246     Nicholas Casey S9152     Peter Casey SC1251     Rawlin Casey SC1252     William Casey S32158     William Casey SC1253     William Casey (Kersey) W29906 1/2     Bartlett Cash W4649     James Cash W4151     John Cash W5894     John Cash X134     Peter Cash R1781     Peter Cash S8142     Warren Cash S10431     William Cash R1779     Burrel Cashon S8181     David Cashon R1782     Thomas Cashon W5890     Henry Cashwell S9153     William Cashwell W3771     John Caskey SC1254     Samuel Caskey SC1247     John Caskin SC1255     William Casity VAS2931     Adam Casner S9141     Cannon Cason S21103     Edward Cason W25383     James Cason S3124     John Cason S8174     John Cason S8184     Thomas Cason W8574     William Cason S9157     William Cason S16338     Willis (Willias) Cason SC1256     James Cassada (Cassaday, Casaday) S8176     Ephraim Cassel R1792     Ralph Cassel R1791     Benjamin Cassels SC1257     Henry Cassels SC1258     John Cassels SC1259     Thomas Cassels (Cassel) S41473     William Cassetee SC1260     Thomas Cassetty S3143     Michael Cassidy W6643     Jesse Cassity SC1261     Peter Cassity SC1262     Thomas Cassity R1793     Zachariah Cassity SC1263     William Casson (Cason) R1672     Zadock Casteel R1795     James Castello SC1265     James Castellow (Castillow) SC1264     Thomas Castiller SC1266     Miles Castilloe (Castiller, Costilloe) W10300     Bazle (Boswell) Castle S15369     Robert Castle W25377     Samuel Castle S8144     William Castle S44226     William Castleberry (Caselbery) SC1241     William M. Castleberry S16337     Paul Castlebury (Castleberry) W27664     John Caston SC1267     John Caswell S3133     Michael Caswell VAS2932     Hugh Catchum (Catcham) S16690     Robert Cate (Cote) W3769     William Cater SC1268     Aaron Cates SC1269     Matthew Cates R1806     Joseph Cathcart S3136     Alexander Cathey R1807     George Cathey S16699     David Catlett R1808     George Catlett W2524     Peter Catlett R1809     Thomas Catlett VAS2933     Cato (Slave of James Belin) SC461     Burrel Cato R1813     George Cato R1814     Henry Cato R1815     Henry Cato SC1271     James Cato SC1272     William Cato R1805     Peter Catron S15363     Philip Catt S16072     John Catterton SC1273     Absalom Caudil (Candle, Caudle) W10589     Joseph Caughron W1712     Thomas M. Caul S18342     John Caulder (Calder) W8578     Asa Cauley VAS2934     George Cauley SC1571     Sherrard (Sherrod) Cauley (Corley) SC1275     Jacob Caulk S37824     Nathaniel Caulter (Coulter) W3953     Lazare Caurain SC1274     Thomas Causeby VAS2935     James Causey VAS1078     William Causey SC1276     Benjamin Cave S3116     James Cave VAS2936     Reuben Cave S8140     William Cave S12678     Patrick Cavenaugh S40796     James Cavender VAS2937     John Cavender W9776     Joseph Cavander S35818     Richard Cavett R1820     John Cavin SC1277     John Cavin W4916     William Cavinder (Cavender) W6903     Berry Cawood S37817     Christopher Cawthon VAS2938     Richard Cawthon S8175     William Cawthon VAS2939     Ambrose Cayce R1821     Charles Cayce (Casey) S16067     Mathew Cayner VAS2940     William Cecil R1823     Joseph Cecile VAS2941     William Cellers VAS2942     Paul Louis Celoron X941     William Center (Sentill) R9382     Joseph Cerrel VAS2943     John Certain R1824     Julius Cezar R1822     Andrew Chadoin W2918     John Chadwick W9385     Eles Chaffen S32172     Christopher Chaffin W4919     Isham Chaffin VAS2944     John Chaffin VAS2945     Solomon Chalffin (Chalfant) S9166     James Chalmers SC1278     John Chalmers SC1279     John Chalmers SC1280     John Chamberlain SC1281     George Chamberlaine R23     Byrd Chamberlayne R22     Edward Pye Chamberlayne R21     Philip Chamberlayne VAS2946     John Chamberlin W6655     Jonas Chamberlin BLWt418-100     Adam Chambers SC1282     Alex Chambers VAS2947     Alexander Chambers S32173     David Chambers W6657     Edward Chambers S34684     Hancock Chambers VAS254     James Chambers R1836     James Chambers S34199     James Chambers S37838     James Chambers SC1283     James Chambers VAS2948     John Chambers S1651     John Chambers S34686     John Chambers S35834     John Chambers SC1284     Nathaniel Chambers S32171     Robert Chambers S8194     William Chambers S16078     Peter Chambliss SC1285     Richard Champ SC1286     William Champ S42120     Gibson Champaign SC1287     Richard Champaign SC1288     John Champe W4153     Jacob Champion SC1289     John Champion R1840     Jacob Chance VAS2949     James Chance S39316     Samuel Chance R1846     Shadrack Chance VAS2950     David Chancellor S35833     Thomas Chancellor S9176     Abednego Chandler SC1290     Carter B. Chandler S8198     Claiborn Chandler S16341     Daniel Chandler S32175     Daniel Chandler SC1291     Daniel Chandler W8597     David Chandler R1847     David Chandler R1851     David Chandler SC1292     Isaac Chandler SC1293     James Chandler S30927     James Chandler SC1294     Jeremiah Chandler SC1295     Jesse Chandler SC1296     Jesse Chandler VAS2952     Joel Chandler SC1297     John Chandler S10443     John Chandler S30925     John Chandler SC1298     John Chandler W27395     Joseph Chandler SC1299     Josiah Chandler W159     Littleton Chandler W4651     Meshach Chandler W10616     Mordecai Chandler R1848     Mordecai Chandler SC1300     Obediah Chandler SC1301     Robert Chandler W8598     Samuel Chandler W8599     Shadrack Chandler S31606     Shadrack Chandler SC1302     Solomon King Chandler SC1303     Thomas Chandler R24     Thomas Chandler S39314     Thomas Chandler SC1304     Thomas Chandler VAS1855     Thomas Chandler VAS2953     William Chandler R1852     William Chandler S35832     William Chandley (Chandly) W5027     Abraham Chaney W25412     John Chaney S32177     Archibald Channell SC1305     Julius Chansley (Chancler, Chancellor) W8968     James Chapell (Chapple) SC1306     Benjamin Chapin R25     Abraham Chapline R13134     Benjamin Chapman S1798     Edmund Chapman S16701     Erasmus Chapman R1867     Giles Chapman SC1307     Isaac Chapman R1869     Isaac Chapman W3483     Jacob Chapman S19237     James Chapman R1871     John Chapman R13115     John Chapman SC1308     John Chapman VAS1051     John Chapman VAS2954     John Chapman W905     John H. Chapman S3148     John (Joseph) Chapman W18895     Joseph Chapman S21691     Joseph Chapman SC1309     Nathan Chapman W6654     Nicholas Chapman S8193     Reuben Chapman VAS2955     Robert Chapman S39313     Thomas Chapman BLWt1358-100     Thomas Chapman SC1310     Thomas Chapman W8605     William Chapman S2121     William Chapman S41474     William Chapman SC1311     Abner Chappell S16707     Benjamin Chappell S38599     Hicks Chappell W22758     James Chappell VAS1977     John Chappell W6670     Laban Chappell SC1312     Robert Chappell (Chapell) SC1313     Samuel Chappell (Chapel) W6671     William Chappell S9315     William Chappell W25410     Charles Charity S39317     Laurence Charles SC1314     Michael Charles SC1315     Samuel Charles VAS2956     William Charles VAS1887     Thomas Charleton SC1316     Francois Charleville R13147     George Charley W9781     Francis Charlton W3657     Jacob Charlton S3149     John Charlton S2425     John Charnock S38598     Robert Chase W6910     Peter Chastain SC1317     James Chasteen W2917     John Chatham S41475     John Chaudoin (Chadoin) W22745     Lewis Chaudoin S20892     Anthony Chavers R1889 1/2     James Chavers VAS1738     Robert W. Chavers VAS1740     John Chaves VAS1080     John Chaves VAS1081     James Chavis VAS1739     John Chavis (Chaves) SC1319     John Chavis VAS1907     Lazarus Chavis S9316     Samuel Chavis VAS1741     Isaac Chavos VAS1742     Daniel Chavus (Chaves) SC1318     Ellice Cheat SC1320     Benjamin Cheatham S2429     Bernard Cheatham R1897     Josiah Cheatham W18889     Stephen Cheatham S39308     William Cheatham S31607     William Cheatham VAS1737     William Cheatham VAS1912     William Cheatwood (Chitwood) R1898     Ellis [Elias] Cheek S8204     James Cheek S8190     James Cheek S16708     William Cheek W1141     Thomas Cheeseman (Chisman) R27     George Chelton S1188     Stephen Chelton S1189     James Chenault S39296     John Chenault VAS2957     Manwell Cheney SC1321     John Chenoweth W18899     Richard Chenowith VAS1956     John Chenult (Chenault) S38602     Joshua Cherry S32174     Moses Cherry SC1322     William Cherry R13143     William Cherry SC1323     John Chescrounds VAS2958     James Cheshier R1910     John Cheshire (Chesire) R26     Richard Cheshire W25403     Alexander Chesney SC1324     Benjamin Chesney S39297     William Chesney SC1325     Alexander Chesnut (Chestnut) SC1326     Benjamin Chesnut VAS239     James Chesnut SC1327     Samuel Chesnut SC1328     James Chessher R1911     John Chesshire VAS2959     David Chester R20317     David Chester SC1329     John Chester S1897     William Chesterman W5189     Joseph Cheuvront R1907     Anthony Chevalier S42646     Alexander Chevas (Chavis) SC1331     Thomas Chevas SC1332     Jeremiah Cheveaus (Chavis, Chaweaus) SC1330     Benjamin Chew SC1333     Caleb Chew SC1334     Henry (Harry) Chew VAS1810     John Chew X145     Larkin Chew VAS1813     Richard Chew R1914     Robert B. Chew VAS2980     Christopher Chewning VAS2981     Robert Chewning R1915     Thomas Chewning VAS2982     John Drury Chews SC1335     James Chick S10440     Joel Chieves S9178     Amadeus Chiffelle SC1336     Elihu Chilcott W6665     Francis Child BLWt383-300     Abraham Childers R1922     Alexander Childers VAS1973     Allen Childers VAS2983     David Childers (Childres) S39298     Goolsberry (Goldsby) Childers S30924     Henry Childers S16340     Isom (Isham) Childers S30928     Jacob Childers R1923     James Childers VAS2984     Miller Childers S37846     Mosby Childers S42121     Pleasant Childers R1924     Benjamin Childres (Childress) R1926     Alexander Childress W10604     Henry Childress VAS2985     John Childress S2423     John Childress (Childers) S3146     John Childress S31609     John Childress VAS2986     Meredith Childress VAS2987     Meredith Childress VAS2988     Mitchel Childress (Childers) S2426     Mosby Childress VAS2989     Patterson Childress (Childers) R1928     Robert Childress R1929     Thomas Childress S3147     William Childress R1927     William Childress (Childers) W6666     William Childrey (Childress) W3775     Henry Chiles S9175     Hezekiah Chiles S2424     James Chiles S8200     James Chiles (Childs) Jr. SC1338     James Chiles (Childs) Sr. SC1337     Jonathan Chiles (Childs) SC1339     Thomas Chiles S12703     Thomas Chiles VAS1856     Andrew Chilton R1930     John Chilton BLWt519-300     John Chilton VAS248     Newman Chilton VAS2990     William Chilton VAS2991     William Chilton VAS2992     John China S46593     Perry Chinn W6650     John Chinworth VAS2993     James Chisam VAS2994     John Chisam R1932     James Chisham W8595     Walter Chisholme S9169     George Chism (Chisham) W8594     John Chittam (Chittim) S10116     Charles King Chitty SC1340     Daniel Chitwood SC1341     James Chitwood S1751     Bartholomew Chives SC1342     William Chivvis S44751     James Chizham VAS2995     Christopher Choat S3144     Greenberry Choat (Chote) S32176     Thomas Chockley S40819     Tully Choice W3774     William Choice W3656     John Chowning VAS268     William Chowning VAS2996     Joseph Chrisman R1936     John Chrisp S3222     Allen Christian S32170     Andrew Christian W8603     George Christian VAS2997     James Christian NC15     James Christian NC16     James Christian S12699     James Christian VAS2998     John Christian S12689     John Christian S15276     John Christian VAS2999     John Christian W6668     Joseph Christian VAS3000     Nicholas Christian VAS3001     Rawleigh C. Christian W18892     Robert Christian S9177     Thomas Christian W25409     Walter Christian W6669     William Christian S35830     William Christian W4917     James Christie VAS266     James Christie W9782     William Christie VAS3003     David Christler W8596     Frederick Christman R1942     Richard Christmas S8196     Richard Christmas S16342     James Christopher SC1343     Daniel Christy R1944     James Christy R1945     Nicholas Chroushour R2545     Thomas Chrystie (Christie) BLWt466-400     John Chumbley S32169     Daniel Chumley S3152     Chatwin Chuning VAS3004     George Chuning VAS3005     Silvester Chunn (Chun) S39314.5     Amos Church S8191     John Church VAS3006     John Church W9343     Michael Church SC1345     Robert Church VAS1819     Jacob City W6672     Moses Clack W2921     Sterling Clack W240     John Clackley (Chakler) SC1346     Horatio Clagett BLWt3-300     Buller Claiborne VAS3007     Leonard Claiborne W3388     Richard Claiborne BLWt470-200     Govea Clampet (Clampett, Clampit) W18     Robert Clanahan S39319     Adam Clapp S30937     Jacob Clapp W17624     Leodwick Clapp S8211     John Clappard SC1347     Valentine Clapper S39325     Thomas Clardy S8216     Alexander Clark, Jr. SC1348     Alexander Clark, Sr. SC1349     Anthony Clark S3156     Anthony Clark SC1350     Benajah Clark VAS2028     Benjamin Clark S3155     Benjamin Clark S31611     Benjamin Clark SC1351     Benjamin Clark SC1352     Burgess Clark W2758     Charles Goodwin Clark S30939     Daniel Clark SC1354     David Clark R1964     David Clark S30936     David Clark SC1355     Dennis Clark S2127     Edmond Clark VAS3008     Edward Clark S37856     Edward Clark SC1356     Elijah Clark S10448     Field Clark R2002     George Clark S3157     George Clark S32179     George Clark VAS3009     George Rogers Clark VAS269     Gregory Clark R1998     Harmon Clark SC1358     Henry Clark SC1359     Henry Clark VAS3010     Isaac Clark S41488     Jacob Clark SC1360     Jacob Clark W4155     James Clark R1979     James Clark R1980     James Clark S3159     James Clark S8207     James Clark (Clarke) S18351     James Clark S30941     James Clark S32181     James Clark S35841     James Clark SC1362     James Clark SC1363     James Clark SC1365     James Clark SC1366     James Clark SC1367     James Clark VAS3011     Jesse Clark SC1368     John Clark (Clarke) R1965     John Clark R1999     John Clark R2003     John Clark S1898     John Clark S17884     John Clark S39326     John Clark S42124     John Clark S46462     John Clark SC1369     John Clark SC1370     John Clark SC1372     John Clark VAS278     John Clark VAS3012     John Clark VAS3013     John Clark VAS3014     John Clark VAS3015     John Clark W6741     John Clark (Clarke) W10625     John Clark W10627     Jonas Clark W1386     Jonathan Clark S2438     Jonathan Clark VAS2169     Jonathan Clark VAS3016     Joseph Clark S8208     Joseph Clark SC1373     Joseph Clark W8608     Lee Clark S2431     Leonard Clark VAS1867     Lewis Clark SC1374     Lewis Clark SC1375     Lewis Clark (Clarke) W6679     Mathew (Matthew) Clark R2004     Micajah Clark S30940     Micajah Clark W6678     Moses Clark SC1376     Nathaniel Clark R2007     Nathaniel Clark W1387     Nun (Non) Clark (Clarke) SC1377     Osborn Clark S41489     Patrick Clark S30932     Reyderus Clark SC1378     Richard Clark X149     Robert Clark S1752     Robert Clark (Clarke) S8210     Robert Clark VAS282     Sampson Clark VAS1808     Sampson Clark VAS3017     Samuel Clark R2000     Samuel Clark S9188     Samuel Clark SC1379     Shadrack Clark R2019     Spencer Clark (Clarke) W2529     Thomas Clark S10451     Thomas Clark S17888     Thomas Clark S31610     Thomas Clark S39327     Thomas Clark SC1380     Thomas Clark SC1381     Thomas Clark VAS3018     Thomas Clark W18910     Tully Clark VAS3019     William Clark R1968     William Clark SC1382     William Clark SC1384     William Clark SC1385     William Clark VAS1866     William Clark W1694     William Clark W6680     William Clark W6683     William Clark W8606     William Clark W8610     William Clark, Jr. SC1383     Christopher Clarke (Clark) SC1353     Christopher Clarke W25426     Edmund Clarke (Clark) VAS2149     Edward Clarke VAS3020     Francis Clarke (Clark) SC1357     James Clarke (Clark) SC1361     James Clarke (Clark) SC1364     John Clarke (Clark) BLWt2439-200     John Clarke R1990     John Clarke R1991     John Clarke (Clark) S2439     John Clarke S35843     John Clarke SC1371     John Clarke VAS2922     John Clarke W8607     Joseph Clarke S30943     Obadiah Clarke W8609     Stephen Clarke (Clark) S9180     Thomas Clarke BLWt474-500     Thomas Clarke W2920     Turner Clarke W3389     William Clarke S16353     William Clarke W6687     Constantine Clarkson S32180     David Clarkson W9794     John Clarkson SC1386     John Clary W6691     John Claspy (Gillespie) S30934     Frederick Class SC2028     Maximim Clastrier SC1387     Nathan Clausby VAS3021     James Clatterbuck S9179     Reuben Clatterbuck W9796     Garret Clawson W3776     David Clay W6690     Elijah Clay S32178     John Clay R2029     Matthew Clay BLWt456-200     Nathan Clay SC1388     Thomas Clay S9319     Thomas Clay VAS2170     William Clay W156     John Clayborn S1945     Leonard Clayborne R1956     Anderson Claybrook VAS3022     John Claybrook VAS3023     Frederick Claycomb S16083     Laurence Clayter SC1389     Abraham Clayton SC1390     Augustine (Austin) Clayton S12693     Coleman Clayton W6692     Elisha Clayton W1145     Henry Clayton VAS3024     Isaac Clayton SC1391     John Clayton R2031     John Clayton S9183     John Clayton SC1392     John Clayton SC1393     Joseph Clayton BLWt2474-100     Joseph Clayton VAS296     Lambert Clayton W4923     Philip Clayton BLWt460-200     William Clayton SC1394     Shadrack (Shadrick) Claywell S30929     Benjamin Clearwaters W4925     John Cleaveland W2999     Benjamin Cleaver R2039     William Cleaver S30331     Peter Cleer (Cler) S35835     John Clem R21840     John Clem SC1395     Edmund Clement S21698     Edward W. Clement VAS3025     Vachel Clement R21700     Benjamin Clements W1230     Charles Clements S8214     Clement Clements S8217     Cornelius Clements S8218     David Clements S35840     Gabriel Clements W27592     John Clements (Clemans) S2435     John Clements S12511     John Clements VAS311     Joseph Clements SC1397     Josiah Clements SC1398     Mace Clements BLWt464-400     Roger Clements R2043     Thomas Clements R2045     Verdiman Clements (Clemens) SC1399     William Clements R2042     William Clements S30942     John Clemmons S8215     Thompson Clemmons S1946     Arthur Clemons (Clemans, Clemmons) SC1396     Bernard Clemons (Clements) W9792     Zephaniah Clemons SC1400     George Clency S3164     Thomas Clendinan (Clendenan) SC1401     John Clendennan (Clendenin, Clandannen, Clendenan) BLWt1803-300     William Clenny (Clenney) S32182     Hezekiah Clerk VAS3026     Lewis Clermont VAS3027     Joseph Clermont VAS3027     Absalom Cleveland S6774     John Cleveland (Cleaveland) W6696     William Cleveland (Cleaveland) W8611     Eden (Eben) Clevenger S42648     Isaac Cliatt R20341     William Cliborne (Clibourn) W10620     Michael Clifford W25416     William Clift VAS3028     George Clifton (Clefton) W10632     Joshua Clifton S35836     Whittenton Clifton S35842     William Clifton SC1402     William Clifton W3945     John Cline S35837     Michael Cline W6675     Peter Cline SC1403     John Clinkenbaird (Clinckenbeard, Clinchenbeard) S30930     Isaac Clinkenbeard S15380     James Clinton S2437     James Clinton SC3420     James Clinton SC3421     Peter Clinton W9390     Richard Clinton S21113     Robert Clinton SC1404     Thomas Clinton S34693     William Clinton R2053     William Clinton SC1405     Thomas Clod VAS3029     George Clodfelter (Clodfelder, Glatfelder) S8220     Charles Cloes R2054     George Clontz W4924     Jeremiah Clontz S8219     Thomas Clopton S9318     Walter Clopton S3165     Daniel Cloud VAS3030     Ezekiel Cloud W6920     James Cloud SC1406     John Cloud S30935     Noah Cloud W9389     William Cloud W5247     John Clough VAS3031     George Clour VAS3032     Daniel Clower S37865     George Clower S39323     Jonathan Clower W22802     William Clower S34690     Samuel Clowney (Clowny) W9391     Henry Cloyer (Clower) S35838     George M Cluskey (McLuskey) NC33     Simeon Clutter R21843     Gibson Cluverius W8061     James Cluverius VAS1996     Willis Coal (Cole) W6936     James Coalden S35846     John Coates S10131     William Coates S8232     William Coates (Coats) W10675 1/2     James Coatney (Courtney) S3203     Michael Coatney (Courtney) S35863     George Coats VAS3033     Robert Coats VAS3034     Samuel Coats VAS3035     Thomas Coats (Coates) SC1407     Alrons Cobb SC1408     David Cobb R2071     Fleming Cobb (Cobbs) BLWt83776-160-55     John Cobb SC1409     John Cobb SC1410     John Cobb SC1411     John Cobb W20902     Nathaniel Cobb SC1412     Pharaoh Cobb S1657     Samuel Cobb S17359     Samuel Cobb SC1413     John Cobbert VAS3036     John Cobbs S15786     Robert Cobbs W18929     Samuel Cobbs BLWt355-200     Samuel Cobbs VAS3037     Daniel Cobia W21233     Nicholas Cobia W22843     Frederick Cobler S1654     Jonathan Cobun VAS2018     Jesse Coburn R2078     Benjamin Cochran R2081     James Cochran W6743     John Cochran S2140     John Cochran S16720     John Cochran, Jr. SC1415     John Cochran, Sr. SC1414     Robert Cochran S18359     Robert Cochran SC52     Robert Cochran SC1416     Samuel Cochran W280     Thomas Cochran S16350     Thomas Cochran SC1417     Thomas Cochran SC1418     William Cochran SC1419     Simon Cochrun (Cochran) W6741     Charles Cock S8228     John Cock S3171     John Cockburn SC1420     Anderson Cocke S9232     Charles Cocke R2086     Colin Cocke BLWt451-300     John Cocke VAS3038     John Catesby Cocke R28     Nathaniel Cocke R13415     Pleasant Cocke VAS3039     William Cocke S3187     William Cocke VAS3040     Daniel Cockerham S8241     David Cockerham S8240     Hanson Cockeril (Cockerell) W4658     Jeremiah Cockerill SC1421     Isaac Cockley SC1422     Daniel Cockram VAS3041     John Cockran S39353     Mathew Cockran (Cockram) S32185     William Cockran R2083     William Cockran S38624     Presley Cockrel VAS3042     Edward Cockrell VAS3043     Joshua Cockrell VAS3044     Peter Cockrell S35849     Richard Cockrell VAS3043     William Cockrell VAS3045     John Cockrill S35854     Littleton Cockrill VAS3046     William Cochrill (Cochrell) S39349     William Cockrum S30962     Benjamin Cocks S39351     George Cofer S15787     William Coff S39347     Hugh Coffee (Coffey) SC1425     John Coffer VAS3047     Joseph Coffer (Cofer) R2097     Reuben Coffer (Cofer) W1027     Benjamin Coffey S1655     Eli Coffey R2098     Henery (Henry) Coffey SC1424     John Coffey SC1426     Nathan Coffey SC1427     Osbourn Coffey (Coffee) W8612     Ozburn Coffey VAS3048     Reuben Coffey S46916     Alexander Coffin W8617     Obed Coffin W14569     George Coffinberry (Coffinbery) W6726     George Coffman (Kauffman) R2102     Jacob Coffman W6943     Joseph Coffman R2106     John Cogay VAS3049     Henry Cogburn S21711     Francis Cogdell R2104     Peter Coger S10481     Herbert Coggin VAS3050     Robert Coggin S41492     William Coggin S8238     James Coghill S35860     Reuben Coghill VAS3051     Thomas Coghill S15785     Frederick Cogwell VAS3052     Moses Congleton W4930     Abraham Cohen R9931     Gershom (Gershon) Cohen R2108     Jacob Cohen VAS3053     Moses Cohen W21599     Joel Cohoon (Cahoon, Calhoun) W8576     John Cohune (Calhoun) SC1100     James Coiel (Coile) S31624     Barney Coil SC1428     John Coil SC1429     Thomas Coil SC1431     Joseph Coile (Coil) SC1430     Moses Coiler SC1432     Dominick Coins S34706     Philip Coke (Cake) S42651     Nathan Coker SC1433     Thomas Coker S30957     Thomas Coker (Koker) SC1434     William Coker SC1435     Elisha Colbert VAS3054     John Colbert S9212     Neel Colbreath (Culbreth) R2112     Alexander Colclough SC1436     James Colden VAS3055     John Colden (Coldin) SC1437     John Colder SC5512     Blanchard Colding (Colden) SC1438     Samuel Colding SC1439     Robert Coldwell X155     Abraham Cole R2119     Abraham Cole VAS684     Asa Cole SC1723     Asa Cole SC1926     Charles or John Cole S41493     Daniel Cole S8236     Daniel Cole S22182     Francis Cole W8615     George Cole S41491     Hamlin (Hamlen) Cole S39342     Henry Cole S39359     James Cole S3174     James Cole SC1440     Job Cole S2455     John Cole R2130     John Cole R2131     John Cole S2458     John Cole S39344     John Cole (Coal) SC1441     John Cole VAS3056     John Cole VAS3057     Joseph Cole S8230     Joseph Cole SC1442     Joseph Cole W347     Martin Cole S39345     Richard Cole S8229     Robert Cole W18924     Samuel Cole VAS3058     Solomon Cole R2144     Stephen Cole S3176     Thomas Cole S39348     Thomas Cole SC1443     Thomas Cole VAS3059     Thomas Cole W5824     Walter King Cole R13238     William Cole S39338     William Cole VAS3060     William Cole VAS3061     William Cole W5884     Asaph Colegate S39341     Abner Coleman SC1444     Benjamin Coleman BLWt479-300     Charles Coleman R2155     Charles P. Coleman W25435     Edward Coleman R2160     Hardy Coleman W26     Hawes Coleman S16732     Jacob Coleman S42140     James Coleman VAS409     Joel Coleman S42139     John Coleman S39339     John Coleman SC1447     John Coleman VAS3062     Joseph Coleman W9738     Lindsay Coleman VAS1776     Naniad (Neniad) Coleman S42657     Richard Coleman VAS3063     Richard Coleman VAS3064     Richard Coleman VAS370     Robert Coleman S19255     Robert Coleman SC1448     Robert Coleman W8620     Robert Coleman W23858     Samuel Coleman BLWt469-200     Samuel Coleman R2164     Samuel Coleman VAS1988     Spencer Coleman S3194     Theophilus Coleman R2162     Thomas Coleman S16345     Thomas Coleman VAS3064     Thomas Coleman VAS2141     Thomas Coleman VAS2142     Thomas Coleman W3002     Whitehead Coleman BLWt467-300     William Coleman S3196     William Coleman S39337     William Coleman SC1449     William Coleman, Jr. SC1451     William Coleman, Sr. SC1450     William Coleman VAS3064     William Coleman VAS3065     Wyatt Coleman VAS3066     Francis Coley S3197     Isham (Isam) Coley R2167     Jeffrey Coley (Cooley) W4160     John Coley SC1452     William Colfax R2174     William Colgan S42652     Gustavus Colhoun SC1453     John Ewing Colhoun SC1454     James Colk SC1455     William Colk SC1457     Captain Collet SC1456     Isaac Collett S30964     John Collett W3003     Asa Colley VAS3067     Charles Colley S34702     James Colley SC1458     Mainyard Colley S38628     Mainyard Colley SC1936     William Colley R2168     Charles Collie (Colley) S9233     Aaron Collier R2111     Charles Collier VAS3068     James Collier VAS3069     James Collier VAS3070     John Collier SC1459     John Collier VAS3073     Thomas Collier VAS3074     Thomas Collier VAS3075     William Collier S21121     William Collier S39334     Wyatt Collier VAS3076     George Collin VAS3077     James Collin VAS3078     Adam Collins VAS3079     Caleb Collins S41490     Charles Collins VAS279     Daniel Collins SC1460     Edmund Collins SC1461     Eli Collins S31615     Elisha Collins S10463     George Collins S8247     George Collins SC1462     Hezekiah Collins R20343     James Collins S1653     James Collins S8246     James Collins S17895     James Collins W6737     James Collins VAS3080     James P. Collins R2173     Jeffrey Collins S9192     Jeremiah Collins R2175     John Collins NC23     John Collins R2176     John Collins S8248     John Collins S9204     John Collins S39356     John Collins S41496     John Collins SC1463     John Collins SC1464     John Collins SC1465     John Collins SC1466     John Collins VAS3081     John Collins VAS3082     John Collins W6735     John Collins W6736     John Collins W9813     Jonah Collins SC1467     Jonathan Collins S18771     Joseph Collins R2179     Joseph Collins S2142     Joseph Collins S34256     Joshuah (Joshua) Collins S12530     Josiah Collins S30336     Leven Collins SC1468     Lewis Collins S21142     Mason Collins S39355     Moses Collins SC1469     Peter Collins VAS3083     Ralph C. Collins R2182     Reuben Collins SC1470     Richard Collins SC1471     Richard Collins VAS3084     Richard Collins VAS3085     Robert Collins SC1472     Samuel Collins SC1473     Samuel Collins W3778     Solomon Collins R2183     Solomon Collins S39331     Stephen Collins S30335     Stephen Collins VAS3080     Thomas Collins SC1474     Thomas Collins VAS3086     Thomas Collins VAS3087     William Collins S31613     William Collins S39354     William Collins (Collings) S46463     William Collins SC1475     William Collins SC1476     William D.Collins SC1477     John Collinsworth S30965     Andrew Colly SC1478     Mainard Colly SC1479     John Collyer S16728     Francis Colman (Coleman) SC1445     Jacob Colman (Coleman) S35848     James Colman (Coleman) SC1446     Benjamin Colonna S46634     George Colony VAS3088     Southy Colony VAS3090     Timothy Colony VAS3090     William Colony VAS3091     James Colquehon VAS3092     John Colquit VAS3093     Ranson Colquitt W6742     Samuel Colquitt VAS3094     Samuel Colston BLWt2294-300     Anthony Colter SC1480     Samuel Colter (Coulter) S39352     James Colville S2465     Benjamin Colvin S16727     Daniel Colvin VAS3095     Elkin Colvin VAS3096     Henry Colvin S12600     James Colvin VAS3097     Jeremiah Colvin VAS3098     John Colvin W18951     Mason Colvin S9198     Mason Colvin VAS3095     William Colvin SC1481     John Colwell (Caldwell) R1590     Charles Colyer S30967     John Colyer W8624     Daniel Comber SC1483     Nathaniel Combo SC1484     George Combs S41497     John Combs S31626     John Combs S35851     Nicholas Combs R2186     Phillip Combs SC1482     Robert Combs S8251     William Combs R2187     William Combs S35859     William Combs (Coombs) W8757     Augustine Comer W18945     James Comer R20350     John Comer S17899     Thomas Comer VAS3101     Samuel Commander SC1485     Robert Commans S9259     Harmon Commins S21701     Francis Compara VAS3102     Michael Compo VAS3103     Archibald Compton W18959     Augustine Compton VAS3100     Jeremiah H. Compton W29     Thomas Compton R     John Conant VAS3104     John Conard VAS3105     John Conaway R2244     Thomas Condell VAS3106     John Condrey S9214     William Condry R2198     David (Daniel) Congleton S34243     Francis Congoler SC2064     William Congrove S19261     Andrew Conine W9809     Jeremiah Conine S42142     Charles Conley S30333     Timothy Conley VAS3108     Neill Conly (Conley) R2221     Benjamin Conn (Coren) R2316     George Conn S17891     James Conn S15386     John Conn S17890     Samuel Conn S15384     Thomas Conn SC1486     William Conn W8616     William Y. Conn S15784     Daniel Connel (Connell) S31631     Arthur Connell VAS3109     "Captain" Connell SC1490     Francis Connell R2223     George Connell SC1487     James Connell SC1723     Jesse Connell SC1488     Thomas Connell R2224     William Connell SC1489     Henry Connelly W8188     Hugh Connelly S34705     John Connelly S16719     John Connelly S30345     John Connelly W74     John Connelly W20920     William Connelly (Connely) BLWt1967-100     Arthur Connely W8626     Patrick Connely (Connoley, Connelly) SC1496     Arthur Conner W6733     Cornelius Conner VAS3110     Daniel Conner R2228     Daniel Conner W1235     Derby Conner R2226     Douglas Conner VAS3112     Edward Conner S21123     Edward Conner VAS3111     Isaac Conner S10465     James Conner S8237     James Conner S21709     James Conner SC1491     James Conner SC1492     James Conner VAS3113     John Conner BLWt2380-100     John Conner S35858     John Conner (Shehee) S36302     John Conner SC1493     John Conner VAS3114     John Conner W3659     Joseph Conner S42137     Lawrence Conner S35853     Maximilian Conner W75     Philomen Conner S17364     Terrence Conner S35862     William Conner S30955     William Conner VAS3112     William Jackson Conner VAS3115     Uriah Conner SC1494     Wright Conner R2222     William Connerly (Connelly) S40053     John Connoley SC1495     George Connolly S16734     Patrick Connolly (Connelley) S35861     Philip Connolly VAS3116     Adam Connor SC1497     Archibald Connor SC1498     Cornelius Connor VAS3117     Isaac Connor SC1499     John Connor SC1500     John Connor VAS1842     Jonathan Connor SC1502     Hugh Connor (Conner) S34247     Philip Connor (Conner) S42134     William Connor W22817     Jacob Conrad S39361     John Consolver X165 (Va9)     Francis Conway VAS3119     Henry Conway W6719     James Conway R13351     James Conway S40050     Jesse Conway W10674     John Conway W8622     Joseph Conway BLWt461-200     Joseph Conway VAS3120     Richard Conway S16731     Robert Conway VAS3121     Samuel Conway VAS3122     William Conway (Carraway) S31623     Benjamin Conyers S38625     Daniel Conyers SC1503     Ephraim Conyers S8244     James Conyers SC1504     James Conyers SC3062     John Conyers S31617     Straughan Conyers S18357     Aaron Cook R2246     Benjamin Cook S31622     Benjamin Cook VAS3123     Benjamin Cook W8628     Benjamin Cook W8630     Burwell Cook SC1506     Christopher Cook S2466     Cornelius Cook SC1507     Daniel Cook SC1508     Drury Cook SC1509     Edward Cook W3949     Elimelech Cook SC1510     George Cook S31627     Henry Cook S2460     Henry Cook S3181     Isaac Cook R2256     Jacob Cook R2257     James Cook S12616     James Cook SC1511     James Cook VAS3124     John Cook S16343     John Cook S39332     John Cook S39358     John Cook SC1512     John Cook SC1513     John Cook SC1514     John Cook SC1515     John Cook SC1516     John Cook W23865     Joseph Cook VAS3125     Lewis Cook S39340     Matthew Cook R2268     Peter Cook W6705     Rains Cook BLWt2161-300     Reuben Cook S10483     Reuben Cook SC1517     Reuben Cook SC1518     Robert Cook S8233     Robert Cook S30963     Robert Cook SC1520     Roger Cook VAS3126     Shem (Isham) Cook VAS3127     Theodosius Cook R2276     Thomas Cook R2247     Thomas Cook R2253     Thomas Cook R2278     Thomas Cook S31618     Thomas Cook SC1521     Thomas Cook SC1522     Thomas Cook W23855     Wammuck Puckett Cook SC1523     William Cook R2280     William Cook S10480     William Cook S21147     William Cook S31612     William Cook S38627     William Cook SC1524     William Cook SC1525     William Cook SC1526     William Cook VAS536     William Cook VAS2522     William Cook VAS3128     William Cook VAS3129     William Cook W6708     Wilson Cook, Jr. SC1527     Zachariah Cook S42655     Charles Cooke S35857     Dawson Cooke W4657     John Cooke S3179     John Cooke W1232     Thomas B. Cooke (Cook) W3948     Michael Cookers (Cookes) W6722     William Cookman R2281     Charles Cooksey S12540     William Cooksey SC1528     Zachariah Cooksey S17357     James Cooley (Coley) S3188     James Cooley S30961     John Cooley SC1529     James Cooly VAS3130     Francis Coombs (Coombe) VAS537     John Coombs W1828     Mahlon Coombs S42659     William Coombs (Combs) W8757     Adam Coon W9800     Andrew Coon VAS3131     Anthony Coon S9213     Conrad Coon S3177     Henry Coon, Jr. SC1530     Israel Coon VAS3132     John Coon SC1532     Lewis Coon SC1533     Michael Coon R2290     Maximilian Cooner (Conner) SC1534     John Cooney SC1535     Frederick Coons S35844     William Coons R2294     Adam Cooper W1722     Alexander Cooper W4424     Apollos Cooper BLWt2258-200     Barnabas Cooper S9201     Benjamin A. Cooper S16722     Caleb Cooper S30959     Charles Cooper VAS3133     Charles Cooper VAS3134     Christopher Cooper R2298     Christopher Cooper R2303     Dabney Cooper R2296     Edward Cooper SC1536     Eiles Cooper W6711     Ephraim Cooper BLWt1165-100     Ezekiel Cooper SC1537     Frederick Cooper W3001     George Cooper SC1538     George Cooper SC2903     Hillery Cooper VAS3135     Jacob Cooper S12604     Jacob Cooper SC1539     James Cooper S3192     James Cooper S39362     James Cooper SC1540     James Cooper SC1541     James Cooper SC1542     James Cooper SC1543     James Cooper SC1557     James B. Cooper S47185     John Cooper R2300     John Cooper SC1544     John Cooper SC1545     John Cooper SC1546     John Cooper SC1547     John Cooper SC1557     John Cooper W8633     Joseph Cooper SC1548     Leighton Cooper S35867     Leonard Cooper W6712     Leven (Levin) Cooper S35866     Peter Cooper SC1549     Reuben Cooper VAS3136     Richard Cooper R2304     Richard Cooper S39357     Richard Cooper SC1550     Robert Cooper SC1551     Robert Cooper SC1552     Samuel Cooper SC1553     Samuel Cooper SC1554     Sion Cooper R2302     Simon Cooper VAS1985     Spencer Cooper BLWt11985-100     Stacy Cooper SC1555     Sterling Cooper S6776     Sterling Cooper S9206     Sterling Cooper VAS3137     Thomas Cooper S21128     Thomas Cooper S39333     Vincent Cooper R2305     William Cooper S8250     William Cooper S47186     William Cooper SC1556     William Cooper SC1557     William Cooper, Jr. SC5023     William Cooper, Sr. SC5023     William Cooper VAS1835     William James Cooper SC1558     Wilmore Cooper VAS3138     Barachias Cope S21139     Thomas Cope VAS3139     Alexander Copeland W9395     Benjamin Copeland S21122     Cato (Cader) Copeland W17665     James Copeland W6730     John Copeland R2310     John Copeland S40052     John Copeland (Coplin) SC1559     John Copeland SC1560     Richard Copeland S39335     William Copeland S17889     William Copelin (Caplin) S31629     Thomas Copenhaver R2311     Charles Copes, Sr. VAS3140     Parker Copes S39350     Southy Copes S42650     John Copin (Coppin) VAS1857     Samuel Copin (Coppin) VAS2144     Aaron Copland (Copeland) R2308     Joel Copland (Copeland) R2309     John Copland (Copeland) S30966     John Copland (Copeland) SC1561     Ripley Copland (Copeland) W9811     William Copland VAS3141     Zacheus Copland S2470     Benjamin Coplin S10464     John Coppage S39363     Thomas Coppedge S8239     Higgins Coppinger (Covvinger) S40051     Patrick Coppley SC1562     John Copsey R2313     William Copus S1801     William Coram VAS3142     Joel Corbell VAS3143     Peter Corbell VAS3144     Brinkley Corbett SC1563     Daniel Corbett SC1564     James Corbett SC1565     John Corbett VAS523     John Corbett W9806     Joseph Corbett SC1566     Richard Corbett VAS528     Anderson Corbin W6739     George Corbin W1237     Isaiah Corbin VAS3145     John Corbin S3202     Lewis Corbin S30949     Robert Corbin S8245     William Corbin VAS3146     Samuel Corbit (Corbett) S9202     John Cordell W9814     Benjamin D. Corder S38622     James Corder VAS3147     John Corder (Carder) S10121     John Corder SC1567     James Cordes SC1573     James Cordill (Caudill) S30344     Stephen Cordill (Caudill) R2315     John Cork SC1568     William Cork S40850     Robert Corkskadden SC1569     John Corlew R2323     Abner Corley (Cauley) S21707     Austin Corley S3198     Catlet Corley SC1570     John Corley SC1572     Nathaniel Corley SC1574     Richard Corley SC1575     William Corley S2422     Zaceous (Zaccheus) Corley S16736     Aquila Corly R10757     George Corn S2143     Jesse Corn W909     John Peter Corn W5885     Timothy Corn W1147     Conrad (Coonrod) Cornelison W10660     John Cornelison S35209     Charles Cornelius S6775     Josiah Cornelius VAS3148     Lot Cornelius SC1576     William Cornelius VAS3149     William Cornelius VAS3150     Jesse Cornett S9193     William Cornett W6723     Jacob Corneyle (Carwile, Carwyle) S12709     John Cornwell (Cornhill) VAS529     William Cornwell S21125     Stafford Correy SC1577     Nicholas Corry (Currie) S21126     Thomas Cortney VAS3151     John Corvin R2343     Garland Cosby S30334     James Cosby SC1578     John Cosby S30340     Nelson Cosby VAS3152     Robert Cosby S224966     Sydnor Cosby VAS3153     William Cosby VAS3154     Zacheus Cosby S8249     William Coskry (Croskrey) SC1579     Joseph Cosnahan S18356     Stephen Costen S6777     Thomas Costner (Castner) W18856     Thomas Coston (Costin, Costen) R2349     Thomas Cotham SC1580     James Cotrell R2350     George Cotten R2353     James Cotten (Cotton) W6942     John Cotten (Cotton) S35845     Thomas Cotten (Cotton) SC1583     Daniel Cottenham (Cottingham) SC1581     Thomas Cotteral (Cottrell) S8242     Daniel Cotterell R2351     Dill Cottingham SC1582     Abraham Cottiller VAS3155     Jedediah Cottle BLWt500-100     William Cottle VAS3156     James Cottman VAS553     Elias Cotton S34606     Thomas Cotton W6727     William Cotton S32187     William Cottorell VAS3157     Richard Cottrel VAS3158     John Cottrill S39597     Thomas Cottrill W4165     Edward Couch R2359     James Couch SC5023     William Couch R2361     George Coughran R1816     Robert Coughran SC1584     William Coughran SC1585     Thomas Coulliette SC1586     David Coulson S1899     Anthony Coulter SC1587     Archibald Coulter SC1588     Martin Coulter R2363     Matthew Coulter S30349     Robert Coulter SC1589     Nicholas Counce (Counts) S2443     Jesse Council S9191     William Council SC1590     John Countryman SC1591     John Counts SC1592     Alexander Couplin SC1593     James Coursey R2308     James Coursey SC1596     John Coursey SC1597     William Coursey SC1598     James Courson W9805     Anthony Courtner W6731     James Courtney S9265     Robert Courtney SC1599     Philip Courtney VAS3159     Samuel Courtney S39346     Samuel Courtney VAS3160     Thomas Courtney R2371     William Courtney VAS560     Archibald Cousart SC1600     James Cousart SC1601     Nathaniel Cousart SC1602     Thomas Cousart SC1603     John Couser SC1604     George Cousins SC1605     Henry Cousmold SC1606     Benjamin Couts SC1607     Jesse Couts SC1609     John Couts SC1608     Millington Couts (Couch) SC1610     William Couts (Couch) SC1611     Abraham Covenhoven W12108     Benjamin Covenhover (Covenhoven) SC1612     Daniel Covenhover (Covenhoven) SC1613     Lazarus (Lazare) Covin (Caurain) SC1614     Thomas Coverly S24960     Peter Covert S43340     Drury Covey VAS3161     Samuel Covey S3190     John Covington R2385     Matthew Covington S2444     Robert Covington W2067     William Covington SC1615     William Covington VAS3162     George Cowan SC1616     James Cowan SC1617     John Cowan SC1594     John Cowan SC1595     Joseph Cowan (Cowen) W25444     Robert Cowan SC1618     Thomas Cowan W18922     Joel Coward R2389     Joseph Coward S34255     William Coward SC1619     Jeremiah Cowday SC1620     Robert Cowden S1656     Andrew Cowen SC1621     John Cowen S43402     Daniel Cowgill S3199     Ralph Cowgill (Coghill) W1389     Francis Cowherd W6721     James Cowherd S10482     Jonathan Cowherd W8619     Robert Cowley S39336     William Cowley SC1622     Robert Cowne VAS1927     Edward Cowper (Cooper) VAS3164     John Cowper VAS1568     Andrew Cox S8226     Bartlet Cox (Coxe) S24964     Bartlett Cox W1562     Benjamin Cox S2146     Benjamin Cox S2440     Caleb Cox S30950     Christopher Cox SC1623     Curd Cox S3169     Edward Cox S3170     George Cox S9203     Isaac Cox S9215     James Cox R2412     James Cox S2441     James Cox SC1624     James Cox SC1625     Javan Cox W25433     John Cox R2404     John Cox R2405     John Cox S2454     John Cox S6778     John Cox S8223     John Cox S21124     John Cox S35847     John Cox S41495     John Cox S43365     John Cox SC1626     John Cox SC1627     John Cox SC1628     John Cox SC1629     John Cox VAS3165     John Cox VAS3166     Joseph Cox S41494     Josiah Cox SC1630     Joshua Cox R2408     Moses Cox R2407     Philip Cox S18360     Philip Cox W22844     Phinehas (Phineas) Cox W3004     Presly Cox VAS3167     Richard Cox R31630     Samuel Cox S21705     Samuel Cox S39343     Samuel Cox VAS3168     Solomon Cox R2409     Solomon Cox S15383     Thomas Cox R2399     Thomas Cox W10303     William Cox R2400     William Cox S8225     William Cox S21704     William Cox S30960     William Cox SC1631     William Cox SC1632     William Cox SC1633     William Cox VAS3169     William Cox VAS3170     Christopher Coy W9798     Manassah (Manasseh) Coyle W2759     Patrick Coyle S30952     Thomas Coyle SC1634     Robert Cozby S24966     Asa Crabb R2416     Benjamin Crabb S39368     Jarrott (Jarrot) Crabb S41499     John Crabb R2417     John Crabb VAS3171     Abraham (Abram) Crabtree R2418     Isaac Crabtree S30972     Jacob Crabtree R2420     James Crabtree S32195     John Crabtree R2419     Richard Crabtree W8642     William Crabtree R2421     William Crabtree W17689     Eleazer Craddick S8252     Henry Craddock VAS3172     John Craddock BLWt478-300     Robert Craddock S46436     William Cradlebaugh S30354     Alexander Crafford (Crawford) S3229     James Crafford (Crafort, Crawford) SC1661     Archillis Craft S30357     Anthony Crafton S16351     Bennet Crafton SC28     James Crafton W6764     Thomas Crafton W6763     George Crage (Craig) SC1635     Alexander Craig S1658     Henry Craig SC1636     James Craig BLWt428-300     James Craig SC1637     James Craig W25711     John Craig R2426     John Craig S16740     John Craig S24885     John Craig (Crage) SC1638     John Craig (Crage) SC1639     John Craig (Crage) SC1640     John Craig (Crage), Jr. SC1641     John Craig W8638     John Craig W22864     John Hawkins Craig W6759     Quintin Craig SC1642     Robert Craig SC1643     Rodrick Craig R2428     Samuel Craig SC1644     Samuel Craig W3075     Thomas Craig S30971     Thomas Craig W3954     William Craig BLWt1345-100     William Craig S30355     William Craig W8639     Robert Craighead S352     Nathaniel Craighill VAS1962     John Craightington SC1645     James Craik VAS3173     John Crail W4426     Charles Crain (Crane) SC1646     Joel Crain (Crane) W25452     Silas Crain S32190     Stephen Crain W9823     Thomas Crain S16352     William Crain S1753     William Crain SC1647     Rodham K. Cralle VAS3177     David Cramer BLWt1310-100     James Crane (Craine) BLWt444-300     John Crane S3218     Lewis Crane R2450     Mayfield Crane S30356     Samuel Crane (Crain) SC1648     William Crane (Crain) R2429     William Crane S21716     William Crane (Crain) SC1649     Allen Cranshaw SC1650     John Crapps SC1651     John Michael Crapps SC1652     William Crapps SC1653     James Craven R2457     John Craw SC1723     Andrew Crawford SC545     Arthur Crawford S31634     Bellamy Crawford SC1654     David Crawford W76     Enos Crawford (Cranford) SC1655     George Crawford SC1657     George Crawford, Jr. SC1656     Gilbert Crawford SC1658     James Crawford R2460     James Crawford S3227     James Crawford S1191     James Crawford S34720     James Crawford SC1659     James Crawford SC1660     John Crawford BLReg270805-1855     John Crawford R2470     John Crawford R2472     John Crawford S3226     John Crawford S8256     John Crawford S39369     John Crawford SC1662     John Crawford SC1663     John Crawford VAS3175     Joseph Crawford SC1664     Josiah Crawford R2473     Moses Crawford W910     Nathan Crawford SC1665     Nehemiah Crawford VAS1220     Patrick Crawford SC1666     Peter Crawford W2765     Robert Crawford S3225     Robert Crawford SC1667     Robert Crawford SC1668     Robert Crawford SC1669     Samuel Crawford SC1670     Samuel Crawford SC1671     Samuel Crawford SC1672     Thomas Crawford S42147     Thomas Crawford SC1673     William Crawford BLWT921-500     William Crawford SC1674     Charles Crawley (Crowley, Crowly) R2475     James Crawley VAS3176     John Crawley VAS3177     Samuel Crawley R13467     Thomas Crawley R2476     William Robert Crawley W1567     Thomas Cray VAS3178     Charles Craycraft W10228     William Crayton VAS1744     William Creamer (Cremer) SC1675     George Creasey VAS3179     John Creasey S37877     William Creath SC1676     Richard Creech SC1677     Stephen Creech SC1678     William Creech SC1679     Colby (Colbay) Creed S32194     Thomas Creed VAS3180     Benjamin Creedle VAS3181     William Creedle (Criddle) VAS402     William Creedle VAS3181     William Creekman VAS3182     William Creekmore (Creekman) VAS1877     John Creel W534     James Creemer (Creamer, Craimor) S2480     John Creighton SC1681     John Creighton SC1682     Thomas Creighton SC1683     Daniel Cremer R2477     Daniel Crenshaw R2482     David Crenshaw SC1684     Jesse Crenshaw (Crentshaw) SC1685     John Crenshaw S2482     Micajah Crenshaw (Cranshaw) SC1686     Nathaniel Crenshaw W6772     William Crenshaw S8257     Phillip Cress SC1687     Andrew Cresson (Crison) W6767     Andrew Creswell S1948     Henry Creswell S3232     Robert Creswell (Craswell) S21150     Samuel Creswell (Criswell) S35811     John Crew VAS3183     John Crew VAS3184     Edward Crews VAS3185     Gideon Crews S39371     James Crews S39387     Joseph Crews VAS3186     Joseph Crews W221     Redman Crews S40054     Thomas Crews SC1688     Conrad Crider SC1689     James Crier [and James McGinney] R6720     William Crihfield S9242     Harmon Crim S8254     Peter Crim SC1690     William Crippin VAS62     Barbara Criser SC1691     Richard Crisswell S6779     John Critchfield R2547     John Critchfield S42144     Joshua Critchfield S2476     Nathaniel Critchfield S2473     James Critchlow W6771     Christopher Crittenden VAS1893     John Crittenden R13465     Richard Hazelwood Crittenden R2491     William Crittenden S9268     Unknown Crittendon VAS616     William Crittington (Crittenden) S8259     Elizabeth Crittondon (Creightington) SC1680     Hamon (Haman) Critz W6755     Leonard Critzer S9251     Anthony Crocker S9267     Jesse Crocker S17903     Solomon Crocker W9398     William Crocker SC1692     Alexander Crockett R2496     Anthony Crockett S10492     Asher Crockett (alias James Anderson) W2533     Elijah Crockett (Crockatt) SC1693     Joseph Crockett S46377     Robert Crockett S30353     Samuel Crockett (Crockatt) SC1694     John Croddy (Crody) S9324     Joseph Croes S39386     Abiah Croft SC1695     Edward Croft SC1696     Ezekiel Croft (Craft) S16739     John Croft SC1697     Joseph Croft SC1698     William Croghan BLWt448-400     William Croker VAS3187     Thomas Croley VAS3189     George Cromer (Crumer) SC1699     Godfrey Cromer SC1700     Jacob Cromer SC1701     Martain (Martin) Cromer SC1702     Oliver Cromwell S34613     Peter Cronick SC1703     James Cronister (McCronister) S34989     Garret Cronk W8635     John Cronk (Cronkhite) W20926     Charles Crook R2502     Henry Crook VAS618     Henry Crook VAS3190     Jeremiah Crook W8634     Joseph Crook VAS3197     John Crooke S30970     James Crooks VAS3191     Michael Crooks R2504     Samuel Crooks SC1704     Samuel Crooks VAS3198     John Crookshanks S39384     Richard Croom SC1705     James Cropper S39383     John Cropper W3781     George Crosby SC1706     Jermon (Jarman) Crosby SC1707     Jesse Crosby VAS3199     John Crosby R2509     John Crosby SC1708     Nelson Crosby S45705     Thomas Crosby SC1709     William Crosby S34611     William Crosby SC1710     William Crosby (Crosba) SC1711     Philip Crose (Croce) S32193     Gustavus Crosen VAS3200     Samuel Croslin SC1712     Abraham Cross S1900     Asahel (Acil, Acel) Cross R2523     Elijah Cross S1947     Jacob Cross W18975     John Cross S39382     John Cross VAS3201     Richard Cross VAS3202     Samuel Cross BLWt2320-100     Samuel Cross VAS3203     Samuel Cross W8636     William Cross R2526     William Cross S3221     Zachariah Cross R2519     John Hanson Crossen VAS3204     John Crossland S18784     George Crossley SC1713     Samuel Crossley SC1714     Seth Crosslin SC1715     Robert Crosson S41498     Gilbert Crosswell SC1716     Edward Crostick S9240     Gustavus Croston (Crosston) S39379     Jesse Crouch R2531     John Crouch S10135     John Crouch S21149     Robert Crouch S34717     William Crouch (Couch) R2532     William Crouch W27913     William Crouch X889     Charles Croucher VAS3205     Matthias Crout S40863     Abraham Crow W9396     Benjamin Crow R20353     Christian Crow S43417     Dennis Crow S39380     Isaac Crow SC1717     Isham Crow VAS3206     John Crow SC1718     John Crow W18978     Robert Crow S39365     Thomas Crow R2538     Thomas Crow SC1719     William Crow S32196     William Crow SC1720     William Crow VAS634     James Crowder SC1721     Matthew Crowder VAS3207     Philip Crowder S30974     Robert Crowder VAS3208     Sterling Crowder S10496     Thomas Crowder SC1722     William Crowder R2540     William Crowdus (Croudus) W9399     Thomas Crowel (Crowell) R2542     George Crowell S8255     David Crowley VAS3209     James Crowley S15790     Charles Crowly (Crowley) SC1724     Joseph Crown SC1723     Daniel Crownover (Cronover, Cownover) S32189     Joseph Crownover S1754     Carter Croxton S9250     John Croxton VAS3210     John Croxton VAS3211     Richard Croxton VAS3212     Andrew Crozier (Croisure) SC1725     Thomas Crozier SC1726     Isaac Cruce SC1727     Benjamin Cruidson VAS644     Jesse Cruise SC1728     Adam Crum S8260     Thomas Crumly (Crumley) S31633     Stephen Crummy SC1729     Abner Crump R13459     Benjamin Crump VAS645     Jesse Crump VAS2553     John Crump VAS3213     Joshua Crump S30352     Richard Crump VAS3214     Thomas Crump S15394     Thomas Crump W8058     Ralph Edward Crunden VAS3215     John Walter Crunk S38646     John Cruse (Cruise, Cross) R2552     John Crutcher W6773     William Crutcher R2553     Arthur Crutchfield (Critchfield) R2554     Fortunatus Crutchfield VAS2045     John Crutchfield S10498     John Crutchfield S39381     Stapleton Crutchfield S9249     John Crute VAS3216     John L. Crute S24980     Robert Crute S9246     Benjamin Cruzan (Cruidson) S35869     William Crye W6757     Morgan Cryer S31635     Jeremiah Crysel W4932     William Cucksey (Cuksey) R20354     Charles Cuffey (Cuffee) W9402     James Culbertson VAS3217     Josiah Culbertson S16354     Robert Culbertson S21722     Samuel Culbertson SC19     Samuel Culbertson SC20     Daniel Culbreath R2561     James Culbreath S8271     Daniel Cullen S9260     John Cullen W6950     Armistead Culley S8270     Adam Culliatt SC1730     James Culliatt SC1731     John Culliatt SC1732     John Cullickan VAS3218     Charles Cullin (Cullen) S35872     John Cullins R2562     John Cullins S9258     Augustine Culp SC1733     Benjamin Culp SC1734     Daniel Culp VAS1826     John Culp S21152     Peter Culp SC2805     Benjamin Culpepper (Culpeper) SC63     Joseph Culpepper R2565     Malachi Culpepper R2566     Joseph Culton S16742     Isaac Cumberford VAS3219     Daniel Cumbo VAS1079     Stephen Cumbo SC1735     John Cummens SC1736     William Cumming (Cummings) S8265     John Cummings R2577     Joseph Cummings S1659     Mathew Cummings VAS3220     Thomas Cummings (Cumming) S6780     Alexander Cummins VAS1730     George Cummins VAS3221     George Cummins (Cummings) VAS1806     Jeremiah Cummins SC1737     Mathew Cummins S35870     William Cummins SC1738     Henry Cump S15792     Thomas Cumpton SC1739     Isaac Cundiff S9252     John Cundiff S8272     John Cundiff W8647     James Cuningham BLWt1409-100     James Cuningham (Cunningham) S8273     James Cuningham (Cunningham) S21723     Ansel Cunningham S31636     Bartlet Cunningham VAS658     George Cunningham W2071     Hugh Cunningham W9820     Jacob Cunningham S9257     James Cunningham S1508     James Cunningham S8268     James Cunningham S16746     James Cunningham SC1741     James Cunningham SC1742     James Cunningham SC1743     James Cunningham VAS3222     James Cunningham, Jr. SC1740     Jeremiah Cunningham W6753     John Cunningham R2425     John Cunningham S3250     John Cunningham SC1744     John Cunningham SC1745     John Cunningham VAS3223     John Cunningham W6752     John Cunningham W10696     Matthew Cunningham R2582     Murrell Cunningham S30975     Nathan Cunningham R2581     Nathaniel Cunningham W9821     Peter Cunningham VAS3224     Robert Cunningham W1031     Samuel Cunningham R2587     Samuel Barron Cunningham VAS1844     Sarah Cunningham VAS2019     Thomas Cunningham S42664     Thomas Cunningham W4166     Valentine Cunningham S39390     Walter Cunningham S9263     William Cunningham R2588     William Cunningham R13534     William Cunningham S3249     William Cunningham S8264     William Cunningham SC1746     William Cunningham X189     William Roe Cunningham VAS2361     Leonard Cupp W4167     John Cuppy R2590     Joseph Curbow (Kerbo) S31637     John Curd VAS2043     John Curd W8645     John Curl SC1747     Richard Curl VAS670     Thomas Curl VAS3225     Jacob Curle BLWt2041-100     John Curle VAS669     Richard Curle BLWt2040-100     Thomas Curling SC1748     William Currance R1738 1/2     Henry Currel VAS3226     John Currel VAS3226     George Currell VAS3227     James Currell R31     Jacob Currell VAS3228     Nicholas Currell VAS2046     John Currens SC1749     Dudley Currey SC1750     Hugh Currey S8267     John Currey (Curry) S2484     Peter Currey SC1754     James Currin S34724     Edward Curry S15393     Jacob Curry SC1751     James Curry S44230     James Curry VAS671     James Curry W8646     John Curry S8266     John Curry SC1752     John Curry VAS3231     Nicholas Curry SC1753     Robert Curry SC1755     Thomas Curry S16747     Thomas Curry SC1756     Torrence Curry R20355     William Curry (Currey) SC1757     Henry Curtice VAS3232     Anthony Curtis VAS1984     Bowlin Curtis VAS3233     Bowlin Curtis W349     Charles Curtis VAS3237     Fielding W. Curtis Curtiss) W2922     James Curtis S39393     James Curtis SC1758     James Curtis VAS3238     James Curtis VAS3239     Jesse Curtis R2601     John Curtis R2599     John Curtis S12645     John Curtis VAS3240     Jonathan Curtis S8269     Joshua Curtis S39392     Michael Curtis S39398     Moses Curtis SC1759     Peter Curtis W3005     Richard Curtis R2606     Russel Curtis S12664     Thomas Curtis SC1760     Thomas Curtis VAS3241     Thomas Curtis W6748     William Curtis S43430     William Curtis VAS3233     Michael Curts S42665     John Cushing S16356     Simeon Cushman SC1761     George Custard VAS678     Jacob Custard S16093     Richard Custer W6749     William Custer R2610     John Custerd VAS679     Daniel Alexander Cuthbert BLWt2142-300     Isaac Curthbert SC1762     James Curthbert SC1763     William Cuthbert VAS3242     William Cuthbertson (Culbertson, Culberson) W17680     Abraham Cutlip VAS3243     John Cutright W6626     Peter Cutright S32164     Peter Cuttrile VAS3245     Shadrack Cutts VAS3246     William Cutts VAS3247     Peter Cutwright VAS3244     William Cutts S8274     William Cutts W25458     Bartholomew Cuyrus VAS3248     Andrew Cyprus W25468     Nicholas Cyre W5064     Bartholomew Cyrus W25467    

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Da De Di Do Dr Du Dy

John Dabbs S16359     Austin Dabney Ga14     Charles Dabney R13624     Cornelius Dabney VAS2182     George Dabney W3007     James Dabney SC1764     John Q. Dabney W10311     Nathaniel Dacus S21153     Francis Dade BLWt606-200     Isaac Dade W19149     John Daffron (Difforn) R2614     Rody Daffron R2613     John Dafron R2615     Peter Dagger S39412     Stephen Dagnell VAS3249     John Dail S6783     Dennis Dailey (Dayley) S30375     James Dailey VAS3250     Jesse Dailey W6980     John Dailey S39414     Owen Dailey (Daily) R2622     Farrell O'Neill (James Farrell, Ferrell) Daily (O'Neill, O'Neal) W8658     Zadock Daily VAS3251     Boston Daimwood S3268     William Daingerfield (Dangerfield) VAS256     William Daingerfield VAS3261     Jonathan Dakin (Dacon) S39410     Branson Dalby VAS3252     William Dalby X192     Abraham Dale W8648     John Dale (Deel) W725     Joseph Dale SC1765     Richard Dale VAS3253     Richard Dale W25515     William Dale SC1766     William Dale W9828     Alexander Daley SC3519     Robert Dallas W6981     Robert Dallis VAS3254     George Dally VAS3255     John Dalrymple SC1767     John Dalton S1755     Mathew Dalton W22503     Matthew Dalton [Dolton] SC2394     Solomon Dalton R2635     Thomas Dalton W6983     Thomas Valentine Dalton VAS615     Valentine Thomas Dalton W3610     William Dalton S8295     Charles Dameron (Damron, Damaron) W4173     George Dameron S41501     Jesse Dameron VAS3256     Joseph Dameron S8310     Thomas Dameron VAS3257     Henry Damewood SC1768     Daniel Dampeer (Dampier) R2639     John Danally VAS3258     Etheldred Dance W19148     Thomas Dance R2643     Henry Dancer SC1769     John Dancer SC1770     John Dancer VAS2975     Alexander Spotswood Dandridge VAS3259     John Dandridge W6993     Robert Dandridge VAS3260     Archibald Daniel S32204     Benjamin W. Daniel S3264     Beverley Daniel S15795     Buckner Daniel S17372     Campbell Daniel W6985     Christopher Daniel S8294     Ezekiel Daniel S21729     Frederick Daniel R2646     George Daniel VAS1798     Jacob Daniel VAS3262     James Daniel S9432     James Daniel (Daniels) SC1772     James Daniel (Daniels) W10298     Job (Joab, Joseph) Daniel R2645     John Daniel R2647     John Daniel S31638     John Daniel SC1773     John Daniel W6984     Richard Daniel S8293     Richard Daniel SC1774     Samuel Daniel R2648     Samuel Daniel SC1775     Simeon Daniel SC1776     Sion Daniel R2653     Spilsby Daniel S21158     Thomas Daniel (Daniels) SC1777     William Daniel S3263     William Daniel S32201     William Daniel SC56     William Powell Daniel R2655     James Daniels (Daniel) SC1771     John Daniels R2651     John Danks S30979     Frederick Dannar (Danner) R2658     James Dannelly (Dannelley) R2657     Daniel Dansby SC1778     John Dansealer (Danseller) SC1781     Henry Danseler (Dansler) SC1779     Jacob Dansler SC1780     John D'Antignac W4116     Hugh Darborough SC1782     Asa Darby SC1783     Ayres Darby VAS3263     Benjamin Darby S16758     Darman (Darmon) Darby VAS3264     Nathaniel Darby BLWt605-200     Richard Darby S32203     Richard Darby SC1784     Samuel Darby R13662     William Darby SC1785     Joel Darcy (Darsey, Dossey) S6788     George Darden S16757     John Dardon [Darden?] SC1786     Henry Daring R2898     William Darke BLWt598-500     Ephraim Darling SC1787     John Darnaby S16360     Adam Darnall S35879     Joseph Darnall S2515     William Darnell W6989     Aaron Darnold VAS3265     John Darrach S6789     John Darragh SC1788     Edward Darten (Dorton) S30983     William Darville VAS3266     James Darvin SC1790     John Darwin S21155     John Darwin SC1791     John Dash SC4273     Christian Dasher SC1792     John Daugherty S35898     Patrick Daugherty BLWt12075-100     William Daugherty (Dougherty) W3229     Moses Daulton W8659     Jonas Dausett SC1794     James Davant SC1795     Abraham Davenport VAS3107     Adrian Davenport S35874     Anthony S. Davenport S9383     Clayborn (Claiborn) Davenport S35875     Glover Davenport SC5505     Henry Davenport R2676     James Davenport R7591     James Davenport S12725     James Davenport Va8     Joseph Davenport VAS3268     Opie Davenport VAS3270     Reuben Davenport S39407     Richard Davenport S17914     Thomas Davenport BLWt1904-300     William Davenport R2678     William Davenport R2683     William Davenport S2507     William Davenport S8309     William Davenport VAS3271     William Davenport W19155     Richard Davere VAS3272     John Daves BLWt610-300     Azariah David S2503     Benjamin David SC1796     Henry David R2686     Jean (John) David SC1798     Joshua David SC1799     Josiah David SC1800     Michael David S12729     Peter David S39417     William David SC1801     Zekiel (Ezekiel) David SC1797     Abraham Davidson S3272     David Davidson W6978     Edward Davidson W3958     George Davidson W283     Giles Davidson S6790     James Davidson S8305     James Davidson W5064     John Davidson S1758     John Davidson S8304     John Davidson S31639     John Davidson SC1802     John Davidson X196     Joseph Davidson R2690     Joseph Davidson SC1803     Joseph Davidson W4175     Joseph Davidson W6977     Joshua Davidson (Davisson) S1192     Josiah Davidson R2692     Josiah Davidson (Davisson) S8307     Stephen Davidson S8306     Thomas Davidson SC1805     Thomas Davidson VAS3273     William Davidson BLWt607-450     William Davidson R2695     William Davidson R2696     William Davidson VAS3274     William Davidson W1732     William Lee Davidson NC20     Joseph Davie R2739 & R2698     Joseph Davie SC1851     Andrew Davies S3256     Aquilla Davies VAS3275     Jesse Davies S8282     John Davies SC1849     John L. Davies S2496     Marmaduke S. Davies (Davis) W6967     Moses Davies SC1855     Peter Davies VAS3321     Richard Davies VAS3276     Robert Davies SC1859     William Davies BLWt597-500     William Davies S45896     William Davies VAS746     Abraham Davis Va10     Abraham Davis VAS747     Abraham Davis W538     Absolam [Absalom] Davis SC1810     Alexander Davis SC1811     Amos Davis SC1812     Amos Davis SC1813     Aquilla Davis S35882     Aquilla Davis VAS3277     Aron (Aaron) Davis W6968     Arthur Davis SC1814     Arthur Davis SC1815     Arthur Davis VAS3278     Asa Davis S1757     Benjamin Davis SC1816     Benjamin Davis SC1817     Benjamin Davis SC1818     Benjamin Davis W3783     Benjamin Davis W4172     Blandford Davis SC1819     Burwell Davis S8286     Caleb Davis SC1820     Charles Davis R13594     Charles Davis S6785     Charles Davis VAS407     Charles Davis VAS749     Chisleu (Chesley) Davis SC1821     Clemency Davis SC1822     Clement Davis W4936     Cyrus Davis S41500     Daniel Davis S8287     Daniel Davis SC1823     David Davis R2711     David Davis SC1806     David Davis SC1807     David Davis SC1808     David Davis SC1824     David Davis W6962     Dolphin Davis VAS3279     Edmund Davis W3393     Edward Davis S8284     Edward Davis SC1825     Eli Davis R20356     Enoch Davis R13582     Francis Davis S8290     Francis Davis SC1826     Francis Davis X198     Frederick Davis SC1827     Frederick Davis SC1828     Gardner Davis SC1829     George Davis S21154     George Davis SC1830     Granville (Granvil) Davis SC1831     Harman Davis BLWt616-300     Henry Davis S30981     Henry Davis VAS2974     Henry Davis VAS3280     Henry W. Davis W350     Hezekiah Davis S32211     Hugh Davis S10136     Isaac Davis S15799     Isaac Davis VAS3281     Isham Davis W6970     Jacob Davis S17916     James Davis BLWt1051-300     James Davis R2745     James Davis R13595     James Davis S2498     James Davis S8281     James Davis S8288     James Davis S12724     James Davis S16751     James Davis S38655     James Davis SC1832     James Davis SC1833     James Davis SC1834     James Davis SC1835     James Davis SC1837     James Davis VAS3283     James Davis VAS3284     James Davis VAS3285     James Davis VAS3286     James Davis W4171     James Davis W8656     James Davis, Jr. SC1836     Jeduthen Davis VAS3287     Jeremiah Davis SC1838     Jeremiah Davis SC1839     Jeremiah Davis VAS3288     Jesse Davis R13608     Jesse Davis S2497     Jesse Davis S12735     Jesse Davis SC1840     Jesse Davis W8652     Joel Davis W351     John Davis BLWt561-300     John Davis R2734     John Davis R2735     John Davis R2746     John Davis R10467     John Davis S3259     John Davis S6781     John Davis S6787     John Davis S16358     John Davis S21725     John Davis S30371     John Davis S31642     John Davis S35876     John Davis S37880     John Davis S39403     John Davis SC1841     John Davis SC1842     John Davis SC1844     John Davis SC1845     John Davis SC1846     John Davis VAS1202     John Davis VAS3281     John Davis VAS3281     John Davis VAS3289     John Davis VAS3290     John Davis VAS3291     John Davis VAS3292     John Davis VAS3293     John Davis VAS3294     John Davis VAS3295     John Davis VAS3296     John Davis W6959     John Davis W8654     John Davis W19156     John Davis W24852     John Davis, Jr. SC1825     John Davis, Jr. SC1847     John R. Davis R32     Jonathan Davis R2716     Jonathan Davis R2722     Jonathan Davis S17919     Joseph Davis R2717     Joseph Davis R2738     Joseph Davis S10534     Joseph Davis S15397     Joseph Davis S15399     Joseph Davis S31159     Joseph Davis SC1850     Joseph Davis SC1852     Joseph Davis VAS3297     Joseph Davis VAS3298     Joseph Davis VAS3299     Joseph Davis W6965     Joshua Davis R2714 1/2     Joshua Davis R2741     Joshua Davis SC1853     Josiah Davis S6786     Jsom [Isom, Isham?] Davis SC1843     Leonard Davis S12736     Levi Davis S21156     Lewis Davis S8280     Lewis Davis VAS3300     Lewis Cookson Davis S32199     Mason Davis SC1854     Meshack Davis R2747     Mijacah Davis W6969     Nathan Davis SC1856     Nathaniel Davis S30366     Nathaniel Davis SC1857     Nathaniel Davis SC1858     Nicholas Davis W30     Presley Davis VAS3301     Reuben Davis R20210     Richard Davis S41502     Richard Davis VAS3302     Richard Davis VAS3303     Richard Davis W2438     Robert Davis R2744     Robert Davis R2760     Robert Davis R2761     Robert Davis S2500     Robert Davis SC1860     Robert Davis SC1861     Sampson Davis W6964     Samuel Davis R2718     Samuel Davis S2499     Samuel Davis S8285     Samuel Davis S16756     Samuel Davis S35885     Samuel Davis S37878     Samuel Davis S39406     Samuel Davis SC1862     Samuel Davis VAS3233     Samuel Davis VAS3234     Samuel Davis VAS3304     Samuel Davis VAS3305     Samuel Davis W2534     Samuel Davis W4938     Samuel Davis W19157     Samuel Barker Davis W1728     Scolton Davis SC1863     Simon Davis S6784     Simon Davis SC1864     Snead Davis S32205     Solomon Davis SC1865     Spencer Davis W5261     Spillsby Davis VAS3306     Surry Davis R2766     Thomas Davis R2755     Thomas Davis S1509     Thomas Davis S1756     Thomas Davis S8289     Thomas Davis S35223     Thomas Davis SC567     Thomas Davis SC568     Thomas Davis SC569     Thomas Davis SC570     Thomas Davis SC571     Thomas Davis SC5479     Thomas Davis SC1825     Thomas Davis VAS3307     Thomas Davis VAS3308     Thomas Davis VAS3309     Thomas Davis W539     Thomas Davis W4935     Thomas Davis W6974     Thomas Davis W8651     Thomas Davis W8655     Thompson Davis VAS1203     Tolaver Davis S37879     Vachel Davis R2770     Van Davis BLWt2044-100     Walter Davis W4170     Ware Davis SC1866     Wiley Davis SC1867     William Davis BLWt1536-100     William Davis S2160     William Davis S3255     William Davis S3257     William Davis S5329     William Davis S8277     William Davis S8291     William Davis S10521     William Davis S12738     William Davis S15796     William Davis S31158     William Davis S31641     William Davis S35884     William Davis SC1809     William Davis SC1868     William Davis SC1869     William Davis SC1870     William Davis VAS1204     William Davis VAS3310     William Davis VAS3311     William Davis VAS3312     William Davis VAS3313     William Davis VAS3314     William Davis VAS3315     William Davis VAS3316     William Davis W284     William Davis W6973     William Davis W8653     William Davis W8657     William Davis W10309     William Royal Davis SC1871     Zacharia (Zachariah) Davis SC1872     John Davise W19138     Elias Davison SC1873     Hugh Davison SC1874     Jacob Davison S34299     John Davison SC1875     Joseph Davison SC1804     Joseph Davison VAS3318     Josiah Davison VAS3319     Samuel Davison R2694     Samuel Davison SC1876     William Davison SC1877     William Davison VAS3320     Ambrose Davisson (Davison) VAS3317     Isaac Davisson S2509     Josiah Davisson S8301     James Dawkins SC1878     John Dawkins W6992     Joseph Dawkins W8665     Richard Dawkins SC1879     William Dawkins SC1880     Caleb Dawley VAS3322     David Dawley VAS3323     Jonathan Dawley VAS2390     John Daws VAS3324     Benjamin Dawson S39405     Britton Dawson SC1881     Christopher Dawson W2721     Francis Dawson VAS3325     Henry Dawson BLWt601-200     Henry Dawson S10549     Henry Dawson VAS819     James Dawson S9657     James Dawson S44116     James Dawson VAS3326     Jeremiah Dawson R2778     John Dawson S32206     Jonas Dawson R2776     Jonathan Dawson SC1883     Joseph Dawson S34733     Joseph Dawson SC1884     Larkin Dawson SC1885     Thomas B. Dawson VAS227     William Dawson S17920     William Dawson S35883     Ambrose Day VAS3327     Benjamin Day VAS3328     Edward Day R2781     Edward Day S32200     Francis Day W6956     George Day VAS1082     Henry Day SC1886     Henson Day R2782     James Day R2784     James Day VAS1745     John Day S3252     John Day SC1887     John Day (Daye) W3006     John Day W4177     Joseph Day BLWt2175-300     Joseph Day R2788     Joseph Day SC1888     Josiah Day SC1889     Peter Day SC1890     Philip Day W915     Ransom Day R2790     Samuel Day SC1891     Thomas Day VAS3329     Westbrook Day S39404     William Day S16755     William Day S39408     William Day S39416     William Day SC1892     William Day SC1893     William Day VAS3330     Daniel De Benneville BLWt562-400     Claudius De Bert BLWt635-300     Ferdinand De Brahm SC1894     Charles De KlaumanVAS827     John De la Howe SC1895     William De Loach SC1903     Le Vacher De St. Maria BLWt615-300     Charles De Tollenare SC1906     William De Veaux (Deveaux) SC1908     David Deaderick W3521     James Deakins W9833     William Deakins S38659     Jacob Deal (Diall) S8313     Thomas Deale R2797     William Deall (Dale) SC1909     Abner Dean SC1910     Ashbel (Archibald) Dean W20965     Daniel Dean VAS1974     Ephraim Dean R13698     George Dean SC1911     John Dean (Deane) S39427     Joshua Dean R2810     Michael Dean S36503     Moses Dean W4664     Peter Dean VAS3331     Philip Dean W19165     Richard Dean S16761     Richard Dean S38658     Samuel Dean (Deen) R2087     Samuel Dean R2808     Thomas Dean (Deen) W27602     William Dean SC1912     William Dean SC1913     Francis Deane VAS3334     John Deane S16760     John Deane (Dean) W6998     Jones Deane VAS3332     Joshua Deane VAS3333     Henry Dearborn S46354     Robert Dearington SC1914     William Dearmond SC1915     Enoch Deason SC1916     John Deason SC1917     Quillar Deason SC1918     William Deason SC1919     Simon Dees SC1920     Randolph (Randall) Death VAS3335     William Death VAS3336     James Deatly (Deatley) S10139     William Deaver S6791     William Deaver S12754     James Deboard VAS3337     Frederick Debow W7005     Michael Deck W22935     John Deck R2826     John Decker S30380     Nicholas Decker VAS3338     Samuel Decker S35893     William Decker S12750     Edward DeCoine W10314     William Decourcy (Decoursey, DeCoursey) W8665 1/2     Jacques Delahair Decoutures X207     Robert Dedman VAS3339     Samuel Dedman S35887     Mark Dedmon (Dedman) W3960     George Deeds W10734     Adam Deem S10522     Jacob Deem R2838     Benjamin Deen S44130     Julius Deen S39436     Martin Deer S8311     Joel Deese (Dees) R2841     Adam Deets W598     John Defever W1834     David Defnall (Deflenn) S37887     Absalom Degle (Deagle) R2796     Vincent Degraffenreid (Degraffenreed) R2845     Tscharner (Ischamer) DeGraffenreidt (Degraffenredd) VAS389     Abraham DeHart S39426     Cyrus DeHart S5426     Isaac Dehaven S8318     John B. Dehay VAS817     Zachariah Dehay SC1921     Edward Dehouse W8664     Jacob Deinor BLWt2194-100     Charles DeKay R34     John (Jean Baron) DeKalb BLWt1002-1100     Charles Deklaman R13678     Anthony Delaney VAS3340     Benjamin Delaney S2527     James Delaney SC1922     Martin Delaney S39425     Thomas Delany VAS3341     Henry Delap S6793     Robert Delap SC1923     James Delaplaine BLWt600-200     Joseph Delastatious VAS3343     Peter Delastatious VAS3344     Selby Delastatious VAS3342     Severn Delastatious VAS3346     William Delastatious VAS3345     George Delaughter SC1896     Joseph Delespine [De Lespine] SC1897     Christopher Delezenne W10725     John Deliesseline SC1924     Joseph Deliforce R2848     Joseph Dell VAS3348     Christian Dellinger R2857     John Dellinger (Dillinger) W19180     Hardy Deloach [Deloatch, Delotch] SC1899     Michael (Micha) Deloach SC1901     Samuel Deloach SC1902     John Deloatch SC1900     David Deloch [Dayloatch, Delotch] SC1898     Joseph Deloge VAS3349     Francis Delong S34741     Zachariah Delong VAS3350     William Delough SC1925     Asa Delozer VAS3351     Richard Davis Delozier VAS3352     Daniel Delph VAS2896     William Delwood SC1933     John Demaras SC2277     John Demaree W7004     James Demasters R2861     John Demasters W3394     Andrew Demoss R2869     John Demoss W9832     Peter Demoss S10558     Thomas Demoss VAS1804     Samuel Demovill VAS2836     David C. Dempsey W727     Dennis Dempsey (Dempsy) W3076     John Dempsey S34744     Dennis Demsey SC2262     Jesse Demsey [Dempsey] SC1934     Jonathan Denby VAS3353     Thomas Dendy SC2266     George Frederick Dener W8667     David Denham W27540     Heardin (Harden) Denham S30985     Archibald Denholm VAS3354     Jacob Dennard SC2267     John Dennard R2872     John Dennard, Jr. SC2268     William Dennard SC2269     Edward Denney (Deney) SC2270     Elijah Denney (Denny) S2513     John Denney R2875     Andrew Dennis S44129     Edward Dennis S30377     Josiah Dennis SC2051     Richard Dennis SC2272     Sumril Dennis SC2273     William Dennis (Hamilton) S37990     William Dennis S39433     William Dennis VAS894     Abraham (Abram) Denny R2882     Henry Denny VAS3355     John Denny NC21     John Denny SC2271     Joseph Denny S8323     Samuel Denny S32212     Samuel Denny VAS3356     William Denny R13730     John Denoon (Denune) S44133     John Densler SC2274     Benjamin Denson R2887     John Denson S3279     Thomas Denson R13729     Arthur Dent VAS928     John Dent VAS3357     John Dent W4663     David Denton W8662     James Denton SC2275     John Denton R2888     John Denton S41503     John Denton W352     Thomas Denton VAS3358     William Denton S39431     Isaac Depew R2892     Christopher Depoy S2166     William Depp S2511     John Deprest [Depres] SC2408     John Depriest VAS3359     Randolph Depriest R2987     Robert Depriest R2986     Reuben Depriest VAS3360     William Depriest S8319     Henry Depue R2893     Charles Dequisie (Duzua) R2896     John Deremiah S36504     William Derrington (Dunnington) W27409     John Derrough S44137     John Derry SC2278     Andrew Derryberry (Deberry, Derreberry) W10312     Daniel Desaussure (De Saussure] SC1904     Louis Desaussure (De Saussure) BLWt1585-200     Frederick Desern (Desearn) S38660     John Deshaser SC2065     Henry Deshasure S16362     William Deshazo W1832     Daniel Deskins S36501     Peter DeSpain S14559     John Desper (Dashper) VAS3267     John Deuling SC2279     William Deupree (Dupree) BLReg281092-1855     James Devane S8317     John Devane W3961     Thomas Devane R2901     Jenkins Devaney R2902     Charles Devant SC2281     James Devant (Davant) SC2282     Francis Deveaux (Deveaus) SC1907     Peter Deveaux S37886     Henry Develin VAS930     Joel Devenport (Davenport) S39413     Moses Deveport VAS3269     Aaron Deveny (Diviny) S8321     John Devericks W7007     James Devers S17924     Abraham Devieze (Deviese) R2904     Robert Devin W3395     Ellis Devine VAS3361     James Devlin S39435     Jeremiah Devoe S43477     Cornelius Devore S34319     Jacob Devore SC2283     Matthew Devore SC2284     John Dew W2722     Thomas Dew R2909     Michael Dewalt S43489     John Dewees SC2285     Hezekiah Deweese (Dewese, Dewise) W7014     Charles Dewitt SC2286     Henry Dewitt VAS3195     Martin Dewitt (De Witt) R13728     Peter Dewitt S30986     Peter DeWitt VAS3362     Reuben Dewitt SC2287     William Dews S8312     Samuel Dey S6782     Edward Dial SC2288     Garret Dial SC2289     Jeremiah Dial, Jr. W914     John Dial (Doyal) SC2290     Martin Dial R13777     Nathaniel Dial SC2291     Daniel Diall (Dial) S41506     William Dial SC2292     John Diamond S30991     George Dias (Dice) S42161     John Dichtel SC2293     Anthony Dibrell W3398     Charles Dibrell (Debrill) S21160     Dick (a slave, alias Richard Pointer) VAS2021     Alexander Dick R13751     Charles Dick VAS1999     Charles Dick W10739     James Dick SC1929     John Dick SC2294     John Dick SC2295     John Dick SC2296     John Dick SC2297     John Dick W8668     Robert Dick SC2298     Thomas Dick SC2299     William Dick SC2300     Ephraim Dicken S30989     James Dicken VAS3363     John Dicken W1836     Joseph Dicken S3287     Richard Dicken W4179     Thomas Dickens S41509     William Dickens (Dicken, Dickins) W8197     Elijah Dickenson S6796     Griffeth Dickenson S20896     John Dickenson VAS3364     Josiah Dickerson SC2309     Robert Dickerson S46355     William Dickerson VAS942     Isham Dickeson (Dickerson) R2823     Michael Dickert SC2301     Alex Dickey VAS3365     Alexander Dickey SC2302     David Dickey S2522     David Dickey S6798     Ebenezer Dickey W8669     George Dickey SC2303     John Dickey SC2305     John Dickey SC2306     John Dickey W3962     Robert Dickey S2174     Robert Dickey SC2307     William Dickey SC2308     William Dickie VAS3366     Joseph N. Dickin R2948     Charles Dickinson (Dickerson) R2940     Edmund B. Dickinson BLWt523-400     Elijah Dickinson (Dickenson) S39443     Joel Dickinson (Dickson) SC2310     John Dickinson R2938     John Dickinson VAS943     John Dickinson (Dickerson) W7026     Thomas Dickinson W4178     Thomas Dickinson W27891     Vicarious Dickinson S39442     William Dickinson R2939     William Dickinson S8332     William Dickinson VAS3367     Nathaniel Dickison S3289     George Dicks VAS3368     Henry Dicks VAS3369     Isaac Dicks S34748     John Dicks S16762     Joseph Dicks SC2311     David Dickson SC2312     Hugh Dickson (Dixon) SC2313     James Dickson R2942     James Dickson SC2314     James Dickson SC2315     James Dickson SC2316     Jeremiah Dickson SC2317     Jesse Dickson S2521     Joel Dickson S41508     John Dickson (Dixon) S41507     John Dickson SC2318     John Dickson SC2319     John Dickson SC2320     John Dickson W25541     Joseph Dickson S41505     Josiah Dickson S16765     Matthew Dickson SC2321     Samuel Dickson (Dixon) SC2322     Thomas Dickson (Dixon) W3963     William Dickson S3288     William Dickson SC1971     William Dickson (Dixon) SC2323     William Dickson (Dixon) SC2324     William Dickson (Dixon) SC2325     William Dickson (Dixon) SC2326     William Dickson (Dixon) SC2327     William Dickson W328     John Dicky (Dickey) SC2304     John Diddle S5349     Thomas Diddleston (Duddleston) S35894     James Didlake VAS3370     John Didlake VAS3371     William Didlick VAS3372     John Diffee R2949     Cole Digges VAS3373     Dudley Digges S8328     Edward Digges R13760     William Digges S8327     John Diggs R2950     John Digman SC2328     John Digmon SC2329     Ed Dihouse VAS3374     Henry Dike (Dyke) S44146     John Dikes VAS3375     Robert Dikes VAS3377     Amos Dilday S6794     Joseph Dilday S6795     Jonathan Dildine W1396     Archibald Dill S3285     John Dill S8326     Nicholas Dill SC2330     Richard Dill (Dell) S3273     Runnels Dill R2953     Benjamin Dillard S1803     Edward Dillard VAS3379     James Dillard S6797     James Dillard W7019     James Dillard (Dilliard) W7020     John Dillard S3286     John Dillard S31649     John Dillard W19174     Nicholas Dillard SC2373     William Dillard VAS944     David Dille W7018     Benjamin Dillen S8329     Henry Dillen S45891     Jesse Dillon VAS3380     Richard Dillon R2959     Thomas Dillon S31650     Peter Dillow R2958     Robert Dingle SC2374     Joshua Dinkins S3278     David Dinning S30992     John Dinning [Dining, Denning] SC2375     John Dinwiddie W8671     John Disharoon W9524     James Dishman W9409     William Dishman R2965     Lewis Dishon (Dishong) R2966     Joseph Dismire [Desmire, Dissmore] SC1927     Paul Dismukes S3290     Benjamin Dispain W8670     George Diuguid S5348     William Diven VAS3381     James Divin S16365     Thomas Dix BLWt603-200     Thomas Dix W7016     William Dix R2970     William Dix VAS3382     Anthony Tucker Dixon R13772     Charles Dixon BLWt613-200     Edward Dixon VAS3383     George Dixon S16764     George Dixon S38662     Jeremiah Dixon S10565     John Dixon VAS3384     Joseph Dixon VAS3385     Nathaniel Dixon S8330     Peter Dixon S32694     Robert Dixon SC2376     Thomas Dixon S30387     Thomas Dixon VAS3386     Tilman (Tilghman) Dixon BLWt611-300     Wayne Dixon BLWt614-200     William Dixon R2972     William Dixon S16104     William Dixon W3522     Wynne Dixon S46000     James Dixson (Dixon, Dickson) SC727     Charles Dobbins VAS3387     David Dobbins S1805     James Dobbins SC2377     James Dobbins W3964     James Dobbins W25534     John Dobbins W3784     Chesley Dobbs W917     Fortunatus Dobbs [Doobs] SC2378     Kedar Dobbs VAS5080     Nathan Dobbs S16370     Nathaniel Dobbs VAS3388     John Dobey S31652     William Dobey SC2379     Jacob Dobkins S3305     George Dobson R2983     Henry Dobson BLWt592-300     Jessey Dobson R2982     John Dobson S8348     Joseph Dobson W19187     Richard Dobson S9386     Robert Dobson R36     John Doby SC2380     Robert Doby VAS3389     David Dodd S38670     Jesse Dodd S39453     John Dodd SC2387     Robert Dodd S41510     William Dodd S3292     William Dodd VAS3390     William Dodd W22956     Francis Dodds SC2381     James Dodds [Dods] SC2384     John Dodds, Jr. SC2386     Hugh Dods SC2383     John Dods [Dodds] SC2385     John Dods SC2388     Caleb Dodson R2996     George Dodson BLWt51883-160-55     John Dodson S2518     William Dodson S30994     William Doe VAS3391     Thomas Doeck SC2389     Henry Dogan VAS3392     Jeremiah Dogan S32219     Lovel H. Dogan S1196     Timothy Dogan VAS3393     Benjamin Doggett VAS998     Clement (Clem) Doggett VAS1011     George Doggett VAS1000     George Doggett VAS1920     Joel Doggett VAS1001     Richard Doggett BLWt1983-300     Samuel Doggins VAS3394     Patrick Dogherty X219     George Doherty R3000     George Doherty S1807     Robert Doil VAS3395     Francis Dolahide (Dollarhide, Dollahide, Dollahite) S32220     John Doland VAS3396     John Doland W7040     Branson Dolby VAS1876     William Dolby S25033     Elijah Dollar W17729     James Dollar W25535     Jonathan Dollar S9330     Reuben Dollar SC2390     William Dollar S8355     John Dollerhide (Dollarhide) R3001     John Dolley S6802     Presley Dollins S1806     William Dollins VAS3397     William Dollor (Dollar) W22965     Lyles Dolsbury S17929     Jeremiah Dolton SC2393     Matthew Dolton [Dalton] SC2394     Andrew Dominey (Dominy) W9412     Jacob Dominiack SC2395     John Dominiack SC2396     Henry Dominick S9329     James Donahaw VAS3398     Daniel Donaho SC2397     John Donaho SC2398     James Donald SC2399     John Donald SC2400     Moses Donald SC2401     Matthew Donaldson SC2403     William Donaldson S31653     William Donaldson VAS3399     Elijah Donathan R3004     Charles Donaway R3010     Hugh Dondleson [Donaldson] SC2402     Robert Donelson (Donalson, Donaldson) W7041     James Donely SC2404     Peter Doney SC2405     Daniel Donkin (Dunikin) S38675     Daniel Donnakin VAS1022     Patrick Donnally (Donally) R3007     Andrew Donnell S8347     Daniel Donnell S8351     George Donnell S3294     John Donnell W4180     John Donnell (Donnel) W19182     William Donnell S3293     James Donoho (Donohoe, Donaho, Donohoo, Danaho, Donehu) S35900     Thomas Donoho W9838     Mathew Donovan VAS3400     John Doods SC2406     James Doogan [Dougan, Dugan] SC2407     Robert Doogan [Dougan, Dugan] SC2409     Jacob Dooley (Dooly) W1837     Joseph Dopson SC2410     James Doran VAS3401     Terrence Doran (Doron) S39457     John Dorherty VAS3402     Richard Dorsey BLWt584-300     Peter Dorst [Durst] SC2412     Abel Dortch S32221     John Dortch [Dorch] SC2413     Nathan Dortch SC2414     William Dortch S35896     Benjamin Dorton (alias, Benjamin Drummond or Drummonds) R20358     Henry Dorton S5362     John Dorton VAS1023     Mathew [Matthew] Dorton SC2415     Peter Dosher (Dozier) W22951     Joel Doss SC2416     John Doss S5350     John Doss S38669     William Doss W9404     Thomas Dossett (Dosset) S37892     Esau Dotson S6800     Richard Dotson S5364     William Dotson R592     Jeremiah Dottey SC2417     Isaac Doty S38668     Nathan Doudge VAS2386     Reuben Doudge VAS3403     James Dougan S3306     John Dougan W9836     Peter Douge (Doudge) S41511     James Dougharty SC2419     John Dougharty [Dougherty] SC2420     James Dougherty (Daughity) R13659     Patrick Dougherty VAS3404     William Dougherty S16369     William Dougherty SC2372     William Dougherty (Daugherty) W4182     William Dougherty (Daugherty) W10315     William Doughten S32217     Alexander Douglas [Douglass] SC2421     Andrew Douglas S42168     Edward Douglas (Douglass, Dugless) S3297     Hugh Douglas SC2424     Jesse Douglas SC2425     John Douglas [Duglis] SC2426     John Douglas (Douglass) VAS3405     John Douglas W7032     Joshua Douglas SC2427     Sherrard Douglas SC2442     Solomon Douglas SC2443     Thomas Douglas S37895     George Douglass VAS1870     Randall Douglass S43508     Robert Douglass S1510     Samuel Douglass SC2428     Thomas Douglass S3296     Thomas Douglass W9885     William Douglass S38667     William Douglass SC2444     Silas Douthit S16368     Alexander Dove SC2445     Jacob Dove SC2446     Thomas Dove S1661     William Dove S8336     Francis Dover R3052     Joshua Dover R3053     Connor (Conner) Dowd W3664     John Dowd R13793     William Dowd SC2447     James Dowden S30996     John Dowden VAS3406     Thomas Dowden (Doudeen) W4181     Allen Dowdle SC2448     James Dowdle [Doudle] SC2418     Robert Dowdle [Doudle] SC1789     William Dowdle (Doudle) S34764     Claiborne Dowdy VAS3407     James Dowel BLWt118-100     John Dowel (Dowell) R3059     William Dowel (Dowell) VAS3408     Elijah Dowell R3060     George Dowell (Dowel) S32222     Major Dowell R3061     William Dowell VAS3409     James Dowling S8346     James Dowling (Deuling) SC2449     Josiah Downen SC2450     James Downey R3064     John Downey VAS3410     Michael Downey VAS3411     Patrick Downey S8350     Samuel Downey S12778     William Downey NC43     Alexander Downie S38666     Francis Downing VAS3412     James Downing W25536     John Downing SC2451     Richard Downing W19185     Rawleigh Downman BTWt1917-300     Jonathan Downs W21000     Robert Downs W8673     Thomas Downs S8337     William Downs SC2250     George Downton VAS3413     William Downton VAS226     Speakman (Speekman) Downum (Downom, Downam) W128     John Dowtin S6801     Joshua Dowver SC2453     Jeremiah Doxey S3303     Edward Doyle S32216     John Doyle VAS3414     Daniel Doyley (Doyle) BLWt617-200     John Dozer SC2454     Richard Dozier S8349     John Draffts (Drafts) SC2455     Albrittain Drake W8676     John Drake SC2456     Richard Drake W3788     Ridley Drake S9388     Thomas Drake VAS3415     Thomas Drake W5264     William Drake S8375     William Drake SC2457     William Drake W8675     George Draper VAS3416     James Draper SC2458     James Draper W3786     Robert Draper S38672     Robert Draper VAS3417     Thomas Drayton SC2459     Godfrey Drehr (Dreher, etc.) SC65     John Drennan SC2461     Thomas Drennan SC2462     John Drennon [Drennan] SC2460     William Drennon SC2463     John Drew BLWt981-100     Joshua Drew S6803     Solomon Drew W27541     Thomas H. Drew R13852     Benjamin Drewry VAS3418     Edmund Drewry VAS3419     James Drewry VAS3420     John Drewry R4314     John Drewry [Drury] SC2464     John Drewry VAS1049     Matthew Drewry VAS3421     Richard Drewry R3085     Richard Drewry VAS3419     Thomas Drewry VAS1050     Julius Driggers SC2467     William Driggers SC2468     Debrix [Devericks] Driggus SC2466     John Drinkard R3087     David Driskill (Driskell) W22974     Dennis Driskill VAS3423     Edward Driver VAS3424     Emanuel Driver VAS3425     Francis Driver S35901     John Driver VAS1083     William Driver VAS3426     William Drone W3785     Samuel Druin S16772     Philip Drum W2079     George Drumheller R3095     Leonard Drumheller W5265     John Drummon SC2469     Alex Drummond VAS3427     Benjamin Drummond (Drummonds, alias, Benjamin Dorton) R20358     James Drummond VAS3428     John Drummond BLWt2347-100     John Drummond S8376     Joshua Drummond W7045     William Drummond VAS3429     Henry Drury R3096 1/2     Mathew Drury VAS3422     Samuel Drury VAS3430     Jacob Dry R3097     Stephen DuBoise S3311     Andrew Dubose SC2470     Andrew Dubose, Jr. SC2471     Daniel Dubose SC2472     Elias Dubose SC2473     Isaac Dubose SC2474     Peter Dubose (DuBose) S21163     John Ducker S15409     Henry Duckwall VAS1827     John Duckworth S6805     Fene LeRoy Ducerqueil SC2476     Jacob Duckett SC2477     Armistead Dudley VAS2057     Banks Dudley VAS1069     Edward Dudley SC2478     George Dudley S41514     Guilford Dudley W8681     Henry Dudley R13891     John Dudley R35     John Dudley VAS1068     Robert Dudley VAS3071     Robert Dudley VAS3072     Samuel Dudley S6806     Thomas Dudley BLWt612-200     Thomas Dudley SC2479     William Dudley R3105     Ambrose Dudly (Dudley) S1949     James Due S34771     Henry Duel VAS3431     Jesse Duesto SC2138     Moses Duesto SC2480     Edward Duff VAS3432     David Duff SC975     Henry Duff BLWt581-300     John Duff S30390     William Duff SC2481     William Duff SC2482     Thomas Duffel (Duffell) W1738     John Oyns Duffey SC2061     Patrick Duffey SC2483     Thomas Duffey NC46     Anthony Duffield SC2484     James Duffy VAS3433     Abram Dufield S9389     Thomas Dugan SC2485     Robert Dugar S39465     Robert Dugar VAS3434     William Duggar (Dugger) R3109     Richard Duggan SC2486     John Dugger W7062     Julius Dugger R3108     Lee Andrew [Leonard] Duggias [Duggin] SC2144     John Dugless (Douglass) S2517     John Duglis [Douglas] SC2426     Clevears Duke S39471     Edmond Duke SC2488     Hardeman Duke W783     Harden (Hardin) Duke S8357     Hardin Duke VAS3436     Henry Duke W9415     James Duke S8358     Kedar Duke VAS3437     Matthew Duke S1199     Robert Duke SC2489     William Duke Ga16     William Duke S6808     William Duke S8356     Isaac Dukes R3111     Joseph Dukes SC2490     Mager (Majer, Major) Dukes SC2491     William Dukes SC2492     William Dula R3112     Zachariah Dulaney W3789     Henry Dulin SC2493     John Dulin S39468     Reuben Dulin (Deuling, Deulin) SC2280     John Dumpard SC2494     Daniel Dunalow SC2495     Josiah Dunavant (Dunnavant) S18384     Frederick Dunavent R3120     Samuel Dunaway S2530     James Dunbar VAS3438     Jonathan Dunbar S19286     Hambleton Dunbar VAS3439     Thomas Dunbar S30998     Thomas Dunbar W3879     William Dunbar SC2496     Archibald Duncan W8679     Benjamin Duncan W7052     Charles Duncan VAS3440     Charles Duncan W22973     Christopher Duncan R20198     Elijah Duncan S3309     Gabriel Duncan S10588     George Duncan S41513     George Duncan W9845     James Duncan S37901     James Duncan SC2497     Jesse Duncan S16774     John Duncan R3125     John Duncan R3126     John Duncan S8373     John Duncan SC2498     John Duncan, Sr. SC2499     John Duncan W353     Joseph Duncan S1809     Joseph Duncan S30389     Moses Duncan SC2500     Nimrod Duncan W2925     Robert Duncan S21167     Robert Duncan S42188     Samuel Duncan R3128     Samuel Duncan S12812     Thomas Duncan W1577     William Duncan W21015     John Duneth VAS3441     William Dunford R37     James Dungy VAS3442     Edward Dunkan (Duncan) S17395     Thomas Dunkeson W8680     Anthony Dunkin (Duncan) S1808     George Dunkin SC2501     James Dunkin, Jr. SC2503     James Dunkin, Sr. SC2502     John Dunkin, Jr. SC2505     John Dunkin, Sr. SC2504     John Dunkley W5267     Moses Dunkley S9331     David Dunlap SC2506     Francis Franklin Dunlap VAS2039     George Dunlap SC2507     James Dunlap SC2508     James Dunlap SC2509     John Dunlap SC2510     John Dunlap SC2511     Joseph Dunlap S38676     Robert Dunlap SC2512     Samuel Dunlap S3310     Samuel Dunlap S39466     Samuel Dunlap SC2513     Thomas Dunlap SC2514     William Dunlap R3139     William Dunlap W2723     Francis Dunlavy S2526     John Dunlop VAS3443     William Dunlop SC2515     Alexander Dunn R3142     Alexander Dunn SC2516     Andrew Dunn S43519     Andrew Dunn SC2189     David Dunn SC2517     Enos Dunn VAS3897     George Dunn S41515     Isaac Dunn S43520     James Dunn S8359     James Dunn SC2518     James Dunn VAS3444     James Dunn VAS3445     Joel Dunn SC2519     John Dunn R3144     John Dunn S35903     John Dunn VAS3446     John Dunn VAS3447     John Dunn VAS3448     Joseph Dunn S12811     Joshua Dunn S39467     Josiah Dunn R3145     Martin Dunn R3146     Nicholas Dunn S8360     Patrick Dunn VAS3449     Peter Dunn VAS3450     Richard Dunn R3143     Richard Dunn VAS1139     Silas Dunn R3147     Sylvester Dunn SC2520     Thomas Dunn S16373     Thomas Dunn VAS3451     William Dunn S35273     William Dunn SC2521     William Dunn SC2522     William Dunn W286     John Dunnam SC2523     William Dunnavant S8365     Abraham Dunnavent VAS3452     Thomas Dunnaway (Dunaway) R3149     Butler Marlow (alias Butler Dunning) S34974     Charles Dunnom R20361     James Dunsmoor (Dunsmore) W7058     Daniel Dunnivant VAS1981     Almon Dunston W731     Warner Dunston VAS3453     Stephen Dunton VAS3454     Robert Dunwell SC2524     William Dupee VAS3455     Antoine (Anthony) Dupille (Dupile) S34769     Louis Le Begue Duportail BLWt2293-1100     Jeremiah Dupree R3155     John Dupriest [Duprart] SC2526     James Dupuois SC2528     James Dupuy VAS1874     John Dupuy W7060     William Dupuy S12821     George Durant SC2529     Henry Durant SC2530     Thomas Durant SC2531     Mills Durden (Durdin) W17736     John Durdin (Durden) S6807     Charnel (Charnal) Durham W9418     James Durham S8367     James Durham S8371     John Durham S31003     John Durham S42677     Joseph Durham R3158     Mastin Durham S1197     Mathew (Matthew) Durham S32224     Samuel Durham R3135     William Durham W4186     Samuel Durosett S34778     Claburn Durrett S39469     James Durrett VAS3456     John Dusett S45351     John Dutoutle [Duteille, Duteil] SC2532     Daniel DuVal W5069     John P. Duval VAS3457     Michael Duval [Debalt, Devaul] SC2534     William DuVal S8362     Caesar Duvall SC14     Isaac Duvall BLWt574-200     Lewis Duvall R3181     Robert Duvall BLWt590-200     William Duvall SC2535     Elisha Dyar (Dyer) S31659     Henry Dyass [Dyas] SC2536     John Dyass [Dyas] SC2537     Edward Dycass SC2538     Peter Dych S42689     Charles Dyche (Dyke) S1950     John Dyche S12833     Edward Dycus S3314     George Dye R13919     John Dye SC2539     John Dye VAS1169     John Dye VAS3458     Jonathan Dye BLWt2226-200     William Dye R8719     Charles Dyer R3176     Edward Dyer BLWt620-300     Francis Dyer S39476     John Dyer VAS3459     Jonathan Dyer S25046     Manoah Dyer S2532     Samuel Dyer S8378     Samuel Dyer VAS3460     Walter Dyer S42690     William Dyess SC2540     Michael Dyke [Dycke] SC2541     Henry Dykes VAS3461     John Dykes VAS3376     Robert Dykes VAS3378     Cornelius Dysart [Dysert] SC1969     John Dysart S3315     Daniel Dyson SC2542     Isaac Dyson SC2543     James Dyson SC2544     John Dyson S12836     Robert Dyson S39475     James Dyzell [Dysell] SC2545    

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John Eacheson SC2546     John Eacheson SC2547     Charles Eades R3241     Charles Eads S30392     Henry Eady SC2548     John Eagan SC2549     John Eager [Egon, Egan] SC2581     Robert Eager VAS3462     Archibald Eagle SC2550     William Eagle S39480     Alexander Eaken [Eakin] SC2551     Samuel Eakin S3317     Samuel Eakin VAS3463     William Eakin R3183     William Eakin R3184     William Eakin W3530     Gabriel Eakins (Acron) S16775     George Eakins SC2552     John Ealy S2191     Arthur Eanes Va7     Arthur Eanes VAS25     Edward Eanes R3186     John Eargle [Ergal] SC2553     Baylis Earle SC2554     Samuel Earle S21174     Samuel Earle SC2555     Samuel Earle W7065     Andrew Early [Earley] SC2556     Jeremiah Early R3191     Daniel Earlywine BLWt1649-100     Felix Earnest W7066     George Earnest W4666     George Earnhart R3196     Abednego Earp W3529     Edward Earp S41468     Josiah Earp S31004     Reuben Earthen VAS1168     Isaac Earthman S21173     Conrad Eartinhousin R3199     William Earwood SC2024     John Easley SC2557     Millington Easley SC2558     Daniel Easly S6810     Jacob Eason S41516     Moses Eason R3198     Samuel Eason R3197     Aaron Easor S35907     Isham East W19209     James East W5070     Southy East VAS3464     Michael Easter (Eastor) W18857     William Easterling (Esterling) R14028     Laurance Easterwood SC2559     Elisha Eastes (Eastis, Estes) W9419     Philip Eastin W9420     Philip Eastin VAS3466     Richard Eastin VAS3465     William Eastin S39479     William Easton SC2560     Demspey Eastwood VAS3467     Israel Eastwood S31660     John Eatherington VAS1316     Benjamin Eaton S45359     Christopher Eaton (Valentine) R3214     Henry Eaton S35909     Isaac Eaton SC2561     James Eaton W18663     Joseph Eaton S31005     Joseph Eaton VAS3468     Micajah Eaton VAS3469     Pinkethman Eaton BLWt653-400     William Eaton VAS3470     William Eaves SC2562     William Ebb VAS3471     John Ebbs VAS3472     Jacob Eberhart S31661     Thomas Eberhart SC2564     Samuel Eblen (Eblin) S32228     John Eccles W7072     John Eccleston (Eggleston) BLWt671-400     William Eckells SC2565     Michael Eckhart VAS3473     William Eckols S41517     Samuel Ector W19216     Benjamin Eddens [Eddins, Eddine, Edens, Edings] SC2569     William Eddings S3326     John Eddins SC2566     Samuel Eddins (Eddens) BLWt683-300     William Eddins S32230     Peter Eddleman S30398     Henry Eddy SC2567     John Eddy W14105     Willard Eddy S12851     Leonard Edelman S30397     David Edenfiled W10944     Alexander Edens R3229     Elias Edens W11092     Jacob Edens R3228     John Edens S35911     John Edens W4945     James Ederington R3230     James Ederton SC2568     John Edge R3232     John Edge W4946     William Edgman (Edgeman, Edgmon) S1810     Sewell Edinburg (Edinburgh) R13947     Peter Edleman W7085     David Edmiston SC2570     John Edmiston SC2571     Moses Edmiston SC2572     William Edmiston R3243     Elias Edmonds (Edmunds) VAS2004     Daniel Edmonds S8394     Daniel Edmonds VAS1239     Daniel Edmonds VAS1240     David Edmonds VAS1241     James Edmonds VAS1243     Benjamin Edmondson (Edmundson) R13953     Edmond Edmondson W19223     James Powell Edmondson VAS1244     John Edmonson S32229     John Edmonson SC2252     Thomas Edmunds BLWt997-300     William Edmundson S6813     Robert Edney R3249     David Edward (Edwards) W7081     Spencer Edward (Edwards) W7078     Andrew Edwards R3262     Andrew Edwards S3320     Benjamin Edwards S8397     Benjamin Edwards VAS3481     Benjamin Edwards W3790     Brown Edwards S35910     Charles Edwards VAS3474     Charles Edwards W20162     David Edwards S6812     Edmond Edwards VAS3475     Ellis Edwards VAS3476     Enoch Edwards VAS3477     Evan Edwards W10943     Fletcher Edwards R9250     Garrett Edwards VAS3478     George Edwards S12856     George Edwards VAS3479     George Edwards W8684     Henry Edwards S45839     Henry Edwards SC2573     Jacob Edwards S10609     James Edwards SC2574     James Edwards VAS1937     Jesse Edwards S17401     John Edwards R3257     John Edwards R3258     John Edwards S10610     John Edwards S31662     John Edwards SC2575     John Edwards SC2576     John Edwards SC2577     John Edwards W19222     Joseph Edwards R3259     Joseph Edwards R3260     Joseph Edwards R13943     Josiah Edwards SC2578     LeRoy Edwards BLWt677-300     Moses Edwards (alias, Hopper) W25559     Newit (Newett) Edwards S39481     Peter Edwards S8398     Reuben Edwards S16376     Richard Edwards VAS3480     Robert Edwards W77     Rodham Edwards VAS3482     Simon Edwards R3264     Solomon Edwards W7080     Stokes Edwards R3265     Thomas Edwards S3327     Thomas Edwards VAS1250     Thomas Edwards W7076     William Edwards R3263     William Edwards S3322     William Edwards VAS1252     William Edwards VAS1253     William Edwards VAS1254     William Edwards VAS2260     John Efland S6814     John Egan SC2579     William Egan SC2580     Benjamin Egerton W8686     Landrine Eggers S6815     Joseph Eggleston W8687     William Eggleston VAS2155     Matthias (Mathias) Egner S21745     John Eichelberger [Ichilburger, Eigelberger] SC2582     Joseph Eichelberger (Eckelbarner, Hackelbander, Ackelbarner) R3272 1/2     James Eidson [Eton] S17939     John Eidson [Etson] SC2583     Shelton Eidson S32231     Alexander Ekins [Akins, Eakins] SC2584     George Ekins [Akins] SC2585     Alexander Elam VAS3483     Godfrey Elam S10452     John Elam SC2586     Lodwick Elam VAS3484     Robert Elam VAS3485     Solomon H. Elam S17940     Samuel Elbert BLWt1230-500     Alexander Elder SC2433     Andrew Elder R3278     Claiborne Elder S39489     Ephraim Elder VAS3486     Ephraim Elder W7471     James Elder SC2434     John Elder SC2437     Robert Elder S12865     Robert Elder SC8406     Samuel Elder SC2440     Thomas Elder SC2439     William Elder SC2441     John Elders [Elder] SC2436     John Elders [Elder] SC2438     Christopher Eldridge (Aldridge) VAS3487     Simeon Eldridge S3333     Jacob Eleazer [Elyezar] SC2587     Gustavis Elgin S8412     Walter Elgin S9548     George Elholm SC27     Daniel Elliot SC2593     George Eliott (Elliott) R38     James Elkin W8803     Joshua Elkin S10624     Johnson Elkins S39494     Joshua Elkins W17555     Richard Elkins S2535     Shadrick Elkins R3286     William Elkins S42703     James Elks SC2588     Abraham Elledge S10625     Abram Elledge R13966     Jacob Elledge S1511     John M. Eller S6817     William Ellerbe, Jr. SC2589     William Elless [Ellis, Elles] SC2590     Joseph Ellige [Ellidge] SC2591     Robert Ellet [Elliot or Elliott] W4948     Zachariah Ellett R3287     Alexander Elley VAS1981     Edward Elley S8403     Daniel Ellington W3966     David Ellington S37908     David M. Ellington R3288     Abraham Elliott R3289     Alexander Elliott S31008     Archibald Elliott VAS3489     Arthur Elliott R3300     Barnard Elliott W4432     Benjamin Elliott SC2592     James Elliott (Elliot) SC2594     James Elliott VAS3490     Jedathun Elliott VAS3488     Jeremiah Elliott VAS3491     John Elliott S8410     John Elliott (Elliot) S8411     John Elliott S32232     John Elliott (Elliot) SC2596     John Elliott VAS3492     John Elliott VAS3493     Joseph Elliott SC2595     Reuben Elliott (Elliot) W10122     Richard Elliott VAS3494     Robert Elliott SC2597     Robert Elliott SC5473     Robert Elliott VAS1261     Robert Elliott W3404     Samuel Elliott SC2598     Samuel Elliott (Elliot) W19225     Teackle Elliott VAS3493     Thomas Elliott R3294     Thomas Elliott S34805     Thomas Elliott S39490     Thomas Elliott SC2599     Thomas Elliott VAS1952     Thomas Elliott W4190     Wiatt Elliott VAS3495     William Elliott R3301     William Elliott R3307     William Elliott SC2600     William Elliott SC2602     William Elliott VAS3493     William Elliott W4668     William Elliott W7097     William Elliott W8690     William Elliott, Jr. SC2603     Abraham Ellis S16109     Absalom Ellis S41519     Benjamin Ellis R3310 1/2     Benjamin Ellis SC2604     Dan Ellis VAS41     Dudley Ellis S2195     Ephraim Ellis S3331     James Ellis S39492     James Ellis SC2605     Jesse Ellis VAS3496     John Ellis R3316     John Ellis S32233     John Ellis S32234     John Ellis VAS3497     John Ellis VAS3498     Joseph Ellis R3311     Leonard Ellis W8689     Matthew Ellis VAS3499     Michael Ellis S6818     Nathan Ellis R3317     Robert Ellis S26084     Robert Ellis S41518     Samuel Ellis S30400     Samuel Ellis VAS3500     Shadrach Ellis S31666     Stephen Ellis R3322     Thomas Ellis S34806     Walter Ellis W4431     William Ellis VAS3501     William Ellis W7092     Charles Ellison SC2607     Charles Ellison W354     David Ellison S44807     James Ellison S6821     John Ellison R3285     John Ellison S3334     John Ellison S6820     Robert Ellison SC2608     Richard Elliss SC2606     Michael Elliwine SC2610     Frederick Wilhelm Ellmore (Ilmer) R3325     John Ellmore (Elmore) S39491     William Ellotte (Elliott) SC2601     John Ellwine [Allawine] SC2609     Daniel Elmore VAS3502     George Elmore VAS3503     John Elmore S31009     Matrom Elmore R3326     Matthias Elmore R13965     Peter Elmore R3327     Stephen Elmore [Ellmore] SC2611     Thomas Elmore W7095     William Elmore S8414     William Elmore VAS3504     Charles Elms S8413     James Elms VAS3505     William Elms VAS3506     Jacob Elsbury W10016     Edward Elsea (Elzey) VAS3507     Lewis Elsey SC2612     Thomas Elsey S8404     Thomas Elwell W7096     William Ely S39493     William Elzey W3531     Matthew Emacs (Amyx) S6501     John Embry VAS3508     Henry Emerson S21747     Henry Emerson VAS3509     Henry Emerson W4949     John Emerson W8694     George Emery (Emrey) S32236     Stephen Emery SC2613     William Emery W7107     William Emett S32237     Henry Emeigh (Emmig) SC2614     Reuben Emmerson S30401     Frederick Emmert R3345     George Emmert S38680     James Emmons VAS3510     James Emmons W7108     John Emmons S46440     John Emmons VAS1281     Peter Emmons S39495     William Emmons VAS3511     Thomas Emory VAS3512     William Emory S34811     Moses Endecott R3348     John Endsley R3349     William Endsworth SC2615     Wendel Engel VAS3513     John Engelhaupt (Engelhault) W2776     John England R3350     John England W5270     Joseph England S2541     William England S10631     John Engle S38861     William Engle VAS3514     Charles English BLWt1379-100     Charles English S39498     James English SC2616     Robert English VAS3515     Robert L. English R3354     William English S3336     William English W7970     Potter Enloe (Inlow, Inloe) W11912     Enoch Enloes SC2617     Isaac Enloes SC2618     Deason Enlow S39496     John Ennis (Innis) BLWt1867-100     Leonard Ennis W9429     William Ennis (Inis) SC2619     David Enoch R2236     Jacob Enoe SC2620     Joshua Ensmingar R3360     John Entsminger S42708     Thomas Entrekin W7112     William Entrekin W3532     Isaac Eoff R3362     Peter Eoff SC2621     William Epes (Eppes) BLWt360-200     David Ephland S32239     David Epperson VAS1767     Francis Epperson S37915     Richard Epperson VAS2047     Richard Epperson VAS3516     Samuel Epperson VAS3517     Thomas Epperson S4282     Thomas Epperson W7113     Thompson Epperson (Epposon) W7115     Francis Eppes VAS1942     Peter Eppes S8424     Richard Eppes S38681     William Eppes VAS1282     William Eppes VAS1860     Wyatt Eppes VAS3518     John Epps S8423     Moses Epps S6822     John Eptin (Epting) SC2622     Thomas Ermine VAS3519     Charles Erskine VAS2164     James Ervin (Erwin) SC2625     James Ervin SC2626     James Ervin [Ervine, Irvin] W9430     John Ervin [Erwin] S1512     John Ervin SC2623     William Ervin SC2624     William Erving SC2629     David Erwin (Eirwin) R3369     Joseph Erwin SC2627     Richard Erwin W922     Samuel Erwin SC2628     William Erwin S6823     John Esham VAS3520     George Eskridge S8428     George Eskridge W8693     Edwin Eskridge VAS3521     Malachi Eskridge R21701     Samuel Eskridge VAS1285     William Eskridge VAS3522     William Eskridge W4192     James Espey (Espy) S31668     John Espey (Espy) S31669     Samuel Espey (Espy) S6824     Joseph Essig S8434     Abraham Estes S12878     Abraham Estes (Estis) W7119     Brazel Estes R3201     Elijah Estes S39499     George Estes S18394     George Estes VAS1298     John Estes S3338     John Estes S8429     John Estes W17764     Lyddal Estes R3372     Moses Estes VAS1305     Rowland Estes W1740     Thomas Estes W1160     Samuel Estill S12876     Wallis Estill S1759     Burdit (Burdett) Estridge SC2630     Edmond Etchison S8436     Anthony Ethell S6825     Benjamin Ethell (Athell) S35286     Henry Ethell R3374     Joel Etheredge (Etherdge) R3375     Henry Etheridge SC2632     John Etheridge R3376     John Etherington (Eatherton) W4670     Benjamin Ethridge SC2631     Lett Ethridge SC2633     Samuel Ethridge SC2634     John Etter S46542     Achilles Eubank W27743     Daniel Eubank R3379     John Eubank R3378     John Eubank W7298     John Eubank W19232     Joseph Eubank R3380     Royal Eubank S39500     Thomas Eubanks VAS2969     John Eustace BLWt682-300     John Eustace VAS1322     John Eustace W4014     Andrew Evans S3341     Andrew Evans W10019     Ardin Evans S1812     Barwell Evans SC2635     Batte Evans S39502     Benjamin Evans SC2636     Charles Evans W7123     Cornelius Evans S3340     David Evans SC566     Edward Evans R3382     Elisha Evans S6830     Enoch Evans SC2637     Ezekiel Evans SC2638     Ezer [Ezra] Evans SC2639     George Evans BLWt2197-200     George Evans VAS3523     Henry Evans S8441     Henry Evans SC2640     Henry Evans VAS3524     Isaac Evans SC2641     James Evans S39501     James Evans SC2208     James Evans SC2642     Jesse Evans R3409     Jesse Evans S15826     John Evans R3388     John Evans NC42     John Evans S2200     John Evans S8444     John Evans SC2119     John Evans SC2643     John Evans SC2644     John Evans SC2645     John Evans (Evens) SC2646     John Evans VAS3525     John Evans VAS3526     John Evans VAS3527     John Evans VAS3528     John Evans VAS3529     John Evans W1582     Joseph Evans S35289     Josiah Evans SC2647     Josiah Evans SC2648     Littlebury Evans VAS3530     Nathan Evans SC2650     Nathaniel Evans SC2651     Owen Evans W10965     Perry Evans S39503     Peter Evans W14695     Philip Evans VAS1315     Philip Evans VAS2521     Philip Evans VAS3531     Philip Evans W5272     Reuben Evans S41524     Richard Evans SC2652     Robert Evans SC2653     Sampson Evans S8440     Samuel Evans S6827     Samuel Evans W7126     Stephen Evans VAS3532     Tebus (Jabez?) Evans SC2654     Thomas Evans BLWt685-300     Thomas Evans S34821     Thomas Evans SC2655     Thomas Evans SC2656     Thomas Evans VAS1084     Thomas Evans VAS1085     Thomas Evans W923     Walter Evans R3395     William Evans S8445     William Evans S10640     William Evans S25069     William Evans S31670     William Evans SC2657     William Evans SC2658     William Evans SC2659     William Evans VAS3533     Zachariah Evans S30402     John Evens SC1723     Henry Everett VAS1275     John Everett R3403     John Everett S16786     John Everett VAS2972     William Everett S3342     William Everett VAS1275     Godfrey Everhardt [Everharth] SC2563     Lawrence Everhart (Everheart) S25068     Peter Everhart W7128     Andrew Everheart VAS3534     John Everitt R3404     Joseph Everitt R3402     Nathaniel Everitt S6829     Robert Everitt S38682     Thomas Everitt S6828     John Everly R3405     Simeon Everly S8446     John Evett R3408     David Evins S32695     John Evins R3387     John Ewbanks [Eubanks] SC2660     Charles Ewell W9432     Thomas Ewell R14052     Thomas Winder Ewell BLWt2497-300     Alexander Ewing W152     Alexander Ewing W1584     Edward Ewing (Ewings) VAS390     George Ewing W9     John Ewing R3415     John Ewing S31015     Robert Ewing SC2661     Samuel Ewing SC2662     Samuel Ewing, Jr. SC2343     William Ewing (Ewen) R3022     William Ewing SC2663     John Exline S42716     B. Eyrant SC2664     Balaam Ezell S31016     Timothy Ezell S38686    

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John Fabian SC24     Dixon Fail S6833     Thomas Fail SC2665     George Faent VAS3535     Philip Faent VAS3536     Ebenezer Fain R3421     William Fain R3422     Martin Fainter S19292     Barnabas Fair S12895     Isham Fair [Fear] SC2666     James Fair VAS3537     Abijah Fairchild R3428     Abiud Fairchild S15420     Richard Fairchild SC2667     Jonathan Faire (Fare) S38691     Isaac Fairies [Feris, Farris] S3352     James Fairlie S17945     Michael Fagan S35922     Thomas Fakes SC2668     Jacob Falconbury S16789     Jacob Falker SC2669     David Falkner S3346     Hardy Falkner R3466     Ralph Falkner BLWt514-400     John H.Fallin (Fallen) S10642     William Falls S6834     Patrick Falvey VAS4650     James Falwell (Fallwell) W7247     Thomas Fambrough R19380     Isaac Fancher S42719     Thomas Fandre S8455     Vachel Fandre W1407     Charles Fane S3343     Joshua Faning [Fanning] SC2670     John Fanney W4194     David (Daniel) Fannin Va5     John Fanny SC2671     George Fant S35301     Abel Farar S17947     Edmund Fare W2726     Henry Farence S39508     James Farewell S41529     David Fargeson [Ferguson] SC2711     John Fargeson SC2715     Larkin Fargeson S35923     William Fargeson VAS3538     Abraham Farguson S16379     John Farguson (Furguss) VAS3539     Robert Farguson [Forgison, Ferguson] SC2720     David Farinholt VAS3541     Alexander Faries, Jr. (Faris, Farris) S3344     Alexander Faries, Sr. SC2672     Arthur Faries SC2673     Caleb Faries SC2674     James Faries, Jr. SC2675     James Faries, Sr. SC2676     Levi Faries (Faris) SC2677     William Faries (Faris, Farris) SC2681     Elijah Faris W7239     Isham Faris R3452     Martin Faris S8452     Moses Faris S31019     Robert Faris SC2678     Thomas Faris S30407     Thomas Faris SC2682     William Faris (Farris) R3457     William Faris (Farris) Va21     William Faris (Farris) W7238     Larkin Farish VAS1989     Robert Farish VAS3542     Jacob Fariss S8453     William Fariss (Farris) R3456     Obediah Farley R3437     Stephen Farley W78     Thomas Farley W7244     William Farmbrough R3438     Benjamin Farmer W7242     David Farmer VAS1978     Ezekiel Farmer S16112     Jesse Farmer BLWt1349-100     Jesse Farmer VAS3543     Jesse Farmer VAS3544     John Farmer S21191     John Farmer VAS3545     Ludavick (Loduvick) Farmer VAS1354     Ludowick Farmer W19244     Matthew Farmer S16790     Nathan Farmer BLWt1348-100     Shadrack [Shadrach] Farmer S21190     Thomas Farmer SC2683     William Farmer S35919     William Farmer SC2684     Zachariah Farmer SC2685     William Farnshild (Farnshield) S34838     Henry Farnsler S15829     Joe [Farquharson] SC2686     Nathaniel Farr SC2687     Robert Farr [Fair] W8223     William Farr W21094     Samuel Farra S31022     George Farragut R1172     Field Farrar BLWt70-300     Francis Farrar S31672     Jesse Farrar NC46     Leonard Farrar S17406     Matthew Farrar R3448     Nathaniel Farrar S8458     Stephen Farrar W7240     Thomas Farrar R3449     William Farrar W3968     Zephaniah Farrel VAS3388     Isaac Farrell S35920     James Farrell BLWt339-100     John Farrell VAS3546     Charles Farris (Farres) R3451     James Farris R3452     John Farris R3455     John Farris [Feres] SC2688     Nathan Farris R14085     William Farris VAS640     Jesse Farrow S38687     John Farrow S21193     Landon Farrow W21088     Robert Farrow VAS3547     Samuel Farrow SC2435     Thomas Farrow S17946     John Farson (Ferzan) SC2188     Benjamin Fartherree SC2689     Christian Fast W4195     Edward Fathorn VAS3548     Robert Faucett S41528     James Faulconer (Faulkner) S31021     Joseph Faulconer (Faulkner) W8805     Samuel Faulconer S5376     John Faulkner SC2690     Peter Faulkner S35918     David Faulkenberry S3350     Griffin Fauntleroy X255     Henry Fauntleroy BLWt1087-300     Moore Fauntleroy BLWt741-400     Robert Fauntleroy S5380     Jasper (Gasper) Faust (Foust), Jr. R3468     Joseph Faverty R3469     John Favor VAS3549     John Favors VAS3550     Obediah Fawcett R3470     William Fawn W7237     Peter Fayssoux BLWt1976-450     Daniel Feagan R3473     William Feagans R20366     Edwin Fealding VAS3552     Hamner Fear VAS3553     Jacob Fear VAS3554     John Fearis, Jr. SC4217     Thomas Fearies [Fearis, Faries, Faires] SC2692     Robert Fearis (Faris, Faries) SC2679     Robert Fearis, Jr. SC2680     Edmond (Edmund) Fears (Fear) R3474     Edmond Fears VAS673     Thomas Fears S6835     Joseph Fearson (Pharson, Pherson) W24186     James Feast SC2693     John Featherston (Fedderson) SC2902     Richard Featherston SC2694     John Feazle S4284     Michael Feazle VAS3551     Christian Febiger VAS675     Alexander Feely S3480     John Feely R3481     John Feemster SC2695     John Fegan [Fagan] SC2696     James Fegins (Figgins) W4952     John Fehre S39513     Christian Feigge SC2697     William Feimster W1745     Abraham Felder SC2698     Frederick Felder SC2699     Henry Felder SC2700     Samuel Felder [Fielder] SC2701     John Felistion SC2702     Jacob Felker SC2704     John Felkins S39517     John Fell SC2703     Stephen Fellyaw S8467     Dorus Felmott W3969     Allen Felts R3487     Frederick Felts S8464     Isham Felts VAS3555     Rowland Felts S2546     John Fender SC2705     William Fender SC2706     William Fendley W7258     Frederick Fendrer S8462     James Fenesher (Fancher, Francher, Fanshar) R3738     Uz Fenly R3557     John Fenn W2087     Thomas Fenn BLWt767-200     Joseph Fennel S2547     Morris Fennell W7257     Nicholas Fennell W3970     Richard Fenner W789     Robert Fenner BLWt770-300     Joseph Fenno S34841     John Fenton R21884     James Fentress S3356     Valentine Fentress (Fantress) W3008     Edward Fenwick [Fenwicke] SC2707     John Fenwick SC2708     Richard Fenwick R3497     Samuel Ferebee S8466     William Fergason (Ferguson) W7263     James Fergus BLWt769-400     James Fergus SC2709     James Fergus W25573     John Fergus W8807     Andrew Ferguson S32243     Artimas Ferguson SC2710     David Ferguson S35925     Edmond (Edmund) Ferguson R3501     Hugh Ferguson SC2712     James Ferguson S31675     James Ferguson [Farguson] SC2713     James Ferguson SC2714     John Ferguson R3504     John Ferguson S1814     John Ferguson SC2716     John Ferguson VAS3540     John Ferguson W21103     John Ferguson, Sr. SC2717     Joseph Ferguson SC2718     Joshua Ferguson S16793     Lewis Ferguson S32241     Moses Ferguson S17411     Pall [Paul] Ferguson Forgison] SC2719     Robert Ferguson S39512     Robert Ferguson VAS1357     Robert Ferguson W7262     Samuel Ferguson SC2721     William Ferguson SC2722     William Ferguson VAS3556     John Fergusson (Ferguson) W8808     Moses Fergusson S8461     Robert Fergusson (Ferguson) VAS1358     William Fergusson (Ferguson) S39516     Caleb Feris (Farris) S1813     Dennis Ferrall VAS3557     Edmond Ferrel VAS3558     Gabriel Ferrel (Ferrell) R3514     James Ferrel (Ferrell) S7697     James Ferrel W23029     Thomas Ferrel VAS3558     John Ferrell R3512     John Ferrell S6836     Micajah Ferrell S31676     Thomas Ferrell (Firrell) SC64     William Ferrell BLWt2402-200     William Ferrell S3355     William Ferrell S6831     William Ferrell S13015     William Ferrell VAS3559     Smith Ferrill (Ferrell) S1513     Zaphaniah Ferrill S35928     Alexander Ferrioll S43551     John Ferrol VAS3560     Beverly Ferry VAS3561     Stephen Ferryman S39515     William Fery [Ferry] SC2723     Aberhart Fetner S19294     Joachim Fetzer S39518     Joshua Fewox SC2724     Laurents Fibiger (Fibergher, Febeoken) SC2063     Benjamin Fickle S8478     Charles Ficklin VAS3562     John Ficklin S35938     Abraham Field VAS1361     Benjamin Field W3009     Daniel Field VAS3563     Henry Field VAS3564     Henry Field W8811     John Field S35937     John Field W1161     Lewis Field S30413     Reuben Field W8812     Stephen Field VAS3565     Theophilus Field R60     William Field VAS3566     Dennis Fielder S8476     George Fielder S35935     John Fielder R3533     Eppa Fielding W7272     Abraham Fields SC2725     Ansel Fields W10021     Bartholomew Fields S10870     George Fields S34851     Jeremiah Fields SC2726     John Fields R3529     John Fields S8471     John Fields SC2727     John Fields W3971     Luke Fields SC2728     Reading Fields SC2729     Redding Fields SC2730     Samuel Fields SC2731     Samuel Fields Va22     Simon Fields S42723     William Fields S25088     William Fields S30416     William Fields SC2732     William Fields SC2733     Charles Fierer (Fuerer) R22811     William Fiers S30414     William Fife W7265     Jacob Fifer R3534     John Fifield W17500     James Figg VAS1362     Thomas Figg VAS3567     William Figgins R3536     Conrad (Conrod) Fight W3973     George Filby VAS3568     Peter Filend SC2734     Adam J. Files S13026     Jeremiah Files S13025     Jeremiah Files SC2735     John Files S32245     John Files SC2736     Isham Finch S41538     James Finch VAS3569     William Finch S31677     William Fincham (Flincham) VAS3570     James Fincher S31678     Frederick Finder S25089     Charles Findley SC2737     George Findley W7273     James Findley [Finley, Fenley] SC2738     Norris Findley SC2743     Paul Findley W9440     Samuel Findley R14183     Uzza Findley SC2744     Andrew Peter Finfrock W8205     Patrick Finigan (Finnagan, Finnigin) BLWt555-100     Daniel Fink S31027     Mark Finks R3551     John Finlay SC2739     John Finlay SC2740     Matthew Finlay SC2747     Archibald Finley R3554     Charles Finley S6845     Ebenezer Finley BLWt2287-200     James Finley S6838     James Finley (Finlay) SC2745     John Finley (Findley) S6843     John Finley (Findley) SC2741     John Finley (Findley, Fenley) SC2742     John Finley SC2746     John Finley W1257     Robert Finley S16797     Samuel Finley R3556     Samuel Finley W10026     Thomas Finley SC2748     Peter Finn S32244     Philip Finn VAS3571     Ambrose Finnel SC2749     Charles Finnell S16799     Reuben Finnell VAS3572     James Finney SC2750     John Finney SC2344     Michael Finney SC1531     Reuben Finney W10024     Robert Finney S37926     Robert Finney SC2751     Walter Finney BLWt746-300     William Finnie R14175     John Finnill VAS1871     Reuben Finnill VAS1871     Peter Fint S42718     Adam Fiscus S16115     Jacob Fishback R3562     John Fishback R3563     Richard Bailey Fishburn SC2752     William Fishburne SC2753     Benjamin Fisher S39520     Ebenezer Fisher S8473     Elias Fisher W26789     Frederick Fisher S20364     George Fisher R3568     George Fisher S46036     Isaac Fisher S39524     Isaac Fisher VAS1985     Isaac Fisher VAS1986     Jacob Fisher R3565     Jacob Fisher S15120     James Fisher R3569     James Fisher SC2754     James Fisher W7271     John Fisher S2210     John Fisher VAS3573     John Fisher VAS3574     John Fisher W25580     Maddox Fisher R3571     Mathias Fisher S22239     Peter Fisher R14157     Philip Fisher W3972     Thomas Fisher BLWt2071-100     Thomas Fisher S3360     Thomas Fisher VAS3575     William Fisher VAS3576     William Fisher W8813     Henry Fitch R14170     John Fitch W1586     Jonathan Fitchett SC2755     Joshua Fitchett S16798     Anthony Fitchpatrick R3588     Isaiah Fitten SC2177     John Fitts SC2756     John Fitts W9439     Michael Fitts SC2757     Robert W. Fitz S8475     Thomas Fitzgarrel R3586     Benjamin Fitzgerald S35931     Bartlet (Bartlett) Hawkins Fitzgerald (alias Hawkins) S9562     Benjamin Hawkins Fitzgerald (alias Hawkins) S13308     Charles Fitzgerald S17950     Elisha Fitzgerald (Garrott) VAS3577     George Fitzgerald (Fitsgerald) S39523     Harvey Fitzgerald W7278     James Fitzgerald BLWt1436-100     James Fitzgerald VAS3578     James Fitzgerald VAS3579     John Fitzgerald BLWt764-300     John Fitzgerald VAS3581     John H. Fitzgerald VAS3580     Nicholas Fitzgerald S34852     Phillip Fitsgerald SC2758     Thomas Fitsgerald SC2759     William Fitzgerald S16796     William Fitzgerald S30411     Daniel Fitzhugh S8474     Peregrine Fitzhugh W16989     William Fitzhugh S17948     William Beverly Fitzhugh VAS3582     Nichols Fitzimmons VAS3583     Daniel Fitzjarrell (Fitzgerald) S31028     James Fitzjarrell R3585     Edmund Fitspatrick SC2761     James Fitzpatrick S32696     James Fitspatrick SC2762     James Fitzpatrick VAS1373     John Fitzpatrick VAS3584     John Fitzpatrick W7276     Peter Fitspatrick SC2763     Solomon Fitzpatrick VAS3585     Thomas Fitzsimmons S17952     Peter Fiveash R39     Philip Fix W7264     James Flack S5407     James Flack W1587     William Flack SC2764     Henry Collins Flagg W10996     John G. Flagler SC2765     John Flake SC2766     Ebenezer Flanagan R3595     William Flanagan W5275     John Flanders S10675     Morris Flariday (Flaridy) SC2767     Thomas Flatford W10029     Edward Flathers S17418     John Flax VAS3586     Christopher Fleck R3603     James Fleck (Flack) S15430     John Fleece S35945     Stephen Fleeharty S39529     Thomas Fleeman S39525     Michael Fleenor W7288     Henry Fleet VAS3587     John Fleet R14208     Isaac Fleetwood S35942     Isaac Fleetwood VAS3591     Jacob Fleisher S2214     Alexander Fleming SC2768     Alexander Fleming SC2769     Allison Fleming S6857     Bailey Fleming SC2770     Bernard Fleming VAS3592     Charles Fleming VAS3594     Elijah Fleming SC2771     James Fleming R3605     James Fleming W646     James Fleming, Jr. SC2772     John Fleming BLWt409-400     John Fleming SC2773     John Fleming SC2774     John Fleming SC2775     John Fleming VAS3595     John Fleming VAS3596     John Fleming W7284     Ludwill C. Fleming VAS3593     Mitchel Fleming S16810     Robert Fleming W7283     Samuel Fleming S1952     Samuel Fleming S32248     Thomas Fleming BLWt409-400     William Fleming S32250     William Fleming VAS3597     Lewis Flemister W5274     Charles Flemming (Fleming) W3974     James Flemming W8819     William Flemming VAS3598     David Flenniken (Flannagan)[Flanagan] S10154     Adam Flesher S18403     Henry Flesher VAS3599     Moses Fleshman S8484     George Fletcher S13038     Isma Fletcher S8482     James Fletcher S16811     James Fletcher S35941     John Fletcher S35940     John Fletcher S45841     John Fletcher SC2776     Nathan Fletcher W7286     Reuben Fletcher S5408     Richard Fletcher S8481     Stephen Fletcher W7285     Thomas Fletcher S1514     Thomas Fletcher S8483     Thomas Fletcher S8486     William Fletcher S32249     William Fletcher SC2777     William Flewellin S3366     Thomas Flin (Flynn, Flinn) W17908     Thomas Fline VAS3600     Edward Fling VAS3601     James Fling S8489     James Fling VAS3602     James Flinn [Flynn, Flin] SC2228     William Flinn W8818     John Flint SC2137     Joseph Flippen S8485     Robert Flippin (Flippen) W25596     Joseph Flippo VAS3603     Noah Flood R3615     William Flood S42728     Abijah Flora R3616     Lazarus Flora W3975     William Florance (Florence) W7291     William Florence W25599     William Florey VAS3604     Jacob Flournoy S8492     James Flournoy R3617     Samuel Flournoy VAS3605     Thomas Flower S35944     Absalom Flowers S8494     Archibald Flowers SC2778     Henry Flowers SC2779     John Flowers R3619     John Flowers SC2780     John Flowers VAS1380     Joshau Flowers SC2781     Rowland Flowers W12     Abraham Floyd S32251     Alexander Flowers SC2782     Andrew Floyd S21757     Ebenezer Floyd SC2783     Enoch Floyd SC2784     George Floyd S13041     Henry Floyd R14982 1/2     Henry F. Floyd S39528     Henry H. Floyd S31030     Isham Floyd VAS3606     John Floyd S8493     John Floyd S15122     John Floyd W8817     Josiah Floyd W7281     Matthew Floyd S18402     Mitchell Floyd VAS1788     Orson Floyd R3620     Perry Floyd S38700     Thomas Floyd BLReg91911-1855     Thomas Floyd VAS3607     William Floyd S2553     William Floyd SC2785     George Fluker S10678     John Fluker S16382     John Flyn (Flinn) W4953     Osburn Flyn VAS3608     Daniel Flynn (Flin) S39526     James Flynn SC2786     James Flynn SC2787     Thomas Flynn S35943     John Flynt VAS2971     Hezekiah Foard S47187     Charles Fodrell W7317     Joseph Fog S41545     James Fogg S3367     Francis Foggerson S8502     Richard Foggett S8498     Enoch Foley VAS3609     John Foley R3624     John Foley SC2788     Mason Foley W7314     William Folk R3626     Ezekiel Folkner (Fortner) S3374     Henry Folkner (Falkner) R3429     Thomas Folkner (Fortner) S4289     Robert Follkenberry (Folkenberry) SC2789     John Follmer SC2790     Jacob Folmer SC2795     Joshua Foltz (Voltz, Fultz) S13054     John Fons (Fones, Fawns) W25594     John Fontaine SC2796     Moses Fontaine (Fountain) W5076     Peter Fontaine SC2797     William Fontaine W7319     Elijah Fooshee R3635     John Fooshee S8511     George Foote (Foot) W10032     John Footrice SC2798     John Fopless BLWt2024-100     Alexander Forbes S2559     Alexander Forbes W10998     Edward Forbes SC2799     George Forbes SC2800     John Forbes R3645     John Forbes (Forbis) SC55     Joseph Forbes (Forbis) S6849     Patrick Forbes SC2801     William Forbes R3644     William Forbes (Furbush, Firbush) W7300     John Forbis (Forbes) W25591     Hugh Forbus (Forbes, Forbis) S6853     Jesse Force S31039     Joseph Force S37939     Peter Force S31036     Silas Force R3650     Benjamin Ford BLWt1133-450     Benjamin Ford S34355     Benjamin Ford SC2802     Bowland Ford SC2803     Dabney Ford S39531     Edward Ford SC2804     Elijah Ford SC2808     Elijah (Elisha) Ford VAS1388     Elisha Ford W8821     Gardner Ford SC2809     George Ford SC2810     George Ford VAS1390     Henry Ford SC2811     Hezekiah Ford SC2812     Isaac Ford SC2813     Jacob Ford R3655     James Ford SC2814     JamesFord SC2824     James Ford W8820     Jesse Ford S31035     John Ford SC2815     John Ford SC2816     John Ford SC2817     John Ford W11000     Joseph Ford S15429     Joseph Ford S34867     Joshua Ford S3368     Lewis Ford W24223     Michael Ford VAS3610     Nathaniel Ford SC2818     Robert Ford SC2819     Stephen Ford SC2820     Stephen Ford SC2821     Thomas Ford SC2817     Thomas Ford SC2822     Thomas Ford SC2823     ThomasFord SC2824     ThomasFord SC2825     Tobias Ford BLWt2375-155     William Ford S2558     William Ford S8506     James Forden (Fordin, Fordon) SC2826     Darby Forehand VAS3611     David Forehand S6850     James Forehand R3633     John Forehand W7316     Arthur Foreman SC2828     George Foreman SC2829     William Foreman SC2831     James Forest S1663     James Forester VAS3614     John Dogens Forester (Forrister) R3668     Robert Forester (Forrister) S1517     William Forester S10156     James Forgason (Ferguson) R3664     John Forguson W10777     Aaron Forman S8507     Isaac Forman SC2830     Lewis Forman S4679     Nathan Formby W3794     Abraham Forney W3976     Peter Forney W4955     Edmund Forns W9446     Peter Forqueran W8824     George Forrest S39538     William Forrest S8512     William Forrest VAS3612     Zach. Forrest VAS3613     James Forrester S6854     John Forrester R22015     John Forrester S35948     Stephen Forrester S1902     Solomon Forrester R3670     George Forris SC2832     William Forsee S31038     Charles Forsie (Forsee) W11001     Thomas Forster (Foster) W647     Hugh Forsyth W7315     James Forsyth SC2099     Joseph Forsyth SC2833     Joseph Forsyth S23636     Joseph Forsyth SC2833     Robert Forsyth R14237     William Forsyth (Foresyth) SC2834     Abraham Forsythe VAS3615     Albert Fort S6847     Arthur Fort SC2835     Egbert Fort SC2836     Jesse Fort SC2837     Moses Fort SC2838     Owen Fort SC2839     Sherwood Fort S8499     Turner Fort W7295     John Fortenberry SC1990     Emanuel Ford Fortner S32258     Garner (Gardiner) Fortune W24233     John Fortune W7309     Nathan Fortune VAS3616     William Fortune R20370     William Fortune S8513     Frederick Foscue S2562     Bryan Foskey SC2840     Abner Foster W8823     Achilles Foster R3689     Alexander Foster SC2841     Andrew Foster SC2842     Anthony Foster S2561     Cosby Foster W3010     Edmund Foster W3795     George Foster R3685     George Foster VAS3617     Henry Foster SC2843     Henry Foster SC2845     Henry Foster, Jr. SC2844     Henry Foster W25586     Isham Foster SC2846     James Foster S8503     James Foster, Jr. SC2847     James Foster, Sr. SC2848     James Foster W7409     Job Foster S2216     Joel Foster VAS1402     Joel Foster W11008     John Foster R3696     John Foster S1515     John Foster S8504     John Foster S35950     John Foster (Forster) SC2849     John Foster SC2850     John Foster SC2851     John Foster SC2852     John Foster SC2853     John Foster SC2854     John Foster VAS1405     John Foster VAS1406     John Foster VAS1407     John Foster VAS1408     John Hardin Foster W3793     Joseph Foster VAS3618     Joshua Foster VAS3619     Joshua Foster W21139     Larkin Foster W7306     Moses Foster SC2855     Nathaniel Foster S16803     Nathaniel Foster S32253     Peter Foster S46443     Peter Foster VAS3620     Richard Foster VAS3621     Robert Foster SC2856     Robert Foster VAS3622     Robert Foster W19270     Samuel Foster R3693     Samuel Foster S13043     Samuel Foster W7303     Samuel Foster, Jr. SC2857     Samuel Foster, Sr. SC2858     Simpson (Simon) Foster VAS3623     William Foster S38706     William Foster S39534     William Foster VAS1412     William Foster VAS1413     William Foster W2986     William Foster W4674     John Fouracres SC2827     Paul Fountain SC2859     Solomon Fountain S41544     William Fountain SC2860     George Foushee S8505     William Foushee R14223     Gasper (Casper, Jasper) Foust (Faust), Jr. SC2861     John Foust SC2028     John Foust [Faust] SC2691     Peter Foust SC2028     William Foust SC2862     John Fowke VAS2055     Abraham Fowler SC2863     Andrew Fowler VAS3624     John Fowler S16809     John Fowler S31033     John Fowler SC2864     Joseph Fowler S39530     Joseph Fowler VAS3625     Robert Martin Fowler VAS3626     Samuel Fowler S17954     Samuel Fowler SC2865     Sherwood Fowler S1516     William Fowler R3704     William Fowler R3709     William Fowler VAS3627     James Fowlkes (Fawlkes) S8457     Josiah Fowlkes S16804     William Fowlkes W19273     Adam Fox VAS3628     Adam Fox W7293     Daniel Fox W9443     Francis Fox S41543     Gatus Fox R3725     Jacob Fox [Fuchs] S49271     John Fox R3734     John Fox S2219     John Fox S41540     John Fox SC2866     John Fox SC2867     Joseph Fox SC2868     Joseph Fox W7292     Lewis Fox VAS3629     Martin Fox VAS3628     Matthew Fox R3729     Nathaniel Fox S39535     Nathaniel Fox VAS1423     Thomas Fox BLWt765-300     Thomas Fox R14268     Thomas Fox SC2869     Titus Fox R3724     William Fox SC2872     Samuel Foxworth SC2873     Zachariah Foxworth SC2874     John Foxworthy S31032     William Foxworthy W8825     Peter Foy SC2875     Charles Frailes VAS3630     James Fraley R3736     Martin Fralick SC2876     John Fram S41526     John France W7327     Christopher Frances VAS3631     Henry Francis R3739     John Francis SC2877     John Francis SC2878     Malachi Francis R3744     Micajah Francis R3745     William Francis S39542     Peter Francisco W11021     Francis Francum S39552     Henry Frank S10700     Henry Frankfort (Frankford) S41548     Thomas Frankland (Franklin) SC2879     Absalom Franklin W8830     ___ Franklin SC2885     Benjamin Franklin SC2880     Ephraim Franklin SC2881     George Franklin SC2882     Henry Franklin S38713     James Franklin VAS3633     James M. Franklin (a/k/a, Jid Canterbury) S31040     John Franklin R3756     John Franklin S35952     John Franklin S39541     John Franklin SC2035     John Franklin SC2883     John Franklin SC2884     John Franklin W3796     John Franklin W19294     Joseph Franklin SC2886     Joseph Franklin W10041     Lewis Franklin S8519     Mordecai Franklin R3759     Reuben Franklin S13082     Samuel Franklin S6860     Stephen Franklin S15432     Thomas Franklin SC2887     Thomas Franklin SC2888     Thomas Franklin W1590     Thomas P. Franklin S8517     William Franklin SC2889     Henry Franks S8522     Henry Franks W4956     Marshall Franks S10703     Richard Franks (alias Barret) S2223     Samuel Franks W21160     John Fraser (Frazer) S13080     Malachi Fraser SC2890     Frederick Frasher R3762     John Fraseur W8829     Rhodrick Frayser VAS3634     James Frazar R3764     Dyar (Diah) Frazer (Fraser) SC2891     Falvey Frazer VAS3635     Jacob Frazer SC2892     John Frazer BLWt[Ga5]     John Frazer R3766     John Frazer (Frazier) S17964     John Frazer SC2893     John Frazer W3284     San Frazer SC2175     Sowell (Lowell) Frazer (Frazier) R3767     Thomas Frazer SC2894     William Frazer SC2895     Micager Frazeur (Frazear) W3407     Andrew Frazier S21208     Anthony Frazier VAS3636     James Frazier S21209     James Frazier (Fraser) SC2896     James Frazier VAS3637     John Frazier R3765     John Frazier SC2897     John Frazier (Frazer) W24241     Thomas Frazier W34     William Frazier S17966     William Frazier [Frazer] SC2898     William Frazier SC2899     William Fream S10699     Felix Frederick W10040     James Frederick (Fredrick) SC2900     Michael Frederick (Friederice) VAS3638     Thomas Frederick (Fredrick) SC2901     William Freehold S42730     Isaac Freeland VAS3639     Aaron Freeman W8833     Anderson Freeman VAS3640     Christopher Freeman SC2905     Coldrup Freeman S37941     Dabney (Abney) Freeman R3778     Daniel Freeman S31681     Francis Freeman S35951     Henry Freeman SC2906     Hezekiah Freeman VAS3641     Howell (Howel) Freeman W19296     Hugh Freeman SC2907     James Freeman SC2908     Joel Freeman Ga3     Joel Freeman SC2909     John Freeman S1760     John Freeman SC2910     John Freeman VAS1444     John Freeman VAS1445     John Freeman W3798     John Freeman W8832     John Freeman W9437     Michael Freeman S30426     Nathan Freeman BLWt121-100     Philip Freeman S39540     Samuel Freeman BLWt190-100     Samuel Freeman S8529     Samuel Freeman S9336     Stephen Freeman BLWt2393-100     Thomas Freeman SC2911     William Freeman R3786     William Freeman S39547     William Freeman SC2912     William Freeman W10042     Solomon Freer W8826     Benjamin French W7330     Daniel French R14291     John French R3795     Joseph French SC2251     Joseph French SC2913     Joseph French W79     Lafford French W7329     Michae French SC2914     Richard French S35955     Richard French VAS3632     Simon French SC2915     Thomas French S1518     Thomas French VAS3642     William French S37943     William French SC2916     Samuel Freser (Fraser) SC2917     John Freshour (Freshower) W7607     Richard Fretwell S16384     Philip Martin Frey W9435     Richard Friar SC2918     Robert Friatt S32558     Jacob Frick W23068     Gabriel Fridig SC2919     George Friend SC2920     Joseph Friend VAS1892     John Frier SC2921     James Frierson SC2923     John Frierson BLWt2096-200     Joshua Frierson SC2924     Philip Frierson SC2925     Robert Frierson SC2926     William Frierson, Jr. SC2928     William Frierson, Sr. SC2929     Jacob Frick W23063     Jabesh Frink SC2930     Abel Frisbee SC2931     John Gaile Frisel SC2932     George Frisquett VAS3643     Moses Fritter S1201     George Fritts S6864     George Fritts VAS3644     Henry Fritts SC2933     John Fritts S10701     Valentine Fritts (Fretts, Frith) S42732     John Frizel [Frizell, Frisel] SC2205     Nathan Frizel (Frizzell) S3380     Thomas Frizel [Frisell] SC2934     William Frogget S16383     Roman Fromaget VAS3645     Elijah Fromen VAS3646     Temple Fromen VAS3647     John Fronebarger BLWt86036-160-55     James Frost R3815     Joseph Frost VAS3649     Joseph Frost W23066     Micajah Frost S31043     Robert Frost SC2935     James Froud VAS3650     William Fruit VAS3651     Benjamin Fry Ga4     Benjamin Fry R3818     Benjamin Fry VAS1451     Gabriel Fry S38710     George Fry VAS1452     John Fry (Frey) R3819     John Newton Fry SC2936     Joseph Fry VAS1453     Joshua Fry S37947     Nathan Fry S39545     Nicholas Fry (Frye) S6859     William A. Fry S30425     John Fryer S6866     George Fryerson SC2922     Richard Fryor VAS3652     Jacob Fudge, Jr. SC2937     John Fudge SC2938     John Fudge VAS3653     Solomon Fudge R3824     John Fugat S3369     James Fugate S15846     Jeremiah Fugate S10717     Jonathan Fugate R3825     Randall F. Fugate W1261     William Fugler VAS3654     Joseph Fukeway VAS1469     Jacob Fulbright R3826     Richard Fulcher S30428     James Fulford W4352     Stephen Fulford W1849     Charles B. Fulham S42734     David Fulk S39554     William Fulkerson S34362     John Fulkison S1817     William Fullen VAS3655     Alexander Fuller S8537     Arthur Fuller S9337     George Fuller S38715     John Fuller R3835     John Fuller SC2939     Joseph Fuller S41555     Littleton Fuller S31683     Meshach Fuller W4958     Stephen Fuller S37949     Humphrey Fullerton VAS3656     James Fullerton SC2940     Robert Fullerton SC2941     Anthony Fullilove S31045     Peter Fullom VAS3657     William Fullwood S18829     Jacob Fulmer (Fulner) W7343     John Fulmer (Volmer) R3845     John Fulmer SC2792     Jacob Fulmore, Jr. SC2794     John Fulmore, Jr. SC2791     Michael Fulp W10043     Peter Fulp W5278     Andrew Fulton R3848     David Fulton S8539     James Fulton R3849     James B. Fulton W8835     Robert Fulton S8532     Thomas Fulton R3851 & R14317     John Funderbuck S31682     George Funk S41553     Henry Funk W23075     John Fuqua VAS3659     Joseph Fuqua W7345     Caleb Furbee W740     William Furbish (Ferbush, Forbes) W5180     James Furgason (Ferguson) S1816     Isaac Furgurson (Ferguson) R3506     George Furguson R3502     Samuel Furlow SC2942     Josiah Furman SC2943     James Furnish W7341     Thomas Furnish S13105     Enoch Furr W11030     John Furr SC2944     Henry Furror (Furrer, Furr) W1262     William Fuson S4291     Blunt Futch SC2945     Daniel Fynch [Finch] SC2946     William Fysel (Fussell) S31046    

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Jacob Gabbard S30431     George Gabbert S31047     Michael Gabbert S13123     Anthony Gabeau W21170     James Gabriel S2571     James Gabriel VAS3660     Thomas Gadd S25549     Joseph Gadde (Gaddy) W8209     Henry Gaddis S23652     Thomas Gaddis S4292     Bartholomew Gaddy W7494     Henry Gadie VAS3661     Thomas Gadsden BLWt288-300     Joseph Gafford W7505     Aaron Gage S2229     James Gage S32262     James Gage SC2947     Moses Gage SC2948     William Gage SC2949     Lewis Gagney VAS2979     Lewis Gagnia VAS3662     Pierre Gagnia VAS3662     John Gahagan VAS3663     Charles Gaillard SC2950     Ambrose Gaines W224     Henry Gaines (Gains, Ganes) R3864     James Gaines W25652     Richard Gaines R3866     Richard Gaines S8546     Robert Gaines R3863     Rowland Gaines, Sr. VAS3665     Thomas Gaines S38721     Thomas Gaines VAS3664     Thomas Gaines W11048     William Gaines S31687     William Fleming Gaines BLWt880-300     John Gainey [Ganey] SC2951     John Gains VAS3666     Henry Gaither BLWt854-300     Henry Gaitskill BLReg230076-1855     Thomas Galaspy VAS3667     Robert Galbreath VAS3668     William Galbreath W23093     Joseph Gale S34895     Robert F. Gale S31053     Samuel Galey SC2953     Thomas Galford (Gilford) VAS1501     Thomas Galford VAS3669     George Gall S2569     Joseph Gallady VAS3671     Charles Gallahue VAS3658     John Gallamore W10051     Benjamin Gallaway (Galloway) S39559     Terry Gallaway W4202     Jeremiah Gallehue VAS3672     James Galley (Gally) SC2954     William Galley VAS3673     Abraham Galletin (Gollentine) W3540     John Gallher [Gallihor] SC2955     Abraham Gallimore R3875     Gilbert Gallion R3876     Gasper Gallman SC2956     Herman Gallman SC2957     John Conrad Gallman SC2958     Isaac Gallop S41560     Abraham Galloway SC2959     Alexander Galloway SC2960     James Galloway W8841     John Galloway R3877     John Galloway VAS1498     John Galloway W9448     Marshall Galloway S38718     Peter Galloway R3878     Terry Galloway VAS1492     William Galloway (Gallaway) SC2961     John Minson Galt R14353     Patrick Galt VAS3674     William Galt (Gault) SC2962     William Gamage R3883     James Gambel SC2963     John Gambell SC2964     Martin Gambill (Gambrill) W7504     Thomas Gambill (Gamble) S38717     David Gamble S32264     George Gamble S10720     Hugh Gamble SC2965     James Gamble VAS1502     John Gamble SC783     Robert Gamble BLWt869-300     Robert Gamble SC2966     Samuel Gamble SC2967     Stephen Gamble SC2968     William Gamble SC2970     William Gamble SC2971     Joshua Gamblin W11039     Paul Gamblin VAS3675     James Gambling W460     William Gambrell SC2969     Joseph Gammar (Grammar) R4183     David Gammells VAS3676     Harris Gammon S3389     Jesse Gammon W1     Christopher Gamon SC2972     Nathan Gan (Gann) S1820     Uriah Gandee R3890     Brinkley Gandy R4185     Ephraim Gandy (Gaudy) S17971     John Gandy SC2973     William Ganey S6880     William Ganey [Gainey] SC2952     Samuel Gann S9664     Thomas Gann S3388     Gregory Gannaway R3893     Robert Gannaway (Ganaway) W5082     Deborah Sampson Gannett (alias Robert Shurtleff) S32722     William Gannon S32259     George Garbet SC2974     Alexander Garden BLWt1825-200     Benjamin Garden SC2975     Caswell Gardiner VAS3677     Conaway Gardner SC1423     Elias Gardner S6875     George Gardner S2228     George Gardner VAS3678     James Gardner R3908     John Gardner R20372     John Gardner S6877     John Gardner SC2976     John Gardner SC2977     John Gardner W7498     Joshua Gardner SC2978     Richard Gardner SC2979     Stephen Gardner SC2980     Stephen Gardner SC2981     Thomas Gardner S8548     Thomas Gardner (Gardiner) SC2982     Josehp Gardon SC2983     William Gareot SC2984     Job Gargis S8547     Christopher Garland R3915     Edward Garland W7506     Elisha Garland W926     Henry Garland R3914     Humphrey Garland S38716     James Garland VAS3679     John Garland W3011     Peter Garland BLWt524-300     William Garland SC2986     William Garlant SC2985     Christopher Garlington S6874     James Garman SC2987     Charles Garner S37950     Henry Garner R3919     James Garner VAS3680     James Garner W7495     John Garner S39557     John Garner SC2988     John Garner VAS1508     John Garner W8208     John F. Garner S1821     Joseph Garner W7496     Presley Garner VAS3681     Samuel Garner S38720     Sturdey Garner S16819     William Garner VAS3682     William Garner VAS3683     William Garner VAS3684     Anthony Garnett VAS3685     Benjamin Garnett BLWt328-200     Henry Garnett R14340     John Garnett S31055     Joseph Garnett SC2989     Anthony Garns S38723     James Garrard (Garret, Garrott) SC2990     William Garrard S13122     William Garrard S32263     Joseph Garrarde SC2991     John Garrell SC2992     John Garrell (Jarrell) W7874     Jacob Garret SC2994     John Garret SC2995     John Garret SC2996     John Garret SC2997     William Garret (Garrett) S6879     John Garretson S35962     Abraham Garrett SC2993     David Garrett S38719     Edward Garrett R21702     Henry Garrett S1664     John Garrett VAS3686     John Catlett Garrett W10046     Mark Garrett VAS3688     Robert Garrett R3925     Stephen Garrett R3924     Thomas Garrett S38722     Peter Garrineau SC2999     Bedford Garris S6876     Abraham Garrison R3927     Isaac Garrison SC2170     James Garrison S16123     James Garrison S32260     Samuel Garrison R3930     Samuel Garrison S31049     Stephen Garrison S46444     Henry Garriss S5173     Sikes Garriss (Garris) S13130     John Garrisson (Garrison) S3384     William Garrot SC2998     John Garrott (Garrett) S35961     John Garrott VAS3687     Robert Garrott (Garrett) S31054     Thomas Garrott R3926     Thomas Garrott W19488     Nathaniel Garter (Garten) S10719     John Garth S31056     Bartholomew Gartman (Gortman) SC3000     Bartholomew Gartman (Gortman) SC3002     George Gartman (Gortman) SC3003     John Gartman (Gortman) SC3004     John Gartman (Gortman), Jr. SC3006     John Gartman (Gortman), Sr. SC3005     Benjamin Garton VAS3689     Job Garvey W8839     Thomas Garvey (Gorvey) S41556     Benjamin Garvin R1079     Isaac Garvin (Garven) W8837     John Garvin SC3007     John Garvin, Jr. SC3008     Thomas Garvin R3932     William Garvin SC3009     Thomas Gary SC3013     William Bayley Gary SC3014     Richard Gaskey VAS3690     Herman Gaskins S13124     Jesse Gaskins S39560     Job Gaskins VAS3691     John Gaskins SC3015     Thomas Gaskins BLWt867-450     Thomas Gaskins VAS1519     John Gaspenson S1818     Robert Gasque SC3016     Thomas Gasque SC3017     John Gass W7492     JamesGassaway VAS1601     James Gassaway W11044     John Gassaway W8842     John Gassert (Gassett) SC3018     Jacob Gaster S6871     Alexander Gaston SC3020     David Gaston SC3021     Ebenezer Gaston SC3022     Hugh Gaston S10729     James Gaston SC2229     James Gaston W23084     John Gaston W30007     Joseph Gaston W23089     William Gaston S32265     Christian Gates SC3024     Horatio Gates BLWt863-1100     Jacob Gates SC3025     John Gates R3943     John Gates S1819     John Gates (John Smith) Va25     William Gates W5279     William Gates W19485     Dudley Gatewood S6873     Edmund Gatewood S6870     James Gatewood R3948     John Gatewood S13121     John Gatewood W415     William Gatewood S8551     William Gatewood S17968     Charles Gatliff R3949     Edward Gatlin S39558     Jesse Gatlin W10047     Alexander Gattis W688     James Gattis S3385     Ephraim Gaudy (Gandy) S17971     William T. Gaulden (Gaulding) W7509     Joseph Gault SC3026     Robert Gault W25616     Timothy Gauney S3383     Benjamin Gause, Jr. SC3027     Bryant Gause SC3028     Benjamin Gavin VAS3692     Charles Gavin SC3029     John Gaw SC3030     Allen Gay W1033     James Gay S2568     Samuel Gay VAS3693     William Gay S45842     William Gay W22875     Zerobabel Gay W7490     John Gayden SC3031     Matthias Gayle S16818     Matthias Gayle W7491     Ransom Gayle (Gale) SC3032     Thomas Gayle R3955     Christopher Gayman (Gamon, Gaymon) SC3033     Thomas Gazaway (Gasaway) R3959     Sherod Gean (Jean) R3960     Philip Geane R4188     John Gearrall VAS3694     Henry Geasey S8554     John Gebie (Gaby, Gebis) SC3034     Joseph Gebie (Gabie) SC3035     Curtis Geddings (Giddens) VAS3695     Charles Gee SC3036     Henry Gee VAS3696     Parker Gee R3964     Richard Gee W8843     Charles Geeseling SC3037     William Geeseling SC3038     Charles Geeslin S37951     Jacob Geiger W2728     John Geiger SC3040     Tobias Geiger (Geegor, Geyer) SC3041     Isaac Gelden W17943     Christopher Gemein SC3042     Charles Gent S1903     Jesse Gent W7510     John H. Genther R3973     Cain Gentry SC3043     Claiborn Gentrey S3391     David Gentry W7511     Elijah Gentry SC3044     Gaddis Gentry W7512     George Gentry S6885     James Gentry S8555     John Gentry SC3045     Meshack Gentry R3974     Richard Gentry W8844     Richard Gentry W10976     Simon Gentry SC3046     William Gentry S39566     Allen Geoffers SC3047     George Geoffers SC3048     Benjamin George VAS3697     Breton (Britton) George S38725     David George SC3050     Duke George VAS3435     Edward George SC3049     James George X294     James Mayo George VAS3698     Jesse George R51     Jesse George S4295     Jesse George SC3051     John George SC3053     John George SC3054     John George SC3055     John George VAS3699     John George VAS3700     Jorden George S1202     Joseph George W7515     Reuben George S39567     Richard George SC3052     Robert George R14396     Thomas George S16821     Travis George VAS3701     William George R3977     William George R14395     William George R20373     William George S3390     William George VAS1543     William George VAS1550     Charles Gerard W3999     Elias Gerard VAS1551     John Gerard (Gerrard) S42740     Solomon Geren W80     Charles Geridot SC3149     Edward Gerrish S34897     John Lewis Gervais SC605     John Gesler VAS3703     John Gesner VAS3704     Henry Getty SC3056     John Gevedann (Gevidon, Gevandin) W8845     Zachariah Gherkins (Gerkins, Jerkins) S45843     William Gholson R4097     William Gholson S35966     Ezekiel Gibbes SC3058     Jeremiah Gibbes SC3057     William Hasell Gibbes S9339     Michael Gibbons SC3059     Robert Gibbons SC3060     Hugh Gibbony (McGibeney) SC3064     Benjamin Gibbs (Gibbes) W8847     Churchill Gibbs S46002     Edward Gibbs S13149     Harod (Herod) Gibbs W17947     James Gibbs S16825     James Gibbs SC3065     Jeremiah Gibbs SC3063     John Gibbs S8556     John Gibbs SC3066     John Gibbs VAS2930     John Gibbs W2729     Jonathan Gibbs SC3067     Jonathan Gibbs SC3068     Joseph Gibbs VAS3705     Julius Gibbs W10055     Richard Gibbs SC3069     Richard Gibbs SC3070     Shadrach Gibbs S10740     Thomas Gibbs, Sr. SC3071     William Gibbs S42746     William Gibbs W1034     Peter (Pierre) Gibert SC3072     Adam Gibhart W4206     Bellingby (Billingsby) Gibson S1761     Abraham Gibson SC3074     Archibald Gibson SC3079     Charles Gibson R3995     Charles Gibson (Gipson) S41575     David Gibson SC3075     Elias Gibson SC3076     Elisha Gibson S31062     Eramus Gibson S21767     George Gibson BLWt1985-500     George Gibson W8852     Gilbert Gibson SC3080     Guyen Gibson SC3081     Humphry Gibson SC3083     Jacob Gibson (Gipson) R3998     Jacob Gibson S10744     James Gibson SC3084     James Gibson SC3085     James Gibson SC3086     James Gibson VAS1832     James Gibson VAS1833     Joel Gibson S35968     John Gibson R52     John Gibson R3996     John Gibson S3395     John Gibson S8572     John Gibson S9338     John Gibson S13153     John Gibson S31060     John Gibson S31065     John Gibson S38729     John Gibson S41578     John Gibson SC3087     John Gibson SC3088     John Gibson SC3089     John Gibson W25627     John Gibson, Jr. BLWt874-150     Jonathan Gibson BLWt858-300     Joseph Gibson S8562     Joseph Gibson SC3091     Joseph Gibson, Jr. SC3090     Joseph Gibson, Sr. SC3092     Matthew Gibson SC3093     Miles Gibson R7742     Nicholas Gibson S8559     Robert Gibson SC3094     Robert Gibson W8851     Samuel Gibson R3999     Samuel Gibson W9450     Thomas Gibson S8560     Thomas Gibson S39573     Thomas Gibson, Jr. SC3095     Thomas Gibson, Sr. SC3096     Wilbourne Gibson R4000     William Gibson R4001     William Gibson S8561     William Gibson S38728     William Gibson SC3097     Isaac Giddins [Giddens] SC3098     Isma Giddins (Giddens, Giddons) VAS522     James Giddins [Giddens] SC3099     Jacob Gideon S13144     Richard Gideon (Gidden) R4002     John Nicholas Gift R4005     John Gilbank SC3101     Benjamin Gilbert R4013     Charles Gilbert S31057     David Gilbert SC3102     James Gilbert SC3103     Joseph Gilbert S40059     Moses Gilbert SC3104     Samuel Gilbert S8569     Uriah Gilbert SC3105     William Gilbert S31693     James Gilbirt (Gilbert) S31691     George Gilchrist BLWt868-400     John Gilchrist SC3106     Reuben Gilder SC3109     Reuben Gilder VAS3706     George Giles S8558     Henry Giles SC3110     Hugh Giles SC3111     John Giles SC3112     John Giles W7522     Josiah Giles W3799     Nathaniel Giles SC2070     Robert Giles SC3113     Thomas Giles SC3114     William Giles SC3115     Alexander Gilespey (Gillespie) SC3126     Fabin Gilgo S41573     William Gilham SC3139     John Gilispie (Gillespie) SC3131     Samuel Gilkey (Gilkie) R4019     Archibald Gill SC3117     Benajah Gill W416     Daniel Gill S42745     Eramus Gill VAS3707     George Gill S21229     George Gill S38726     George Gill, Sr SC3118     James Gill R4023     James Gill SC3119     John Gill W7520     Jones Gill S10185     Moses Gill S16823     Robert Gill R4024     Robert Gill SC3120     Samuel Gill W8882     Thomas Gill S31061     Thomas Gill SC3121     Thomas Gill W3978     William Gill R4026     William Gill (Gills) W7521     James Gillam (Gillem) SC3122     John Gillam (Gilliem) SC3123     Joshua Gillam SC3124     Robert Gillam (Gilliam, Gilam) W8848     Robert Gillam, Sr. SC3125     Jacob Gillaspie S3398     James Gillaspie SC3129     John Gillaspie W27593     Matthew Gillaspie SC3133     William Gillaspie (Gillaspy) W7531     Hugh Gillen BLWt1852-100     Jasper Gillen VAS3708     Thomas Gillen S43603     Allen Gillespie S21230     Andrew Gillespie SC3127     Daniel Gillespie (Gillispie) S31692     David Gillespie R4031     George Gillespie S13150     James Gillespie (Gillespy) S16827     John Gillespie SC3130     Matthew Gillespie SC3132     Samuel Gillespie SC3134     William Gillespie S32267     William Gillespy (Gillespie) R4030     William Gillespy VAS3709     Dr. Aaron Gillett SC3135     Elijah Gillett SC51     Francis Gilley (Gilly) R4035     Richard Gilley S8568     Ezekiel Gillham SC3136     Isaac Gillham S32270     Jacob Gillham (Gilham) S3397     James Gillham SC3137     John Gillham S32269     Anselm [Anslem] Gilliam VAS41     Archelaus Gilliam S8567     Harris Gilliam VAS41     John Gilliam S6889     John Gilliam (Gilliem) SC3116     John Gilliam W5282     John Gilliam W8849     Jourdan Gilliam R4037     Clammans Gillihan W8850     William Gillihan S38731     James Gillilan R4029     James Gilliland S15852     William Gilliland W7533     James Gillingwater S39570     Archibald Gillison SC3140     James Gillison SC3141     James Gillison W10061     John Gillison W7530     James Gillispy (Gillespie) SC3128     Charles Gillmore SC3142     John (Samuel) Gillock S35969     Alexander Gillon W25629     John Gillon W7523     John Gills S17976     William Gillum R4036 1/2     John Gilman S39574     Alexander Gilmore W10056     Daniel Gilmore W1268     Francis Gilmore SC3143     George Gilmore S13151     Huriah Gilmore S32266     James Gilmore SC3144     James Gilmore (Gilmour) VAS1957     James Gilmore W4207     James Gilmore W4680     John Gilmore S8570     John Gilmore S10745     Joseph Gilmore W355     Robert Gilmore VAS3710     Samuel Gilmoore (Gilmore, Gilmer) VAS391     James Gilmour (Gilmore) S30432     Abraham Gin SC3145     Abraham Gindratt SC3146     Madric Ginn SC3147     Meshick Ginn SC3148     Benjamin Gilpin S13155     Alexander Gilreath S8564     William Gilreath S6888     William Gimbo VAS3711     Nathan Gimmels VAS3712     William Ginnell SC1723     Thomas Ginnett (Genat) S39619     William Ginnings R4050     Henry Gipson (Gibson) SC3082     Isaac Gipson VAS3282     William Gipson S17437     John Girardeau S17979     Daniel Gissendanner SC3100     John Gist BLWt857-300     Joseph Gist W7517     Mordecai Gist BLWt108-850     Nathaniel Gist BLWt1874-500     Thomas Gist S1762     Thomas Gist VAS3713     Adam Gitsinger (Goetzinger) W8880     James Given SC3150     William Given SC3151     James Givens S1879     John Givens SC2927     Robert Givens R4054     Robert Givens S13168     Samuel Givens W743     William Givens S31058     William Glad SC3292     Jesse Gladden SC3152     John Gladden SC3153     Solomon Gladden S23656     William Gladden SC3156     John Gladdin VAS3714     Richard Gladiney SC3157     Samuel Gladny SC3158     William Glan (Glen, Glenn) SC3173     Major Glanden S41583     Benjamin Glanton SC3159     John Glanton SC3160     John Glanton W927     Jonathan Glanton SC3161     Lewis Glanton SC3162     Robert Glascock (Glasscock) W11311     Thomas Glascock BLWt877-200     Caleb Glascow R4056 1/2     John Glasgow SC3163     William Glasgo (Glasgow) W25632     Cornelius Glasgow S1905     Lemuel Glasgow R4056     Richard Glasgow W7536     Robert Glasgow R4057     Robert Glasgow SC2240     Charles Glass W3410     Isaac Glass VAS3715     James Glass S32272     Joshua Glass SC3164     Levi Glass S10749     Michael Glass S16830     Vincent (a/k/a, Henry Vincent) Glass R4059     Jacob Glassmyer S39587     Gideon Glaze SC3165     John Glaze SC3166     Thomas Glaze S10748     Thomas Glaze W5283     Julius Glazebrook S16831     Nicholas Glazer (Glauser) SC3167     John Glazier SC3169     Patick Gleason (Glason) S39590     John Glecklar SC3170     John Glecklar, Jr. SC3171     John Glen S38733     William Glen (Glenn) SC3387     William Glen (Glenn) SC3388     Bernard Glenn R14477     David Glenn SC3181     James Glenn S21768     James Glenn SC3174     John Glenn R4063     John Glenn SC2366     John Glenn SC2367     Joseph Glenn SC3175     Robert Glenn SC3176     Jacob Glickler SC3172     Robert Glidewell R4065     William Glidewell S32271     John Glinn S13166     James Glisson R4067     Nicholas Glossar SC3168     James Gloucester S8578     Benjamin Glover S16829     Chesley Glover R4072     Drury Glover SC3177     Frederick Glover SC3178     John Glover S38734     John Glover SC3179     Joseph Glover W7534     Richard Glover S1904     Samuel Glover R4074     Samuel Glover NC38     William Glover R7089     William Glover W929     David Glyn SC3180     Samuel Glyn VAS3716     Canady Glyssen W21188     Gideon Goan SC3182     Isaac Goar S32277     Jacob Goar VAS3717     John Goare (Gore) W160     John Goatley (Goally) S35972     Samuel Gobel VAS3194     Louis Godard (Gordard) R4103     James Godbold SC3183     Zachariah Godbold SC3184     George Godby W7549     John Goddard S35973     John Goddard W25639     Joseph Goddard R4078     John Godfrey R4083     John Godfrey SC3185     Thomas Godfrey W9456     Wilson Godfrey SC3186     Peter Godin VAS2833     William Godman S39600     Austin Godsey R21991     William Godsey S8584     William Godsey W292     James Godwin R4127     Jere Godwin VAS3718     Joseph Godwin R53     Pierce Godwin S6902     John Goe S30436     John Goebel SC3187     David Goens S3406     Abraham Goff S39596     Adam Goff S39594     Daniel Goff S15586     John Goff R4085     John Goff S35971     John Goff SC3188     Job Goff W1752     Nathaniel J. Goff S31695     Samuel Goff S8580     Samuel Goff VAS3719     William Goff R4089     Zachariah Goff W2730     Laban Goffigan R54     Peter Goffigan VAS2827     Miles Goforth R4092     Zachariah Goforth S3405     John Goggin VAS2183     Richard Goggin S31067     Isom [Isham, Isam] Goin SC3189     William Goin SC3190     Joseph Goine (Gowin) S35979     Levi Goines (Gaines) R3865     Daniel Going S38744     Edward Going S6899     Frederick Going SC3191     Raverly Going VAS1089     Sherard Going W7545     William Going W7546     William Goings (Going) W930     Drury Goins SC3192     James Gold VAS3720     Andrew Golden R14523     Isham Golden VAS3721     Jesse Golden VAS3722     Anthony Golding SC3194     Reuben Golding S21770     Richard Golding SC3195     Simon Golding VAS1981     William Golding S31069     Gasper Goldman SC3196     John Goldsberry S2242     Charles Goldsborough (Goldsberry W9459     Edward Thomas Goldsby VAS3723     John Goldsmith S31699     John Goldsmith S35974     David Golightly S18888     John Golightly SC3197     Shans Golightly SC3198     Thomas Golightly SC3199     William Golightly SC3200     Joseph Golloday W7555     Martin Gollortuen (Goolihon) SC3201     Solomon Gollyhorn S6907     John Golsan SC3202     Lewis Golsan R4096     William Golson VAS3724     John Gonter W11059     Adam Good SC3203     Robert Good SC3204     Samuel Good (Goode) SC3206     Thomas Good SC3205     Solomon Good S6897     William Good (Goad) W1413     John Goodall VAS1270     John Goodall VAS1272     John Goodall W5284     Richard Goodall S15861     Edmund Goode W3801     John Goode S30443     Richard Goode W8855     Thomas Goode S38742     William Goode S6904     William Goode S8581     Lewis Goodin (Gooden) W2608     David Gooding (Goodin) R4109     James Gooding W3343     David Goodlett SC3207     John Goodlett S9340     William Goodlett W8857     Henry Goodloe S35975     Ansel Goodman S13175     Benjamin Goodman SC3208     David Goodman SC3209     Henry Goodman S3399     Horsley Goodman R4111     Jacob Goodman S1206     James Goodman SC3210     Joseph Goodman SC3217     Joseph Goodman W3411     Thomas Goodman S17981     William Goodman SC3218     Conrad Goodner (Guttener) R4115     Henry Goodnight S38743     Jacob V. Goodown S31701     John Goodrich VAS3725     John Goodrick (Goodrich) S1763     Allen Goodrum SC3219     Bennet Goodrum R4120     John Goodrum S8589     John Goodrum SC3220     Thomas Goodrum SC3221     Thomas Goodrum VAS3726     Arthur Goodson SC3222     Benjamin Goodson W7550     George Goodson SC3223     James Goodson SC3224     Joshua Goodson S2578     Thomas Goodson S6901     Thomas Goodson S9342     William Goodson S30440     Aaron Goodwin S37020     Abel Goodwin SC3225     Amos Goodwin W2096     Benjamin Goodwin S34903     Edward Goodwin VAS2020     David Goodwin W650     Dun Goodwin VAS3727     Edward Goodwin VAS3728     Francis Goodwin R4126     Harris Goodwin SC3226     James Goodwin SC3227     John Goodwin S6900     John Goodwin S6908     John Goodwin S8587     John Goodwin SC3228     Julius Coleman Goodwin S1207     Lemuel Goodwin S8588     Lewis Goodwin SC3229     Richard Goodwin SC3230     Robison Goodwin S6894     Theophilus Goodwin S37954     Thomas Goodwin S13176     Wiley Goodwin S37952     William Goodwin SC3231     William Goodwin SC3232     William David Goodwin SC3233     William Goodwin VAS3728     David Goodwyn R4125     Howell Goodwyn SC3234     Jesse Goodwyn SC3235     John Goodwyn SC3236     Robert Goodwyn SC3237     Thomas Goodwyn VAS1883     William Goodwyn R4134     William Goodwyn (Goodwin) W8861     Mack Goolsberry (Goldsbury) S35976     George Goosely (Goosley, Gooseley) R55     James Goosely R14483     John Gootee VAS4236     Phillip Goots [Goats, Gates] SC3275     Henry Goram VAS3729     Alexander Gorden R20375     Charles Gorden S45881     James Gorden W3979     John Gorden (Gordon) W8858     Isaac Gordin S9341     Abner Gordon (Gorden) W8859     Albion Gordon (Gorden) W7548     Alexander Gordon SC3238     Alexander Gordon SC3239     Alexander Gordon VAS3730     Ambrose Gordon BLWt539-200     Archibald Gordon S34904     Arthur Gordon VAS3731     Benjamin Gordon S32274     Chapman Gordon W356     Charles Gordon S41585     Churchill Gordon VAS3732     George Gordon SC3241     Gowin (Gavin) Gordon SC3240     James Gordon S37953     James Gordon SC3242     James Gordon SC3243     James F. Gordon S32278     Jesse Gordon (Gorden) W13280     John Gordon SC54     John Gordon SC3244     John Gordon VAS2150     Joseph Gordon SC3245     Joshua Gordon NC44     Laurance Gordon S31071     Lyddal Gordon S31700     Moses Gordon SC3246     Nathaniel Gordon SC3247     Patrick Gordon SC3248     Richard Gordon S3404     Roger Gordon SC3249     Samuel Gordon S30441     Solomon Gordon S41584     Thomas Gordon SC3250     Thomas Gordon VAS3733     Thomas Gordon VAS3734     William Gordon S3403     William Gordon SC3251     William Gordon VAS3735     William Gordon VAS3736     Eleazar Gore S35978     Eli Gore, Sr. SC3253     Elisha Gore SC3254     James Gore, Sr. SC3255     James Manning Gore, Jr. SC3256     John Gore SC3257     John Gore (Goare) W160     Michael Gore SC3258     Notley Gore S31070     Thomas Gore S38746     John Goree (Gorey) SC3259     Claudius Gorey SC3264     John Gorey SC3265     Josiah Gorey SC3266     John Francis Gorget SC3267     John Gorin W25643     Archibald Gorman XOX     John Gorman SC3268     Renny (Reynold) Gorman (Gormon) SC3269     William Gorman SC3270     Gideon Gorn SC3271     Bartholomew Gortman (Gartman) SC3001     Phillip Gortman SC3272     James Wallace Gosa R25446     John Gorsage S2579     Lewis Goslin S43613     Benjamin Gosnell W11060     George Gosnell W5016     Jacob Goss S8579     Isaac Gossert (Gossett) SC3273     John Gossert SC2028     John Gosset S42750     William Gossett S6905     George Gossling W10230     Edward Gostage (Gastage) SC3019     Nicholas Goswick R4149     Henry Gotee [Goette] SC3274     Robert Gott R4150     Rowland (Rollin) Gouch (Gooch) W7541     Davis Goudelock [Goudylock] S21236     Joseph Gouge R4156     Francis Gough SC3276     Ignatius Gough S1205     John Baptist Gough S16833     Nathaniel Gough SC3277     Phillip Gough VAS1994     David Gould VAS3737     Jethro Gould VAS1476     Jessey Goulding VAS3738     William Goulding SC3278     Francis Gouldman S39595     Hugh Gourley SC3472     James Goutea SC3279     William Gowden VAS3739     David Gowen SC3280     Edward Gowen SC3281     Frederick Gowen R4167     Isham Gowen SC3282     Jacob Gowen S32273     James Gowen SC3283     John Gowen SC3213     Zephaniah Gowen R4165     Charles Gowens S31072     Abel Gower W7552     Matthew Gower R4168     Daniel Goyen SC3285     Henry Goyen SC3286     John Goyen SC3287     William Goyen SC3288     James Goyne (Goin) S30442     Henry Grabill SC3289     John Grace W7582     William Grace W10067     John Gracen SC3290     Robert Gracey S8635     Sidney Gracey SC3291     Jonathan Grady VAS3740     William Grady S39617     John Grafton W5391     Henry Gragg S10773     Samuel Gragg (Gregg) S16840     William Gragg W7570     Alexander Graham SC4268     Amos Graham S13204     Andrew Graham SC3293     Andrew Graham W81     Arthur Graham VAS3741     Arthur Graham W4068     Charles Graham S3424     Charles Graham SC3294     Christopher Graham R4178     David Graham SC3295     Duncan Graham R14599     Hugh Graham SC3296     James Graham S8623     James Graham S21786     James Graham SC3297     James Graham SC3298     James Graham VAS3742     John Graham S3422     John Graham S6936     John Graham SC1519     Joseph Graham S6937     Michael Graham S8621     Richard Graham SC3301     Stafford Graham W8872     Stephen Graham BLWt2288-300     Thomas Graham S31081     Walter Graham R14600     William Graham S3423     William Graham S8624     William Graham S16135     William Graham S38767     William Graham SC3304     William Graham SC3305     William Graham VAS1642     Henry Grains (Graims) SC3306     Richard Graivs SC3320     Jacob Grammer (Gremmer, Grimmer) S3430     Thomas Granbery S41592     Philip Grane R4188     William Granger VAS3743     Alexander Grant S3407     Daniel Grant S35985     Daniel Grant VAS3744     David Grant S38766     Elisha (Elijah) Grant S41587     Isaac Grant R4196     Isaac Grant S4305     James Grant SC3307     John Grant R4198     John Grant S6930     John Grant (Gant) SC4892     John Grant VAS3745     Jonathan Grant S42758     Joseph Grant S31713     Peter Grant VAS3746     Robert Grant W8212     Thomas Grant VAS3747     William Grant SC3315     William Grant W1757     William Grant W42760     Jesse Grantham SC3316     Nathan Grantham S31716     Richard Grantham W418     Frederick Grass S39607     Peter Grass S8599     James George Grasty R4202     John Grasty R4201     John Grattan VAS3748     John Gravatt (Gravit) W7605     Boston Graves R4213     David Graves S8597     Edmund Graves S37955     Francis Graves BLWt883-200     Henry Graves VAS1896     James Graves S13212     James Graves SC3317     James Graves W21232     Jeremiah Graves VAS3749     John Graves SC3318     John Graves SC3319     John Graves VAS3750     John Graves VAS3751     John Graves W3014     John Graves W7580     Lewis Graves R4207     Ralph Graves R14569     Ralph Graves W2102     Reubin (Reuben) Graves S3408     Richard Graves S8598     Robert Graves VAS3752     Thomas Graves R4214     Thomas Graves S16839     Thomas Graves VAS1643     Thomas Graves W1418     William Graves R14570     William Graves S37957     William Graves SC3321     William Graves VAS1644     William Graves VAS1665     William Graves VAS1666     William Graves X306     John Gravit S31083     Abraham (Abram) Gray SC3322     Alexander Gray S39618     Arthur Gray SC3323     Daniel Gray S39621     David Gray VAS3753     Fountain [Fontaine] Gray SC3324     Francis Gray VAS1667     Francis Gray W7575     Frederick Gray S21779     Gabriel Gray S8590     George Gray S35989     Henry Gray S38750     Jacob Gray S31709     Jacob Gray SC3325     James Gray R56.5     James Gray S6928     James Gray S8594     James Gray S17987     James Gray SC3326     James Gray SC3327     James Gray SC3328     James Gray SC3329     James Gray VAS3589     James Gray VAS3590     James Gray W7573     John Gray S1464     John Gray S3409     John Gray SC3330     John Gray SC3331     John Gray SC3332     John Gray VAS3754     John Gray W419     John Gray W6395     Joseph Gray S1822     Joseph Gray S16390     Joseph Gray VAS3755     Morton Gray W10066     Peter Gray BLWt126-300     Presley Gray R4226     Richard Gray R4227     Robert Gray R4228     Robert Gray SC3333     Samuel Gray W7574     Samuel Gray W8864     Shared Gray S31707     Thomas Gray R20510     Thomas Gray W3981     William Gray BLWt1486-200     William Gray R4232     William Gray R4300 3/4     William Gray S2253     William Gray S3410     William Gray S31079     William Gray S41586     William Gray SC3334     William Gray SC3335     William Gray SC3336     William Gray W7576     Willis Gray W19554     Wilson Gray VAS3756     Isaac Grayham S3421     William Grayham (Graham) R4182     Williamson Grayham VAS3757     John William Grayson W21474     William Grayson BLWt1366-500     John Greacey W357     Thomas Grear S8553     David Great (Greats) S38747     John Greathouse S8630     John Greaves SC3337     Joseph Greaves SC3338     Andrew Green VAS3759     Andrew Green VAS1676     Arthur Green R4238     Benjamin Green R4240     Benjamin Green S4302     Benjamin Green SC3339     Berryman Green VAS2006     Bryan (Briant) Green SC3340     Charles Green S10207     Charles Green S35991     Clement Green VAS3760     Daniel Green SC3341     Daniel Green SC3342     David Green S6913     Drewry Green R4246     Elijah Green S37961     Elisha Green R4248     Fortunatus Green S15155     Francis Green SC3345     Gabriel Green W23136     George Green S2580     George Green S6912     (George) James Green W7563     Gerard Green W3012     Henry Green R4255.5     Henry Green W25657     Isaac Green SC3346     Jacob Green SC3347     James Green SC3348     James W. Green BLWt2261-400     Jeremiah Green S6916     Jesse Green VAS3762     Jesse Green W11084     John Green BLWt866-500     John Green BLWt1435-100     John Green S6914     John Green S6917     John Green S13216     John Green S37960     John Green SC3349     John Green SC3350     John Green VAS1684     John Green W8870     John Green W19540     John Thompson Green SC8     Joseph Green S37959     Lewis Green S31080     Meshack Green W25658     Moses Green SC3351     Moses Green VAS1685     Moses Green VAS1686     Nathan Green S3412     Nathan Green SC3352     Paul Green S10767     Richard Green, Jr. SC3353     Robert Green S33268     Robert Green S35992     Robert Green SC3354     Robert Green W8866     Robert Green W10065     Sampson (Samson) Green R4274     Samuel Green R4275     Samuel B. Green R14649     Shadrach Green SC3355     Simon (Simeon) Green S10766     Simon Green S35987     Thomas Green S31702     Thomas Green S32279     Thomas Green SC3390     Will Green VAS2519     William Green R4279     William Green S3413     William Green SC3391     William Green SC3392     William Green SC3393     William Green SC3394     William Green SC3395     William Green VAS120     William Green VAS3763     William Green VAS3764     William Green VAS3765     William Green W7557     William Green W8868     William Green W9460     William Green W24319     James Greene S8606     John Greene (Green) W4216     McKeen Greene (Green) W7561     William Greene W25645     Edward Greenelsh S5209     James Greening W10071     Nehemiah Greening S38762     George Greenway R20376     George Greenway VAS3766     William Greenway S1907     Bartlee Greenwood W3013     Charles Greer VAS3758     Isaac Greer SC3396     James Greer R4277     James Greer SC3397     Joseph Greer SC3398     Josiah Greer SC3399     Moses Greer S8609     Richard Greer S3416     Robert Greer SC3400     Thomas Greer SC3401     Walter Greer S3415     William Greer SC3402     William Greer SC3403     Henry Gregg SC3404     James Gregg R4334     James Gregg SC3405     John Gregg SC3406     John Gregg SC3407     Matthew Gregg (Grigg) S35981     Peter Gregg S38764     Abram Gregory W7600     Benjamin Gregory SC3408     Bry Gregory S2249     Charles Gregory VAS1700     Charles Gregory VAS1938     George Gregory R4299     George Gregory R38763     Gerard Gregory SC3409     Henry Gregory SC3410     Isaac Gregory R4293     Isaac Gregory S38771     Isaac Gregory SC3411     James Gregory R4292     Jeremiah Gregory SC3412     John Gregory SC3414     John Gregory VAS3767     John Gregory VAS3768     John Gregory W8875     Nephthalim Gregory VAS3769     Obadiah Gregory VAS3770     Richard Gregory S31712     Robert Gregory SC3415     Samuel Gregory R4297     Spillsby Gregory S10775     Thomas Gregory S41588     Thomas Gregory S41589     Thomas Gregory SC2139     Thomas Gregory W7599     Thomas Gregory W8876     Walter Gregory S37966     William Gregory S1666     William Gregory VAS3771     William Gregory VAS1701     William Gregory W19539     John Greiner SC3416     Benoni Gresham VAS3775     Daniel Gresham VAS3772     David Gresham (Greasham) S16393     George Gresham W2933     James Gresham W4969     John Gresham SC3417     John Gresham VAS3773     Joseph Gresham VAS1939     Littlebury Gresham S16394     Machem Gresham VAS3774     Thomas Gresset VAS3777     John Gressett SC3418     Sabret Grey VAS3778     William Grey VAS2217     Thomas Grice R4301     William Grice S6934     Henry Grider W8874     Jacob Grider R4302     Jacob Grider W3980     John Grider W358     Charles Grier BLWt897-300     Charles Grier R14616     John Grier S1906     John Grier [Greer] SC2342     Moses Grier S32281     Samuel Greir SC3419     Thomas Grier W7567     Hugh Griffe VAS3779     Reuben Griffes VAS3780     Zachariah Griffey (Griffy) S42757     Amos Griffin S41590     Benjamin Griffin SC3423     Charles Griffin SC3424     Corbin Griffin R56     Edward Griffin S13224     Elijah Griffin R4307     Fanny Griffin SC3425     Furniful Griffin SC3426     Gideon Griffin W8877     Gordon Griffin S35982     Ignatius Griffin SC3427     James Griffin R4311     James Griffin S47201     James Griffin SC3428     James Griffin VAS3783     James Griffin W7586     Jesse Griffin S38760     John Griffin R4312     John Griffin SC2145     John Griffin SC2146     John Griffin VAS1774     John Griffin W3677     John Griffin W23142     Joseph Griffin R4315     Joseph Griffin S21247     Joseph Griffin SC3429     Lane Griffin SC3430     Lewis Griffin (Griffith) S21248     Lewis Griffin SC3431     Martin Griffin VAS1709     Morgan Griffin S18844     Nathan Griffin S8619     Obadiah Griffin S8614     Peter Griffin VAS3784     Ralph Griffin S16389     Randal Griffin SC3432     Reuben Griffin S35993     Richard Griffin S6919     Robert Griffin SC3433     Robert Griffin VAS3785     Samuel Griffin VAS3786     Sherrod Griffin S13219     Thomas Griffin S6923     William Griffin R4318     William Griffin S13205     William Griffin SC3434     William Griffin SC3435     William Griffin SC3436     William Griffin VAS3787     William Griffin W24313     Zachariah Griffin W7585     John G. Griffis R4322     Nicolas [Nicholas] Griffis [Griffith] SC3437     Reubin (Reuben) Griffis W7601     William Griffis R4320     William Griffis R4323     John Griffiss SC3438     Benjamin Griffith SC3439     David Griffith SC3440     David Griffith VAS2257     Elisha Griffith S10192     Griffin Griffith VAS1708     Isaac Griffith S6918     John Griffith S3425     Joseph Griffith S3426     Joseph Griffith VAS3788     Joseph Griffith W7589     Michael Griffith VAS3789     Philemon Griffith S8617     Philemon Griffith VAS3790     Thomas Griffith W4213     William Griffith R4326     Daniel Grigg SC3441     Henry Grigg SC3443     Josiah Grigg S6932     Lewis Grigg S3417     William Griggory [Gregory?] VAS1715     Charles Griggs S6933     Daniel Griggs SC3442     Philip Griggs VAS3791     Robert Griggs S3418     Enoch Grigsbey SC3444     Benjamin Grigsby S1208     Moses Grigsby W10069     James Grilland SC3466     Andrew Grillebeau SC3467     William Grills VAS2014     John Grim S8628     John Grim SC3445     Peter Grim S37963     John Grimball SC3446     David Grimes SC3447     George Grimes VAS1712     Hugh Grimes SC3448     James Grimes S2244     James Grimes S17455     James Grimes SC3299     James Grimes SC3449     John Grimes W931     William Grimes R4331     William Grimes R4332     William Grimes S35980     William Grimes SC3453     William Grimes VAS1713     William Grimes VAS1714     William Grimes W19249     John Faucheraud Grimke W11088     Thomas Grimmer W4974     Josiah Grimmit S3428     Elijah Grimsley SC3454     George Grimsley R4333     James Grimsley VAS1711     John Grimsley SC3455     Joseph Grimsley S3429     Thomas Grimsley S37956     Michael Grinder (Griner) R4303     Jacob Grindstaff S31075     Michael Grindstaff (Grinstaff) S35995     Philip Griner SC3456     James Grinstead VAS3792     John Grinstead R4338     John Grinstead S35988     William Grinstead S15867     John Grinter S36560     John Grinter VAS3793     Drury Grisham SC3457     John Grisham S21790     Moses Grisham S21246     Major (Mager) Grisom (Grisham) SC2042     Joel Grissel VAS3794     John Grisselhart SC3468     Richard Grissum (Gresham) S10205     Benjamin Grist W1170     Jacob Grist R4341     John Gritton S13203     George Grizel SC3458     Patrick Grogan (Grogen) S41593     John Groessel S37967     John Groom VAS1710     Major Groom S31073     Abraham Grooms S3419     Levi Grooms BLWt1937-200     Jonathan Grooms S19305     Peter Groover S31717     David Gross S30444     Thomas Gross R4357     John Groten (Grotin) VAS1707     Jonas Grove S41591     John Groveham VAS3795     Edmund Groves SC3459     Thomas Groves W4211     William Groves W9461     Darius Grub S16838     Enoch Grub (Grubs) SC3461     Hensley Grubbs S37962     John Grubbs R4371     Nathan Grubbs S8600     Philip Gruber S21778     Samuel Gruber SC3460     Valentine Gruber S39627     Martin Gryder S31078     Valentine Gryder W11082     George Grymes BLWt1939-100     William Gudger W15772     John Gue VAS1705     Benjamin Guerard SCS4     John Guerrant VAS1706     Benjamin Guess S32283     Henry Guess W7609     Joseph Guess W8878     Moses Guest W11072     William Guest W21239     John Guey (Gui, Guy) R4377     John Guice (Guise) W4686     Daniel Guilder (Gilder) W4217     Gilbert Guilder (Gilder) SC3107     Jacob Guilder (Gilder) SC3108     Joseph Guilford S8640     Guilford County NC Apps (Misc.Nos.)     John Guill S35998     William Guill S6942     William Guilliams VAS1704     Andrew Guinn (Gwin) S37970     Richard Guitten SC3469     Reece (Reese) Gullet R4383     John Gulley S2585     John Gulley W19557     Richard Gulley S38781     Shepherd Gum R4384     John Gunby BLWt851-500     Hugh Gunion R4388     Samuel Gunison S35996     Alexander Gunn R4386     Daniel Gunn W7614     Gabriel Gunn W7613     James Gunn (Gun) BLWt659-300     Sterling (Starling, Stirling) Gunn S6941     John Gunnell S40062     Joseph Gunnell VAS1702     William Gunnell VAS1703     William Gunnell (Gunnels) W1172     James Gunner W5959     John Gunnill BLWt12150-100     James Gunston S6939     Benjamin Gunter W19558     Charles Gunter W27550     Henry Gunter S38778     Joel Gunter S38780     John Gunter S38779     Needham Gunter (Gunther) SC3470     William Gunter SC3471     John Gunyon VAS351     David Gurganis (Garganes, Garganus) R4392     Reuben Gurganus S8638     Isham Gurley R4393     Jeremiah Gurley S13231     Joseph Gurley W4973     James Guthery (Guthrie) S21793     Benjamin Guthrey R21672     John Guthrey S8642     John Guthrey (Guthry) S37968     Francis Guthrie R4395     Francis Guthrie SC3473     Frederick Guthrie R4396     Henry Guthrie W4975     James Guthrie VAS3801     James Guthrie W9468     John Guthrie (Guthry) BLWt691-100     John Guthrie S10776     John Guthrie VAS3800     John Pollard Guthrie W5286     Lewis Guthrie VAS1699     Robert Guthrie W293     John Gutry R4398     John Guttery VAS1794     David Guttry (Guthrey, Guthrie) R4397     Nathaniel Guttry (Guthrie) S13235     James Guy R4399     William Guy VAS2397     William Guy W17969     Aaron Guyton W21237     Moses Guyton R4400     Mikel (Michael) Gwaltney (Guartney) S8637     Nathan Gwaltney (Galtney) S41596     Edward Gwin R4401     Jesse Gwin S8645     John Gwin S3393     John Gwin (Gwinn, Givin) W7618     Thomas Gwin S42208     William Gwin R4402     Edmun Gwinn VAS1698     Joseph Gwinn VAS1697     Maurice Gwinn SC3474     Samuel Gwinn S17992     Humphry (Humphrey) Gwyn S17992    

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Ha He Hi Ho Hu Hy

John Habersham BLWt1226-400     John Hacker VAS1749     John Hackett S37979     John Hackley BLWt1077-200     John Hackney W7727     Joseph Hackney S6973     Richard Hackney S6971     Robert Hackney R4408     Samuel Hackney S36001     Thomas Hackney S2281     William Hackney VAS1355     Austin Hackworth R4410     John Hackworth R4411     Thomas Hackworth S31115     William Hackworth W3415     Anthony Haden (Hadon) R4418     Anthony D. Haden (Hadon) S18013     Elisha Hadden R4412     Robert Hadden, Jr. SC3478     Robert Hadden, Sr. SC3479     William Hadden SC3480     William Hadden W7697     Andrew Haddock SC3476     Isaac Haddock SC3477     George Haddon S45893     William Haddox S8694     Jeremiah Haden W2107     Joshua Hadley BLWt1096-300     Hugh Haffernan R4419     James Haganman (Hagerman) S13313     Charles Hagan S36008     James Hagan S36003     Raphael (Ralph) Hagan W8907     Cornelius Hagany BLWt1971-100     Simon (Simeon) Hagar S8686     Barnet Hageman (Hagerman) R4426     Fariby (Phereby) Hagen (Hagan, Hagins) SC3481     Thomas Hagens SC3483     Simon Hager (Hagar) R4424     Paul Hagarty VAS1972     John Hagey (Hagie, Hagar) R4428     James Haggan SC3482     William Hagins S30459     David Haggard R4429     Henry Haggard S13316     James Haggard S31109     Jonadab Haggard SC3484     William Haggard S31090     David Hagin SC3485     Francis Hagins (Hagan) S36007     John Hagirtee SC3486     John Hagle S8669     Benjamin Hagood (Haygood, Hogwood) R4789     Jesse Hagood R4432     John Hagot SC3488     Lewis Haguewood (Hagood) SC3489     George Hahn S8683     John Haiden SC3490     William Haiden SC3491     George Haig SC3492     Jacob Haigler S21797     Henry Haigwood (Hagood) SC3487     Henry Hail SC3496     Simon Hail (Haile, Hale) R4435     William Hail SC3499     John Haild SC3497     Adam Haile SC3493     Benjamin Haile (Hails) SC3494     Ferguson Haile SC3495     John Haile SC3498     Joseph Haile S38814     Silas Hailes W27546     Anthony Hailey (Haley) S41624     Barnabus (Barnaby) Hailey (Haley) S30477     Joseph Hailey W7686     Evan Haines W8897     Jonathan Haines R14821     John Hainey SC3737     Christopher Hains (Haines) W8897     George Hains (Haynes, Haines) S38791     Peter Hains (Haines) S38008     Ledin (Leven) Hainsworth (Ainsworth) SC130     Daniel Hair S5493     David Hair S6978     John Hair S17469     Robert Hair S9567     John Haird SC3500     James Hairston R4442     John Hairston SC3501     Thomas Hairston (Hairstone) SC3502     Thomas Hairston (Hairstin) VAS1356     William Hairston SC3503     John Hais SC3504     John Haislip W11232     Laban Haislip R8024     John Haisten W7704     John Hakel (Hackel) SC3475     Richard Halbert VAS1359     William Halbert BLWt607-100     George Halbrooks R5120     Philip Halcum SC3506     Edward Hale SC3505     John Hale S1765     Leonard Hale S5488     Nicholas Hale S4313     Thomas Hale S37975     Thomas Hale SC3507     William Hale S1522     William Hale S37982     Isaiah Hales S1824     Ambrose Haley S8689     Benjamin Haley S31114     David Haley R4451     James Haley S4316     Lewis Haley [Hailey] S5487     Pleasant (Pleasent) Haley [Haily] W25192     Randall Haley S13318     Isaac Halfpenny BLWt12191-100     John Halfpenny (Halpain, Halpane) VAS1360     Robert Halkerstone (Halkerston) S34917     James Halks W10307     Lewis Haley [Hailey] S5487     Alexander Hall S8691     Anthony Hall W1764     Clement Hall S38790     Daniel Hall VAS1363     Daniel Hall W21267     David Hall S1823     David Hall S37989     Edward Hall R20511     Edward Hall S16147     Edward Hall S32294     Edward Hall W3017     Elisha Hall SC3508     Frederick Hall R7569     George Hall W7643     George Abbott Hall SC3509     Hugh Hall SC3510     Ignatius Hall R4464     Isham Hall W7638     James Hall R4458     James Hall R4478     James Hall S5492     James Hall S6946     James Hall SC3365     James Hall SC3511     James Hall SC3512     James Hall W25741     Jesse Hall W21258     John Hall R14699     John Hall R22017     John Hall S1210     John Hall S2259     John Hall S2589     John Hall S2590     John Hall S5482     John Hall S5490     John Hall S9558     John Hall S30451     John Hall S31106     John Hall SC3513     John Hall SC3514     John Hall SC3516     John Hall, Jr. SC3515     John Hall W3413     John Hall W23236     Joseph Hall S13302     Joseph Hall S37983     Moses Hall W10105     Nathan Hall S6943     Primus (Primes) Hall (Trask) W751     Robert Hall R40     Robert Hall R4492     Robert Hall S2258     Robert Hall S16403     Samuel Hall R4477     Samuel Hall SC3517     Solomon Hall S21802     Thomas Hall R4453     Thomas Hall S1829     Thomas Hall S13339     Thomas Hall S16862     Thomas Hall VAS3233     Timothy Hall S5469     William Hall R20121     William Hall R21886     William Hall S2592     William Hall S5475     William Hall S6944     William Hall S13306     William Hall S16142     William Hall S16859     William Hall S21255     William Hall S31089     William Hall S32305     William Hall S37974     William Hall SC3518     William Hall VAS3233     William Hall W8884     John Halladay (Holliday) S41627     Henry S. Halley R4493     Solomon Halling BLWt54-450     William Halliburton S9121     Joseph Halloms (Hilloms, Hallem) SC3521     John Hallum SC3522     Thomas Hallum SC3523     William Hallum SC3524     Henry Halsey S2597     Malachi Halsey S2598     Joseph Haltom W27582     Drury Ham W27678     John Ham R4501     John Ham SC3527     Littleton Ham SC3528     McIlberry Ham SC3529     Richard Ham SC3530     William Ham R20209     William Ham VAS1364     Adam Hamater SC3552     Robert Hambel (Hamble) R4502     Job Hamblen W10085     James Hambleton S6983     Thomas Hambleton (Hamilton, Hambilton) S32301     Gideon Hamblett (Hamlett) VAS1365     Pierce Dant Hamblin S2264     Nimrod Hambrick SC3531     Frederick Hambright R4504     John Hambright W932     William Hamby S1909     James Hamelton SC3542     John Hames S16409     William Hames R4506     Abner Hamilton S31105     Alexander Hamilton S9556     Alexander Hamilton SC3532     Alexander Hamilton SC3533     Alexander Hamilton W13402     Andrew Hamilton S18000     Barton Hamilton SC3535     Benjamin Hamilton S31111     Benjamin Hamilton SC3536     Charles Hamilton R4512     Charles Hamilton R4519     David Hamilton R4521     David Hamilton S17998     David Hamilton S21804     David Hamilton SC3537     David Hamilton SC3538     David Hamilton VAS1366     David Hamilton W10053     Gowin Hamilton VAS1991     James Hamilton BLWt1080-200     James Hamilton S1214     James Hamilton S4320     James Hamilton S25128     James Hamilton SC3539     James Hamilton SC3540     James Hamilton SC3541     James Hamilton VAS3802     James Hamilton W155     James Hamilton W2732     James Hamilton W24403     James Hamilton X315     Jeremiah Hamilton SC3543     John Hamilton R4516     John Hamilton S1209     John Hamilton S37981     John Hamilton SC3544     John Hamilton SC3545     John Hamilton SC3546     John Hamilton VAS3803     John Hamilton VAS3804     Joseph Hamilton R4517     Joshua Hamilton S2608     Patrick Hamilton SC3547     Paul Hamilton SC3548     Robert Hamilton VAS1367     Samuel Hamilton SC3549     Thomas Hamilton R4522     Thomas Hamilton R14776     Thomas Hamilton S6982     Thomas Hamilton S21267     Thomas Hamilton S30470     Thomas Hamilton SC3551     Thomas Hamilton, Jr. SC3550     Thomas Hamilton W3084     Thomas Hamilton W7671     William Hamilton R4513     William Hamilton [Hambleton] SC785     William Hamilton [Hambleton] SC786     William Hamilton [Hambleton] SC787     William Hamilton [Hambleton] SC788     William Hamilton [Hambleton] SC789     William Hamilton [Hambleton] SC790     William Hamilton W9059     William Dennis Hamilton S37990     Carter Hamlet (Hamlett) VAS3805     John Hamlett S13311     William P. Hamlett S13305     John Hamlin S15443     John Hamlin VAS3526     Thomas Hamlin (Hamblin) W8910     John Hamm S31095     John Hamm W2935     Mordecai Hamm W4976     Abraham Hamman [Hammon, Hammond] W10088     Henry Hammer W7652     Palser Hammer S6950     Peter Hammer W5699     George Hammett S8693     John Hammett SC3553     William Hammett R4528     John Hammilton (Hamilton) S36568     John Hammock S2601     Martin Hammock R4529     William Hammock S15442     John Hammon R4542     John Hammon S9559     Philip Hammon (Hamman) S30452     Thomas Hammon S10791     Abner Hammond W25753     Charles Hammond SC1061     Christopher Hammond SC1062     George Hammond R4553     George Hammond SC1063     Isaac Hammond S4327     Job Hammond S36569     John Hammond SC5470     John Hammond, Jr. SC1064     Joshua Hammond S21803     LeRoy Hammond SC1059     LeRoy Hammond, Jr. SC1060     Lewis Hammond R4535     Martin Hammond SC1065     Raleigh Hammond W11237     Samuel Hammond S21807     Thomas Hammond W4224     William Hammond SC1066     Isaac Hammonds W7654     John Hammonds S8654     John Hammonds S31094     Obadiah Hammonds (Hammond) S2263     Peter Hammonds S30461     Absalom Hammons (Hammond) S5497     Benjamin Hammons W4978     John Hammons R26146     Joseph Hammons R4544     John Hammontree VAS3806     Henry Hamner W8912     John Hamner W10081     Edward Hampton SC2264     Gale Hampton SC2265     Henry Hampton SC1958     Joel Hampton R4547     John Hampton VAS1368     John Hampton W7700     Preston Hampton R4546     Richard Hampton SC2253     Thomas Hampton S16842     Wade Hampton W10078     William Hampton W424     William Dennis Hampton S37990     Benjamin Hamrick S5472     David Hamrick W5292     Gilson Hamrick R4550     Siars (Siras) Hamrick S18009     Benjamin Hamton SC2263     Jonathan Hanby W4687     Abraham Hancks (Hanks) R4569     Austin Hancock S5499     Benjamin Hancock W5291     Clement Hancock SC3554     Bennet Hancock BLWt1629-100     Bennett Hancock VAS1370     Edward Hancock W7648     Henry Hancock VAS1369     Isaiah Hancock S30449     James Hancock S5495     John Hancock R4551 and W10086     John Hancock SC3555     John Hancock VAS1851     Joseph Hancock W359     Joseph J. Hancock SC16     Martin Hancock S2260     Richard Hancock SC3556     Samuel Hancock S8687     Samuel Hancock X916     Stephen Hancock S1955     William Hancock R4552     William Hancock S21265     William Hancock SC3557     William Hancock SC3558     Christopher Hand S6951     John Hand SC3559     John Hand W3016     Jonathan Hand SC3560     Joseph Hand W7625     Robert Hand R4557     Samuel Hand W10     Uriah Hand R4558     John Handcock (Hancock) W10086     George Handley BLWt1255-300     Handy Handley (Hanley) S16401     William Handley SC3562     Samuel Handly S1911     George Handy BLWt1061-300     Levin Handy W9475     Benjamin Hanes S2587     John Hanes S37985     Charles Haney S8661     David Haney VAS1371     Francis Haney S32292     Holland Haney VAS3807     James Haney S8679     John Haney S25133     Robert Haney (Hainey) R4563     William Haney W11258     George Hanger R4565     Abraham Hankins W363     George Hankins (Hawkins) S31102     James Hankins (Haukins) S1521     John Hankins S16404     Joseph Hankins VAS3808     Thomas Hankins VAS1372     Abner Hanks S31729     Abraham Hanks (Hancks) R4569     Epaphroditus Hanks R4567     James Hanks R4568     Richard Hanks R4570     Thomas Hanks R4571     John Hanle SC3561     James Hanlon S37994     Adam Hanna R4575     James Hanna SC3566     John Hanna SC3567     John Hanna S41607     Joseph Hanna R4576     Robert Hanna (Hannah) R4574     Robert Hanna, Jr. S22290     Robert Hanna, Sr. SC3568     William Hanna SC3571     William Hanna, Jr. SC3570     Andrew Hannah W794     David Hannah (Hanna) R4573     Edward Hannah VAS1374     James Hannah SC3563     James Hannah SC3564     James Hannah SC3565     John Hannah VAS1375     Richard Hannah SC3572     Robert Hannah SC3569     Robert Hannah VAS1376     Robert Hannah VAS2449     Thomas Hannah [Hanna] SC3573     John Hannam VAS1377     William Hannaman S32299     Esom Hannan [Hannah] W7644     Thomas Hannan (Hannon) R4578     John Hannor (Hannah) BLWt36221-160-55     Joseph Hanover SC3574     William Hansard R4580     John Hansbrough (Hansborough) W2614     William Hansbrough W3808     Cary H. Hansford R14850     Charles Hansford S16402     William Hansford S36004     Robert Hansley (Hensley) S4323     John Hansom [Hanson] VAS1378     Isaac Hanson BLWt1059-200     Joab Hanson SC3575     Thomas Hanson VAS1379     Samuel Hanway R4583     William Happer (Hopper) S37995     Herndon Haralson S1828     Paul Haralson W1763     Jacob Harbaugh S39663     Edward Harbert S15448     John Harbert R4585     Samuel Harbert S15447     William Harbin SC3576     George Harbinson R4586     John Harbinson [Harvison] SC3577     William Harbinson W7706     John Harbirt SC3578     Thomas Harbirt SC3579     James Harbison SC3451     James Harbison W7707     James Harbison W17039     John Harbison S38788     Patrick Harbison SC3581     William Harbison SC3582     William Harbison SC3583     William Harbit (Harbert) W7673     Joseph Harborn R4587     Noah Harbour S8673     Francis Harvison [Herbison, Harbison] SC3580     Elisha Henry Harcum VAS1381     Lott Harcum VAS1382     Rodham Harcum VAS1383     Joel Hardaway SC3584     Joel Hardaway VAS1384     Joseph Hardaway S2607     Joseph Hardee [Hardy] SC3585     Thomas Hardee R4590     William Hardee W9054     James Harden (Hardin) R4592     Jesse Harden (Hardin) VAS1385     John Harden SC3587     John Harden SC3588     Abraham Hardie (Hardee) R4597     John Hardiman VAS1386     Benjamin Hardin S31100     Benjamin Hardin (Harden) S32293     Edward Hardin [Harden] SC3586     Henry Hardin S31732     Innis Hardin VAS1387     John Hardin R4599     Joseph Hardin S13322     Lewis Hardin (Harden) S38799     Thomas Hardin R4594     Thomas Hardin W8916     George Harding S17220     Henry Harding S16145     Robert Harding W7679     Thomas Harding VAS1392     James Hardison R4596     James Hardison S1827     Henry Hardman BLWt1045-400     John Hardman (Hardiman) S2606     George Hardwick S8674     William Hardwick SC3589     Andrew Hardy R4603 1/2     Christopher Hardy SC3590     Elias Hardy W4451     John Hardy S16140     John Hardy VAS1393     John Hardy VAS1394     Rhodias Hardy VAS3810     Thomas Hardy W361     John Hardyman R14719     John Hardyman VAS1395     Michael Hare S39645     Richard Hare S8697     John Harges S35382     Abraham Hargis W4480     Thomas Hargis S8663     William Hargis W82     John Hargrave S32297     Michael Hargrave (Hargrove) VAS1396     William Hargrave S37980     Alexander Hargrove S6972     Bennett Hargrove R4608     Charles Hargrove SC3591     Henry Hargrove SC3592     Hezekiah Hargrove S5481     James Hargrove SC3593     John Hargrove (Hargrave) S37978     John Hargrove VAS1980     John Hargus VAS1397     John Harkeshimer (Harkishimer) S34912     George Harlan (Harlen) W8918     Razen (Rezin) Harlan R4609     Samuel Harlan SC3595     George Harland [Harlan] SC3594     Daniel Harless R4611     Ferdenan Harless (Horless) R4612     Philip Harless R4613     Isaac Harleston BLWt1800-400     Joseph Harley SC3596     Samuel Harling SC3597     Bartlett Harlow W8913     George Harlow W8915     John Harlow S13309     Michael Harlow W8914     Nathaniel Harlow S37988     Thomas Harlow R4615     Abraham Harman SC3598     Charles (Piercy) Harman (Harmon) W7645     George Harman BLWt1361-100     Lazarus Harman S34911     Sacker Harman VAS1398     Abraham Harmon SC3599     Adam Harmon W754     Edward Harmon S36000     Jacob Harmon R4620     John Harmon S1825     John Harmon S18006     John Harmon W2795     William Harmon W7647     Harris Harmontree VAS1399     John Harnest W7682     Selby Harney BLWt1093-500     Kader Harold NC39     Henry Harp VAS1400     Joseph Harp R4624     Mills Harp VAS1400     Sampson Harp R4623     Samuel Harp VAS1400     William Harp VAS1400     Adam Harper S30453     Andrew Harper SC3600     Anthony Harper SC3601     David Harper VAS1401     Hance Harper SC3602     Henry Harper S19315     Jeduthan Harper W19734     James Harper BLWt2148-200 and R14859     Jesse Harper S10790     John Harper R21782     John Harper S8657     John Harper S30454     John Harper SC3603     John Harper VAS1723     John Harper W4977     John W. Harper S2599     Joseph Harper MDS1     Josiah Harper S1953     Lewis L. Harper R4628     Matthew Harper SC3604     Nathan Harper S31091     Richard Harper S1908     Robert Harper SC3605     Robert Harper SC3606     Samuel Harper SC3607     Samuel Harper SC3608     Samuel A. Harper S34910     Thomas Harper S32304     Thomas Harper SC3610     William Harper R559     William Harper R4630     William Harper R4631     William Harper SC3611     Adam Harpole R4632     Manon Harps R4625     John Harrald VAS1403     Hardy Harper SC3612     John Harrard (Harward) R4633     John Harrel SC3614     Jonathan Harrel SC3615     Elisha Harrell SC3613     George Harrell S2596     James Harrell VAS1404     Joel Harrell (Herrell, Harrill) R4635     John Harrell S6976     John Harrell S9557     John Harrell W7798     Josiah Harrell S8690     Kidder Harrell S6963     Levi Harrell SC3616     Reuben Harrell W8926     Simon Harrell W8895     James Harrill (Harrold, Harrell) R4634     Drury Harrington S6979     John Harrington SC3617     Arthur Harris BLWt1271-200     Benjamin Harris R4652     Benjamin Harris SC3618     Benjamin Harris SC3619     Benjamin Harris W5295     Benjamin Harris W7664     Benjamin Harris W11211     Brantly Harris W19727     Charles Harris VAS2     Cyrus Harris S37977     Daniel Harris S36575     David Harris S38796     David Harris VAS3     Drury Harris SC2077     Edward Harris R4649     Edward Harris R4663     Edward Harris R4683     Edward Harris S37992     Edward Harris SC2148     Edward (Ned) Harris (Harriss) SC2149     Edward Harris VAS4     Edward Harris VAS19     Edwin Harris S4307     Ezekiel Harris SC3620     Fieldman Harris S8668     Fitch Harris SC3622     George Harris SC3625     Goodman Harris S38801     Griffin Harris (Harrison) SC3661     Handy Harris SC3626     Henry Harris S16399     Henry Harris S37986     Herbert Harris R4669     Hugh Harris W25743     Isham Harris R4654     James Harris R4653     James Harris R4657     James Harris R4659     James Harris R4666     James Harris S31726     James Harris S37996     James Harris S38006     James Harris SC2034     James Harris SC3627     James Harris SC3628     James Harris SC3629     James Harris VAS5     James Harris VAS1448     James Harris W8892     James Harris W11223     Jenkins Harris SC3630     Jeremiah Harris SC3631     Jesse Harris R4655     Jesse Harris W1277     John Harris R41     John Harris R4660     John Harris R4661     John Harris R4662     John Harris S5491     John Harris S21808     John Harris S37997     John Harris S37998     John Harris S37999     John Harris S38001     John Harris SC2072     John Harris SC3632     John Harris SC3633     John Harris SC3634     John Harris SC3635     John Harris SC3636     John Harris SC3637     John Harris SC3639     John Harris, MD SC3638     John Harris VAS6     John Harris VAS1959     John Harris VAS3811     John Harris W1422     John Harris W21247     John Harris W24391     John C. Harris S6953     Jonathan Harris W4979     Jordan Harris VAS7     Joseph Harris W2793     Joshua Harris R4685     Littleberry Harris SC3640     Little Berry Harris SC3641     Mason Harris SC2147     Matthew Harris S31730     Micajah Harris SC3645     Moses Harris S17996     Moses Harris SC3642     Moses Harris SC3643     Moses Harris SC3644     Nathaniel Harris S5456     Nathaniel Harris S37971     Ned Harris (Harriss) SC2088     Nelson Harris R4668     Nicholas Harris SC3646     Overton Harris S31107     Peter Harris SC18     Reuben Harris SC3647     Richard Harris R4671     Richard Harris S13315     Richard Harris VAS8     Richard Harris VAS9     Richmond Harris W8891     Robert Harris W23240     Robert Harris VAS10     Robin (Robert) Hood Harris R4665     Robin Harris R4672     Samuel Harris S10813     Samuel Harris SC3649     Samuel Harris SC3650     Samuel Harris VAS11     Sherwood Harris NC1     Sherwood (Sherrod) Harris W3984     Simeon Harris S15871     Simon Harris R4684     Simon Harris VAS12     Simpson Harris SC3648     Stephen Harris W3804     Thomas Harris S4308     Thomas Harris S13312     Thomas Harris S36576     Thomas Harris S38002     Thomas Harris SC3651     Thomas Harris SC3652     Thomas Harris SC3653     Thomas Harris SC3654     Thomas Harris SC3655     Thomas Harris W3414     Thomas Harris VAS20     Timothy Harris SC3656     Timothy Harris SC3657     Victor Harris SC3658     Walter Harris VAS13     Walter Harris VAS15     West Harris SC3659     William Harris S5441     William Harris S5489     William Harris S6954     William Harris S6956     William Harris S8696     William Harris S13314     William Harris S18435     William Harris S25132     William Harris S30458     William Harris S41616     William Harris SC2216     William Harris (Harriss) SC3660     William Harris W4222     William Harris W8890     William Harris W8893     William Harris VAS14     William Harris VAS16     William Harris VAS17     William Butler Harris VAS18     Wooten Harris W23186     Alexander Harrison BLWt1884-100     Answorth Harrison R14755     Anthony Alexander Harrison S32303     Battle Harrison BLWt2374-200     Barzillai (Barzillia) Harrison R4675     Benjamin Harrison VAS1409     Benjamin Harrison VAS1410     Benjamin Harrison W5296     Burditt Harrison S8667     Charles Harrison VAS1411     Constant Harrison SC2115     Cuthbert Harrison VAS1415     David Harrison R4677     Dempsey (Demsey, Dem) Harrison S41623     Ezekiel Harrison W23211     George Harrison VAS1946     Gideon Harrison S2602     Henry Harrison SC3662     Henry Harrison W748     Isham Harrison W10089     James Harrison BLWt2355-200     James Harrison R1653     James Harrison S4309     James Harrison S5496     James Harrison SC3663     James Harrison SC3664     James Harrison VAS3812     James Harrison W548     Jesse Harrison S41620     John Harrison BLWt1075-200     John Harrison S5471     John Harrison S41601     John Harrison SC3665     John Harrison SC3666     John Harrison VAS1416     John Harrison VAS1417     John Harrison VAS1418     John Harrison W3988     John Peyton Harrison VAS3813     Joseph Harrison R4676     Joseph Harrison VAS3814     Joseph Harrison VAS3815     Joseph Harrison W8917     Lawrence Harrison W4223     Lovell Harrison VAS1419     Nathaniel Harrison R4678     Nathaniel Harrison S1667     Philip Harrison VAS1420     Reuben Harrison R4687     Reuben Harrison W7689     Rueben Harrison SC3667     Richard Harrison R14762     Richard Harrison W3807     Robert Harrison VAS1421     Robert Hanson Harrison BLWt1700-450     Thomas Harrison SC3668     Thomas Harrison W360     Vall (Valentine) Harrison VAS1422     William Harrison R4688     William Harrison R10017     William Harrison S38782     William Harrison W657     William Harrison W4481     William Bulter Harrison VAS1054     Zepheniah Harrison R4689     Zepheniah Harrison R4690     William Harriss (Harris) R4674     Barzilai Harrisson (Harrison) R4675     Richard Harrisson (Harrison) W2934     John Harrod SC3669     Jeremiah Harrold S17467     Jacob Harrow S5480     Arthur Harrup VAS1424     Richard Harry W24407     Ptolemy Harsborough VAS1425     Daniel Harshaw SC3670     Aaron Hart SC3671     Adam Hart S46576     Anthony Hart S5494     Charles Hart S16406     Derrill Hart SC3672     Ebenezer Hart W14852     George Hart SC3673     Henry Hart R4699     Jacob Hart SC2055     James Hart S9555     James Hart SC3674     James Hart VAS1426     John Hart S13320     John Hart S32300     John Hart VAS1427     John Hart W3805     Joseph Hart S18860     Joseph Hart SC2104     Oliver Hart BLWt2331-300     Robert Hart X320     Samuel Hart S41619     Thomas Hart SC3675     Thomas Hart VAS3816     William Hart SC3676     William Hart VAS1428     Lewis Harter S39649     David Harteston SC3681     Howell Hartgrove [Hargrave] S8678     James Harth SC3677     John Harth SCS2     Peter Hartless S5470     William Hartless S5498     Charles Hartley VAS1429     Daniel Hartley S36571     James Hartley [Heartly] SC3679     Laban Hartley S21269     Jacob Hartline S39640     Adam Hartman S23687     John Hartman W7680     Michael Hartman W3680     Philip Hartman S9595     Robert Hartness SC3680     Howell Harton OWIF20377     John Hartsfield W39853     John Hartsfield (Hartesfield) W4482     John Hartshorn W4393     Joachim Hartstone [Hartston] SC3682     Jacob Hartzell R14891     Mitchell Harvell VAS1430     William Harvell (Harville, Harvill) R4717     Baker Harvey SC3683     Blasingame Harvey SC3684     Charles Harvey SC3685     David Harvey R4712     Edward Harvey S41606     Evan Harvey SC3686     Henry Harvey SC3687     James Harvey SC3688     Joel Harvey R4709     John Harvey R4714     John Harvey S10830     John Harvey S16851     John Harvey SC3689     John Harvey VAS1431     John Harvey W249     Joseph Harvey R4711     Littleberry Harvey SC3690     Matthew Harvey W19681     Nicholas Harvey SC3691     Norment (Norman) Harvey S38005     Philemon Harvey SC3692     Richard Harvey SC3693     Richard Harvey VAS1432     Samuel Harvey SC5503     Seth Harvey SC3698     Thomas Harvey R4715     Thomas Harvey S5474     Thomas Harvey SC3694     William Harvey S4362     William Harvey SC3695     William Baker Harvey SC3696     Zachariah Harvey SC3697     Zadock Harvey S34919     Jacob Harvick S32298     John Harvill SC3699     Edward Harvin S18014     John Harvin SC3700     John Harvison SC3701     Andrew Harwell (Harvey) S31104     Lowden Harwell ) R4718     Edward Harwood VAS1433     James Harwood (Harward) ) W11231     Littlebury Harwood VAS3817     William Harwood VAS1434     William Haselton [Hazelton, Hasseltine] SC2049     William Haselton [Hazelton] SC3703     John Hasket S4317     John Haskew [Askew] S9350     Aaron Haskins S18437     James Haskins W19732     Thomas Haskins VAS1435     William Haslam SC3705     George Hassan SC3706     Benjamin Hassell R4728     Joseph Hassell S41602     Absalom Hastin W962     William Hastin W3986     John Hastings S34384     Zachariah Hastings S6975     Clem [Klem] Hasty VAS1436     Clement Hasty S38003     James Hasty W1174     John Hasty W8919     Alexander Hatch S8648     Robert Hatch SC3707     Benjamin Hatcher W21275     Daniel Hatcher W7675     David Hatcher SC3708     Henry Hatcher S13326     John Hatcher SC3709     John Hatcher W7677     Robert Hatcher SC3710     Samuel Hatcher S13324     Seth Hatcher S5479     Timothy Hatcher R4739     William Hatcher S31727     William Hatcher S41622     William Hatcher SC3711     William Hatcher SC3712     Archebald (Archibald) Hatchett VAS1437     Edward Hatchett S13310     Michael Hatdorffer (Hatoffer) VAS1438     Joseph Hatfield W5     Samuel Hatfield SC2128     John Hathaway R4745     John Hathcock (Heathcock) VAS1821     James Hathorn [Hawthorn] SC3713     Samuel Hathorn [Hawthorn] SC3714     Michael Hatler S31117     Malachi Hatmaker R4750     Basil (Bazel) Hatton S8665     Henry Hatton R4751     Reuben Hatton S17466     Samuel Hatton VAS1439     William Hatton VAS1440     George Michael Hauck S18012     John Haughabook SC3715     Peter Haught S6981     George Hauldewonger SC3525     John Hauldewonger (Haltiwanger, Holdiwonger] SC3526     Andrew Haulman (Hallman) SC3520     John Mattias Haupt W3806     Elias Hauser SC3716     Jesse Havis [Harris] SC3717     Peter Haw VAS1092     William Haw VAS1091     William Hawe S38795     Ezekiel Hawes R4760     Samuel Hawes BLWt1066-450     Thomas Hawes W1766     Isaac Hawk S9571     Jacob Hawk W362     Bartlet (Bartlett) Hawkins (alias Fitzgerald) S9562     Benjamin Hawkins (alias Fitzgerald) S13308     Elisha Hawkins S31103     Ephraim Hawkins W3987     Frances Hawkins SC3718     Giles Hawkins S1211     James Hawkins S37991     James Hawkins VAS1441     James Hawkins W8886     John Hawkins S5451     John Hawkins S16857     John Hawkins VAS1442     Joseph Hawkins S4322     Joseph Hawkins VAS1968     Joseph Hawkins VAS1443     Joshua Hawkins W9055     Laban Hawkins W7659     Moses Hawkins BLWt1449-300     Nathan Hawkins S30457     Philemon Hawkins S6957     Reuben Hawkins W8887     Thomas Hawkins S4310     Thomas Hawkins S10796     William Hawkins S6960     Frederick Hawks S31734     Thomas Hawks W7658     Francis Hawley W163     Peter Hawley S13328     Rawleigh Hawly VAS3818     Nathan Hawman (Hammond) W9474     Benajmin Hawthorn SC3720     James Hawthorn SC3721     John Hawthorn S31097     Joseph Hawthorn R4774     Robert Hawthorn W23326     Abram (Abraham) Hay W17262     Charles Hay SC3722     Charles Hay VAS1782     David Hay SC3723     Hardy Hay SC3724     Isaac Hay R4779     James Hay (Hays) SC2126     James Hay SC3725     John Hay SC3726     John M. Hay VAS1446     Joseph Hay R14714     Mathew Hay [Hays, Hayes] SC3740     Mourning Hay VAS1447     Thomas Hay (Hoy) S31096     William Hay S8670     Samuel Haycraft (Haycroft) W8904     Benjamin Haydon (Hayden) S37972     James Haydon (Hayden) S30466     John Haydon S37993     Daniel Hayes VAS1448     Daniel Hayes VAS1964     Edward Hayes SC3727     Gabriel Hayes VAS1449     George Hayes S1668     Jesse Hayes SC3729     Moses Hayes (Hays) SC2195     Henry Hayes (Hays) S30455     Henry Hayes (Hays) W14     John Hayes (Hays) S21268     John Hayes SC2073     John Hayes (Hays) W21245     Joseph Hayes (Hays) SC21     Richard Hayes VAS1448     Thomas Hayes S41600     Thomas Hayes VAS3819     William Hayes (Hays) SC2196     William Hayes VAS1450     William Haygood S4314     Chapman Hayles S2595     Daniel Hayley S38007     Henry Hayman R4798     Henry Hayman SC3731     Henry Hayman, Jr. SC3732     Stephen Hayman SC3733     Stuton Hayman SC3734     Edward Haymond S38009     Alexander Haynes S1519     Bartholomew Haynes SC2207     Christopher Haynes W4227     Griffith Haynes VAS1454     James Haynes S1910     James Haynes W2938     John Haynes S5460     John Haynes W27     Joseph Haynes SC3735     Richard Haynes S32307     William Haynes BLWt12184-100     William Haynes VAS1455     William Haynes VAS3820     Holland Haynie VAS1456     John Haynie [Hainey] SC3736     Spencer Haynie VAS184     William Haynie S37987     William Haynie W7693     Joseph Hayns S1954     Adam Hays (Hayes) SC2193     Daniel Hays VAS1457     David Hays S6949     David Hays [Hayes] SC1937     Daniel Hays SC3738     Edmund Hays W7634     George Hays SC3739     George Hays W7635     Hugh Hays (Hayes) SC2194     James Hays R4787     John Hays BLWt1068-400     John Hays R4793     John Hays R4794     John Hays S16408     John Hays VAS1458     John Hays VAS3821     John Hays W1272     Joseph Hays VAS3822     Joshua Hays R4792     Nathaniel Hays [Hayes] SC3741     Robert Hays S38792     Thomas Hays SC3746     Thomas Hays (Hayes) W20375     William Hays R4783     William Hays S37973     William Hays S38797     William Hays S37973     Jacob Hayse [Hayes] SC3728     William Hayse SC3730     William Hayse VAS1459     Thomas Hayslet S38010     Griffin Haywood SC3747     Elisha Hazel (Hazle) R4808     William M. Hazelt [Hasselt] SC2465     Richard Hazelton [Hazleton] SC3748     William Hazelton SC3702     William Hazelton SC3704     Benjamin Hazelwood R4811     William Hazelwood VAS1460     Moses Hazen W27620     John Hazlegrove VAS1461     Richard Hazlewood VAS1462     Arthur Hazzard S41615     William Hazzard BLWt1238-200     Benjamin Head VAS1463     James Head R4814     John Head S39680     John Stromatt Head S6995     Richard Head S13365     Richard M. Head W9060     Robert Head R4815     William Head SC3749     John Headen SC3750     William Headen S31120     Francis Headrick (Heddrick) R4842     Peter Headrick (Hedrick, Hederick) W11288     Jacob Heady S2288     William Heaken VAS1464     Daniel Healey (Hayley, Haley) VAS1465     Daniel Healey (Hayley, Haley) VAS1466     Martin Healey VAS1467     Samuel Healey R42     William Heally VAS1468     Thomas Heaney SC3752     Armstrong Heard [Herd] SC3753     George Heard SC3755     George Heard [Herd] SC3756     James Heard S540     James Heard [Herd] SC3757     John Heard S8709     John G. Heard R4822     Richard Heard W4229     William Heard SC3758     Daniel Hearn VAS3823     Drury Hearn W3548     Ephraim Hearn S38020     Francis Hearn [Hern] VAS1471     Jesse Hearn SC3759     Nathaniel Hearn VAS41     William Hearn SC3760     Ebenezer Hearne S6997     James Hearne S41631     John Hearne [Hearn, Heren] SC3761     John Hearne SC3762     John Hearst SC3764     John Hearst SC3765     Joseph Hearst SC3766     Koonrodrine Heart SC3767     James Heartfield SC3768     Amos Heartly SC3678     John Heater [Healer] SC3751     Abraham Heath VAS1472     Augustine Heath W3417     Benjamin Heath SC3769     Durham Heath VAS1473     Ethel Heath SC3770     Henry Heath VAS1474     John Heath SC3771     Jordan Heath SC3772     William Heath S10829     James Heathcock S2613     Robert Heatley SC3773     James Heaton SC3774     James Heaton W7716     Salathiel Heaton SC3775     John Hebb SC5513     William Hebb S38022     John Hebron VAS3824     William Heburn VAS1475     Howell Hedgbeth VAS1476     Moses Hedgbeth VAS1275     Stephen Hedger R21644     Thomas Hedger S32314     Robert Hedges (Hodges) W11327     James Hedgewood SC3776     Henry Hedrick R4841     Bartholomew vonHeer BLWt2275-300     John Hefferlin S38012     Archibald Heffington R4970     Frederick Heimberger VAS1477     Jacob Heitrick S2313     John Heizer R4848     Henry Heirs VAS1495     George Helm S38824     John Helm (Helms) W3811     Leonard Helm R14982     Thomas Helm VAS1478     William Helm VAS1479     Nicholas Helmick W489     Leonard Helms S38021     Marbry Helms SC3777     Peter Helphinstine (Helphenstine, Helphinston, Helphingstone, Helverston) VAS1480     Philip Helphinstine (Helphenstine, Helphinston, Helphingstone, Helverston) W8930     Abram Helton R4853     Abram (Abraham) Helton S4353     Jesse Helton SC3778     Peter Helton R4854     James Hem SC3779     Joseph Hembreck VAS1803     Abraham (Abram) Hembree (Emery) S38823     Drewry Hembree R4855     Drury Hembrey SC3781     Joel Hembry (Hembree, Hembrey) SC3780     Alexander Hemphill SC3782     James Hemphill S21277     Joseph Hemphill S38825     Samuel Hemphill SC2155     Alexander Henderson SC3783     Andrew Henderson R4865     Archibald Henderson R4866     David Henderson R4867     David Henderson S5506     David Henderson S17476     David Henderson W4228     Edward Henderson S15885     Edward Henderson SC3784     Ezekiel Henderson S6994     Francis Henderson SC3790     Henry Henderson R4875     James Henderson S8708     James Henderson SC3789     James Henderson SC3791     John Henderson R4869     John Henderson R4871     John Henderson S38014     John Henderson VAS1482     John Henderson VAS1483     John Henderson VAS2425     John Henderson W4984     John Henderson W10103     Joseph Henderson R4872     Joseph Henderson SC59     Meshack Henderson S4332     Nathaniel Henderson SC3792     Nathaniel Henderson VAS3831     Pleasant Henderson S1912     Robert Henderson S31736     Robert Henderson S31738     Sampson Henderson W7339     Samuel Henderson S9351     Samuel Henderson SC3793     Thomas Henderson SC3794     Thomas Henderson W10102     William Henderson BLWt1102-450     William Henderson R4868     William Henderson R14952     William Henderson SC3795     William Henderson SC3796     William Henderson VAS1484     William Henderson W228     William Henderson X344     Wilson Henderson R4878     Charles Hendley VAS1485     William Hendley SC3798     Moses Hendrake VAS1486     Ephraim Hendren VAS3832     Robert Hendren VAS1487     William Hendren VAS1488     Benjamin Hendrick VAS1489     Daniel Hendrick S8706     Elijah Hendrick (Hendricks) W10104     James Hendrick SC3803     Obediah Hendrick S38017     Obediah Hendrick SC4537     Samuel Hendrick (Hendricks) SC3516     Albert Hendricks W83     Hillary (Hilery) Hendricks (Hendrick) S7000     James Hendricks VAS1490     John Hendricks (Hendrix) R4882     Moses Hendricks SC3799     Moses Hendricks (Hendrick) W2545     Solomon Hendricks (Hendrix) S4352     Zachariah Hendricks S38018     James Hendrix (Hendricks) SC3802     John Hendrix SC3816     Isaac Hendrixen S8703     Coonrod Henegar (Henegan) S38011     William Henesey VAS1491     John Heninton SC3817     Hezekiah Henley (Henly) R4885     John Henley (Henly) VAS1493     Mathew Hennen S22828     Joseph Henning SC3818     Christopher Henry VAS3833     David Henry R4895     David Henry S2287     Hugh Henry S2611     James Henry S16871     James Henry SC3819     James Henry VAS1494     James Henry W428     John Henry S1524     John Henry S1767     John Henry S6992     John Henry S10826     John Henry SC1882     Joseph Henry S8705     Joseph Henry W7714     Joseph Henry W10096     Malcolm Henry S16866     Moses Henry R4382     Moses Henry S5508     Patrick Henry R4898     Robert Henry S1830     William Henry S6999     William Henry W364     George Hensel S6990     Michael Hensel W7717     William Henshaw VAS3834     Lewis Hensley VAS1496     Samuel Hensley S21278     William Hensley VAS1497     Samuel Hensly (Hancely) SC3820     Archibald Henson SC3821     Daniel Henson W3991     Elijah Henson W1767     Jesse Henson R4906     Jesse Henson (Hinson) SC2153     Jesse Henson W8921     John Henson SC3822     John Henson W21301     Obadiah Henson SC3824     Paul Henson W9480     Richard Henson (Hynson) R4909     Robert Henson (Hanson, Hinson) R4902     Shadrock (Shadrach) Henson VAS392     William Henson R4910     William Henson S41629     William Henson W3416     William Henson W8923     Philip Henthorn BLWt556-100     Robert Henwood W934     Frederick Henze (Hentze) W3251     Argyle Herbert VAS1500     Jeremiah Herbert W9061     Pascow (Pasco) Herbert R43     Thomas Herbert R15006     Charles Herd (Heard) SC3754     John Hereford W1425     Peter Herget (Hargate) S31092     Isaac Herin (Herring, Herrin) W10098     William Herin S8704     James Herington SC3836     George Heriot SC3825     David Herman SC3826     Jacob Herman SC3826     Ludwig Herman SC3826     Daniel Hern (Hearn) VAS1503     Ephraim Hern VAS1504     Reuben Hernden (Herndon) W11275     Edward Herndon VAS1505     George Herndon S13373     George Herndon VAS3851     James Herndon S1669     James Herndon W9479     James Herndon X345     John Herndon SC3827     John Herndon W8925     Joseph Herndon S31740     Thomas Herndon W8924     William Herndon R4856     William Herndon S9575     William Herndon [Herrindon] SC3828     John Herod R4917     William Herod S2286     William Herren VAS3835     John Herrin S13377     Aaron Herring SC3829     Eprhraim Herring SC3830     George Herring S1215     George Herring SC3831     George Herring VAS1506     James Herring W11276     Jesse Herring W7725     John Herring SC3832     William Herring SC3833     Isaac Herrington S41630     Isaac Herrold SC3835     Allan Herron S7001     David Herron S4337     Frederick Herron SC2833     Frederick Herron [Hearreus] SC3763     Hezekiah Hess S8707     Jacob Hess Va23     Abraham Hester S21813     Benjamin Hester S6998     Charles Hester R4930     Farel Hester S32315     Joseph Hester W19762     Robert Hester S31737     Thomas Hester S6991     Zachariah Hester S7002     Andrew Heth VAS455     Henry Heth VAS456     John Heth BLWt1081-200     William Heth BLWt1064-500     Holiday Hethcock (Hathcock) R4812     Thomas Hetherly S2612     John Hewatt SC2021     Thomas Hewell VAS1507     William Hewell R4931     Wyatt Hewell S32308     Patrick Hewett (Hewitt) S4350     James Hewey [Huey] SC4082     Ebenezer Hewitt (Hewett) S41632     John Hewitt (Huitt) R4935     John Hewitt W2618     William Hewson SC3837     Thomas Hext SC3838     William Hext (Hixt, Hicks) W7593     Daniel Heyward SC3840     Elizabeth Heyward SC3839     Thomas Heyward, Jr. SC3841     Thomas Heyward, Sr. SC3842     Richard Heywood VAS1509     Conrad Hice W4453     George Hice S22423     James Hickey R4946     Lewis Hickle R4947     Samuel Hickle (Hickel) W7743     Arthur Hicklin SC3843     John Hicklin SC3844     William Hicklin SC3845     Adam Hickman S5540     Benjamin Hickman W366     Edward Hickman VAS1510     Edwin Hickman S8712     Elijah Hickman VAS1511     Jacob Hickman S41643     James Hickman W1768     Joel Hickman S13391     John Hickman S31127     John Hickman W7745     John Berry Hickman (John Berry) S18445     Sotha Hickman S5516     Thomas Hickman S4371     William Hickman R4953     William Hickman S16877     Samuel Hickmon (Hickman) S9581     Theophilus Hickmon (Hickman) R4954     Benjamin Hicks SC3847     Daniel Hicks S5533     David Hicks (Hix) R5063     Esau (Asa) Hicks (Hix) SC3846     Harris Hicks W4989     Henry Hicks R4962     Isaac Hicks BLWt1113-300     Isaac Hicks (Hix) S38024     Jesse Hicks (Hickes) W25773     Joel Hicks S4365     John Hicks S1527     John Hicks S7018     John Hicks S41638     John Hicks SC3848     John Hicks W4695     Meshach Hicks BLR226005-55     Micajah Hicks W7738     Miles Hicks W758     Mordecai Hicks VAS1134     Solomon Hicks S31128     William Hicks (Hix) S7016     William Hicks S35410     William Hicks S38027     William Hicks VAS1512     William Hicks (Hix) W8931     James Hickson VAS4818     John Hickson SC3849     Thomas Hickson SC3850     Jesse Hide R4968     William Hide (Hyde) S9601     John Anthony Hidecker (Heydecker) S32317     William Hiden VAS3838     Martin Hidle SC2028     John Higden (Higdon) VAS1514     Richard Higden (Higdon) VAS1514     Ridgnel Higden (Higdon) VAS1514     Charles Higdon S5538     Daniel Higdon W25769     John Higdon VAS1515     Joseph Higdon VAS1516     Joseph Higdon W8935     Leonard Higdon R4975     Philip Higdon S10839     Samuel Higgason S4370     Thomas Higgason S13393     Benjamin Higginbotham S5542     Jacob Higginbotham (Higgibotham) R4977     James Higginbotham R15097     William Higginbotham S46448     William Higginbotham VAS302     Ananias Higgins R4979     Daniel Higgins (Higgans) S17482     Daniel Higgins S5527     Henry Higgins R4978     James Higgins BLWt975-300     James Higgins VAS1517     John Higgins W365     Peter Higgins BLWt1076-200     Robert Higgins VAS1518     William Higgins S16155     John Higgs R4983     Gardner High W19778     Jacob High S32322     John High R4985     George Highbaugh R20512     Robert Highland VAS1520     William Highland VAS1521     Philip Highnote (Hignote, Hignot) W10108     Moses Highsmith W7752     George Hight W19769     Matthew Hight S8715     Patrick Hight R4988     Robert Hight R4987     Thomas Hight S32321     Joshua Hightower S10834     Thomas Hightower SC3851     Thomas Hightower VAS1724     James Hignight S16153     John Hilbert VAS1522     John Hiler X351     John Hiles S31125     Abraham Hiley S31744     Jacob Hiley SC3852     Abraham Hill S7015     Abraham Hill VAS1523     Abram Hill S15890     Adam Hill SC3853     Alexander Hill R4991     Amos Hill VAS1524     Baylor Hill BLWt249-300     Benjamin Hill R4993     Caleb Hill VAS1525     Christopher Hill S38828     Clement Hill W10106     Daniel Hill S1670     David Hill R11867     Ewel Hill SC3854     Frederick Hill S47702     George Hill S41642     George Hill W4987     Gideon Hill VAS1526     Henry Hill S41639     Henry Hill VAS3839     Humphrey Hill S5530     Isaac Hill R5001     Isaac Hill SC3855     Isaac Hill W3812     James Hill S38029     James Hill VAS1527     James Hill VAS1528     James Hill VAS1529     James Hill VAS1530     James Hill W3815     Joel Hill W23288     John Hill BLWt1100-200     John Hill R5012     John Hill R21669     John Hill S2615     John Hill S5536     John Hill S13383     John Hill S38026     John Hill SC3856     John Hill SC3857     John Hill SC3858     John Hill VAS3840     John Hill W3814     John Hill W18014     John Hill W19770     Jonas Hill R1799     Joseph Hill R5010     Joseph Hill SC3859     Joseph Hill SC3860     Joshua Hill R5003     Joshua Hill S7017     Josiah Hill SC3861     Leonard Hill SC3862     Lodowick (Ludwick) Hill SC2127     Moses Hill SC3863     Reuben Hill S31742     Richard Hill R4996     Richard Hill R5006     Richard Hill R5008     Richard Hill S5528     Richard Hill VAS1531     Robert Hill S7012     Robert Hill S13390     Robert Hill S38833     Roswell Hill R5011     Samuel Hill S9577     Samuel Hill SC3864     Samuel Hill VAS1940     Simon Hill S41644     Thomas Hill BLWT1067-400     Thomas Hill BLWT1429-100     Thomas Hill S31131     Thomas Hill SC3865     Thomas Hill SC3866     Thomas Hill W663     Thomas Hill W1606     William Hill BLReg238611-1855     William Hill R5016     William Hill SCX1     William Hill S5529     William Hill S5531     William Hill S32836     William Hill SC1961     William Hill SC1962     William Hill SC1963     William Hill VAS1778     William Hill W2939     James Hillan S38028     Christopher Hillary BLWt1243-200     Rignel Hillary BLWt1659-200     John Hillburn S31745     George Hillen S7006     Jacob Hiller (Heller) SC3868     John Hiller (Heller) SC3869     John George Hiller (Heiler) S2305     John Hillery (Hillary) SC3870     John Hillhouse SC3871     William Hillhouse S7008     John Hilliard W7748     Joseph Hilliard S38033     Peter Hilliard (Hillard) SC3867     Thomas Hilliard S9576     John Hillier VAS1532     John Hillin (Hillen) SC3872     John Hillion (Hilling) VAS1533     Samuel Hillis S2314     John Hills S16413     Joseph (Jose) Hillsman W7854     Joseph Hillyard VAS1534     Jacob Hilsabeck S7013     Edward Hilton (Helton) S2312     James Hilton S30484     James Hilton SC3873     Jesse Hilton SC3874     Samuel Hilton SC3875     Christopher Hilyard NC35     Peter Hilyard S10802     John Hind S39693     Edward Hindley (Hendley) SC3797     Edward Hinds VAS1535     James Hinds (Hines) W27658     John Hinds VAS2334     John Hinds (Hines) W25772     Henry Hines S38023     James Hines S38832     James Hines VAS1536     John Hines VAS3841     William Hines W294     Casper Hinkle (Hinkel) S16875     Henry Hinkle S29886     Baily Hinman VAS1537     Bundick Hinman VAS1538     Ralph Hinman VAS1537     George Hinnage VAS1539     John Hinrey (Henry) S4351     Thomas Hinsley S31746     Charles Hinson S7014     John Hinson R5039     Lazerous [Lazarus] Hinson S16412     Martin Hinson R5040     Moses Hinson R5041     Philip Hinson SC3876     William Hinson, Sr. SC3877     Allen Hinton SC3878     Lewis Hinton S10831     Robert Hinton SC3879     Spencer Hinton VAS1044     William Hinton VAS1043     Arthur Hiott SC3880     Joseph Hiott (Hiatt, Hyatt) S21817     James Hipkenstall [Hipkirstall] VAS1540     William Hipkins VAS1541     George Hipp SC3881     John Hipp R4911     Valentine Hipp R5043     Andrew Hipsher S9580     John Hird SC3882     William Hirons SC3883     Conrad Hise W4453     George Hise R5044     Jacob Hise R5045     Leonard Hise (Hice) S8713     Frederick Hisel (Hysel, Hisle) S41641     Benjamin Hisle S38025     Samuel Hisle S31132     Thomas Hisle (Hisel) R5046     Brampton Hitchcock R8489     Joshua Hitchcock S31126     Moses Hitchcock R5056     Thomas Hitchcock (Hedgecock) R5057     William Hitchcock SC3886     Major Hitchens S36017     Abraham Hite S46385     Christopher Hite BLWt308-100     George Hite W5105     Isaac Hite S8714     Isaac Hite, Jr. VAS3843     Jacob Hite S16414     Joseph Hite VAS1542     Julius Hite S18024     Mathias Hite S38031     John Hites R5062     Thomas Hitherly (Hitherby) VAS1544     John Hitt SC3887     Peter Hitt W7732     Daniel Hix VAS1545     David Hix VAS1546     David Hix VAS2024     Edward Hix VAS1547     Farthing Hix S5534     James Hix VAS1548     Joseph Hix [Hicks] SC3888     William Hix VAS1549     Elijah Hixon (Hixson) S41636     James Hixson (Hixon) W757     John Hoagland (Houglan) W272     Samuel Hoard [Howard] S30491     Thomas Hoard (Hord, Horde) BLWt1073-300     Philip Hobaugh W10125     Ezekiel Hobbs W8940     Fred Hobbs VAS3844     Job Hobbs S32328     Jonathan Hobbs R5075     Robert Hobbs W5300     Thomas Hobbs S1672     William Hobbs S7034     Francis Hobday VAS1552     William Hobday VAS1553     William Hobdy [Hobday] VA18     Lawson Hobson S2626     Nicholas Hobson VAS1554     William Hobson VAS1555     William Hobson W7793     John Hockaday VAS1556     Philip Hockaday BLWt2217-100     William Hockaday (Hackaday) R4405     Alexander Hodge S8737     Benjamin Hodge [Hodges] W10115     David Hodge SC3889     George Hodge W4234     James Hodge VAS1557     John Hodge S21825     John Hodge SC3893     Jonathan Hodge SC3894     Thomas Hodge SC3895     Thomas Hodge SC3896     William Hodge SC3897     William Hodge W4233     Abednego Hodges S38037     Edmund Hodges (Hodge) S1528     Elias Hodges SC3898     Isom [Isam, Isham] Hodges SC3899     James Hodges SC3900     James Hodges W7776     Jesse Hodges R5087     Jesse Hodges S31143     John Hodges SC3890     John Hodges SC3891     John Hodges SC3892     John Hodges VAS3846     John Hodges W10117     Joseph Hodges R5088     Joseph Hodges VAS1558     Joseph Hodges W3995     Philemon Hodges S32326     Richard Hodges SC3902     Robert Hodges SC3903     Robert Hodges SC3904     Robert Hodges SC3905     Robert Hodges SC3906     Roger [Rodger] Hodges SC3907     Stephen Hodges VA28     Welcome Hodges SC3908     William Hodges R5086     William Hodges R5090     William Hodges S18031     William Hodges S21826     Williamson Hodges VAS1559     Willis Hodges W7775     Joseph Hodgin R5091     Samuel Hodgings VAS3848     Joseph Hodgins VAS3847     Jacob Hoff SC3909     James Hoff [Hoof] VAS1560     William Hoff SC3910     William Hoffler S38047     Ambrose (Ambros) Hoffman S16420     John Hoffman S8735     Martin Hoffman SC3911     Peter Hoffman [Huffman] SC3912     Philip Hoffman (Hufman) R5099     Martin Hoffner S8727     Malachi Hofford (Hafford) S32323     Nicholas Hofner W3994     George Hofstalar S15176     Thomas Hog [Hogg] SC3923     Cardell [Cordell] Hogan S10849     David Hogan R5101     David Hogan S38837     David Hogan VAS1561     David Hogan VAS3849     Edmond Hogan S1671     James Hogan [Hogon] SC3913     James Hogan SC3914     James Hogan VAS3849     John Hogan SC3915     John Hogan VAS3849     Micajah Hogan SC3916     Micajah Hogan SC3917     Peter Hogan VAS3849     Prosser Hogan S36592     Thomas Hogan VAS1562     William Hogan S21287     William Hogan VAS27     William Hogan VAS1563     Elisha Hogg W19808     George Hogg [Hoge] SC3918     James Hogg SC3919     James Hogg SC3920     John Hogg R5105     John Hogg SC3921     John Hogg W7763     Samuel Hogg S38845     Samuel Hogg SC3922     Samuel Hogg W7762     Thomas Hogg BLWt104-400     Thomas Hogg S5566     Thomas Hogg SC3924     William Hogg S38040     William Hogg VAS1564     John Hoggard R4804     Gideon Hogh S38846     Abram Hogins S4380     Isham Hogins VAS1565     Samuel Hogsed [Hogshead] SC1939     William Hogshead SC3925     Robert Hogshire VAS1566     Andrew Hogue R5108     Reuben Hogwood SC3926     Aaron Holbert S18028     Caleb Holbrook R5116     Edy Holbrook W7796     Jesse Holbrook S31756     William Holbrook (Halbrook, Halbrooks, Holbrooks, Halebrook) R5113     Henry Holcom [Holcum] SC3930     John Holcomb X361     Jordan Holcomb (Holcombe) S31731     Sherwood (Sherrod) Holcomb (Holcombe) W7794     Philemon Holcombe S4399     Elisha Holcum SC3927     Elisha Holcum SC3928     Grimes Holcum [Holcom] SC3929     Jesse Holcum SC3931     John Holcum SC3932     John Holcum SC3933     Jonathan Holcum SC3934     Joseph Holcum SC3935     Moses Holcum [Holcom] SC3936     Navil [Nevil, Neavil] Holcum [Holcom] SC3937     Thomas Holcum SC3938     William Holcum SC3939     James Holden R5122     Job Holden R5125     Thomas Holden SC3940     Daniel Holder W9064     James Holder S8736     Jesse Holder SC3941     Shoemaker Holder SC3942     William Holderby VAS1567     William Holditch [Houlditch] SC3943     William Holdridge SC3944     Thomas Holdross VAS3850     Henry Holdway (Holdaway) W18028     Timothy Holdway S2630     Daniel Holefield VAS1569     Tandy Holeman (Haleman, Holdman) W25793     Yancy Holeman S8719     Benjamin Holladay S31136     Daniel Holladay (Holiday, Holliday) S10867     John Holladay VAS1814     Stephen Holladay (Holliday) S15459     Zacharius Holladay S31141     Basil [Beasil] Holland SC3945     Carey Holland VAS1570     Charles Holland S7027     Dominico Holland SC3946     Drury Holland W3419     Francis Holland SC3947     George Holland VAS1571     Henry Holland S31759     Henry Holland SC3948     Hugh Holland S38038     Jacob Holland R5141     Jacob Holland S10866     James Holland W7800     John Holland R5139     John Holland R5142     John Holland SC3950     John T. Holland S34923     Jonas M. Holland W8944     Joseph Holland VAS1275     Matthew (Mathew) Holland SC1949     Thomas Holland R5144     Thomas Holland S17222     Thomas Holland S32327     William Holland W4698     Willis Holland VAS1275     Thomas Hollaway S5562     Jacob Hollbrook [Halbrook] SC3951     William Hollems (Hollins) W27864     Francis Holley R10549     John Holley S21302     Rawleigh Holley (Hawley, Hawly) S38034     Richard Holley SC3953     Absalom Holliday VAS1572     James Holliday R5147     James Holliday S7025     James Holliday VAS1573     John Holliday S4378     Joseph Holliday VAS1574     William Holliday R5149     James Holliman S9590     Benjamin Hollingshead S16883     Thomas Hollingshead R5151     Acquilla [Aquilla] Hollingsworth SC3959     Benjamin Hollingsworth SC3960     Elias Hollingsworth R5152     Henry Hollingsworth S8729     Jeptha Hollingsworth SC3961     Stephen Hollingsworth S8726     Zebedee (Zebulon) Hollingsworth W5301     Zebulon Hollingsworth SC3962     Elijah Hollis SC3963     James Hollis R5154     James Hollis S21290     James Hollis, Jr. SC3964     John Hollis S21827     John Hollis S46642     Moses Hollis SC3965     William Hollis S10845     Thomas Holloby VAS1575     Kinchen Holloman R20383     Billy Holloway S38844     Caleb Holloway SC3966     Charles Holloway VAS1576     George Holloway S30450     George Holloway VAS1577     James Holloway R20382     John Holloway SC3967     John Holloway VAS1578     John Holloway W271     Martin Holloway VAS1579     Obadiah Holloway [Hollaway] SC3968     Reuben Holloway SC3969     Taylor Holloway (Halloway) S6966     Thomas Holloway (Hallaway) BLWt91502-160-55     William Holloway VAS1580     Miles Hollowell W8951     Benjamin Holly (Holley) W8941     Jacob (Jesse) Holly W21388     James Holly SC3952     John Holly S9588     Osborn Holly S7021     Henry Hollyday VAS1581     William Hollyday VAS1581     Conrad Holman SC3970     George Holman (Holeman) S17496     George Holman [Haulmon, Hallman] SC3971     Isaac Holman S4401     Isaac Holman W4235     Jacob Holman R5165     John Holman S8738     John Holman S31753     Richard Holman S31133     Tandy Holman VAS1582     Christian Holmer (Holmes) VAS584     Barchlay (Bartlett) Holmes S34926     Benjamin Holmes VAS3852     David Holmes BLWt1084-400     Hardy Holmes BLWt1099-200     Isaac Holmes R15233     Isaac Holmes VAS1583     James Holmes R5170     James Holmes R5171     Js. (James or Isaac) Holmes VAS1583     James Holmes VAS3858     James Holmes W4697     James Holmes W7768     John Holmes R5173     John Holmes SC3972     John Holmes SC3973     Lewis Holmes VAS1584     Robert Holmes W84     Thomas Holmes S31758     Thomas C. Holmes R5178     William Holmes, Jr. SC3976     William Holmes, Sr. SC3975     Turpin Holroyd [Holroyed] SC3977     Abraham Holsenback SC3978     William Holsenback SC3979     Benjamin Holsey SC3980     William Holsey SC3981     William Holsinger [Holesinger] SC3982     William Holson S9587     Derrick Holsonbake (Holsombake) W9067     Thomas Holsten S36018     Charles Holt W7756     Clabourn (Claibourn) Holt S38835     Evan Holt S41653     Featherstone (Fetherstan) Holt R5181     Francis Holt R5182     George Holt S7024     Henry Holt VAS1586     James Holt BLWt453-200     James Holt S9585     John Hunter Holt BLWt2121-300     Joseph Holt R15187     Michael Holt VAS1587     Reuben Holt BLWt1412-100     Reuben Holt S4387     Samuel Holt VAS1585     Shadrach Holt R5185     Thomas Holt BLWt1069-300     Thomas Holt R5187     Thomas Holt VAS1588     William Holtem SC3983     David Holton S13419     John Holton SC3984     John Holton SC3985     John Holtz S38013     Valentine Holyfield W19822     James Homes (Holmes) VAS1589     Jonas Homes SC3974     Henry Honaker VAS1590     Tobias Honea S31761     Elias Honey VAS3856     John A. (alias Accilles) Honey S38842     Allen Hood SC3986     Andrew Hood S7030     Archibald Hood SC3987     Charles Hood S41659     George Hood W8939     James Hood SC1248     James Hood SC1249     James Hood SC1250     John Hood S1534     John Hood S7031     John Hood S15468     John Hood SC3988     John Hood SC3989     John Hood SC3990     John Hood VAS1591     Mathew Hood SC3991     Morgan Hood S4389     Reuben Hood S8728     Thomas Hood S4379     Thomas Hood S21289     Thomas Hood S38039     William Hood S35414     William Hood W25781     Willoughby Hood S1533     John Hoofer VAS1592     Samuel Hooffer VAS1593     James Hook S39713     Martin Hook SC2028     Martin Hook SC2029     Philip Hook SC3992     William Hook W7755     George Hooke (Hook) W10112     Edward Hooker SC3993     James G. Hooker S4386     John Hooker R5198     John Hooker R20384     William Hooker W10119     William Hooks S38035     William Hooks VAS3857     Benjamin Hoomes BLWt977-300     James Hoomes [Holmes] VAS1594     Abraham Hooper S34927     Absalom Hooper W7813     Ennis Hooper S1833     Enoch Hooper SC3994     James Hooper SC1505     James Hooper W4457     James Hooper W25792     Jesse Hooper S1913     Obadiah Hooper W9482     Richard Hooper VAS2964     Richard B. Hooper S16418     Walter Hooper VAS1595     Adam Hoops S18030     Elijah Hooten S4388     Henry Hoover W1772     Jacob Hoover S10842     Lawrence Hoover S13424     Michael Hoover S5560     Thomas Hoover S18029     Benjamin Hope W1612     Christian Hope SC3995     George Hope SC3997     James Hope SC3998     John Hope S18033     Samuel Hope SC3999     William Hope S1956     John Hopes SC1848     John Hopewell S36591     Thomas Hopewell VAS1596     Thomas Hopkings VAS1597     Allen Hopkins SC4000     Archibald Hopkins W3686     Daniel Hopkins S41660     David Hopkins VAS1598     David Hopkins BLWt2216-300     Dennis Hopkins R5208     Isaac Hopkins S7043     James Hopkins R5209     James Hopkins S41650     James Hopkins W3553     Jesse Hopkins SC4001     Jesse Hopkins SC4892     Jesse Hopkins W665     John Hopkins SC4002     John Hopkins SC4003     John Hopkins VAS2041     Lawrence (Braddock) Hopkins R5212     Levi Hopkins W11330     Patrick Hopkins VAS1599     Robert Hopkins S44928     Samuel Hopkins BLWt1065-450     Stephen Hopkins SC4004     Thomas Hopkins S18026     Thomas Hopkins SC4005     William Hopkins S7033     William Hopkins S31140     Christopher Hopkinstock VAS1600     Harmon (Harman) Hopper W252     John Hopper VAS1604     John Hopper VAS1605     John Hopper W7785     Thomas Hopper R5222     Thomas Hopper VAS1606     William Hopper R5221     Benjamin Hopson R5223     John Hopson VAS1090     Joseph Hopson [Hobson] VAS1607     William Hopson S7004     William Hopson S30497     William Hopwood S2324     John Horan SC4006     James Hord [Hoard, Horde, Howard] VAS1608     Thomas Hord [Hoard, Horde, Howard] VAS1608     Jacob Horger SC4007     Aaron Horn R5225     Christopher Horn W664     Francis Horn VAS1609     George Horn S4407     George Horn SC4010     Henry Horn S5535     Henry Horn VAS1610     Jeremiah Horn W3555     Joshua Horn R5228     Matthias Horn W10110     Nathan Horn R5232     Peter Horn SC4011     Peter Horn VAS2017     Ralph R. Horn S38046     Robert Horn S7023     Simon Horn VAS1611     Thomas Horn SC4009     Abraham Hornbeck W10120     William Hornby SC4016     Henry Horne (Horn) S5535     Isaac Van Horne W4091     Joab Horne S45844     Nicholas Horne (Horn) S4395     Thomas Horner S8682     John Hornsby VAS1612     Lenard Hornsby SC4012     Levi Hornsby VAS1613     Moses Hornsby SC4015     William Horrall (Harrall) S17472     James Horrell S2322     Daniel Horry SC4017     Peter Horry SC2090     Thomas Horsefield (Horsfield) BLWt12180     James Horseley S36590     Robert Horseley VAS1784     James Horsley S30490     Richard Horsley (Horseley) S9354     Rowland Horsley R5235     Abram (Abraham) Horton W7778     Aden Horton VAS3859     Daniel Horton S1834     Daniel Horton SC4018     Henry Horton SC4019     Hugh Horton SC4020     Issac Horton S16419     John Horton SC4021     John Horton SC4022     John Horton (Horten) W367     John Payton Horton S2320     Joseph Horton W7777     Robert Horton (Whorton) R5239     Robert Horton SC4024     Samuel Horton W7809     Thomas Horton W670     Joseph Horwood [Harwood] SC4023     Samuel Hosea VAS3860     William Hoseck (Hosick) S44932     Samuel Hosier R5244     Achilis Hoskins S1218     James Hoskins S1219     Joseph Hoskins VAS1614     Randall Hoskins S36584     Robert Hoskins VAS1615     Robert G. Hoskins R5246     Thomas Hoskins S38044     Basil [Bazil] Hoskinson W753     Isaiah Hoskinson S16157     Joseph Hosman BLWt1039-200     Samuell Hotckiss SC4025     George Hotselpeller (Hotzelpeller, Hotspeller, Hotspiller) VAS1616     Jacob Houber SC4026     Charles Houchin R5250     Bernard Houching S38048     Edward Houchins W11318     Francis Houchins R5251     Michael Houck S32329     Bernard Hough S9589     John Hough S7026     John Hough W1183     Thomas Hough VAS1617     John Houghland Reg.13240     Nicholas Houk (Hauck, Houcke, Hook, Houck) R5257     Charles Hounsler S4394     Patrick Houragan VAS1618     Adam House R5260     Elias House S24216     George House S2622     John House R5264     Lawrence House VAS1619     Reuben House SC4027     Samuel House SC4028     Thomas House SC4029     William House VAS1620     William Houseal SC4030     Andrew Houser S21829     Christopher Houser SC4031     George Houser W10118     John Houser W9650     John Housley S38036     Robert Hously (Housley, Ousley) R5267     Archibald Houston W295     Hugh Houston W8928     James Houston (Houstoun) BLWt1231-450     James Houston S1914     James Houston S21288     James Houston W13500     John Houston S1832     John Houston S2323     John Houston W3817     Peter Houston R5268     Purnell Houston S15467     Samuel Houston SC4035     Samuel Houston VAx1     Samuel Houston W7810     Samuel Houston W23300     William Houston S1835     James Houze [House] SC4032     Samuel Houze S7035     Conrad Hover SC4036     John How (Howe) W10113     Adam Howard S8716     Allen Howard S8730     Archibald Howard SC4037     Benjamin Howard R5273     Benjamin Howard S31138     Benjamin Howard SC4038     Claiborne Howard S8731     David Howard SC4039     Edward Howard SC4040     Ezekiel Howard S21828     Hardy Howard S8732     Henry Howard R5277     Henry Howard W8948     Ignatius Howard VAS1621     James Howard S9563     James Howard S20406     James Howard S31139     James Howard S38045     James Howard SC4041     James Howard SC4042     John Howard R5280     John Howard R5281     John Howard SC4043     John Howard W3551     John Howard W3556     John Eager Howard BLWt1043-500     Joseph Howard SC4044     Nehemiah Howard SC4045     Obadiah Howard SC4046     Peter Howard S4404     Peter Howard X893     Robert Howard VAS1622     Samuel Howard [Howart] SC4047     Seth Howard SC4048     Solomon Howard S31757     Stephen Howard SC4049     Stephen Howard W8949     Thomas Howard S45796     Thomas Howard SC4050     Thomas Howard SC4051     Thomas Howard VAS1623     Vachel Denton Howard VAS2652     William Howard S7042     Wilson Howard S7032     Lawrence Howdershell S19341     Bannister Howe VAS1624     Daniel Howe S5565     Daniel Howe S7041     David Howe S13422     James Howe W7765     John Howe SC4052     John W. Howe (How) W8938     Joseph Howe SC4053     Robert Howe BLWt856-1100     William Howe SC4054     Abner Howel [Howell] VAS1626     Charles Howel S5561     Daniel Howel (Howell) S13413     David Howel [Howell] VAS1627     John Howel (Howell) R5296     John Howel (Howell) R5297     Joseph Howel SC4059     Lewis Howel [Howell] W9719     Robert Howel [Howell] VAS1628     Vincent Howel VAS1629     Arthur Howell SC4055     Benjamin Howell S4396     David Howell R5299     George Howell VAS414     Henry Howell W795     Hopkin (Hopkins) Howell S31749     Jeremiah Howell SC4056     John Howell S2628     John Howell SC4057     Jonathan Howell S2326     Joseph Howell SC4058     Matthew Howell SC4060     Miles Howell S9586     Nathaniel Howell SC4061     Philip Howell W937     Reuben Howell S2327     Robert Howell SC4062     Samuel Howell S30496     Thomas Howell R5300     Thomas Howell R20385     Vincent Howell VAS1630     William Howell S2328     William Howell S39723     William Howell SC4067     William Howell SC4068     William Howell VAS1631     James Howerton S38836     James Howerton SC4065     William Howerton S15469     George Howey S8725     Robert Howie [Hough] SC4066     William Howle S21303     William Howle [Howell] SC4063     William Howlitt R5304     Andrew Howser SC2150     James Hoy SC4069     John Hoy VAS3861     Thomas Hoyle VAS1632     Jacob Hoyley SC2028     Alexander Hoye VAS1633     John Hoyles R5307     William Hubard (Hubbard) VAS1725     Benjamin Hubbard W19782     Charles Hubbard W19834     Elisha Hubbard SC4070     Elias Hubbard VAS1634     Eppa Hubbard S35450     James Hubbard VAS3862     James Hubbard VAS1635     John Hubbard VAS3862     John Hubbard VAS1636     John Hubbard W19841     Joseph Hubbard S7048     Joseph Hubbard VAS3862     Mathew Hubbard VAS86     Peter Hubbard S31154     Samuel Hubbard VAS1637     Thomas Hubbard S17227     William Hubbard S21310     William Hubbard VAS3863     William Hubbard VAS1638     William Hubbard W7830     Isaac Hubbert VAS3864     Jacob Hubbs S16421     John Hubbs SC4071     John Hubbs W1035     Frederick Hubner (Huebner, Hubert) W3088     Richard Huckabee SC4072     Philip (Phillip) Huckaby S31766     Thomas Huckaby SC4073     Charles Huckstep S9596     Robert Huddleston S20894     Anthony Hudgen (Hudgins) S10883     Ambrose Hudgens R5321     Ambrose Hudgens (Hudgins) S18888     William Hudgens (Hudgins, Hudchins) R5322     Samuel Hudgeons (Hudgins) S1957     Kemp Hudgin W19842     Hugh Hudgins S10884     James F. Hudgins S8740     John Hudgins R7515     John Hudgins W7835     Moses Hudgins VAS3865     John Hudlar W8450     John Hudly (Hudley) R15345     John Hudnall W25806     Jos. (Joseph) Hudnall VAS1639     Thomas Hudnall S41664     Benjamin Hudson W8956     Charles Hudson S5576     Charles Hudson S8743     David Hudson S31767     David Hudson SC4074     Edward Hudson R5328     Hall Hudson (or Hudson Hall) R4463     Hall Hudson R5331     Isaac Hudson R5332     James Hudson (Hutson) R5334     James Hudson R5338     James Hudson S38852     James Hudson SC4075     John Hudson R5330     John Hudson R5336     John Hudson R15350     John Hudson S41675     John Hudson W3422     John Hudson W8958     Joseph Hudson R5325     Joshua Hudson R5093     Joshua Hudson Hutson] SC4076     Nathaniel Hudson SC4168     Peter Hudson S5596     Robert Hudson SC4078     Rush Hudson BLWt1432-100     Rush Hudson S38064     Samuel Hudson S34931     Thomas Hudson S2330     Thomas Hudson W7832     Vincent Hudson W7833     William Hudson BLWt1346-200     William Hudson SC4079     William Hudson SC4080     Carter Hudspeth S7058     James Hues (Hughs, Hughes) R5342     James Huey S31148     John Huey VAS1640     Lewis Huey S31150     George Hufacre S1826     Benjamin Huff SC4083     James Huff S13476     John Huff S5590     Stephen Huff S18045     Christopher Huffman SC4084     Henry Huffman S5580     Jacob Huffman SC4085     John Huffman W10132     Joseph Huffman W7826     Philip Huffman BLWt2289-200     Phillip Huffman R5347     Ruben (Reuben) Huffman W7827     Tilman Hufman VAS1921     Charles Hugeley S31157     Benjamin Huger BLWt1817-400     Isaac Huger BLWt1101-850     John Hugget W19794     Andrew Huggins SC4086     Benjamin Huggins BLWt2306-150     James Huggins S46449     John Huggins S38855     Mark Huggins SC4087     Nathan Huggins SC4088     Robert Huggins R5348     Robert Huggins SC4089     Samuel Huggins S18044     William Huggins W9485     George Hughe (Hughey) S21306     Absalom (Absolom, Absolam) Hughes S31149     Andrew Hughes W25805     Benjamin Hughes S3079     Benjamin Hughes VAS1641     David Hughes S2637     Edward Hughes S5574     Elias Hughes S8747     Gabriel Hughes W19836     George Hughes SC2230     George Hughes [Hues] SC4092     George Hughes VAS1645     Francis Hughes (Hughs) S3075     Henry Hughes BLWt1082-150     Jacob Hughes VAS1646     James Hughes (Hews) R5350     James Hughes S7046     James Hughes SC4093     James Hughes VAS1647     James Hughes VAS1648     James Hughes W3818     Jasper Hughes VAS1649     Jesse Hughes S9594     John Hughes R15282     John Hughes S30501     John Hughes SC4094     John Hughes SC4095     John Hughes VAS1650     John Hughes VAS1651     John Hughes VAS1652     John Hughes VAS1653     John Hughes VAS2151     John Hughes W8954     John Hughes W18082     Jonathan Hughes S9591     Joseph Hughes S7047     Joseph Hughes S17228     Joseph Hughes S31764     Jos. (Joseph) Hughes VAS1654     Josiah Hughes SC4097     Matthew Hughes SC4098     Pratt Hughes VAS3866     Richard Hughes SC4101     Richard Hughes, Jr. SC4100     Richard Hughes, Sr. SC4102     Robert Hughes R5355     Samuel Hughes R5356     Samuel Hughes SC4103     Stephen Hughes R5352     Thomas Hughes R5357     Thomas Hughes S5589     Thomas Hughes SC4104     Thomas Hughes SC4105     Thomas Hughes VAS1656     William Hughes R5354     William Hughes SC4106     William Hughes [Hughs] SC4107     William Hughes SC4108     William Hughes SC4109     William Hughes W7825     Henry Hughey SC4110     John Hughey SC4111     Joseph Hughey SC4112     John Hughlett VAS1657     William Hughlett S38055     William Hughlett VAS1658     William Thrift Hughlett W4996     Dempsey Hughs SC4091     Francis (Alexander) Hughs S38059     Henry Hughs R5353     Henry Hughs S41669     John Hughs (Hughes) BLWt1390-100     John Hughs R15270     John Hughs (Hughes) S1536     John Hughs SC4096     Peter Hughs (Hughes) W7823     William Hughs S21311     William Hughs (Hughes) W7822     William Hughs W8964     John Hughstin [Huston] SC4113     Moses Hugins VAS1659     Thomas B. Hugo [Hugon] W9328     John Huitt (Hewitt) W3682     Abiah (Abia) Hukill (Hukans, Hucans) S35439     Daniel Hukill VAS3867     James M. Hulet S36606     Andrew Huling S5584     Jonathan Huling S2332     Beecham Hull VAS1660     Daniel Hull R5363 1/2     David Hull VAS1661     Edmond [Edmund] Hull [Hoole] SC4114     Edwin Hull W14316     George Hull S13317     Henry Hull W1432     Hopewell Hull VAS1662     Isaac Hull S2634     Joseph Hull S3070     Thomas Hull VAS1662     William Hull SC4115     John Hullderman (Holderman) R5365     George Hulme X917     James Huls R5367     James Hulse [Hulce] S41666     William Hulse VAS1663     James Hulsey SC4116     George Human W7849     Jasper Humberger SC1991     Michael Humble S13473     Francis Hume VAS3868     Frederick Hummel S22286     John Humpfres (Humphreys) S31145     Thomas Humphlet (Humphlett) R45     Samuel Humphrees (Humphries) W8955     Benjamin Humphrey (Humphreys) W4245     Elijah Humphrey S38066     James Humphrey VAS1668     John Humphrey W7841     Jonathan Humphrey S5583     Joseph Humphrey R5374     Merritt (Merrit) Humphrey (Humphris) W5303     Robert Humphrey S5582     Samuel Humphrey (Humphreys, Humphries) VAS1664     William Humphrey (Humphreys) R5377     David Humphreys S38849     David Humphreys W9047     George Humphreys W761     John Humphreys VAS3869     Joseph Humphreys (Humphries) S41670     Reuben Humphreys W3557     William Humphreys S21307     William Humphreys SC4118     William Humphreys W4000     Absalom Humphries W2942     Elisha Humphries (Humphreys) R5382     John Humphries [Humphris] SC4122     John Humphries VAS1670     John Humphries VAS1671     Ralph Humphries VAS1669     Robert Humphries (Humphreys) W1613     Thomas Humphries VAS1672     David Humphry [Humphrey] SC4117     Jacob Humphry (Humphrey, Humphreys) S41667     Thomas Humphrys [Humphries] SC4123     William Humplett VAS1673     John Humplit VAS1674     John Hundley S31152     Joshua Hundley S38063     Josiah Hundley W7844     Nehemiah Hundley R5385     Joseph Hundly S5581     James Hungerford (Hungerfoot) S38856     John P. Hungerford S5586     Thomas Hungerford BLWt934-200     Calis (Caley) Hunney VAS1675     Abram Hunsucker (Hunnesuckle) S5258     Abijah Hunt S23271     Abraham Hunt S15471     Benjamin Hunt R5389     Berry Hunt S7059     Criswell Hunt SC4124     Daniel Hunt S7049     David Hunt S41671     Elisha Hunt S13486     Esli Hunt S7054     Hardy Hunt VAS1822     Howell Hunt R5396     Jacob Hunt S38061     James Hunt R5394     James Hunt S38062     James Hunt S41663     James Hunt SC4125     James Hunt W942     James Hunt W3819     James Hunt W19832     John Hunt S38053     John Hunt SC4126     Jonathan Hunt S18048     Little B. (Littleberry) Hunt S18047     Littleton Hunt W3820     Memucan Hunt VAS1677     Nathaniel Hunt SC4127     Richard Hunt W8953     Samuel Hunt BLWt107997-160-55     Samuel Hunt S25168     Thomas Hunt SC4128     Thomas Hunt VAS393     William Hunt S7051     William Hunt VAS1678     Wilson Hunt W4242     Alexander Hunter S5575     Andrew Hunter S17500     Austin Hunter S15899     Dempsey Hunter R5399     Elisha Hunter SC4129     Francis Hunter R5401     Francis Hunter S13472     George Hunter VAS153     Hance Hunter SC4130     Henry Hunter S7057     Henry Hunter SC4131     Humphrey Hunter W3998     Jacob Hunter W9046     James Hunter SC3823     John Hunter R5403     John Hunter R5404     John Hunter S15897     John Hunter SC4141     John Hunter W432     John Hunter W8957     John W. Hunter S10899     Patrick Hunter S17501     Robert Hunter S41678     Robert Hunter SC4142     Samuel Hunter SC4143     Samuel Hunter W941     Stephen Hunter VAS1820     Thomas Hunter S2639     Thomas Hunter S4411     William Hunter R5406     William Hunter VAS1679     Thomas Hunton R44     John Huntsman R5420     Philip (Phillip) Hupp (Hup) W4239     Lawrence Hurdell (Hurdle) W2157     John Hurger SC4144     Cornelius Hurley S41677     David Hurley S38051     Joseph Hurley S38050     Joshua Hurley S7053     Harman (Harmon) Hurst S21309     Henry Hurst R5433     Henry Hurst S30504     Henry Hurst X380     Richard Hurst S9593     Robert Hurst SC4145     Samuel Hurst S34933     William Hurst S31155     Benjamin Hurt W27878     Francis Hurt R5436     James Hurt S38850     West Hurt S38067     William Hurt S15473     Zachariah Hurt R5434     James Husbands S38058     William Husbands S31768     Charles Huse [Hughs, Hughes] SC4146     Richard Huse SC4099     William Huse VAS1680     Moses Husstead S9600     Robert Hustead W2804     James Huston (Houston) S8717     James Huston [Hudston, Hewston] SC4081     James Huston SC4147     James Huston [Houston] SC4148     James Huston W2803     John Huston SC4033     John Huston SC4034     Philip Huston S39741     Robert Huston SC4149     Stephen Huston VAS1957     Jonathan Hutchen (Hutchins) R5449     James Hutcherson S9598     John Hutcherson S5579     William Hutcherson S38054     John Hutcheson VAS1681     Thomas Hutcheson VAS1687     William Hutcheson R5443     Boswell Hutchings S5587     Charles Hutchings VAS1682     Joseph Hutchings VAS1683     Moses Hutchings S8742     Edward Hutchins S38052     James Hutchins (Hutchens) W19828     Hillman Hutchins SC4150     John Rush Hutchins SC4151     Richard Hutchins SC4154     Thomas Hutchins W7836     Charles Hutchinson VAS3870     James Hutchinson VAS1688     James Hutchinson W50     John Hutchinson (Hutchison) R5452     John Hutchinson S5585     Joseph Hutchinson VAS1689     Peter Hutchinson (Hutchison, Hutchingson) W3019     Robert Hutchinson SC4155     Samuel Hutchinson S21831     Stephen Hutchinson (Hutchison) S38853     Thomas Hutchinson (Hutchison, Hutcheson) S38065     William Hutchinson SC4156     David Hutchison S17224     Drury Hutchison (Hutcherson) S7056     James Hutchison SC4157     Joseph Hutchison (Hutchinson) W7838     Samuel Hutchison R5442     Thomas Hutchison SC4158     William Hutchison R5457     William Hutchison SC4159     William Hutchison SC4160     William Hutchison SC4161     William Hutchison (Hutchinson) W10133     John Hutchson (Hutchison) VAS1690     Jacob Huts (Hutts) BLWt1347-100     David Hutson SC4163     Drurey (Drury) Hutson SC1993     James Hutson SC4164     Joseph Hutson SC4165     Joseph Hutson SC4166     Keanor Hutson SC4077     Nathaniel Hutson SC4167     Samuel Hutson SC4169     Thomas Hutson S5447     Thomas Hutson SC4170     William Hutson S35440     William Hutson SC4171     William Hutson VAS3871     Gerard Hutt S5592     Irvine Hutt R5464     John Hutt S17507     Read Hutt VAS3872     Henry Hutto S38057     Isaac Hutto SC4172     Jacob Hutto SC4173     James Hutton S31147     James Hutton S39742     John Hutton SC4174     William Hutton SC4175     Leonard Hutts W550     Harlock [Harlow] Huxford SC4176 &nbs